Shani ashtama – the transit through the eight house – can be much harder than sade sati. Ancient astrologers says: wherever Saturn is situated – it will improve that; but whomsoever Saturn will aspect – that will create problems. When Saturn is in the eight house – it is looking at the 10th house: work will suffer, father’s side will suffer; 7 house is like your talk, your property – that matter will also suffer and also in the family will be some tensions. This transit is more problematic: look of Saturn is dangerous.

Q: it exists some remedies?

Guruji: nothing, you just face it.


Q: Navratri is connected with the victory of Rama, defeating Ravana?

Guruji: nobody knows – but looks like it was added much later. Devi Bhagavati was born much after Rama killed Ravana. Before that Daksha yagya happened, after Rama killed Ravana; then Devi Bhagavati was born again – so this is between Krishna and Rama incarnation. But Shakti worshipping was always there.

Q: so first 10 Mahavidyas came into be?

Guruji: yes, if we considered in that time frame.

Q: ten Mahavidyas and 7 Matrikas has different powers?

Guruji: “vidya” means knowledge – they are givers of great knowledge. “matrikas” means mothers: they take care of the Earth, Like mother is taking care.

Q: what is the special powers of nava durgas?

Guruji: there is some different knowledge that has gone missing. Not much is known about them. If you take mantra from Durga Saptashati – it refers to Chandika; and the most known mantra for Navaratri refers to Chamunda; there is no Durga mantra – but they keep worshipping Durga.

Q: what will be the result if mantra belongs to one deity and worshipping to another?

Guruji: no idea. But I’ve seen some people, doing it here – problems came. There is some kind of misunderstanding or something. Nine deities are mentioned and you should worship that particular deity in that particular day; and people are worshipping for 8 days only – somehow they leave the ninth day. It’s some misinformation or misdirection from someone – so nobody’s getting the result.


Don’t you think – blood is just the carrier of the prana? That is stand to reason, that blood is apana. The form of apana, which is carrying prana all over the body. Blood is an expression of apana.

Q: can we say that blood is an expression of prana?

Guruji: no, it is a carrier of prana. Blood is the carrier of prana and represents apana in the body. Also prana and apana expressing themselves like breath. They are two deep mysteries.

Q: apana represents blood?

Guruji: no, blood represents apana and it carries prana. So because of apana prana is able to flow all over the body. Wherever attention is – blood is flowing there( laughing)


Q: is it possible situation if yogi leave his body or die in sahajoli – and then born as a normal person?

Guruji: no, impossible.

Q: because he is nearly immortal in that state?

Guruji: you see, when you have mastered mahamudra – it stops old age and death: you have already achieve this form of longevity. Then you have advanced further.

Q: but could he leave the body deliberately in sahajoli?

Guruji: no – when you were trying so hard you will not leave the body( smiling)

Q: from Gorakhbodh: yogin must stop the breath and establish on the perceiving of the nada?

Guruji: yes

Q: but Gorakhnath is already immortal?

Guruji: that is care in sake of us; if immortal person is breathing – he will guiding you further. How long we, mortals, can stop our breath? The immortal person can stop breath for years.


Q: Guruji, what is actually tapas?

Guruji: it is sadhana, tapasya; when you’re trying your level best to achieve something – that effort is called tapasya. And also for realization or please god – they are also considered as tapasya.

Q: could we say that it’s some kind of efforts?

Guruji: very great effort, not only effort.

Q: why this notion is connected with some heat or flame?

Guruji: it is just a way of saying it. Yogagni – it is also said about fire of yoga.

Q: how these collected efforts could be spent on something?

Guruji: collected effort will give you great power. That power you can use on anything.

Q: is it possible to spent all tapas and be over it?

Guruji: yes – then again they start. To pass the time.

Q: can we compare tapas with currency?

Guruji: tapas is the great effort to become a billionaire – instead of enervating it. That effort can be considered as tapas. How you spend it – it’s up to you.

Q: can we share our tapas with someone?

Guruji: you can only share your experience and wisdom; but he will have to do his own tapas for the power – even for developing of understanding. You cannot share even that with others; even though you can spend your life trying to make him understand.

Q: how this power can be collected? Ok, with yoga the consciousness will develop – but how it works in other cases?

Guruji: like praising a god and taking some force from him, that can be spend. Yoga is never considered into this. It will be termed as a great tapasya of a yogi, nobody will say – he did yoga abhyasa. It is just a term to say he did tremendous effort.

Q: tapas is mental power?

Guruji: spiritual power, mental power, divine power, physical power – everything.

Q: how it’s possible to spend all mental power on something?

Guruji: very easily: when you get this power like a boon from some god or angel – in one moment it can go away.

