• If you’re weak – you will always think violent thoughts. 
  • The very arrogant man usually falls. Take the middle path.
  • When there was so much power cut in Uttar Pradesh, Lord Rama went to inspect things; and heat was on, and so much fire – and few people were sitting peacefully. He said: how is it possible? And they said – we’re from Uttar Pradesh (laughing) no electricity, nothing – so they’re used to heat.
  • How ancient ayurvedic doctors covered all these things – I’m amazed. The diagnostic program is extraordinary. Maybe it works also. I’ve never seen any old hospital; so how did humanity survive without hospitals? Now there are hospitals everywhere.
  • Very good thing to know; Indian grassroots level wisdom is:
  1. The first happiness is a healthy body, no disease.
  2. Second happiness is having enough money in your hands.
  3. Third – is the devoted wife.
  4. And fourth happiness is an obedient son. So they described happiness in 4 things.

Happiness is a combination of these 4 – if there is really such a thing like happiness, then.


Q: When Sati’s body was carried by Shiva Ji – how was it subdivided to these 64 Shaktipeethas?

Guruji: When He was moving – this the real story about her – He refused to leave her dead body and was carrying her like a mad man; and the balance of Creation was gone. Brahma and Vishnu consulted and Vishnu cut her body by the chakra in pieces and then fell on Earth, 52 places. And Shiva came down to the Earth, remaining with her.

Q: Is it connected with 52 letters and 52 Bhairavas?

Guruji: I think so, yes: they are all connected.


5-6 girls from Bulgaria – they have never seen a bull like him; and they were wondering – who is he? What is he? And ISCKON man forgot a name of a bull – so he simply said “husband of a cow”. Then they said – can we touch him? and he said: if your heart is full of devotion to Krishna – he will do nothing. I was standing there, silently watching. They begin to weep and they just embrace him – all 5 of them – and he begins to lick them. That was something! You have to be very brave to embrace a bull of this size.


Q: You advised not to sleep in the practice room; what will happen if somebody does so?

Guruji: You will get unnecessary disturbing dreams – something like that; because your mind is not yet strong enough.

Q: The type of mirror in the practice room matters?

Guruji: The best one.


Q: Warriors are always ready to fight and they know they could die any moment in battle; could this feeling be catalytic for development?

Guruji: The warrior – because he was trained to kill; so he knows how he can be killed also. He will remain more worried than a normal person, more careful.

Q: Why do You think: the feeling of danger gives us more strength?

Guruji: I mean if you’re facing your danger and you’re brave by your nature – then. Otherwise it will make you afraid and you will want to avoid it and run away from it. I don’t remember the name – but it is from the movie: Master, I’m not calling you a coward – but sometimes cowards do survive. Remember that!


Q: Could happiness and santosha be more or less one and the same?

Guruji: If happiness evolves – it becomes santosha.

Q: Are 52 bhairavas equal to the Bhairav like a deity?

Guruji: Yes, bhairav means Bhairav.

Q: Their number is constant – are they always 52?

Guruji: 52 in yoga; 52 petals of your chakras – 52 syllables written on them of the 52 types of nada vibrating there.

Q: How in this case is it possible for the person to become one of them?

Guruji: When he will be absolutely in tune with that particular nada – he will be like that. That’s a matter of tuning. Bhairav also literally means “horrible”. From Shiva Sutras: the effort – you must do extremely hard and horrible effort for success in yoga. Then you will get the virgin – your will power, ichchha shakti, divine will power you will receive. You need extreme will power to go forward. Read Shiva Sutras again.

Q: So will power be attained by your force?

Guruji: Yes; that is dharana. The capacity to make the strongest of the strong decisions.

In local slang breath is also called dam. Strength is also called dam. They are almost the same. All strength depends on your breath. Anyone smoking a chillum is called dam.

Q: Here it is translated like vital breath; is it the same?

Guruji: Not exactly the same – but more or less same.

Some sort of weaknesses are able to be developed to the will power of that level – if it was there in the essential form, like a seed. Without will power what can you do? 


