Q: could even puja been performed with some mistakes?

Guruji: I’ve seen some people, suffering so much. Even these things are so technical: if you’re continuously doing some mistakes – your life is ruined. You want to hear some of it?

Q: of course!

Guruji: if you want to become bankrupt – start putting rice to shaligram, you will always remain poor. Why – we don’t know, but it’s the fact.

If you want to remain sick all your life – you just start to offer water to the broken Shivalingam, every type of disease will follow.

Also if you want to ruin your family and everything – start offering water to Shiva with a conch shell.

And if you want to face many legal problems, all mafia bosses running after you – just start putting sindoor on Shivalingam: then these things will come to pass.

These rituals are not just rituals of faith or something: they are highly technical and we need to be very careful. This is called karmakanda: that means these things are actually karma. You also need to consider that.

Rituals are not something which anyone can do because he has faith or something. These are highly technical programs and we must have enough information and guidance to perform them. We have learn the hard way – so it is my duty to caution.

Q: what if someone will worship Shiva with the candles from the church?

Guruji: I have no idea what will happen.

He needs to be a vegetarian to worship Shiva and very pure in body and mind; that’s why the shaligram thing was suggested. Because when you’re carrying a shaligram and if you’re not faking it – without saying that you’re living the very pure way of life.

Q: even I observe if non-vegetarian is trying to wear rudraksha – something always happen?

Guruji: always – we have seen so many cases. Their life changes not in a good way because things are clashing. Unnecessary clashes also not good. If you’re hoping to do that – then do it exactly the way and you should do enough research, learn about it – then do it.

I will tell you one example: my disciple’s father, when he was young bank officer; he is a devotee of Shiva. It runs with the family – here in brahmin families. One day he arranged the Rudra abhishek, he called one pandit: pandits are also making some mistakes. There are vaishnav pandits and Shaiva pandits – Shaiva pandits will do the Rudra abhishek exactly the way. If you will call vaishnav pandit – some mistake will happen and you will learn of this. After the morning they do Rudra abhishek he went to the bank. His wife was just hanging wet clothes on the rooftop and there was son of their neighbor – teenager; something happened than she slipped and fell – and he laughed and mocking her; and that triggered the thing. She became so furious – that he is laughing at me and she gived him a piece of her mind also; she called my disciple’s father and said it’s a question of family honor – come, I cannot bear this insult. He also became furious, went to the market and bought a gun- I mean there wwas some officers knowing him so they granted him the gun license on the spot. So he came home with the gun – and word reached before him that Sharma Ji is coming with the gun; all the neighbors run away. Then his father came – my disciple’s grandfather. So many people gathered – if it is a big fight or something. Grandfather was the very knowledgeable astrologer, he died at the age 104. They tell him that everything was good, we did Rudra abhishek this morning  – and see what happened. And he inquired: did you put sindoor on it?  – yes, pandit told us to put sindoor on it. – that’s it – you should never put sindoor on Shivalingam, because these things will happen. Then they set another Rudra abhishek and everything settle down: they said “sorry” for the neighbor – that also said “sorry” 20 times more and everything was peaceful. So – be very careful about these things. We have seen – so we believed.


When you’re doing it mentally – then it will work more.

Q: how it is working?

Guruji: it will create certain different energy inside you, vibration – you can call it energy also, it will connect you with the certain sound, that is part of the nada in general – anahada nada; and that particular nada is emanating from Shiva: direct connection – if you’re able to catch exact frequency of that mantra.

That’s why you need to repeat it again and again – so maybe the exact frequency will appear. Repeat it in the mind. There is a definition of mantra: manana trayate sa mantra he. If you keep pondering on it  – then the mantra will become potent and it will be the mantra and it will remove whatever you want to be remove from.

That is the definition: manana trayate sa mantra- simply by thinking on it it will release you from most of your problems, whatever your problems or bondages are – that is called mantra. And another meaning of mantra is secret mystery.

Q: panchkshara mantra requires some recharges?

Guruji: it’s an alive mantra.

Q: but what mantras needs such recharge?

Guruji: we don’t know – so many mantras in tantras were said: they were put on them- but they were not working.

Q: after recharging not-working mantras could work?

Guruji: who is qualified enough to charge or recharge the mantra? They will consult another book and do something, according to the book- it may work it may not work.

My suggestion is: what your Guru suggest you and guide you – do it.

Q: before we were discussing that Shiva Ji nailed most of the mantras; why?

Guruji: because He was knowing that humanity is going in the very decadent way. Not many people are worthy enough or qualified enough to use these mantras.

Humanity is the most undisciplined community. Just follow a little bit of discipline- He will be surprised and look at you: oh my god! He is a human and he is disciplined?!


