It was the great flood on Yamuna river and the temple went under water: he didn’t leave – he climbed the tree nearby and when the government officer went to rescue him – he said no, I’m ok here. He just take this “batasha” – it is made with sugar, about one palm; one batasha every day and he survived for more than 15 days sitting on this tree. He never left the place. When water receded – he came down the tree.

Q: You have so much great stories – maybe all Your disciples together have not so much?

Guruji: I still don’t know what is happening around me. Actually it was not planned, it just happen. All books I wrote seems unbelievable to me.

Q: You have more than 10000 samadhis?

Guruji: yes, you can count since 1990.

Q: You have gone through all levels of Kriya yoga?

Guruji: I will say somebody forced me to do that. Giriraj Ji, Shiva Ji or Babaji. I was discussing with so many knowledgeable people, experienced people: to be able to do Shiva worshipping in one place for more than 21+ years is nearly impossible. Many people try and they failed: until unless it is the wish of Shiva Himself. That’s why I say: it was not my planning, somebody forced me to do that; and that is good that way.

Q: it is all like your training program?

Guruji: it could be training program – or maybe I’m just a small pawn in some big game.

Q: someone gives You some hints in practice how to progress?

Guruji: nothing; no hints( smiling)

Q: as I see – even in Your previous birth You prepared the whole situation for yourself?

Guruji: but who was there before that? Some facts only recently came to my notice; it was a big surprise. That sadhu died after one or two months after telling that story.

Q: when we read different books of adventures – the common situation is like: the hero had one big adventure, then he had glory of this adventure and then retire peacefully. But in Your life You have unlimited and constant adventures?

Guruji: many-many-many, that’s true. Most of the people looking like the rifle with one bullet – so they usually have one chance to have a great story.

But I still don’t know in which direction we’re going. I keep 5 promises, I’m reading Gita every day, practicing every day. Only because my Guru told me to teach I’m also teaching but not much.


Gorakhnath is saying that: if somebody is a yogi – he should not grow old; if somebody is saying he is a doctor – he should never be sick; if someone is saying “I’m an alchemist” – than he should never beg for money; if someone says “ I’m the bravest man” – than there should be no wound on his back. These are the definitions and we’re agree with them, Gorakhnath is great. It is from Gorakh bani.

Q: to be Guru is extremely difficult?

Guruji: it is very big responsibility. That’s why I don’t make too many disciples. Not many Gurus are talking one to one. That is our parampara: one to one. If you’re not able to communicate with a student disciple – then what is the use? Nothing will happen. I think I’m trying to do my best to answer most of the queries and communicate openly. So many deep subjects we have discussed openly. That’s how nine books came.

Q: interesting that Gorakhbodh have such a long story?

Guruji: yes, it was too much for the first person – than Katya took it. Amazing that British library lord said that is the only book on the subject. And Upanishad of Immortality is not a commentary – it is discussion, question and answer. It is not commentary, it’s straight from the heart.

We’re like in upanishadas time: Upanishad means question and answer and this is what’s happening here – question and answer. It will be the first Upanishad of the new world order. Also, as we were discussing, we must remember the fact that most of the religions, most of the so-called wisdom was recorded in the time of monarchy. These things have been recorded first time in the democratic time: this is the new situation for the world, new world order. This is very important.


Q: now the ancient knowledge cannot be attached to the situation?

Guruji: some wisdom is always there; it is a history and we must learn out of it. But this is very deep subject we have touched.

I will tell you one incident: because I remain unemployed, I’m still unemployed; some of my cousins became the senior government officers. And as you have experienced or maybe have not experienced – unemployed person is always looked down upon by those so-called successful people with good job. But I was already Guru in yoga and I was already a yogi – so my confidence was 10 times more than them. One time I’ve got to meet one of my cousins, who has become a district magistrate. I was always ragging him but then he thought that I must pay him some respect because I’m still unemployed.

We started to talk and he asked: whom do you think you are? I said – what should I think who I am? I am what I am.

– why don’t you do something?

– why should I do something? You’re not giving me food, shelter, nothing – why are you worry?

– you think you’re a king?

I said: of course, you don’t know that? I am the king!

He said: how?

I said: this is democracy, where citizens are actually ruling; and I’m a pure citizen: because I’m unemployed – I’m not part of any system, no business, no job, nothing. That means – I’m real public, I’m real citizen, I’m ruling – you’re my servant. Who are you? – government servant. So serve me, I’m the king! That was too much for him. but you see – he was speechless, he never thought about it!


Q: but servants now live very good…

Guruji: because too many servants( smiling) and not many absolutely unemployed people – so kings are suffering.

