Q: what can I do for You, Guruji?

Guruji: that is your problem( laughing)

It’s not a problem to pass the technics – but it’s step by step educational program : look at the situation: you asking the question – I use to find the answer; otherwise how we can progress? It’s very important to discuss with the Guru. When you ask a question Guru can see how much your mind have developed. That’s the level of questions. That’s why my answer can be different from person to person.

When you do it very nicely and at most excellent practice, do khechari: then you begin to see the importance of your brain, which is the seat of the mind and seat of the consciousness as well.

Then when you have explored it for some time: your brain, your mind, your consciousness is developing. Then you begin to wonder: who is supporting the brain?

Then your attention go to the heart. Then you begin to study the mystery of the heart, because it is supporting the brain, it’s very important. Not only supporting: why it is working, how it is working and who is making it work? So many mysteries are there.

When you’re explored enough and you begin to understand the mystery of the whole heart – then you begin to wonder: how it was created? Then your attention goes to your navel. Then you realize, that through the navel the whole body was created – including your heart, brain and everything.

Then, when you have explored the mystery of your navel work – then you begin to understand the importance of the earth element. Then your attention goes your muladhar, which is the main epicenter of the earth element.

This is the journey of Kriya yoga – and I share it.

Q: about the conditions concerns Hridaya granthi: the yogin should find the place to live not very high in the mountains and not on the seaside…

Guruji: that is the 6th chapter. Because you never know, when samadhi is coming. You never know if something will happen in the high mountains.

Q: and again that yogin must put some kind of grass…

Guruji: kusha grass

Q: … and the deer’s skin and silk: about deer’s skin – how it is possible for the yogi?

Guruji: in the olden times when the deer was died naturally – his skin was taken. Not by killing.

Q: how important these conditions are nowadays?

Guruji: simple blanket is enough.

Q: what about condition of mountains and seaside?

Guruji: by the seaside the air is so humid- good pranayama will not be possible; in high mountains also oxygen is rarely find: you will just be unnecessarily euphoria without achieving anything. Remain in the middle.


The basis of breeding is the instinct: fear of death. Breeding is carrying forward your genetic record. Your record will continue: that’s why everybody is running out for sex.

Q: I’m observing that nowadays the people have much less interest for creating a family and to breed?

Guruji: but they are very much interested in the act of breeding. No, it is not brahmacharya – ojas will never develop inside.

Q: but why they don’t want produce the children?

Guruji: because they don’t want to take responsibility of the child. Financial, emotional and so many things. They are not highly developed.

Q: You think it’s not the decision “not to breed?”

Guruji: they will not remain interested in the act of breeding then. we need to understand the instinct for that: then you will go beyond it.

Q: ok, but it’s very controversial thing here: in Gita it is said that if yogin passed the Hridaya granthi bhed but couldn’t reach Rudra granthi bhed – he will take birth from yogin and yogini; but if they are brahmachari – how?

Guruji: that’s why it is said: extremely rare. Maybe that’s why Babaji gave this yoga to householders  – so some very high yogis may take birth finally( smiling). Could be that.

Yogin should not go to jungle and live naked: that brings us to another shocking realization- the behavior of family and nearby blood relatives actually drive that man nuts and he decides to leave the family and throw away everything to live somewhere in peace: that feeling is called vairagya. He always lives with his family; blood relatives were created by gods – so they can suck your blood.

Q: also in Gita it is said that yogis were using different methods for sustaining the body and longevity?

Guruji: only Shailendra Sharma has commented on that, no one else.

Q: could You explain – what to read or how to find these methods?

Guruji: the whole Ayurveda is for your disposal.

Q: how to behave, what to eat, what to drink, how maintain the routine?

Guruji: your routine should be very strict. Food is also suggested in Hatha Yoga Pradipika – how much you should eat and how much you should leave your stomach empty. Be very particular about physical exercises and yoga practice: you have to combine them both. And read: read in Ayurveda – so many different rasayanas and herbs are described, which may enhance your life force. Experiment on them! – that’s how you will learn which herb more suitable to you, which rasayana more suitable to you. Study it! All suggestions are there – but you will have to find your own elixir.

