Q: can the other Universes exist, based on 6 or 4 elements, not 5?

Guruji: yes, why not.

Q: if they are much less – 2 or 3?

Guruji: that is also possible. It’s such a big thing that anything is possible. Maybe there are creations with 5000 or 5000000 elements. If we can imagine 5 elements – why not 5000000 elements? They will be super-super beings.

Q: could we say that our astral world is based on only 2 elements?

Guruji: no, only when you are earth- bound – then only. Out of solar system or out of Earth impact  – there are no elements. Only Void. That means: Void is the carrier of the sound, that is the basic thing for the Creation. So there are no elements; only that sound is condensing itself and it appears like elements to us. When there – you’re in the pure sound form of Creation or whatever there is. This is the best answer I can give you. What  we call elements is just a vibration.

Q: the question is about causal world?

Guruji: the Void is the cause of everything. Body of the Void is your causal body.

Q: practitioner is practicing in the three worlds: physical, astral and causal?

Guruji: causal is the word using in the sake of use something. But what is the cause, tell me?

Q: source of every karma?

Guruji: very pious answer. Causal body is the Void body – or the Void itself. If we – because our consciousness is limited – use the concept of the physical body; so we keep thinking that everything must be having a body like we have physical body. Even just an idea – causal body maybe just an idea.

I’ve commented in Gorakhbodh: when a formless thought is thought and when it is expressed – then it becomes conscious, because it has taken a form. We are like this. The cause of our being has been expressed by someone: so now we have taken a form, so form has become very important to us. When some formless thought is spoken – it becomes more conscious. That is who we are: take from this line – and you will reach the source. It was good thing I said in Gorakhbodh.

Q: can we say that idea coming to the astral is taking two elements?

Guruji: no, astral is beyond that; only earthbound can take vayu sharir or body of five elements. This combination of 5 elements is found only on planet Earth. So we need to learn to think beyond that. Even space: in hindi and Sanskrit it is called “antariksh” – the space in between. Different stars. Solars, planets, something. Void is beyond that: Void is carrying the whole Creation.

The space is not the Void, remember that!

Q: if we take something which is beyond the Earth and earthbound: for them causal and astral is the same?

Guruji: no. What we understand by astral? We are using this world – but what we actually understand by word “astral”? this is something beyond the 5 elements, just the mental idea. Like the thought which we have – but we not express it, which has a possibility to be expressed. Astral is like that: it’s mental world.


He is a legend. His contemporary was one poet, his name was Dandin – he was also very high. One day between them the argument started – who is the better poet. Who will judge? So they decided: let’s invoke goddess Saraswati; otherwise there are no human being who can judge them.

They invoked the goddess. And she was saying: poet is Dandin, Dandin is the poet. Kalidas became angry and said: oh, you prostitute, then who am I??? and goddess Saraswati said: between you and me now there is no difference.

See, the point is: even goddess Saraswati – he was such high poet that he could talk with goddess Saraswati. That is how it should be.


…when we somehow catches – we begin to Imaginate; put a certain image on this formless thought. Then when the certain image is there – then we try to express it verbally. Then this formless thing takes a shape and a form and becomes more conscious then formless state. This maybe the sequence of Creation.

See: everybody needs a home, maybe build a house. What is a house? It is our effort to catch a certain portion of Void as we needed: to catch an empty space in a certain way is called house. Even rat, living in the hole, is route exactly that. Or a lion, living in the cave or in a jungle is doing exactly that; or a bird, creating the nest; everybody is finding the empty space and makes a bound of his own space – begin to build house or home or what. Every being is aware of it.

The process of catching empty space in a certain way is called building a house and making a home.


Q: planets – they have elements?

Guruji: mostly they have earth elements, 5 elements.

Q: but they are not earthbound – like Mars?

Guruji: he is the son of the Earth.

Q: so he is also earthbound?

Guruji: no, he has separate identity. The child after birth is not bound to the mother – only emotionally. She has delivered him already.