Q: Vital breath is air breathing?

Guruji: The air is amrat; as long as you’re breathing – you’re alive. A- mrat, un-dead: the moment your breath stops you’re dead, mrat. The point is to keep breathing. 

Q: What is the meaning of the word samaras?

Guruji: Samaras means equilibrium: everything is equal – in equilibrium and harmony. Maybe that is moksha – the liberation.

Q: How should you feel if a mantra is inimical to you?

Guruji: Well, you will get an instant feeling – if it’s not suitable to you. You will be irritated, some bad mood will come, you will become angry without any reason –  almost all the signs you will know. By dreams, nightmares, slipping in the bathroom (smiling).

Q: What do You think about colored diamonds – they combine the power of two planets?

Guruji: No, if that particular stone – like sapphire – whatever color it is, either Jupiter or Saturn.

Q: How do You feel when a person is coming for the first time – is it Your disciple or not?

Guruji: It depends on my mood: if I’m in the good mood I’ll say ok; if I’m in a bad mood I’ll say some other time. If someone asks me for Kriya yoga – he is more intelligent than an average person. A wise person doesn’t need to be clever: the approach must be very honest. A clever man will always be calculating and that will stop his progress. Wisdom is not depending on calculations, it is from inside. I see good people coming to me. 

Q: You see if the person has a technical or humanitarian mind?

Guruji: I have seen thousands of people so it’s easy to see.

Q: How does this apply to the practice: for whom is it easier?

Guruji: The person, who is all heart understands it much better than the calculating man.

Q: So it doesn’t matter which hemisphere is working better?

Guruji: Yes, it depends on his approach to the subject. He should believe in fairy-tales rather than religious books. If we say there are vampires – he should believe immediately: yes, there are vampires (laughing) and when I show my silver toothpick, claiming this is the weapon to fight against the vampires and lycans  – he should believe it immediately. Such a person progresses very well. 

After all of your desires are fulfilled – only satisfaction remains: you need to understand what is satisfaction also. That means you have already gone through your material things and you’re becoming conscious of the Void. All desires are not so sinful: they are your desires – if you’re not supporting them they go away. 

First time – about knowing the Time – were written down; though never before in any religious book. Read any commentary in Gita – maybe they are 23-25 so far: nobody discusses Time. Even though: Krishna is answering – I am Time; nobody- it even doesn’t register in their mind.


Q: That was such an interesting discussion on ojas and amrita: so ojas can be transformed to amrita?

Guruji: Only after your ojas is formed – the possibility of amrita forming in your brain will become possible.

Q: How is it connected with the rise of Kundalini?

Guruji: Only then there will be possibility of Kundalini rising.

Q: Is it the same process?

Guruji: They are connected. Step by step. You going to be urdhvaretas?

Q: Maybe, why not?

Guruji: Not maybe, make a firm decision and go for it. We should challenge him: yes, you can do it! Go! (laughing)

Q: Urdhvaretas state is a step of practice?

Guruji: It’s a successful result of it.

Q: and it lasts at least 12 years – to form one drop?

Guruji: Yes. And remember one statement I’ll make here: genital organs are being abused all over the world without understanding their generative power: they can create life. And if you know their real power – you can use them to preserve your own life. They are not something abusive or just – they are there; but they are generative organs, they can give life. They can also preserve your life – if you know all the secrets about them. So be careful!

Q: The main concentration in brahmacharya should be on brahma?

Guruji: The main brahmacharya is: when your attention, your main focus rises to your head from between your legs – that is brahmacharya. And it is as good as the awakened Kundalini.

Q: In this state is the body producing seed fluid or not?

Guruji: It will be digested inside the body, not go out.

Q: In females case also?

Guruji: I think it should be like that. Actually men are worrying more about it. The basic metabolism of the body will be different, the work of the body will be different.

Q: For women it will be possible to have no period?

Guruji: It may be possible, yes. All of the system will be different. They will not remain “normal’ as they say normal. 