You read Indian shastras: they describe the supreme being or Ishwar – they say “Raso hai sa”: “ He is Rasa” . that mean the sign will develop to the level you will begin to understand His nature. Rasayana is not just there to enhance your life or something.


Q: what do You think: for the maximum development of the consciousness and imagination – which type of science should be studied?

Guruji: every. You should be aware of everything. You should be aware of the general fundamental(smiling) things. When you will keep provide funds to the Guru  – Guru will not become fundamental.

Q: one of the main lines of the science is to create the artificial intelligence and to transform the human DNA to the binary code; could it be the way to humanity to attain something like immortality?

Guruji: I’m surprised that we are artificial intelligence ourselves: and we are trying to create the other artificial intelligence.

Q: why we are the artificial intelligence?

Guruji: somebody created it. So we will also do something. But remember: artificial will remain artificial. Artificial thing will always remain artificial – it will never be a piece of art.

Q: so You think for the normal person there is no chance to attain immortality even like that?

Guruji: all the possibilities are inside: it is up to him how he or she will make them possible. Immortality is the very big thing: I think even 20-30 extra youthful years will be very well. Step by step.

Q: what do You think: can humanity create something like a diamond body – very stable and very long-lived?

Guruji: if you can just your body cells with plastic cells – you will live. Plastic body is better than diamond body(smiling)

Q: is it possible for that plastic body to be the immortal idiot for centuries?

Guruji: we’re just giving the possibility: idiot will never be able to access it, but the intelligent person may access. It is just like a test. That means – all of us are actually fools. Wisdom begins from the moment you realized that you’re an idiot.

Q: so You think after hundreds or thousands of years all the humans cannot be replicated to the plastic ones?

Guruji: I will give you the different idea; what is our breeding program? you just carrying forward our genetic records, hoping that some principles of immortality maybe discovered and that genetic record, which is carrying forward, may become immortal. There is a possibility for everyone: think in a very positive way. So keep carrying forward your genetic record: maybe one day.

Q: is the consciousness just the coded energy, coming to be like the physical one?

Guruji: consciousness may be your soul – is the only energy which you have.

Q: can we say that body is like gross consciousness?

Guruji: like a flower is not aware of its own fragrance – only other people feel it; so we also are not aware of our own consciousness. But we have the very positive thing to do: we have been given yoga by Shiva Ji  – so we will become aware of our own consciousness.

Q: it can be the illusion of sight or hearing – but we have 3 senses more, so…?

Guruji: actually whatever is there – every sense is the sort of illusion. Whatever you can feel. That is the mind, who is using that senses like instrument. Maybe the time will come when you’ll be able to see with your ears and be able to hear with your eyes. Why not? – that is brain, which is working. Just a crossed connection inside the brain and it will begin. You need to remember that: whatever senses we discuss – they are just instruments of your brain or your mind or your consciousness.


Q: what is vayu mandala?

Guruji: it represemts the air layer around Mother Earth. The vayu mandal – the air: and air is the beginning of your existence also and it is the end of your existence also. So: this cobra is catching its own tail: so what is the beginning – is also end. And your breath also proves it: it is your beginning and it’s also your end.

One man asked me;- maybe he was a German, I saw him in Sarnath way back in 1993 – he asked me: are You a holy man? I told him: when my life was full of holes – I was a holy man. Then my life became whole: then I became “wholy” man – complete man. To all my friends: please, try to make your life whole – not full of holes; and you will be a perfect man.  

He was married 16108 times and has thousands of lovers as well; and he’s worshipped with his lover – a married woman.

Q: is it true Radha Ji was elder than him?

Guruji: maybe 9- 11 years. That is the power of love. Radhe-radhe: in this area love is always recited.

Q: now it’s a big tendency that women are living with the younger men?

Guruji: even Elizabeth Taylor did that. If you’re interested in latest fashion – why not in latest body?( laughing) we’re already living in the archeologically protected monument.