Q: what about Shukracharya? He is not connected with the Earth -but even oceans are on this planet?

Guruji: but not of water; so it’s a different thing.

Q: coming back to the source, to the Void…?

Guruji: atit ghat

Q: so we’re practicing, trying to reach samadhi, then immortality, then coming back to the source, when the whole Creation is no more – it’s also coming back to the source; so what is the difference between the practitioner and normal person, which also will come to the source?

Guruji: a person, who has never gone to a school, is out of it. And the person, who has gone through all the education, is out of the school. Do you think, they are same? That’s the difference.


Q: when the spirit is going in astral world – it is taking the shape of the last body?

Guruji: if you’re earthbound. It’s just your mind’s concept of yourself. With other birth it will be the concept of another body – so it will change. That’s why we need to know the source.

Q: so we can  create some another conception?

Guruji: without conception of the mind then how you will know? That will be your real look. You will know exactly, how you look. It’s very deep thing.

Q: it is formless?

Guruji: no; you will know only then – when you know the all your mind conceptions of yourself.

Q: it could be even not the human shape?

Guruji: it will definitely be not like a human shape.

now it has a form and is no conscious – and that consciousness you can share. this is what is happening.


Q: when Kundalini is rising – it goes to agya chakra then somehow goes between the eyebrows where our feeling “I am” exists; then that power of Kundalini takes that feeling “I am” and then also reflects it into sahasrara chakra?

Guruji: I will remind you here that this portion( space above the eyebrows) is a part of sahasrara chakra.

Q: could we with the power of Kundalini connect the feeling that “I am” with our subconsciousness?

Guruji: that’s the point: now your feeling of “I” is highly 2% of the complete brain; when you wake up your subconscious mind – then it become “yes, I am” 100%. Kundalini triggers or switches on this.

Q: Kundalini triggers the awakening of subconsciousness?

Guruji: of course: the second awakening.

Q: after the second awakening our body is prepared that all tremendous power?

Guruji: why piercing of the chakras and awakening of Kundalini is so important? Look at the brain and the spinal cord: that looks like a giant sperm. When the sperm is uniting with ova, and ova takes over – it’s inert then. and it remains inert; so to activate it again you trigger it by awakening of Kundalini and that inert sperm, which is your brain and spinal cord, is ready to form another union. That union is the biggest ova of all times: Mother Earth herself. After you will form this union – you will be established in sattva guna, not earlier.

That is a big concept – but it is good. I’m the only person who is telling what happen after your Kundalini is awaken. Everybody else go silent. This is the next step of awakening of Kundalini: transformation.


Q: that 8 coils which are depicted – they are after the first awakening, before the 2nd?

Guruji: so many people have tried that consciousness can make so different coils or so many things.

Q: but 3,5 coils…

Guruji: OM is also 3,5. That things are highly symbolical: exact also and symbolic also. Think: when the transformation has taken place – mother will introduce you to the father. And concept of immortality and inertion: you’re ready to unite for transformation – but you don’t transform: remain with the Mother forever – that is immortality. Very simple analogy.

Q: it exists the option to be with the father?

Guruji: then you will have to go through the transformation. And you will be separated from the Mother. You can reject transformation, at the same time be with the Mother forever.

Q: if you reject transformation and be with the Mother – you will be still in a human body or not?

Guruji: maybe in a superhuman body, definitely.

Q: and what if you choose to be with the Father?

Guruji: then you will go inert, merge with the ova, Mother Earth, transformation will take place; you will be delivered, separated from the Mother; then she will introduce you to the Father.

Q: but then you will have only spirit or consciousness?

Guruji: no, you may  look like a star or a planet. Human shape is better( smiling). We here use to it: don’t know how to behave as a star or a planet.

Q: Father is the same for the all beings?

Guruji: we don’t know – many fathers are there( smiling)

Q: but Mother is the one?