Q: to be unemployed is the big adventure…

Guruji: one of the most difficult. There are two sides of it: if you’re unemployed but you’re in some deep art or something – like I was in yoga, I was already Guru in the lineage, which is the very big thing – not many people actually understand it. I was not looking for a job. My unemployment was different than a person who is looking for a job and not finding it. My confidence are different and a job seeker’s confidence will be different. That is of course grace of Babaji.

Q: and it’s different from the person living on government subsides…

Guruji: no, I’ve never taken any help from the government.

Q: what was the reaction of your neighbors and relatives on your decision to be unemployed?

Guruji: they were very much surprised because many people were coming to see me, I always have many friends. Then I became a Guru and somehow people start to come to discuss these things also. Neighbors were surprised: he is doing nothing and he is so popular that so many people are coming.

Q: they try to force You to get some job?

Guruji: initially – then they were tired. And it saved me from marriage also: a perspective bridegroom or a boy should have a good job or something like this. But again I think it is just destiny, it had to be like that. Everything is a miracle: unemployed man, living here – it’s impossible to imagine. Then I’m not only me – I’m representing my parampara. I’m as good as a prince.

Q: it’s the first time such situation in parampara?

Guruji: I’m the first one who remain totally unemployed. Before everyone has some job or other means. The situation is unique.

Q: it was never like that in any parampara?

Guruji: this parampara was started by Babaji himself, that is extraordinary: some immortal being started something – it has to be very mysterious. See the situation now: inside parikrama I’m the only one who is doing spiritual work. All the saint’s ashrams and so-called baba’s ashrams has been demolished by forest department and they are all out of parikrama now. We’re the only one now.

One great dialogue came to my mind, which I said many years before: somebody was asking me – what is your budget? I told him: because I’m unemployed with no income – so my budget is unlimited.


We thought that we should take the dirt from canal drain and put it here – so the road will come. we called one JSB machine, bulldozer and he began to dig; and with every bucket hundreds of cobras, like noodles were coming from the ground. The work was stopped, everybody ran away, we were locked them inside; – more than thousand cobras.

Then one very peculiar cobra appeared: he was only 1,5 feet but with very big hood – and he was not creeping, he was jumping. He went – and all cobras followed him; and he disappeared in the drain again. There was no previous history that so many cobras will come up, there was no feeling – but they are in the soil.

Then I called my snake charmers friends, knowledgeable and wise people and I asked them – what type of cobra he is? Then they told a very strange thing: every year the cobra sheding its skin, and every time the thickness of the skin cause he is reducing in his length. After several centuries it comes to the point that he sheds no more skin and he becomes 1,5 feet or so; and he becomes the leader of the different cobras.

We saw him also- I never knew it. When government was making this road they also dig the soil – and hundreds of cobras were in every bucket.


Q: in Bhagavad Gita 15th chapter is said that all beings are affected by the three gunas; it is in physical or in astral also?

Guruji: this creation were created with the bricks of 5 elements and three gunas work as the cement. Everybody inside creation will be affected by that.

It is not the question of affecting, it is the recognition that how the creation was created, what was the brick and what was the mortars and cement: these are three gunas.

As long as you’re not Alakh Niranjan you will have the affect.

But then again: you see, this house is also like that; we’re using it, we’re affecting by this, directly or indirectly – but we’re not affected at the same time. We must be like that in creation.

Q: but 5 mahabhutas are vibrating on different vibrations?

Guruji: let’s say – they are like bricks, which creates the house and three gunas are like cement. It is like quantum physics: everything is vibration, but from this point of view it is looking solid and the house was built; and all 5 elements are like bricks and stone, three gunas are like mortars and cement which put them together; this house is important to us, because we live in it, and 5 element – bricks, mortars and the cement are affecting us, but at the same time we’re not affected by it; we’re doing our own thing. We must take the creation from this light, from this point of view.

Q: how can we say – sattvic cement?

Guruji: good house, bad house. House is a house, home is a home.

Sattvic house is home, – otherwise it’s just a place where you go.

Q: in astral world we are also affected by the three gunas?

Guruji: astral world is the part of this creation – so they are all affected till they go beyond this.

Q: if we were in rajoguna in physical world, when we go to astral – it will change or remain like that?

Guruji: that impact will remain, only your point of view will be different. More understanding will come when you’re in astral.

Q: so if we die in rajoguna here…?

Guruji: same mental condition; but you will be aware of more things then now. Only in physical body you will be given a chance you can establish yourself in sattvaguna. Whoever is born – is in rajoguna.

Q: it’s impossible to attain it in vayu sharira?

Guruji: 5 elements have their own power.

Q: gunas are affecting the body – or the consciousness through the body?

