Q: sometimes You’re saying very disturbing things?

Guruji: this is human nature: we love to destroy ourselves and we’re doing it very good.

Q: is this the purpose of life?

Guruji: business. Only because of the business we’re just creating so much problems. And greed is basis of every business. Greed is the basis of all business. But from the Godfather: don’t take it personally – it’s all business.

Q: I’m sorry, You’re enjoying “Godfather”?

Guruji: it is a very good book. I’ve read it maybe 45 years before – and I saw the movies also.

In the hope of security we create big walls around us and heavy locks on the gates; and then we lock ourselves inside. And then we think we’re safe. This is what we are all doing. We need to go out of those walls.


If you’re experiencing absolutely genuine true love – most of the people will become very jealous and they will do their best to spoil your life happiness – look into the history.

Q: is Shiva connected with love?

Guruji: Shiva is the biggest example of love – that even after Sati was dead he refused to leave her body.

Q: he could destroy the whole Universe by that roaming?

Guruji: even Shiva is allowed to this type of feelings and he can show such emotions. He’s just dancing for destruction – this is his job. But it’s not the destruction: putting back the harmony again. The word in Sanskrit is “pralaya”, which is translated as “destruction”; but “laya” means absolute harmony. When the music of the creation is disturbed and cacophony starts – then he dances to put it back into harmony. He’s not using any celestial weapon to destroy. You need to understand – there are so many mistranslations. People just taking his dance as a destruction – but he put back the harmony again. We keep disturbing the harmony of the nature; when the music of nature is disturbed by so many people doing different tunes: so He dances and put back the harmony again. So all bad sounds will be destroyed – if you can call it destruction. Whoever is out of harmony will disappear.

Q: it is like the fire in forest?

Guruji: no. Dance, rhythm, music.

Q: when He starts to dance – it’s like the another vibration of nada starts?

Guruji: only He is powerful enough to create any vibration with his steps and all his dance: that will spread all over the Creation and the harmony will be restored. And the sound of his damaru at the same time.

Q: the sound will be the same as He create in the beginning?

Guruji: I think so, yes. It’s restoring – putting back the harmony. From lies we went to the destruction or tandava.


 Who is the ignorant person? Who doesn’t even know what he doesn’t know. And the wise man is who knows exactly what he doesn’t know. Only this difference remains.

Q: what do You think: if we doesn’t pass some test in our life, the situation will repeat or it will be different from different angles?

Guruji: when such minded person will go anywhere – he will keep continue to create the same type of situation wherever that person will go. Same results.

Q: if you develop your brain – you will escape from that?

Guruji: when your awareness is developed – you of course get over these things. But I’ve never see hardcore criminals develop his brain. Some remorse when they are caught and waiting for the garrote – otherwise no awareness. People doesn’t want to be aware: feeling of security is the greatest ambition killer. When you’re feeling secure – you lose the spirit of adventure. You’re feeling secure – why you will go out unnecessarily?

Q: You have said the truth is ugly?

Guruji: no, there are many beautiful truths.

Q: but spiritual truth is not sweet?

Guruji: it may be painful when you realize that all those heroes you were thinking – they are just another idiots.

Q: excuse me for personal question, but do You still feel adventure sitting here?

Guruji: every day I’m facing new adventures. I’m in the middle of the big situations – so every day t’s a new adventure. I’m still waiting for the feeling of security(laughing)

Q: You enjoy that?

Guruji: I have to enjoy it, yes. I’m the fifth Guru in a Kriya yoga lineage, I’m living in a cremation area and so much work is around me – I’m in the center. When I’m sitting extremely worried about something – people think: oh, he’s in deep meditation. My reputation is good now( laughing)

Q: what do You think – immortals have this feeling of security?

Guruji: I think so – they can finally relax and sit down and think something.

Q: so no adventures then?

Guruji: then their mind also becomes like a child: for a child sense of wonder remains; it’s very different mental state.

Q: can we say that any adventure will be safe for immortal?

Guruji: of course – but they also cares too much for each living being – so it’s a big adventure for them. This is fantastic development I have to create: that I’m so much worried, what to do – and people are thinking: he’s in deep meditation. It takes hard work to achieve that!( laughing)

Q: so the base for adventure for normal people is feeling of death?

Guruji: no, this is the final adventure. Mainly their adventure is to avoid somehow the death-like situation and survive. That is the best adventure for anyone. You need to survive to tell the stories: otherwise what is the use?

Q: but the death is like trigger point here?

Guruji: it’s revolt from that point, yes.

Q: as I understand – for immortals it must be something different?

Guruji: personal; but they’re surrounded by death – that point of view maybe different.

Q: with that feeling of secure life is amazing for the wise people?

Guruji: after they have gone through many-many adventures – and then they can relax and tell the stories.

Q: because what I see: when they lose that feeling of adventure – they start to destroy themselves?

Guruji: the essence of life is to be able to tell the stories about your adventures. What is the use, if you can’t tell the stories? Everybody loves the good story.


Only by keeping inside the transformation will take place. Coal is not doing anything, it is just remaining inside the Earth and the transformation is taking place.

Q: so we need to keep our emotions inside and they will transform by themselves?

Guruji: you have to keep it inside. And also same time keep developing your mind also: otherwise how you will use that extraordinary force, power?

Q: not remembering – just observing that it’s inside?