Guruji: for the child; many mothers are also there

Q: You think other planets also can be considered as mothers?

Guruji: no, only Earth is considered as Mother.

Q: in our, solar system?

Guruji: maybe people were right when they was telling that Earth is the center of the Universe.

Q: what is the function of the Moon in this system?

Guruji: in India we know that Moon is our maternal uncle.


Q: maybe You know some examples when yogi became a star or a planet?

Guruji: you may find – it’s written somewhere in Mahabharata or Harivamsha purana: Krishna went to see Narayana – and they pass through so many stars, they were shine like daylight; they were transformed: so references are there.

Q: but the names of that yogis…?

Guruji: this is not known. You don’t ask the man you see which sperm you were. But I can answer that; which sperm you were? – the lucky one( laughing) very simple answer.

Q: are these achievements – be with the Mother or with the Father – are equally high?

Guruji: when you’re with the Mother – you’re more protected. Always! Protection – who doesn’t want it?

Q: can we say that all immortals reached that state?

Guruji: they refused transformation and choose to stay with the Mother. When a child goes away from mother – the society takes over, father trains him something, and mother is somewhere else and the child is somewhere else. In other case you’re together forever.

Q: how the child can reject transformation?

Guruji: by awakening his consciousness or Kundalini. By becoming wise, by practicing yoga; otherwise I don’t think the things we’re discussing, the idea have ever crossed anyone’s mind. We never read about, no references about this.

Q: so he will communicate with the Mother and say – I will stay with you, I will not transform?

Guruji: he will have to evolve to that level: that he can transform – but doesn’t want.

Q: so poor options in Christianity instead of that…

Guruji: every religion has the same options: heaven or hell. Yoga gives you the third option. And payment for heaven you pay by your virtues and payment for hell – you pay by your sins. That is the currency.

Even Gita says: when your virtues are over – you again fall on the Earth. That means when you have no more virtues to pay to the heaven beings – they kick you off. Like when your money is over – every hotel will kick you out. Same thing.

Q: so heaven is just 5 star hotel somewhere on the beach?

Guruji: where you pay with your virtues. Maybe this name – Havana – started from Heaven( smiling)

Q: You think the great yogis came through that non-transformation?

Guruji: looks like it; if they are immortals – then definitely.

Q: this is the only option to attain immortality?

Guruji: this is the culmination of all options.

Q: what are all others?

Guruji: others are just leading to this point.


Guruji: Someone asked me about the experiencing of the moment of the present: I said – yes, it is possible; but everybody will perceive the moment of present in a different way – because their background is different, the mental level is different, and their karmic accumulation is different. So their experience and their memory of the experience is very different. Only on that: they will perceive that moment of present. Even though: it will be the same moment – but everybody will perceive it in a different way.

Their all memories are different, remember that. Physical condition is different, genetics are different, initial circumstances are different, karmic record is different: so their experience, the memory of the experience will be different. And only by the help of our memory we’re able to judge: something it is good or bad. Even the moment of present is same – we will perceive it in a different way.

Q: but usually we take our suits to every person…

Guruji: of course: it’s all human. To add is human; but to blame it on someone is even more human. This is what we do.

Q: the darshans are also like it?

Guruji: you see, that is the moment of present for me; but all of you will perceive this moment of present in a different way. You’re talking with me: this is my moment of present and I look at it from a different point of view; and you’re listening to me or seeing me – but your experience of the moment of the present will be different. This is how it happens.

Q: how to brake the wall of our perception, of our physical limits?

Guruji: I will say it again: we are born in a particular families with a special genetics, DNA, initial circumstances, blood relatives; we developed our lives by exposure to the family and initial things: then we form a habit. Then we spend our life, repeating that habit, we never can break this vicious circle. So 50% of your life is fixed.