Guruji: body is representing your conscious mind – so it will directly affect you; both ways. Suppose I’m wearing the shoe, but this is thorn somewhere; nobody else know it – but I know it so it will continue to bother me. How you will say – it is affecting me physically or mentally?

Q: both ways?

Guruji: exаctly!


Q: Bhagavad Gita 15th chapter, 15th shloka: the Time is the cause of decay of the memory and the wisdom?

Guruji: with time everything goes – until unless you’re practicing yoga; then you will go with Time.

Q: so they will develop or stay on one level?

Guruji: they will continue to develop. It is like tightrope-walking: you cannot remain standing on it – either you move forward or backward to maintain the balance. Yogis keep moving forward; other people either fall or move back.

Q: when the yogi understands the Consciousness of the Time – he will understand 1 day of Brahma, 15 days or Brahma or how?

Guruji: even more than that. 1 day of Brahma is just the smallest unit of Time in its totality. When he will become conscious of the Time and its consciousness – he will begin to understand such huge calculations. He will see passing of many Brahmas as an instant; his time frame will become very different.

Q: he will be travelling in time?

Guruji: he will be travelling with Time.

Q: he will see the whole picture simultaneously and just his attention will move?

Guruji: wherever he will concentrate, focus or take some interest.

Q: but the whole picture will be always with him, from past to future?

Guruji: Time is Time: he will established in the moment of the present. And you will agree that moment of the present was in the past also, now also and in the future also; so he will experience everything simultaneously wherever he will focus. That is supposed to be the very advanced achievement.

I’ve written too much on Time; my all commentaries are based on the Time point of view. If you remember my beginning of Gita, in my first poem I say: holding these yogic things to know Time – how long shall I call alone? And who will listen? Finding me as if I limited in Time – will somebody believe I’m talking something about Time itself?


This whole concept is actually know the essence of Time and to discover the consciousness of the Time and develop your consciousness to the level that you will be able to tune it with the consciousness of the Time. It’s extremely big concept. First time in a human history this thing has been said, never before.

Appreciate Shailendra Sharma: read any commentary – when they come to this shloka, they describe 4 types of food : when you can chew, when you can drink, when you can suck and  lick, something like that. But is this food for the Time? I’ve written: 4 types of achievements Time takes as food – everything disappears with the Time, no matter what you have achieved. I like my commentary here.

Q: even moksha disappears with the Time?

Guruji: of course – who will remember you attained moksha?

Q: me at least(laughing)

Guruji: but no one else! Gone with the Time. And all achievements are possible by the help of prana and apana. So I like my commentary; and you can compare my commentary with any commentary you find. This stands separate. And I’m sure – you will agree with this commentary.

Different types of food I can’t accept. But this – fits; from the point of view of the Time only this fits. You must read every commentary and compare this shloka.


Q: if we have the strong feeling about something, that it will definitely happen – can we avoid it or we can only observe?

Guruji: the death you cannot avoid. But other situations you can avoid; it is just like you have the very strong feeling that it is going to rain – you may not able to stop the rain but you will take an umbrella with you – this much precaution you can take. I think this is s good example.

Q: if something bad must happen – you just can prepare well?

Guruji: we can prepare well and the degree of suffering may come down.

Q: can the Guru and parampara in Kriya yoga reduce the sufferings which must be?

Guruji: I’m sure about it, it reduces much. The practice of Kriya yoga, mahamudras and khechari – even in Hatha Yoga Pradipika they are saying it will take you beyond of your karmas. It should happen in our lives also if we’re practicing in the right way. Even the pain is much less.

Only after you go a little bit forward and looking back – then actually you begin to see and understand. When it is happening – we never understand.


Q: could we ask You some questions from Hatha Yoga Pradipika, chapter on Shakti Chalini? When Kundalini of the yogi already rose – he can control its movements?

Guruji: yes

Q: what is its movements here?

Guruji: prana and apana combines and you’re able to control them taking up and down and moving them inside your brain: that is controlling of its movements. And you will be able to control many of your involuntary actions. You will become so conscious how everything in your body, every organ – how it is working and it will grant some control over the movements.

Q: and if you feel something is wrong – you can correct it by the mind?

Guruji: yes, but usually nothing is wrong. But if something happened – yes. On this level practice will automatically cure it.

Q: when the bindu is connecting with rajas?

Guruji: up there, yes. Rajas is the property of the female energy and bindu is in the mind; when Kundalini is the female power from the earth element, Earth is female: their union is called technically as bindu and rajas. Rajas is the power of female.

Q: why Kundalini is moving inside the subconscious mind?

Guruji: you see, Kundalini and consciousness are one and the same: subconscious mind – when it’s start moving – it will wake up; it is as good as awakening of Kundalini.

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