Guruji: first you must be wise enough to understand, what your anger is and then to keep it inside and at the same time keep developing yourself. When it transformed finally – you will have some use for that transformed anger, the potent force. Even in Gita there is said, that when you’re able to keep all the emotions inside…

You must learn this thing from the ocean: ocean takes every kind of shit – but returns it in a most purified way. That is amazing thing, we must learn that from the ocean. Human beings have corrupted most of the rivers: they are taking every pollution into the ocean and he’s absorbing it; but returns to the human beings as a rain, which is most pure thing, distilled water. so we must learn it.

Q: people also are absorbing emotions…

Guruji: but then that is the very good point: not many people are empaths – so empathic overloading is not possible. Sympathetic overloading is recommended. Empaths are rare to see.

Q: it’s born ability?

Guruji: looks like it – you cannot cultivate it. Also idiot cannot cultivate intelligence. But intelligent person may act like an idiot for the sake of presentation.

Q: stupid people are asking the stupid questions?

Guruji: no. every question is a question. And person, who is asked those questions, should be able to answer them. No question is stupid.

Q: so every question has an answer?

Guruji: the hint of the answer is always there. but sometimes they are something. One time one man came in heavy depression. For 2 hours he was sitting here and I told him – you must think positively. Ok, he agreed that he should think positively. Then he leave, went to the gate, and then came back again to ask me: in positive thinking what should I think? I said: leave me quickly! I cannot answer this question( laughing)


Q: what do You think about signs of devatas: when someone meet devata – he’s not blinking, his feet is not touching the ground, he’s not sweating and has no shadow; so these signs are for immortals also?

Guruji: only for devatas. But sometimes immortals don’t cast shadows.

Q: but they are touching the ground, blinking….?

Guruji: we don’t know exactly: looks like they’re touching the ground – maybe they just touch. And they don’t leave the footmarks.

Q: their weight is different?

Guruji: they look normal –  but they definitely are not normal; they have no shadow and no footprints – that means their body is extremely light. Like it is said in Yoga Sutras about controlling udana.

Q: what do You think – it’s a real body?

Guruji: it’s super transformed body. These two things I can say: no shadow and no footprints. Because when Matsyendranath came, I was sitting on the floor which were dusty; and I left all my marks there – but when he came – nothing. Now I remember. So they become extremely light.

Q: are they eating food?

Guruji: probably – but I’ve never seen them eating.

Q: so it could be the electrical body, but looking like normal?

Guruji: it’s transformed human body. What they eat – no idea.

Q: some people claims – they only breathe for nutrition?

Guruji: it is also possible, yes.

Q: does immortals breathe?

Guruji: I don’t remember seeing them breathing. But because they were talking – maybe some air was there.

Q: they talk telepathically or verbally?

Guruji: they can talk in any possibility, but with me they talked verbally like we’re talking.

Q: why exactly no blinking is connected with devatas – what is the meaning of it?

Guruji: non-blinking is the state of Shambhavi; when your mind is extremely steady – you blink much less than average person. Their mind is very different – so no blinking. And they don’t need to lubricate the eye balls also – that’s why we keep blinking. They are different. This blinking is a lubrication program. They can go on forever without ageing.

You see, everybody loves to remain young. And I say: if you have not attain the steadiness of the physical body – how you can claim that you have made your mind steady? Body is the gross thing, mind is very subtle – how can you make it steady?

Q: before they attained the state of devata – they were growing old?

Guruji: possibly. Devatas are actually born like that after a person died here: if his karmas are extremely good – he take birth as a devata or something like that. But they number is fixed, because they are considered as a sons of Kashyap rishi. Human beings just become ghost: I’ve never heard somebody become a devata.

Q: are devatas permanent or they are changing also?

Guruji: some are permanent – like devatas, who represents the elements; they are permanent. Others may change.

Q: how we can become devatas?

Guruji: by some great deeds or some great yagyas or something like that. Ashwamedha yagya was the main idea to become one of the gods in ancient times – 1000000 Ashwamedha yagyas. Nowadays nobody is doing that. Last Ashwamedha yagya was done by king of Jaipur or somewhere – but the horse never cross the borders of his kingdom, so that was successful. That was the last record. Probably it was in Jaipur.

Q: what do You think: tradition of soma sacrifice was also ended with Daksha yagya?

Guruji: when the rishi disappeared – nobody left who actually know how to create it, to find it. The herb must still be there.

Q: what about amrita – it was also made from soma?

Guruji: no, there is something different, coming from the ocean.

Q: what happen with that amrita from the ocean?

Guruji: nobody knows. It must be still somewhere in heaven.

Q: is it possible now for a human spirit to take a birth as a devata or asura or any other creature?

Guruji: anything is possible. But the Devi Parvati cursed all the devatas that you will remain childless;  so that option is gone.


Q: what is ahamkara?

Guruji: it has been translated in so many different ways – but I’m simple man, grassroots level man and I will say: ahamkara means “I am”, feeling of being, I exist – is termed as “ahamkara”. And how you know that you are? I think, therefore I am: that means it is your intellectual perception of your existence. That is called ahamkara.


That was Rama’s coming: he was the first human incarnation, who defeat all the aliens; then the supremacy of the men were established – about 2 million years before. All description are like aliens.


I understood what you’re trying to say – but I don’t agree with jewish theory. It’s their concept that god create the world in 7 days – so the week thing comes from judes. In India that was calculation of the moon calendar – 15 days and 15 days, dark way and bright way. But nowadays week is universally accepted. “weekend” – it’s a jewish concept. Friday: what is Friday? Sabbat – you don’t do anything, even cook the food, so you fry your food which you will eat for 2 days and only pray to god.



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