Until unless you begin to stretch your limit and realize, what are your habits and begin to observe, why this habit forms and why you’re reacting in such a way – because of your background. If you’re able to cross that limit, break out of this circle – then 50% you have absolute free mind to work. You can create whatever you want. But to break the habit or to understand it – that is the beginning.

Q: if you can understand your limit – you can overcome it?

Guruji: without understanding your limit – what you will overcome? At least by understanding your limit there is a chance that you may also try to overcome it: if you have enough ambition. If you have it in you. If you’re man enough or woman enough to do it.

Q: so understanding is not a guarantee to overcome it?

Guruji: it is a major step forward. Without understanding – what you will try?

Q: if you understand, that it’s your habit…?

Guruji: you need to see, why this habit started, with what exposure; or you were just in impression of some – your father, your uncle, whom you were so impressed – many small psychological things are there.


Q: all these topics we’re talking – all they are about the first stage, brahma granthi bhed?

Guruji: Brahma granthi bhed means – knowing the mysteries of your mind, brain. All about this. Bhed means mystery; piercing also – but mystery also.

Q: but all the things You’re saying are not hypothetical?

Guruji: it’s not hypothetical: we all have different our mind’s perception of the reality – so we’re need to get over it and be able to understand what is needed. It is very fantastic subject.

Q: when we’re doing khechari mudra – we’re opening that knot?

Guruji: no, that is the beginning of it: because the electromagnetic charges of your brain will increase. It is a major part of it. That’s it – switching on.

Q: in any case to open the door we need not only our force – but maybe some energy or prana?

Guruji: if it is locked – then you need a key. And to know exactly where the lock is. We’re like aborigines living in jungle: when you handed a key – you may have stand in front of the door and you don’t know what is the lock and the key. That is the big discovery: to find the lock and open the door. For this – come to Shailendra Sharma.

Your life is like a boat; practice is like a sail – and you become a sailor: the wind of your breathing, your pranayama will take you far.

You’re not going there – let’s say five light years away – but you look at it and understand; that way. You’re not going there exactly, physically – but you can analyze so many things and go so far: that broaden your horizon. That’s really entertaining!


Q: in Gita they are saying: using the body – it’s interconnection between prana and prana, consciousness and consciousness?

Guruji: yes; and see: body is important! It tells the eternal things – that particular frame of Time; and if something is giving that  – it must be very mysterious also. Body is very mystical thing. So we need to study it at the same time.

Q: when our consciousness is developed and it is going to some subtle worlds: that subtle worlds are feeling like material for that consciousness?

Guruji: for them it is material, solid.

Q: but it’s another feeling of the feelings and perception?

Guruji: of course. When you have 10 billion dollars bank account and you’re lying naked on the beach, sunbathing yourself; and then there is another bankrupt man, everything has been taken from him – he is also lying naked on the beach; same situation – but the feelings will be different. That brings us to another interesting conclusion: only after becoming bankrupt you actually realize the true value of money( laughing)

Q: but it’s still big difference between bankrupt and poor man?

Guruji: of course – bankrupt is more shocking.

Q: what is the eternity after death?

Guruji: that is a short-lived eternity, because you will have a glimpse of eternity. Then some ether spirits will just take you, then judge you by your karmas and provide you with another birth.

Q: it exists the feeling that “I am” after?

Guruji: of course, it will continue. That is perfect feeling of “I am”: oh my god, I’m dead – but still I am! That is great.

There is very big population there. We’re not going directly to god or some big beings.

Q: are they connected with the family?

Guruji: usually they are. Society will never leave you alone, even there.

Q: when the Europeans or Russians are coming here to India?

Guruji: society is society. We’re living in a space – we all are earthlings. We are all sharing this breathing space.

Q: is it easy to change the nation, where you were born? For example for a Russian – to take new birth in India?

Guruji: you borrow some money from some Indian, and don’t return it: you will take birth in India to pay back. Simple method( laughing)

Q: it’s common belief among Russian disciples, that maybe not in a past life – but 2 or 3 lives back they were Indians?

