Some very mysterious things are in discussions for a very-very long time.

Q: good discussions motivate for practice?

Guruji: it may trigger someone’s thought and you may start something.

Only when the person achieved khechari mudra then higher levels are taught. It is the very important thing, it is the key element of this practice. This is what we have learned from the lineage of Lahiri Mahasaya, my Guru – they all teaching this. You should read some ancient books by Lahiri Mahasaya: it is mentioned everywhere. Half of the people sitting in this room have already done it. Maybe 65% of my disciples have gone through it – that makes more than 1000+ people.

Q: is it important what part of the day you’re practicing Kriya yoga?

Guruji: initially it is advised twice a day – morning/ evening; then when you’re advanced – the different suggestion come. remember, Babaji gave it to normal householder people, monks have no copywrite to it. It’s a question of your time management, not such a big thing. Name of the game is to be very regular in your practice.

Q: and Kriya yoga stages: in a different lineages there are different amount of stages? As I read on the website there are more than ten; and in the linage I was taught it was only 6 or 8, much less?

Guruji: what I can say on that?

Q: maybe it doesn’t matter – how we call them or…?

Guruji: no, it matters a lot. See, the first level is achieving khechari and certain other things – so you will be ready; nine levels comes after achieving khechari. If those people have not done it – how they can tell what’s coming after that? Nobody is teaching that. I made a promise to my Guru, when he made me successor – that I will teach exactly as I have learned. No infiltration or some addition from my side. That’s how the art remains as it is. Nobody is wiser than Babaji himself. When he gave certain method – we should honor it and respect it, instead of simplifying it, modifying it for the need of the people – no. we have to maintain the standard. I remain in one place, I never travel. I’ve not gone out of my gate maybe for the last 15 years. Babaji provide enough breathing space for me – so I don’t have to go out. This is good arrangement. Maybe I’m the only one in the Kriya yoga lineage, who is not travelling. Everybody else is travelling.

Q: and You’re not giving any master classes?

Guruji: no. I’ve never given any class or any prepared lecture in my life so far. And I teach yoga for free. You cannot put a price on such a thing like Kriya yoga. Sincere seeker who is coming to me, is a seeker – not a customer to me. I think this makes a big difference. Priceless things come for free. But we’re not judging anyone.

We said that God is already giving you big grace, Guru is also gracing you: and you also need to grace yourself. When these three graces will be together – then miracles will happen, remember that!

Q: when the yogi attains the knowledge of everything – he attains the possibility to tell it to others?

Guruji: he understand what is written in the books and has the experience of it.

Q: and in next shloka it is said that for him it is obstacle?

Guruji: not exactly an obstacle: it is like irritation to him- because instead of merging in himself he explaining things to others. It maybe disturbance not exactly something else. Because until unless someone reaches that level what he’s trying to explain – they will not understand. But it may act as an inspiration to many – so it is a must thing. I think this is what we do.

Q: yes, we create so much disturbances for You…

Guruji: no, it is like entertainment. initially it was disturbance – now it is entertainment. making answers my own thoughts became very clear on many things.

Q: that is the real grace for us, thank You Guruji

Guruji: I think – when I looked back – in the life of so many different yogis – they were not discussing so much. They just wrote down their own manner, like many ancient yoga texts – and that was that. Some poems and some discussions of Matsyendranath and Gorakhnath – that’s it; otherwise they have not so many discussions as we are discussing. But it is the need of the hour. We have really touched so many deep topics, very mysterious topics – people were even not aware of them. I think it is my luck also. Questions came my way and I’m able to say something to it.

Q: but I think it must be consequences of such discussions and records?

Guruji: there has to be reason for this. Most of the things were recorded in monarchy time; and what we discussed and what was recorded – it is in democracy time: it looks like the new world system to me, maybe it will go a long way. All those discussions were recorded like an inspiration for future generations. In every generation there always be some seekers; maybe this work is only for them. In Delhi it is a monument for the soldiers and the very classis statement is there: when you go home, tell them: we gave our today for your tomorrow. Maybe this is what we’re doing.


Q: what do You think of cancer?

Guruji: if you want me to tell you – thanks to the Zeus and different heavenly gods who eloped with human ladies and created children: so their genes mixing with human genes started this cancer. Cancer cells are immortal and human body is incapable of tolerating them. Because Zeus and other gods – when they produced human children, cancer, the immortal genes, came. This is their karma to the humans. It was discovered thousands of years before: there was some Egyptian queen, she had breast cancer; and even in those days they were knowing it’s fatal – so they just cut the whole breast. That means they were aware of it. But the cause – what I think – is because of those immortal gods, eloping with human women. It is touch of divinity – and you go to heaven quickly.

Q: that immortal gods – they cannot control it?

Guruji: because they are immortal so they think everything is for their entertainment. We, mortals, cannot imagine how that immortal gods who has everything, how they think. It is better that divinity has come down to the human level now: we don’t have to worship immortal gods ruling heaven all the time. There are so many stories how Indra was running after ladies and all these things; also Zeus produced so many children… so: discipline is extremely important. And specially for powerful people: those, who are in a situation to do anything – they should practice discipline to the limit. When you are almighty powerful – you stop respecting other person’s life and individuality. You think everything is there just for you to take and for your entertainment. Powerful person needs more discipline than a layman. this is how it should be – this is what I think. Thanks to Olympian gods, heavenly gods – we have cancer.

Q: You think Egyptians discovered it first?

Guruji: the oldest case is about Egypt, yes. They were knowing it is dangerous thing: without all that elaborate things they were aware about it.