Q: is it true that vama and dakshina marga differs by the leg of Kali which she is standing on Shiva Ji – right or left?

Guruji: again they are complicating the things. She is standing – and the way whoever pictured her, creating a picture and a statue, still debates is going on – whether her left foot is first or right foot is first.

I’ve given the very different explanation to it: some people say that she was so furious that she will just finishing off the creation; so Shiva just lying in front of her and when she stand on Him – suddenly she came to her senses. And she said “oops!”and the tongue came out – this is the general explanation.

I’ve given the different explanation: Shiva is the bringer od Apocalypse, pralaya, when everything is finished. And it is compassion of the Mother Kali that she-s standing on Him: somehow she managed to lay Him down and standing on Him. the day she will step off – the Dance of Destruction will begin. So thanks to Mother – creation is going on. Keep the Mother happy!


When I discussed with my disciples about different seed mantras of petals of different chakras – every chakra is representing different element. We have already discussed that they are special vibrations of the OM sound in general, which they deciphered and separated.

Idea came to me: why not record all the seed mantras separately and then put them together? Like muladhar – 5 things, in swadhisthana – 7 things and so on. After the recording was done we put together all 52 of them and that nadabrahma sound came. If you will keep listening to it – it will create extremely positive vibration, even it will go down into element level and will create superharmony.

Whatever there chaos might be – it will harmonize it and your mind will become very concentrated and very calm and quiet and it will put you in tune with the Nature herself. It was just out of the blue idea and I think it is working.

Q: maybe people can do exercises or some asanas?

Guruji: you just keep it on in the background and just forget about it. The vibration slowly- slowly will spread and affect your thoughts and mind and vibrations in extremely positive and creative way. Only positive thinking is not enough – the creative thinking should be together. And it is doing it.


It is called progressive-resistant training: the more stress you give to your muscles – the stronger they become. Then I began to think that all these “stress-releasing” programs are actually making you weaker.

If you’re giving stress to your physical body – your body is growing and becoming stronger. But if you’re relaxing too much – that means you are getting weaker. We need to think more deeply on this topic. I think the program should make your mind more strong so you can cop away more stress. Only this is the way to make your mind more powerful. If body is developing – mind will also develop. Progressive-resistant training is a very good work for us.


Q: how it is recommended to read Gita every day?

Guruji: it is recommended to read Gita, if you can read it loudly then it will create the very strong positive vibrations around you; most of the negativity will go out from your life and more prosperity and positive thing will come.

The very simple example will prove it: Arjun was the first person to hear Gita directly from the lips of Krishna and within 18 days all his enemies were dead and they recover their lost kingdom. So even material life will be very good after you begin to read Gita. And of course as bonus you will receive wisdom also.

Q: more effect with the voice?

Guruji: yes. Any language – essence will be the same. Shlokas in Sanskrit then commentaries in any language. And also I have seen some of my disciples reading “Putnik” loudly: they became very good after that, even their looks changed. More positive things begin to happen, their thinking was very different. You can experiment on that.


Q: we discussed that yogin leaves the body by Omkar Kriya; but in Bhagavad Gita it is said that yogin leaves the body by own will?

Guruji: this is the effect of nabhi Kriya with khechari. In Omkar Kriya every day you’ve already gone through stopping of the heart and your knowledge is different. That will be like attaining nirvana. With nabhi it will be like in eighth chapter they described. Nabhi Kriya pranayama is extremely important.

Q: to attain nirvana means you’re dissolving or you’re transferring your spirit somewhere?

Guruji: to beyond this creation. With nabhi Kriya you will remain inside the creation. That difference is there.

Q: nabhi Kriya second or third level?

Guruji: yes, even then you will remain within this creation. With Omkar Kriya you will go out of this creation. It’s just a travelling program. They are saying in Gita: starting of the journey, in the time of journey. It is a journey.

Q: yogin can leave the body through agya and through sahasrara: in omkar Kriya also?

Guruji: natasya prana utkramanti – that is the result of Omkar Kriya. This is the highest level of the achievement: prana will not leave the body, they will just disappear in the source, which is everywhere even inside you.

Who has become avadhut or to this level- his prana will never go anywhere: they will just dissolve in the source of them and as the source is everywhere, omnipresent – inside you also. It’s a very big thing. It is dissolving with the source, direct, not leaving the body. And that things are for leaving the body. It’s a big difference. They say only avadhuts can achieve that.

Q: and during nabhi Kriya…?

Guruji: either from between the eyebrows or from brahmarandhra – you’re leaving. Agya is also the beginning of sahasrara. It is more or less same.

Q: could we say that nabhi Kriya is like emergency system?