Guruji: I feel that also, yes. You think it is just by chance you’re sitting here discussing these things? It’s not by chance, it’s important thing.

Q: why so?

Guruji: so we can share our information, share some wisdom.


Q: how the person, who is physically limited, can know his dharma?

Guruji: you see, body has immense potential. The more you will develop your consciousness – the more you will understand these things. It’s a sort of reality-show, practical program: how you can overcome difficulties? Otherwise where will be the entertainment, where will be the adventure?

Q: more I’m practicing Kriya – less interest I have to outer life – politics or social, no matter…

Guruji: see- you’re evolving!

Q: I’m coming to the job only to take some money from there…

Guruji: money is important. Because the concept of Kriya yoga, which Babaji give: to make your own career, your own money; don’t live on charity or something – and practice yoga. 

Q: that is the question: with practicing yoga we developing our consciousness; when consciousness is more developed – the person becomes more valuable for society; so he can earn more money…

Guruji: of course – he can use his mind, brain. Also he will be in a situation to help many people.

Q: but where is the border between that quantity of money that you need and the greed for them?

Guruji: I think it’s very easy to understand: when you’re sharing, employing so many different people – then it is sharing. When you’re just holding it and doing nothing – then it’s a greed. Sharing is very important.

Q: how important is to share with Guru?

Guruji: very important(smiling) because it’s Guru’s duty also. Disciple will offer things to Guru: then it’s Guru’s duty to use it in a very good way – so the good effect of that thing will go back to the disciple.

Q: so the best is to share with Guru – and Guru will help you to share with others?

Guruji: of course. Guru is a sort of a public figure; if you become Guru – you will become famous. The disciples will always offer something to the Guru – in service or in respect – then it’s up to the Guru, how to use this amount, how to use those things. Because the disciple may not be in contact with so many people and he will have very limited idea of using that money he offer; but because Guru’s mind is more developed, and consciousness is more – so…


Q: is it possible to change material world and even own physical body without using the physicality – just by the power of the mind or imagination?

Guruji: it is possible. At a certain level.

Q: could it be attained by the practice of Kriya?

Guruji: you will understand the principles of it with practice Kriya yoga

Q: is it possible to know some languages without education just like imagining?

Guruji: your mind develops to the level that you can tune your mind with any mind. What is the language? Just expression of your thoughts. If you’re able to tune your mind with a pygmy – you will learn the language as much as he know.

Q: is it like in bible where it is said that you will understand the all languages?

Guruji: I think yes; – the only thing the audience was very different. Now – much evolved.

Q: is it possible to attain immortality or vajra kaya without samadhi?

Guruji: no.

Q: so samadhi is like the first qualification?

Guruji: opening of your brain. Without brain what you can have? Nothing.

Q: it exist the another way of attaining immortality – without samadhi?

Guruji: even in Ayurveda, when they are talking about treating – preparing mercury and treating – they say only with the samadhi it will actually go to every cell of the body. I think that is very important part of it.

Q: can we say that Samadhi is the expanding of the consciousness to the very wide level?

Guruji: you can call it that.

Q: but when yogin is in Samadhi – he is experiencing the consciousness of other people?

Guruji: that is expansion of your own consciousness: you’re becoming sensitive enough to understand theirs also.

Q: but the feeling of “he is he” and “I am” remains in that?

Guruji: it will be more intense, yes.

Q: so your consciousness is not merging with other consciousnesses?

Guruji: no, but you’re aware of them.

Q: like extra-sensitivity – but the feeling of “I am” remains?

Guruji: more and more.

Q: before – I think that my consciousness in Samadhi will merge with some kind of collective consciousness…

Guruji: no. that will remain your own consciousness. The feeling of being will be very intense and condensed and you will say finally: “yes, I am!”  you’re feeling your own expansion beyond your physical limits.

Q: all other practice is just a preparation of the nervous system for that?

Guruji: without preparation nothing will happen.

