Q: What karma follows if someone is deceiving the other in the pair?

Guruji: The theory says: he’s deceiving himself. Because the person, who has enough faith in you and you think you’re deceiving that person – it is wrong, you’re deceiving yourself. The karma follows the one who is deceiving.

Q: But it doesn’t create some troubles and suffering?

Guruji: Always, complications will follow.

Q: But it also brings suffering to the man who was deceived?

Guruji: He may get over it; but final punishment will be for the deceiver. Because he will have to live with himself after it. That is the biggest punishment.

Q: Is that kind of person – cowards, as we discussed before?

Guruji: A coward is not deceiving- if he’s a great warrior and running away from the battle.

Q: What do You think: if there are children in such pairs – better just not to see someone deceive and live like nothing happened?

Guruji: It is very rare Paramahamsa who can actually forgive; he may adjust with that situation. Forgiving – I don’t think it’s possible.

Q: So the only punishment – he or she will face himself?

Guruji: And the deceiver will lose a friend, which is a very big setback.

Q: Karmic relationships are very hard to understand: today you’re friends, tomorrow someone will deceive you – you’re no more friends?

Guruji: In human society it’s absolutely normal behavior. It’s a depressing topic.


Q: In the Gita it is said: when a person achieves Samadhi – all his desires are gone?

Guruji: Yes; you see – desiring something is ok, but to have the strength to fulfill your desires – that is the main thing. When you have achieved Samadhi – you have enough power to fulfill any desire. So you won’t have desires, which you follow – because you have enough power to fulfill them. Very simple thing.

Q: What are the desires of the person who achieved Samadhi?

Guruji: So many (laughing). The greatest desire is when some intelligent person will come and ask me intelligent questions. Even after achieving Samadhi you will remain normal. After Samadhi you will know it as a fact that you’re a normal person. Before that you will never believe you’re normal.

Q: Could You share the state of Samadhi with another person?

Guruji: If they’re interested genuinely.

Q: Could You put someone else in Samadhi?

Guruji: I think so, yes. But to put him is one thing and to bring him out is another thing. If he or she is not prepared – it’s a very risky thing.

Q: It depends on the preparation of the body or the psychic?

Guruji: Both, go together. Never undermine the power of the physical body.

Q: Do You think – You have the disciples, prepared for this experience?

Guruji: Many of them, yes. Very near prepared.

Q: Have you had such an experience with someone?

Guruji: I know exactly what to do and what will happen with them.

Q: Because You’re master – like a trainer for the Olympic team.

Guruji: Also the trainer is much wiser than the athlete and he knows exactly what to teach and how to guide him. Putting you in Samadhi is a simple thing, but bringing you out of it – for that preparation is needed.


Q: Can You see by the appearance of the person – that he could achieve Samadhi?

Guruji: Very easily, yes.

Q: Possibility or probability?

Guruji: There is always a probability thing. I will give you one story: one wise man was sitting beside the road. And one traveler came and he asked him: how much time will it take for me to reach that village? He remained silent; the traveler became angry and began to move. Then he shouted: it will take you about 1 hour to reach that village. The traveler came back and asked: why didn’t you say it at first? He said: I needed to observe how much speed – at the speed you walk. So I can tell you.

Q: What do we need to accelerate our speed?

Guruji: Your desire to achieve.

Q: It depends only on that?

Guruji: Only on motivation.

Q: Where is the root of that motivation?

Guruji: Inside your own mind.

Q: Could we manipulate it somehow?

Guruji: All your desires are rooted in your life force. No life – no desire. After you begin to study your own desires, you’ll begin to be aware of your life force, which is actually carrying them. It’s a complimentary thing. Life brings you desires – and desires based on your life force. So if you have more life force – you have enough capacity to fulfill your desires. You cannot separate desires from life. If you have desires – you know you’re alive.


Q: Is our destination already fixed or do we have some choice?

Guruji: For one lifetime it is fixedThen it’s a great achievement to realize – what is your destination. The moment you will realize your destination – you will also become aware of your own destiny and you will begin to understand it.

Q: Will it stop the fear of death?

Guruji: Of course. That is just a step. Destiny is just a way, which will take you to your destination. To understand more – read “Putnik”.

