Q: how we can escape the attachments in our life?

Guruji: see, you’re my disciple: if I have no attachment in your progress – then everything will be simply nothing. Some type of attachment is extremely important. I can give you the best example of attachment: have you ever fly a kite? As long as somebody is holding the cord- the kite will go higher and higher. The moment when attachment is broken or cut off – kite will fall down. Go higher, learn something: some form of refine attachment is very necessary.


In the ancient times when you can do something really incredible and extraordinary, very outstanding, people were saying: sadu, sadu! – means wow, fantastic, amazing! In Sanskrit they say: sadhu, sadhu! So when a person is trying for self-realization or grace of god or to see the god face to face, when he is powerful – whatever capable to do; then it will be appreciating by society and they will say: sadhu, sadhu! The name “sadhu” means “who is doing something great” – that is sadhu.

Q: I think the word is left but the meaning is changing?

Guruji: this is what humanity does.

Q: what is the meaning of word “sadhya”?

Guruji: sadhya – what you want to perfect; then sadhana – the way for it; then sadhu. Sadhya-sadhan-sadhu, it’s a link.

Q: and who is sadhak?

Guruji: sadhak is who is doing sadhana, person, who is trying to do that.



The basic concept of alchemy is to convert base metal into gold or to find the elixir of immortality. In yogic alchemy is that you are able to convert your physical thing into absolute electricity by awakening your brain 100%. That is the first step towards immortality. That is yogic alchemy and that much difference of them.


When you really there is heart to heart love in the true sense- then you don’t need to make any promises, everything is good. When there are some doubt or a question mark on that particular love – then you’re after making promises and taking promises. Love doesn’t require any promise.

Love is the genuine emancipated friendship, deepest friendship. That is called love. No friendship – no love; no love – no friendship.

Q: what requires friendship?

Guruji: a real friend – what else? You should also be a good friend, otherwise you cannot develop friendship.


Q: why You’re wearing sunglasses?

Guruji: I like them – that’s why. I’m living in democratic country – I have freedom to expression. I can do anything I like within the limits of the law. Wearing sunglasses I’m not bringing any law; I like it. If someone didn’t like it – they are free to don’t like it, why should I care?

Q: You don’t compromise?

Guruji: compromise for what? If they cannot compromise what I like – why should I compromise what they like? I’m not disturbing their lives.


Q: what is words lying about?

Guruji: to save your life – that’s it. Or to save someone’s life, for care. More than that I don’t recommend. Truth most of the time may take you in a deep depression. Give the flowery lies which actually gives you hope. Have more hope.


That was in 1986: I was jobless as usual; one of my cousins came from Mathura. My brother was working somewhere – so I was alone in my town and we begin to live on my maternal uncle’s government quarter. He had some money – so we just drinking milk and working out 2 hours every day and some people were coming to see me because I was already Guru in Kriya yoga lineage. Slowly-slowly our money went away within a month time – because we were training like two wrestlers and eating as well. Finally only 15 rupees were left – that was the sole amount of money. So we decided – what shall we do now? – tomorrow we’re going to stuff or seat by the roadside; because it was very great humiliation if you ask money from some relative or from maternal uncle whose quarter we already living in. so we decide relax and see what will happen tomorrow; let’s have mango shake today!

Those days mango shake cost 5 rupees one glass. We took the very old scooter, went to the central market and ordered 2 glasses of mango shake. We spent 10 rupees – so only 5 rupees were left; and we were sipping it so slowly – it lasted more than 1 hour: because you don’t know tomorrow what will happen. After that when we were sipping our last a child of maybe 10-11 years old came crying. He was working for himself, selling different types of balloons; on a stick it was a sort of display and he was carrying it; some balloons were there and he was crying. He just stood near us and begin to cry. He was really very sad; I said: what happen? He said: I’ve earned 5 rupees today and I was taking them to my mother and I’ve lost them somewhere. I had to take a medicine and some food for her. In those days it was easy to arrange food for one day: on 5 rupees you can by some flour, some dal and cook yourself. I looked to my friend-cousin and he looked at me; we took out the 5 rupees note and gave him. he stopped crying immediately and ran away – to his mother or somewhere.

Then we start our scooter and started back; and before 200 meters where we were staying the petrol was gone. So we just went with the scooter singing. Next day – maybe it was a test from someone or whatever happen – one person came whose son I help(he was in a very bad condition); as you see I keep helping if I enable to them – he just came out of the blue, touched my feet and said: thank You, You helped my son – and please take these 300 rupees from me and I will be very grateful if You accept. And it begin. That was the first time somebody offered me money – out of the blue, without asking, because I helped him few months back. Since then – good supply. Maybe it was a test or something – we can only think of that. But I’m still feeling very good that I was able to give him 5 rupees. I still remember his face – but we never saw him again. And we never take mango shake after that place, never visited it again.


Q: what do You think: in most cases exorcism is fake – because spirits doesn’t afraid the name of Jesus or Allah?

Guruji: if the priest is having some power – then it will work.

Q: his personal power?