Q: could it happen with the yogic collected power?

Guruji: no, when you’re developing your mind – you cannot just go back to starting point. It will never happen.

Q: so you can spend what? To achieve something?

Guruji: not spending anything: you’re getting experience every moment with that wisdom. You cannot spend wisdom: you can share it and it will go more. And the effect of tapas like that – when somebody granting you boon or power – will go just like that. Wisdom is the only thing: it will continue to grow: as much as you will share – it will grow.

Q: so yogin couldn’t spend his tapas?

Guruji: never heard of it. If you’re working on someone else – he can fire you at any moment. That is the difference. We’re self-employed people.


Q: question about the beginning of Shambhavi mudra: apana should rise up to the heart…

Guruji: this is not the beginning – this is pretty advanced program

Q: it’s not the beginning of Shambhavi?

Guruji: no.

Q: why apana starts to go upward instead of going down, how it happens?

Guruji: where it will go?

Q: usually it is said that apana is going down

Guruji: no, it is misunderstanding: you swallowed chai – that was because of apana. Even inhalation is because of apana. Even though: we keep using these terms – prana and apana – actually we don’t understand the true nature of them. What is prana?

Q: energy

Guruji: what is energy?

Q: some kind of vibration

Guruji: what is vibration?

Q: moving in space

Guruji: who is moving? And why it is moving in a space? And what is space? See: from prana we came to a space. We keep using words, which we have been exposed, thinking we’re understanding them: in fact we understand nothing. But we keep using them. Kag Bhushundi, the great immortal crow, became immortal by knowing the true nature of prana and apana. You must read Yoga Vashishtha. The day we’re begin to understand their true nature – immortality will come and knock at the door of you.

Q: we swallow chai because of apana?

Guruji: no, it’s just a 0,0000000001% of its work in fact; but we don’t actually understand the nature of apana.

Q: what is the simple example of prana in the same way?

Guruji: there is no simple example. if you will give the simple example of prana – then definition of life you will understand instantly. It will start a chain reaction. That’s why I think learning hindi is very great thing: every living being is called “prani” because they are an expressions of prana. Prana, prani, jiv, Jeevan; every language has its mystical level. I think hindi and Sanskrit are very great in this. We said: jiva; in the moment we translate as a spirit or soul – the sense is lost. Jiv- Jeevan; tongue is called “jivha” – they are all connected. That’s why khechari considered so important: otherwise it’s just another technic. What is technic in hindi? Kriya. Kriya is technic. Kriya yoga – technical yoga; yoga technics. So some understanding of language will do us good.

Q: in Russian language the words живой, живот are coming from the same root?

Guruji: jiv, yes.

Sushumna will become center of prana: so even when your heart will stop – you will continue to live. It’s highly technical program. Kriya Shakti – power of the technic.

Q: prana will distributed through sushumna, not through the body?

Guruji: the physiology will be different now, which no scientists has opportunity to study. That will be the different body.

Q: so it will remain only in sushumna and the brain?

Guruji: like it lives in the heart- then sushumna will become a heart. Very great achievement.

When a person is not even aware, what is yoga – that is a lowest achievement in yoga.


Here is the very grassroots level saying about continuation: tapeshvari so rajeshvari, rajeshvari so yogeshvari. That means roughly: when you do the great tapas – you will become a king, when as a king you have done great deeds – then you become a yogi. So maybe he become a yogi.

Q: is that obligatory stage for the yogi – to be the king in one of incarnations?

Guruji: probably: take it like a training. You cannot train become a king without become a yogi. Mindset will become absolutely different. That means: the monarchy time is over – now the yogis time is coming, hopefully.

Q: in that time it was the highest in the social structure?

Guruji: king is sovereign, he is the highest. In the old time they were saying: I’m the ruler of all. King is the king – you cannot even imagine the power they had.

Q: for what this stage was needed for a yogi?

Guruji: when you have everything then this is the final luxury to leave everything. The freedom to leave – that is the final luxury. When you have nothing to leave – then what you will leave? They could enjoy the final luxury by leaving the kingdom behind. Amazing mental state.

Q: so in yogic incarnation he will not have the hooks of material wishes?

Guruji: nothing, he has already left them.

Q: that’s why Lahiri Mahasaya wanted the palace – something missed from previous life?

Guruji: probably.


Eternal living time, the flow of time – that maybe termed as immortality: so he will begin to travel with Time. Now we don’t have this capacity – so Time passes us and we remain where we are. That maybe the definition of what is immortality and what is mortality. How many people are able to travel with Time? Maybe some immortals. Time is passing us.

Q: Time is travelling?

Guruji: poetically. Nobody knows its true nature.

Q: what happens when yogis achieves the state of suspended animation?