Q: emotional system will somehow trained for that?

Guruji: actually it will trained simultaneously when you’re practicing to the best of your abilities. What is emotion? Which is in motion. Your mind remains in motion.

Discussion on Void is good; but avoiding the discussion on Void is better.

That’s why we’re practicing yoga: so our mind will develop more and our consciousness will more – so some understanding will develop finally. It’s not an academic subject we can understand by test we pass or school teacher can explain. Much more deeper. 99,9% of your physical body is empty space – but how many people are aware of it? It’s a big subject.

It is your effort to live at a certain space for your privacies: that is a house. House is not solid: it’s just catching a space in a certain way for our own private space. Everybody needs a space.

Q: body is also our privacy?

Guruji: we don’t know that. Whose house it is – bacteria or viruses, we don’t know whom else lives there.


The curd is being churned; so much violence is going on  – but then after the butter comes up. Finally you’re gone through the churning of the world as it is: then you will be like butter and ghee and you will be on the top – then nothing will disturb you, because you have already gone through every possible disturbance of it. So no disturbance any more.

Q: for the person – is it acceptance of all that disturbances?

Guruji: actually that was the real incident: He save the world. And you see what happens with the yogis. Shiva Ji is the first yogi, first giver of yoga; and when the ocean was been churned so many good things were coming – but He was given poison. Every good things the gods took away and went away. But here also we need to observe one thing: because He was able to hold this poison in his throat – He became Mahadev. all other gods were just coming to take something good. Even then – when they were drinking amrita – even then no power. So the power of digesting poison is far more superior than amrita. You also have to remember that.

Q: in Gita it is said that no matter what yogi is doing – he’s just perceiving himself in that action, like the different aspects of himself?

Guruji: after realization. What is realization? In this creation of illusions when you make your existence real  – that is the realization. When you will become real – of course you will observe the illusions. Think on that.

Q: is it true that the all three aspects exists in the yogi: the creator, the sustainer and the Destroyer?

Guruji: if you want to put a name to it – yes. But that is simply connected with the life: you’re born, live a life and you die. Creation, sustaining and destroying.

Q: Brahma is always in the past?

Guruji: your birth is past, yes. Body represents the past.


Q: what is fundamental thing?

Guruji: that is very serious question: when you’re worrying about funds – from where to accumulate them; in that tension on for getting funds you go mental: then you become fundamental. You keep forgetting one thing: that the word “fund” started with the word “fun”: so when you are become fundamental – no fun remains in your life.  Be careful!

Q: what do You think: on one side – we’re giving 5 promises…

Guruji: 5 promises – because it is also understood that the person, who is interested in yoga seriously should be disciplined person. Just to handle the discipline this 5 promises are given.

Q: are they remain after realization?

Guruji: it will remain, because you gave your word to the Guru.

Q: when yogi became realized or on the very high level…

Guruji: then he will be very grateful to the Guru, because he was teaching seriously.

Q: could it be the situation for the yogi that no matter what he is doing…

Guruji: you see the chain: such person will not do something just for doing something. You have to consider this. Because when he will act  – he will be able to see the consequences of his act, for the thousand years or 10000 years. Be careful. Now we’re like children: we’re asking money from the father  and we think that father is the richest man in the world. Then we grew up and start to make own money – then we realize that is very difficult task to do. Then you become mental and you worrying for funds. You become fundamental.

Q: what is the perfect model of the relationship between Guru and disciple?

Guruji: I’ve said it before – and I’ll explain it again: in our books the relationship between Guru and disciple – it described 4 types.

  1. Guru is Guru and disciple is running for him;
  2. Guru is your friend – disciple is the friend of the Guru: only friends share secrets – so they are friends also;
  3. a disciple is like a son and Guru is like a father;
  4. then Guru is also human being, he may facing some problem – as he is like a son for the disciple, because he’s also a human being.

These 4 types of relationship is described between the Guru and disciple.

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