I was going there very often; so once at 4 o’clock we were 10-12 people- my sister and we went there. Near Nag shila we were saw that cremation is taking place, 2-3 hundred people were there: so we decided not to take around and just come there. We just standing there and a small whirl of wind came, and a shroud of the dead person flew: there was no wind at all! It flew from the cremation area and cross the whole plantation and fell in front of. Everybody was shocked and afraid. That means – his ghost recognized me and came to say hello. Could be like that; there is no explanation to us. Now government has put up a boundary wall of that – so we don’t see cremation often. Otherwise Andrey was telling me – 2 today or 3 today or only one today. Now I’m saved from that.


It was in September 1993; my sister came  – then we had 2 Doberman dogs and the whole area was full of cactus and something. Some helpers were working. In the evening we were take the dogs and move around. Mostly it was dark; and a big, huge ferocious doberman will bark and run on that side. The wall was broken, cactus were everywhere – but it was the very small narrow lane. Suddenly he stop barking and after 5-10 minutes he came back, happy. What’s happening with him – 2 days, 3 days, 4 days? Then I took a big torch and when he bark and went away running I just switched on the light and barbie doll type man, bold, pink in color was standing with him and my dog was licking him. the moment he saw the light – next second he was on the other side, on this narrow lane. Never saw him again. Now there is the wall, we remove all the cactus. Amazing story – maybe in September or October 1993. And also on the other side of the room we found 4 yantras – only 2,5 inched human footprints we saw inside the locked room. And besides those footprints there was more than 18 inches footprint. Inside the locked room! And in 1994 – I was inside; the bed was on the same place and I was just sitting there. I looked up – and where the tulle lights are – one man was looking down at me. He was small, with the bun on his head and trident in his hand.

Q: with a trident???

Guruji: yes, trident was bigger than him. when I looked up – he just moved back and disappeared. Never saw him again. I’ve seen small people 2-3 times. One more thing; we were in Vrindavan, I was sitting on wooden thing; one disciple from Gwalior was reading Shrimad Bhagavatam – only we 2 were and the door was open. About 8 or 9 inch tall man walking: he looked at the book, looked at both of us – and went away. What’s happening? I saw such men 3-4 times.

One of my friends, archaeological man – they were on the official dig, somewhere; he was sleeping in his tent – and the small man came; and in a very hard voice he said: stop this archeological dig – otherwise you will all die. So he stop digging next day and said – this project is a failure and went away.

Q: it was dwarf or whom?

Guruji: his theory was that there might be some treasure and they might guard that treasure or some secret; so the dig was stopped.


Q: when I’m sitting here – I feel some other creature is coming, trying to feel my body?

Guruji: maybe you’re very sensitive – so maybe even every thought have embodiment so you’re feeling your thoughts as some entity. It’s your thoughts.

Q: why the practice given by Ramana Maharshi – to ask “who am I” doesn’t work?

Guruji: to whom?

Q: to seekers

Guruji: I have no idea. I’ve never tried that. Only a person becoming aware in an orphanage, brought up in an orphanage keep asking “who am I?” – otherwise what is the need? As I see – it work for Ramana Maharshi, he is the very respected person; but it doesn’t mean that someone who start copy Ramana Maharshi – he will have exactly the same results.

Q: but he offered this method to every seeker?

Guruji: he was teaching them by his own experience, he was sharing his experience.

Q: he had parampara?

Guruji: no, I don’t think so. We don’t read about his Guru in his life. But these are exceptions: you cannot give an example of such people. They achieve greatness, realization or whatever and that method was the grace of some god or something – so we accept him as an example of it, even this is possible.

Q: is there possibility that if somebody is not attached to the lineage – then his soul will go to its own level of realization?

Guruji: it will take few million births, yes.

Q: maybe Ramana Maharshi was already gone through it?

Guruji: could be, we’re not sure.

Q: what will happen with him after death?

Guruji: he was living on Arunachala, which is considered as Shiva himself: I’m sure he went very high. Otherwise we will not be discussing his name today, he left his impact.

Q: I can’t understand how it is possible: if for example somebody achieved the top of the mountain – so this person can realize any way to the top of the mountain? So: if somebody achieve realization – he could understand any way to realization and share it? So why his method doesn’t work?

Guruji: you see, it was exactly not a method – it was his way of pondering on himself and he was successful in that. Who am i? – ultimately it will go very deep and he will see from where this feeling of being is coming. It’s a pretty deep method if you do it. Instead of chanting it like a mantra – who am I, who am I, – you need to explore yourself; your inner being, your inner conscious.

Q: could it bring the deceiving experience?

Guruji: no, if you just going inside you – what deceiving experience may come?

Q: maybe some false ego come to the surface?

Guruji: no, nothing.

Q: but You said that in yogic state of mind we control our atma?

Guruji: you’re asking this question with only 2% of your brain capacity: so your feeling of being is only 2% of your total being. Even if you continue to ask yourself “who am I?”  – you will be using only 2% of your conscious mind. And as a yogi, it is my suggestion that you need to wake up every dormant possibility of yourself and awaken your mind 100%: then your feeling of being – who am i? – will be different. That is for understanding, developing of understanding. We can keep on arguing this – but it worked for him: we’re not sure, how his mind was working. We never know that.

Q: maybe first he reached realization and then start to asking?

Guruji: I think he give the very simple method which is also very deep and mysterious.

Q: but it doesn’t work on our mind?

Guruji: very difficult to say. My point is different: who is discussing about development of your subconscious mind? We’re discussing; but we cannot generalize this statement – that everybody must be talking like that. So give me some credit( smiling). Very gross example: a beggar will also say: I am me. And president Putin can also say: I am me – but it is vast difference of understanding “who am I” between these two individuals. That difference will remain.


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