Guruji: it’s just a stepping stone for something higher; this is not the end – another begin. I will give the very mundane example: if you’re able to develop your biceps like Arnold Schwarzenegger – it doesn’t mean you will become Mr. Olympia: because you have to develop rest of the body muscles to that level also. One development is not enough, all around.

I’m real fan of Schwarzenegger – I’m giving his example so many times.


Q: Buddha was talking about the Void – but not about the consciousness of the Void: how this term came into being?

Guruji: oh, it just came. It just started. This is fantastic: these terms has never been used in the history of humanity. That means I’ve said something very original. To recognize it will take time; we love to worship past: so when few centuries are gone – then people will start to notice.

Q: when You start to recognize the consciousness of the Void – Your own consciousness are fully awaken on 100%?

Guruji: I don’t know – I’ve just begin to be more aware.

Q: how You understand, what it is?

Guruji: just like that(clicking fingers) – oh my god, this is it.

Q: it start to communicate with You?

Guruji: sometimes, yes. What is this house – or any house? It is just a simply small effort to catch the certain piece of Void inside, which we call house or home. Our own space. These are too big things – and this also doesn’t register whoever is listen: that these terms has been never mentioned in the history of humanity. Nobody register this. Let’s say it’s our contribution to yogic wisdom.

And I think it all begin with my first parikrama: maybe Govardhan Maharaj himself inspired me to do that. How many people you know, who said something absolutely original first time in the history of humanity?

Q: You know someone who talked about even consciousness of the matter before?

Guruji: no, nobody said. And nobody said how matter is taking birth: out of the union of conscious Time and conscious Void conscious matter takes birth. Nobody said it before. It is in the preface of Shiva Sutras. One line – and you know how it is happening. My commentaries are very precise and direct.

Q: what people see when they read Your commentaries?

Guruji: very difficult to say. For me this is the most difficult thing in my life to understand that someone’s teaches. And yes – one man also commented that I’ve really quoted anyone else in my commentaries. In Gorakhbodh – some Gorakhnath; otherwise nowhere.

Q: can we say that first we come to know about consciousness of matter?

Guruji: wherever the mind will develop – you will begin to be aware of these things. But it all begin after first meeting with Babaji Maharaj. Till then these thoughts were not in my mind.

Q: first You become conscious of the Void, then the consciousness of the Void?

Guruji: then – matter, after.

Q: why this way?

Guruji: this is human nature: you always look outside of you, we rarely seen inside of us.

Q: after consciousness of matter – only then consciousness of Time?

Guruji: consciousness of Time begins simultaneously with the consciousness of the Void. Then I realize, how matter is coming into being. But still I think – it’s just a hint if understanding: real understanding is still waiting. Sometimes I wonder, what type of image I’m going to have? I hope the good one.

Q: interesting that to understand the basics – consciousness of matter – first you must understand the higher?

Guruji: that’s true. To know grassroots level is the very great wisdom.


  • Here in the grassroots level they say: the person, who deceives the Guru and also deceives the friend either become the blind or a leper. This is grassroots level wisdom.
  • If a rat will find a piece of turmeric – he will think he owns a mall. It is the definition of arrogance and feel very proud.
  • Not everybody should become a bridegroom: there should be people who will follow him to the marriage, support him. Not everybody should becoming a hero: what is the hero without an audience?


He overcome the sexual instinct when he incinerated him.( talking about Shiva Ji and Kama)

Q: but it must be some different impact on humans: when Kama has the body and when not?

Guruji: without body it is just a thought: it may affect you, it may not. But physical impact is much more powerful than thought, flying somewhere.

Q: so Kamadev has much less power after that?

Guruji: well, my observations are very different: this incident took place after Daksha yagya, when all the vedic gods were beaten; it was the sort of take over from the creator’s creation begin. And creator created this world based on kama, on sex; so maybe that was the final take over by Shiva Ji by incinerating Kamadev, who was created by the creator. Maybe it was the final takeover. Of course, you can go on explaining it in philosophical way – but this is the very simple grassroots level observation.

Q: interesting, how it affect gods and people – when he lose his gross body?

Guruji: then the worshipping of Shiva became universal; and instead of worshipping Kamadev on Vasant Panchami day we begin to worship goddess Saraswati – goddess of wisdom. It’s a shift from sexuality to wisdom. Talk about celibacy begin; if you just look at it before and after – it’s big difference. You can take it as a symbolic thing and as a literal fact: for me it’s a literal fact – final takeover of the Brahma’s creation. And also from another point of view: Shiva Ji addressed as Ishwar; and in ancient time, Kamadev – because it’s a sexual creation – one of the name of Kamadev, he was

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