Guruji: this personal power mean that he has contact with some powerful spirits or some angels and then he will invoke them to remove that particular entity or devil; in old times all possessions were considered as devil. Then it will work. If you’re simply shouting them without having any contact with some angels or powerful spirits – nothing will happen.

I think we’ve already told you the story, which we see ourselves: my youngest brother was the very famous ayurvedic doctor in Gwalior.

One young man from near village – he also wanted to be ayurvedic doctor, so he brought him in ayurvedic college in Gwalior. They studied Sanskrit and he was already a brahmin. One day he was passing through the narrow lane and there was one brahmarakshas – he possessed a woman and one shaman was trying to help her doing something. The woman was all out in possessed condition. And he simply said: oh, she’s just acting; if there is brahmarakshas – let him come to me, I’ll show him.

And he went away – it was winter time. He was living in a small rented room somewhere in Gwalior and he was studying in the night – in old times it was 8 o’clock or something. The door was slightly open. Suddenly he saw a short dark man wearing loin cloths entered the room and said: now I’m come – show me what you were challenging. He froze; then he begin to recite Hanuman Chalisa. But he was brahmarakshas: one line he said – next line that ghost were saying. And he recited everything – Durga Saptashati and all others, because he was a pandit – and the ghost was reciting the next line.

Then at about 4 o’clock he came running to my house shouting – please, save me! – knocking on the door. Then he fainted with the very high fever. There was very good tantric – Brahmachari Shardanan – who was the friend of my uncle; he tried so many things for one month – then somehow he compose him, not fully; his career was over, he had to leave studies, went back home – and never heard about him again. One thing: never challenge – you never know who will come. it happened in 1970 or 71, we were in a school then.

Q: You think fight was about chanting the holy texts?

Guruji: no, he was chanting the holy texts to avoid him and make him run away; but he was a brahmin in his previous life, so he knew all these things – so even chanting those words will not work there, that’s the point. He simply said: I have come now: now what you will do?

One girl fell into a well; she was maybe 12. And in that well one brahmarakshas were living for the last almost 250 years, doing tapas for Shiva. He was disturbed and he possessed her to give her some punishment. And the girl begin to dress like a pandit and recite vedic mantras. But it’s a shame that a girl is dressing up like a pandit and behaving like him. she was brought here and Balaji asked me to deal with him. I simply talk with him: you’re a brahmin, doing great tapas for Shiva Ji’s grace, why are you doing this to the girl? – she disturbed me.  – forgive her, she’ s just a child. And he was the real nice brahmarakshas, he forgave her. Everything was done.

This taught me a lesson that you also need to talk with them nicely instead of always behaving violently. There are some very good spirits, they will listen to the reason.

Q: in the previous story he must ask for forgiveness – and everything will be good?

Guruji: but he did it in fear, he was very afraid. And he start by challenging. That was two different things. And the girl was not challenging, she just slipped and fell down in well where she was pulling water. and he was doing tapas for last 250 years – this is fantastic. And he listen to that: simply I talked with him nicely – and he listen to that. He said – yes, I’m sorry and simply went away.

The point is: nobody ever talks to them – that is another problem. Either people are afraid or they are challenging, nobody talks.

You will always see many- many spirits near the bar.

Q: what is the reason: they want to feel what that person feels – intoxication?

Guruji: they just possess them and enjoy it. It’s very complicated thing.

Q: there is no good spirits in bars?

Guruji: no, never.

Q: where is the good spirits?

Guruji: in Govardhan( smiling)

Q: good spirits don’t possess?

Guruji: no, they usually don’t interfere in the human lives. And they don’t remain earth bound also, they go to some higher places.


What should I say – he was a very angry man; when some people have such powers – they become very angry. My uncle came from his ashram and arrange the room in the place where low caste people were living. He begin to live there; he was working in government pharmacy. My uncle arranged a room for him; then another sannyasi friend came to him, he was a musician. I don’t know what came to Shardanan Brahmachari’s mind: he said – Swami, you play harmonium and I will dance. So they started; and when sannyasi is saying tat-tei dancing – all that people gathered around them looking at 2 sannyasi. In such type of room there is no toilet – you have to go outside.

Next day he went for a water – and they mocked him: are you a eunuch, what are you doing,- they even pull his cloths. He was anger so much – and started the special ritual, anusthan dev – that very evil; and within 7 days 8 people died. And they will die the same way: they go to the toilet, profuse  bleeding, – then they were found dead. Then my uncle came to know about it, went there, and told him: please, you’re a sannyasi, you should forgive them, don’t do it. Then he stopped.

But – I was in ninth standard then – he became sick. My cousin was taking food for him, I also went with him one time: he was lying naked on a bed and wherever his body was touching – he was feeling that scorpions are stinging him. he was in so much pain – it was horrible to see such a man in this condition. Then he died crying. He suffered for 2-3 months. It was the very horrible see to suffer like that. Maybe all that 8 tax or what he did before – all came. That’s why I keep suggesting: stay away from these things. They will only bring bad things to you. No doctor could help him, my uncle couldn’t help him; and nothing was seen on his body – but you can touch him very slightly and he was shouting like scorpion stings him. horrible death.