Q: It’s a very great desire to achieve in one lifetime…

Guruji: Why not? Follow the dream: what else do we have?

Q: This level of life force: is it fixed or can it be changed during life?

Guruji: It’s up to you how you use it; how you preserve it or you can make it stronger – it’s up to you. That is the practical riddle, which you have to solve yourself.

Q: To set the goal and just go for it?

Guruji: Without preparation where you will go? If you realize your destiny, the destination is in the heart of the African continent, in the deep jungle; without preparation how will you go there? You need to prepare yourself well. And if you realize – your destination is on the peak of the mount Everest – you cannot go there in your bikini. You will need good preparation and all equipment to reach there.

Q: When You were asked how to realize the destination, You said that we must know our past…

Guruji: Past and present moment: then future will become very clear for you.

Q: Sometimes I feel that I’m useless in my life: I don’t know where to move exactly; I didn’t realize till now my destination. What is the mechanism or instruments to do so?

Guruji: You just need to go deep inside your own heart. And what you love to do the most: to do it may be your destination. Or from a philosophical point of view: destination may be to find what is your destination. That is also an interesting way. And also I see – when you move along on the path of destiny then you’ll have some ideas about your destination; suddenly nobody realized the destination.

Q: If I go deep inside my heart – will I know the destination of this life or the whole destination?

Guruji: First you will realize the destiny of this life; then , when you will begin to look at the pattern – then you will realize the pattern is following from so many different lifetimes. Then you will start to become aware of so many different lifetimes and many different destinations which you have already gone through. That’s why I wrote in “Putnik” that the horizon may be another destination, a limited point of view. So you go ahead on and on. You’ve already gone through many-many destinations.

And when you realize the pattern – you can bring about some very good changes in the pattern also. You can create a fabric of time on your own, with your own desires in it. That is a very great destination. You’ll be able to create a fabula out of the Time and with your own design in it.


Q: Sometimes I thought about that – this seems that I am really good at; but sometimes I have a confusion: is that what I should do?

Guruji: Well, welcome to the club: from time to time we’re all confused.

Q: Those moments I feel useless and don’t know where I’m going…

Guruji: I will remind you: even the durak – he had to go to a place which was nowhere and there was no way to reach it; he just lost himself and reached. Fairy-tales answer everything. It’s a very-very mysterious story: to reach somewhere which is nowhere. It’s an amazing story.

Q: We discussed a lot about remembering all the generations which are hidden in our DNA and our body; what will happen if I somehow get this power?

Guruji: No, memory; which will be triggered with enough practice. That’s the point: if we don’t know about our own past – we never realize the moment of present: because the impression of the moment of present depends on our past experiences. We never experience it in its purest form, because past impressions are there. So you have to go through all your memories; then what we described in Gorakhbodh – atit ghat – then you’re able to subtract your past permanently and always be in the moment of present. Because the moment of the present was present in the past also, and it will be present in the future also. That means: if you’re established in the moment of present – you can see past, present and future at the same time. That is a very extraordinary situation. You will be able to move back and forth in time also: because the moment of present is everywhere, omniscient.

Q: I see that picture in my mind – like the past, present and future on the same line…

Guruji: That’s very good, you’re on the right track. Take the middle path: that means remain in the moment of the present. No past, no future – always in the present. That’s a very big experience and achievement.


Q: Could the desire to get pure consciousness be my destination?

Guruji: Yes: that is what we’re teaching and what we’re trying to achieve.

Q: The destination is our dharma?

Guruji: No, the dharma is different. Dharma will give you enough power to reach your destination.

Q: Does it mean that if a person has no interest in something in his life – he has already gone through this destination in past lives?

Guruji: Maybe he is just going through this lifetime as a result of his past karmas: so his plan is fixed and limited. Such people never become aware – no matter how much you talk with them or how much you try to show them – it will not register in their mind.

Q: Normal human nature is to be attached to different pleasures?

Guruji: You like to kiss your girlfriend – but you cannot continuously kiss her for 10 hours. We cannot say we’re addicted to pleasures: momentarily.

Q: But maybe from childhood we have an addiction to play, to game; and by playing with something we have the pleasure not by the senses but by the process of playing?