Guruji: yes, that’s why I say: practice it well!

Q: it is for not accomplished yogis?

Guruji: only accomplished yogi can use nabhi Kriya! But in yoga also accomplishment is one thing and to become master of so many accomplishment: then you will be named as avadhut.

One is winning Mr.Ukraine, another winning Mr.Universe and another will be winning Mr. Olympia.

Q: to use nabhi Kriya to leave the body you must be in samadhi?

Guruji: no, even before – that is the power of this practice.


Q: what is the difference between spell and pray?

Guruji: magic spell – you know exactly what the result will come if you have mastered this spell; the pray is something you don’t know whether the result will come or not, god will listen or not listen.

That is doubtful; but if you have mastered spell – it will work. Who knows the spell is more confident than the person who just always praying to god, some unknown person.

The placebo effect may come with praying. You will feel comfort praying to someone but he doesn’t do anything – that means he is working in a mysterious way. Maybe some time after; it will continue to give you the hope for some time.

Q: pray doesn’t give you the possibility to go into the nature of this?

Guruji: who has the motive to go into the nature of these things? Motive will always remain supreme.

Q: in Gita it is also said that with the time the beliefs becomes stronger – why so?

Guruji: because the habit is forming. If you are doing same thing for the 10 years time, 20 years time, the habit will form and you will think – yes, most of things happen because of this. And you will keep ignoring the fact that whatever you’re desire – your karma also aim to fulfill that. But you will think because you’re praying this happening.

Q: but if the person is praying and nothing happens…?

Guruji: then god is working in mysterious way; he is testing you.

Q: in Gita Krishna also is saying: I increasing the faith of that who worships me even indirectly?

Guruji: of course – when you’re praying to the certain god as the time will pass your faith to this particular god will increase more and more. And you will keep ignoring Time – the main catalytic point there. It is there – but it is not there.

Q: so gods doesn’t give anything?

Guruji: they are like agent Smith from Matrix: they will provide illusion of something.

Q: so when the person pray to god and achieve something – it was not from the god, the time gives him that?

Guruji: we never know – sometimes something happens mysteriously. Sometimes nothing happens. People are still working on it – actually what’s happening. He works in the mysterious way.

Q: Time is the giver of any result?

Guruji: only in time we will receive the result of own efforts. When you’re putting up some effort – instantly nothing will happen, it will take time: so the Time is giver of the results.

Q: when you’re put efforts more and more, again and again – but no result comes?

Guruji: then you should analyze your efforts: maybe it is not up to the level which you must do, maybe you’re not doing your most excellent effort, there is something wrong in that; – you need to analyze that also. And also we need to think that there are greater forces, who shape our destiny, we should also keep that in mind. We’re not the center of the creation.


Q: it’s the greatest dialogues in puranas about destiny and efforts…

Guruji: but even efforts is part of your destiny.

Q: how it is?

Guruji: you will continue to move towards your destiny; destiny is not your destination, it is just a path. Every effort may take you one step further for your destination on the path of destiny.

Q: how we should behave: if it is destiny – it will happen anyway?

Guruji: but you don’t know your destiny: so whatever you will do – it will become part of your destiny. Many people asked me: can we change the destiny? I said of course you can change your destiny, but fist discover – what is your destiny. Otherwise what you’re going to change? Only thing you should be changing is: can I change my crane situation? – which you can do.

Q: so You suggest in any situation try to put some efforts?

Guruji: of course! With proper understanding.

Q: not to wait that destiny will give you what you want?

Guruji: but if you have patience enough to sit in one place – destiny provide everything there. I will tell you short story, which we read when we were children and it’s still sticking in my mind.

There was one Guru and disciple. Guru was extremely wise  and very learned man, disciple was a very good disciple.

Disciple asked him: Guruji, can we change our destiny? And he said: I will answer to your question in the proper time. They were travelling by the country side and disciple was learning. Then one day they come across the poor man and Guru asked disciple: read his forehead – is it destiny? Disciple has learnt that from the Guru and he said by reading that: he has only half sac of rice, this is all his wealth.

Guru said: now I will tell you, how to manage with the destiny. He went up to the poor man and said: you have half sac full of rice? – yes, sir, this is all I have.  – go to the market and sell it. And with the money bring food and something to have party in your house.  – but this is all I have… – go, do it! So he sold half sac full of rice and that gave him enough money to have a party that day, and he was worrying what will be after 2 days when everything will be gone.

Guru said: have patience. They continue to wait night time and in the early morning Creator himself came with the half sac full of rice to put it in the farmer’s house: because Creator said – he will always have half sac full of rice.

If you have enough understanding to know, what is your destiny – you can manipulate that also with intelligent mind.

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