This is what we’re describing in Gorakhbodh: atit ghat – subtracting your past.

Q: but still if in regression the very strong things are coming – lime mother’s curse?

Guruji: it is the strongest curse.

Q: can it continue for several lives?

Guruji: maybe 7 plus lives.

Q: so what to do with it?

Guruji: it will pass out in 7 lives. We’re carrying the genes of our mother: as long as 7 generations are remain – we’re going through 7 different births – the curse may follow. After 7 births it will end.

Q: there is another tricky thing: what if the same person is receiving the same pattern  – not in one life, but in next life?

Guruji: that’s why I keep saying: break the habit! Because every time we keep repeating the same things, same habits. We need to break it: only then we may come out of these things; – if we begin to understand them. If you begin to see and understand that – that means you’re already on the way of breaking the habit.

Q: if I understand the pattern – whatever connection will form and what things will follow…

Guruji: so you can overcome: you’re already practicing yoga. It is because of your practicing you realize it: this way or that way and make a conclusion.

Q: sometimes we even have no courage to admit that?

Guruji: we should have enough courage to admit that. What we are done – we are ready to face. And there is great wisdom in every mystery or bad karma: we just need to be able to see that. No habit – no repetition.

Q: if I the chart Rahu is conjoined with the Moon or the Venus – it indicates towards this curse?

Guruji: not curse – they say pitri dosha. It’s common thing all over the world. Show me, how many parents are there, who never cursed their child? That will take place nowadays, not suddenly one time.

Q: but it will remain for 7 lives?

Guruji: no more than that, but no less.

Q: even if you practice yoga?

Guruji: that means you’re already nearly out of the curse – if you begin to practice it. Ordinary people are not practicing.

Q: if Rahu is conjoined with the Sun – it’s from the father’s side?

Guruji: pitris are both, from father and mother’s side. You ask Chetan Gajkesari: he is writing the book on pitri dosha and gajkesari yoga – it will be the only book on this subject. It’s not only with Rahu and Ketu – also debilitated planets and many other things, it’s a big topic.

Q: what will be the behavior of mother and father in next life – if they curse their child?

Guruji: you see, there is one thing – sometimes people curse without any valid reason: that curse will never stick to you. But if you’re really done something to hurt – it may stick for some time. Remember, everything in this creation is a temporary thing. Nothing is permanent.

You have to take an objective view.

Q: it’s useless to regret if we cannot fix anything…

Guruji: … but you can learn out of it, that’s the point. For every wisdom you need to pay.

We keep repeating our habits – and that’s such a vicious circle, very few people are able to understand it. If they can – they can get over it.

Q: but people are programming themselves?

Guruji: the moment you begin to see that it’s a habitual pattern – then you stop scratching the scrape – and it will heal. Sometimes past life regression helps – if it is hidden too well to understand: that’s the real curse – or maybe a blessing.

Q: will you remember it without going to regression, with yoga practice?

Guruji: you will remember everything in time. It will take longer time – when we are ready. When you’re strong enough to see yourself. In regression you maybe not like that.

Q: the strongest curse is in the death moment – if someone dies, cursing you?

Guruji: if someone remembers you – it may not be a curse.

Q: when we start to practice yoga, usually relatives starts to hate us much more?

Guruji: it actually happens if you’re not reacting or behaving like they think you should – then they confronted and some inferiority complex begin to develop. They try to confront you, make you angry, test you and annoying you. Initially most of the reactions are violent; then you move away – when you become wiser.

Q: but for them it’s even more…

Guruji: that’s the story of Ugly Duckling by H.K. Anderson.

Q: in this case they can curse the yogi, no?

Guruji: curse comes if somebody is deeply hurt in the heart. Simply when jealousy or animosity – the curse is not valid. When it is the deepest pain in the heart – the curse will have some effect.

Q: if someone is constantly in the state of jealous to the yogi?

Guruji: his curse will not affect you. But he may to harm you somehow. Acts are not curses – so you can give him back. Usually very well placed kick works.  

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