Q: have You asked Balaji, whom he subordinated?

Guruji: no, that was tantric siddhi: he was great worshipper of Bagalamukhi and Dhumavati.

Q: he was trying to invoke that powers?

Guruji: he was using them. But killing the human being – only he should have take it’s result. If somebody mocking you it doesn’t mean you will kill him. but if you’re so angry and these powers make you extremely angry – you will be ready to show them. That brings big bad karmas.

Q: so it wasn’t the revenge from some spirit?

Guruji: no, it was bad karmas – too much bad karmas. Tantra is not a safe thing.

Q: but for what such rituals and knowledge was created?

Guruji: knowledge is always for the wise. If some lesser wise people will have it – they will deceive it. This is always the result of misusing such powers.

Q: if someone will harm his family or kill someone?

Guruji: that situation is different.

Q: so if he do this ritual in such situation – it will be no punishment for him?

Guruji: if he’s doing it to save his own life – then the situation is different. Like a soldier is killing the soldier on the battleground is the different thing; but if a soldier kills civilian for no reason – he will suffer the punishment. It works everywhere.

Q: this power came as a result of his tapasya?

Guruji: yes.

Q: so first come the power then the wisdom?

Guruji: he was not the yogi. We’re not discussing yogis here. That is the absolutely different personality.

Q: his tapasya was religious?

Guruji: it was tantra, which is a part of hindu religion. You must remember one thing: motive for trying to get a power for man fame and to command people, they should serve you – if that is the motive you will always misuse power.

Q: karma will back to such person?

Guruji: no doubt. You cannot escape your karma. No matter where you go – Moscow or Hollywood, your karma will follow you.


Q: if some senior government or policeman officer are taking your money or property or insult you and you have no law to protect yourself – could you use that power?

Guruji: no, you should not use that power. You should behave like a citizen in that situation – there are always ways. That’s a problem with the power: in small thing you will be ready to use – and that will create the very bad karmas and so many problems. That’s why it is said that yogis should avoid contact with normal people: they will always taunt you, they will provoke you. So avoid the contact.

Q: I’m not pretend to be the greatest yogi, but sometimes the situations…

Guruji: I know you – you’re forgiving type and that is the best: you have insulted me – are you satisfied? Anything more? You have to slap here – that is my other cheek. That’s the best thing. You can say sorry after somebody slaps you: oh, this is not your fault – you were just lifting your hand and my face come on the way.

Q: but if something bad happen with that person – that karma will touch me also?

Guruji: no, that is bad karma of who is slapping you. You’re not a saint that you will continue to please the person who is crucifying you.

Q: if someone pay the money to tantric to make some ritual on someone – whom karma will follow?

Guruji: both of them. To whom pay the money – more. Who did the ritual is suffering already. I’ve never seen them happy. But who is paying the money – he is pulling the trigger, he will suffer.

Q: if you’re knowing for sure that someone put harm on you by such ritual?

Guruji: if you’re a good yogi – it will rebound, go back to him.

Q: if I’m an angry person…

Guruji: you’re an angry person? You should see my in anger.

Q: is there any method to make karma of such angry things coming back earlier?

Guruji: I can give you only one example: in college I’ve give beating to one boy- he provoking  me unnecessarily so I’ve gave him a beating. If you had the sever beating – you never forget this incident. When we see each other – he was always avoiding contact and he will always remember I gave him beating. Then he developed the nice person after that.

Once we met face to face on a market – after I have become a Guru; he was with the wife and 2 children. When we came face to face – he was suddenly alert, but we never talk with him after that beating for so many years. He was with his family and suddenly afraid that I might insult him or something like that: I was physically much stronger than him. I looked at him and I thought – this is not a good thing. I said – hello – and he looked at me very cautious. I said: I’m very sorry we had a clash that times; please, forgive me, let’s be friends. Suddenly all his personality changed: he smiled, shook my hand and he introduced me to his wife and said to his children – say “namaste” to uncle- and he was treated me with the coffee and some sweets. I went away feeling very well; and I also know that he went away feeling very well.

And I’m sure – he’s feeling good even now. In my town there are thousands of my photos, so whenever he’s going he can say – you see, he is my friend. It came to my mind that I should do it: not everybody is ready to say “sorry”. They could fight again – but they never said “sorry”. Maybe because he was with his wife his mood was different – but I’m sure now he’s remembering me with good feelings.

It reminds me another incident: when we were in college – it was one young man, my classmate. He was after a girl – and she was avoiding him. then we passed through the college – I became a yogi, so many things happened; after many-many years I coming out and saw him standing there. we begin to talk – we were good friends. Then suddenly the very angry looking child came and said: Papa, come quick, mummy is getting very angry! I looked at him – and he said she agreed. That was great fun!

I’m sure – if that boy will give me a beating and I’ll say “sorry” , he will not listen to it. There is no shame to say “sorry” for the real nice person; otherwise you’re free to fight, to punch and kick wherever it is needed.

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