Q: So it’s like a nabhi: we’re switching the outer system to an inner one?

Guruji: Yes. This nabhi Kriya – I’ve studied almost every system, which is available – nobody even discusses it.

Q: Why do You think – these two processes are connected – bank naal and urdhvaretas? When the ojas will form – it will change the whole body?

Guruji: The person will become extraordinary.

Q: And what do You think – the process of aging will be different after even one drop?

Guruji: Yes, his mind will be extraordinary, body will be different; his body smell will change and he will progress extraordinarily spiritually and in everything in life. Nature will begin to favor him; so many things will start. It starts a big chain reaction. 

Q: To reverse process in nabhi we must first achieve Hridaya granthi?

Guruji: Regular yoga practice – the best most excellent yoga practice.

Q: If a yogi pierced Hridaya granthi and then somehow died; he could then take birth in the family of yogis, which is extremely rare?

Guruji: Very rare: yogis usually don’t create siblings. Maybe that’s why so many yogis have taken birth. Could be – providing them an opening here.

Q: But if they are brahmacharis – some higher being is coming and say: you must give the birth to that yogi – or how?

Guruji: Why not? Anything is possible.


It’s been almost 150 years when Babaji initiated Lahiri Mahasaya and introduced this most mysterious yoga to the world. And what we see – the descent of the yogic descendant. Maybe most of the spirits, which were waiting to take birth – already have taken birth. Babaji is immortal: so whenever he will feel like introducing that thing – he may introduce it again anytime. 

Q: Why do You think it’s descending?

Guruji: Whatever is given to society – usually goes down. Very few people are able to maintain the highest standard. And I think – this Kriya yoga was never meant for masses: it was always for a selected few people. And it will remain so. It is not our worry – whether the lineage or the tradition will continue, or what will happen, who will carry on…He is immortal.

Q: But what about Nath yogis tradition – their panths?

Guruji: Actually it was Guru and disciple discipline only. There was no organization, nothing – just the discipline of Guru and disciple. 

Q: Because now what I see – only a few people are practicing, others are just sweeping the floor?

Guruji: Now most of them are like that – they are managing the ancient places of the great yogis, that’s it. Even that is important. So we can relax, no problem: whenever Babaji will feel like introducing it – he may do it in a few centuries or after the thousand of years.

Till then we can continue to chant the glorious name of the Lord. It’s the best way to pass time. But I think our mahamantra is also great: Hare Prana Hare Prana Prana Prana Hare Hare Hare Apana Hare Apana Apana Apana Hare Hare! That is the real mahamantra.


Like “jiva”: you will translate it like soul or spirit – but it still doesn’t do it justice with two these words. Jiva, Jeevan, jivha – they are all connected. But when you translate it as a spirit or soul – the sense is gone.

As long as you keep worshipping the past  – you will lose your moment of the present, because you’re too focused on the past. And when you lose the present moment – your future is gone also. So instead of continuing to worship the past – you should learn, take the essential wisdom of your past and move on, towards a better future. 

Oh, we were too happy 2000 years before – we will worship you; we were happy 5000 years before – and we are just continuing to do what he said then. but what he said – was for contemporary people.

Q: People very often are concentrating on the future also?

Guruji: Those, who are worrying too much about future – they are not learning from their past. So the point is to learn from the past and move on towards a better future. Those, who are worrying too much about the future – they are not learning anything from the past. So the main balance is to learn whatever you’re able to learn, be wise, and move towards a better future. Simply worrying about the future will be not good. 

Q: Could our imagination help us to create a better future?

Guruji: It’s all about imagination: wherever you’re focused. If you have learned from the past and present moments – your imagination will become very strong and it will take you to a very-very good future.

Q: What if you have so many troubles and mistakes in the past?

Guruji: You see, Chinese have said a very wise thing (they have said many wise things) – everybody can make a mistake; but only a fool makes it twice. Learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them and go forward. Even you can stumble on the way, but the wise man who observes somebody’s stumbling becomes careful and moves on carefully. Do it like that!

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