Guruji: And when you’re tired – you love to sleep. These are interests, not real pleasure.

Q: Is it suitable for the yogi to remove all the seriousness from his life – and perceive everything like a play?

Guruji: It’s a very serious play. Every play is very serious. Main thing is when you evolve – your point of view and perspective will change. Like you’re no longer a child – but you can play with a child, if you want. Without becoming a child yourself you can play with the child. Like that.

Q: Is the world a big playground – playing wars, love stories…?

Guruji: What else is life? Indian plays are going on – they set the mind of the Creator.

Q: Is it possible for the yogi to reach such a high level of consciousness – to become like the Creator?

Guruji: Why not? Read Shiva Sutras again – it’s mentioned there.

Q: Could we say that the only limitation we have – it’s our imagination?

Guruji: Yes, that is what I keep stressing every time.

Q: So all what we can imagine – can come into reality?

Guruji: Then you will need to understand, what is the imagination: giving a certain image to the formless thought – the process is called imagination. And it all depends on your past experiences. Even your imagination is bound by your past experience. You need to make it free from that; then it will flow.


Q: All progress in science or art depends on the person, who can create something really new- the really new ideas?

Guruji: One idea is somehow created – then we love to copy that and start to elaborate. Like one example: it is taught that  the Wright brothers created the first airplane – Kittyhawk- but if they somehow come now and look at the airplane, they will not believe what they have started. Human beings just need one idea from someone – and then we elaborate on it, evolve it.

Q: From where did this first idea come to these brothers?

Guruji: They often look at birds and they think – if they can fly we can also fly. There are already so many stories of angels and other beings in different mythologies. So they created the airplane like a bird: with the wings – and this principle is even now.

Q: So others’ imaginations were limited – but theirs wasn’t; they had no thought: we cannot fly?

Guruji: They refused to believe: if birds can fly – we can create something which also makes us fly.

Q: Where was the root of this feeling?

Guruji: Very open mind (smiling). I see that only the original inventors discovered something new. Latest scientists elaborated on those principles. Many scientists have said that some dwarf climbed on the tower and told them something in their dream, that’s how it started; maybe the other world is putting some ideas in our mind.
Q: But very often the same ideas are coming to different scientists simultaneously?
Guruji: Yes, and whoever is successful does it.
Q: Could the real genuine original thought come without any help from higher beings?
Guruji: To human beings – very rarely, because we’re representing the past.


Q: In Gorakhbodh You were saying that music already exists in the Void?

Guruji: But it’s Matsyendranath talking, not an ordinary human. I will just say that whatever was invented or discovered – that it was already existing in Nature. When we begin to be aware of a certain thing – then we say: o, I have discovered it!

Q: So everything is already in the Void: we cannot perceive, we cannot form this idea?

Guruji: Then the Void is limitless; that means limitless ideas are there, waiting. So that you can put a certain image on them and they will become expressed and more conscious.

Q: We focused on the part of the Void – like in the library?

Guruji: No: again you’re going to the past to form the library there. Keep your mind open, let it flow!

Q: Have You seen the film about Ramanujan, the great mathematician? He said that all the formulas were given to him by the goddess?

Guruji: Yes, and he was not able to go through school also – he failed. But he was a great mathematician. When he was in the hospital in his last days; there was a famous mathematician, professor Hardy – he came to him, and he just looked at his number plate and created a few theorems in mathematics. It took 50 years to prove his ideas – but he did it just like that!

Q: I was too upset to see that other scientists from Oxford or Cambridge made him prove all the formulas that he got…

Guruji: And initially he did that! but otherwise he was just considered as an idiot, who couldn’t go through school. This is the real tragedy for genius people: because contemporaries rarely actually recognize them. He’s a legend! His mind was open; he couldn’t survive in England, because he was pure vegetarian: he was just eating bread and butter, that’s it. Also he got sick because of the cold. But he’s a genius, yes.

Q: What are the practical methods to reach that space of ideas? Only a yoga path or there exist some other methods?

Guruji: If you know some other method which will actually make your subconscious conscious – do it. Find it.

Q: So it’s the only question about the relationship between conscious and subconscious?

Guruji: This is what we’re trying to do.

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