Q: “when the matrikas are out of sequence – they becomes Malini”; something are added to alphabet and then changed?

Guruji: that’s the deep thing: combination of different alphabets – that creates a language. That is Malini. It’s combine effect of them.

Q: so it’s not the another sequence of alphabet?

Guruji: no. See: the basis of any language is alphabet, but alphabet itself is not a language. We’re able to create so many different combinations of alphabet, if we called – words, which also has the different meanings. That is the beginning of Malini. You can create garlands from vowels – that is Malini. That creates a certain power. Creating a garland, by combining so different of them – it becomes Malini.

Q: so any words in a language are like Malini?

Guruji: it is a part of the big garland. Language is the garland – and they are the part of it.

Q: the sequence of Malini is fixed?

Guruji: you can do it – it’s up to your creativity. Alphabets will be the same – but unlimited combinations you can create.

Q: so Malini is the all unlimited combinations what you can create?

Guruji: this is the possibility of the immense combinations of different alphabets. In these things you will never see anything limited. They introduced something – and let for it flow; you can go on and on and on.

Q: is it the origin of all mantras?

Guruji: it is! All alphabets are the origins of coded mantras. What are mantras? Combinations of different vibrations. You need to understand all components – otherwise it’s just a mantra. They are very different. Without language – no mantra.

Q: if we take bija mantras: they are based on Matrikas or Malini?

Guruji: they are based on power, and power is a bija mantra, it’s a seed of everything. Matrikas are the base. Every mantra: without alphabet – who can create mantra? And without differentiation of different vibrations of the nada – how you can create the different sound? They are all interconnected and depending on nada. Mantra literally means “mystery”.

Q: I’ve heard that some mantras are based on Matrikas and some on Malini?

Guruji: whatever – they will be based on alphabets and the sounds. That is the basic form of them. We can elaborate on them – this is Matrika or this is Malini, this malini or that malini…

Q: so Matrikas will be the base?

Guruji: without mother who can take birth?

Q: they are in Sanskrit?

Guruji: it’s just a language: either in Hindi or in Sanskrit – mantra is mantra. Ultimately it’s all abracadabra.


“Upanishadas of immortality” are going even deeper in explanation of the technics from Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Sometimes when we discuss – mind isn’t ready to register it, so it’s better to record and re-read. Then come back to discussion – but on another level.

Q: could You please elaborate on this question, because I couldn’t get the meaning of Your answer?

Guruji: that simply means- after hridaya granthi bhed is already aware of the Void and you also realized that the Void is conscious; then you go even deeper into it and you begin to merge your own consciousness into the consciousness of the Void.

Then you’re becoming aware of the Time in it’s essential swarupa – or as it is; and you realized, that it has its own consciousness, which is too deep to actually fade up; but the glimpses will begin, like the waves in the ocean; and gradually you will go deeper and deeper into the consciousness of the Time.

Then Omkar Kriya in Yoni mudra maybe taught: you’re touching death threshold, opening the door a little, looking on the other side and closing the door and coming back again. Small slip – and you’re there, no coming back. So it’s a dangerous situation. We need to actually feel the vastness of the ocean of the Time; we’re just a small minuscule part of it.

Q: then chapter continues and conversation goes into the faith: the faith of three types. The question is: is it applicable only on the earthly level, the faith as it is; or it also states in the consciousness of…

Guruji: it will go a long way, yes. Wherever your existence will be – this will be there.

Q: so your consciousness defines the state of your belief, your faith?

Guruji: everything. Every belief or faith is just a play of your consciousness. it continues.


Q: I have the questions on 15th chapter of Gita: when Krishna is describing three stages of the mind – sattvic, rajasic and tamasic states; are these conditions of the mind corresponds to the five different stages of awakening, dreaming, deep sleep, turiya , turiyatita?

Guruji: yes, we can say that. and beyond three gunas there is turiya: turiya literally means fourth state of mind. Many people tried to explain it, using different words – like jagrat, swapna, sushupti and then fourth state of mind. We can collaborate them.

Q: consciousness of Earth and the practice was ever described by any lineage as connected with the practice of Kriya?

Guruji: this is the first time in my lineage I’m talking about Earth and Earth consciousness; and maybe even though so many things are plainly written in so many books, but very few people actually have noticed them.

Take Kundalini for instance: it is supposed to be situated in muladhar, which is the center of earth element and a symbol of it is a golden square. That tells me that the real power of the consciousness is in earth element. So awakening means: you’re taking sort of awakening of the consciousness of the power of the earth element and which is connecting all the 5 elements together and reaching your brain and you’re becoming sort of superconscious after that.

This is my observation, that the main consciousness belongs to the earth element. That’s why I’m discussing so much on Earth, which somehow previous people – maybe missed that point or they didn’t talk about it or whatever.

Q: so we can call it Your personal discovery?

Guruji: I became aware of it, yes.


You’re not enjoy anything: you work hard, became millionaire, multi-millionaire, even billionaire; then doctor say – go on a diet. Your cholesterol is increasing, your sugar level is high; even though you have millions and billions on your bank account – but you cannot eat things, you’re on a diet. Without good luck you can enjoy nothing. So let’s try for luck!


Q: could prana and apana be in conflict during of process of churning and not lead to the Kundalini but some other effects?

Guruji: if somebody is doing exact yoga practice – then there is no conflict. Only in Kriya yoga system that is told, that apana will rise and replace prana in the heart; no other system or nowhere else you will find it. You will find it is written, that prana will enter sushumna, but prana lives in the heart; until unless you’re able to bring it down to muladhar level – only then it might enter. This simple fact escapes so many people.

Q: so there is no conflict in these two?

Guruji: absolutely not. They are like Ardhanarishwar.

Q: there is no conflict between inhale and exhale, prana and apana?

Guruji: this is not a conflict, that is just a movement. Shiva and Shakti, prana and apana.

Q: we should not label them as negative or positive?

Guruji: no, no negative no positive: one and the same.

The best example they give: like a pot, empty pot is full of air – but it is not breathing; so the body will become like that. Air will continue to remain there without becoming stall and you don’t need to breathe: that will give the very different mental state – and maybe the beginning of immortality. Samadhi is very different thing. But it is the very great physical thing, which will give very super mental state. In Samadhi the whole breathe goes out, it doesn’t remain inside.


Q: whether the breathless state – those, who manage to communicate if they still communicated with the means of the tongue; they still inhale and exhale?

Guruji: if you will need to talk – you will need to inhale something and exhale something: otherwise no sound will come.

Q: but it’s not affecting the state?

Guruji: I think it will affect, because the movement of the air will begin again. But most of these people, whomever I seen – they are able to talk telepathically.

Q: so there is no need for them to talk?

Guruji: no: it is called paravani – mind to mind communication. Very big achievement.

Q: any connection with this Creation?

Guruji: he will remain part of the Creation and he will be in the situation to understand the working of Creation; he will be able to understand that. He will become an observer.

Q: he’s not present in the body anymore?

Guruji: no, but his consciousness is there and it is a superconsciousness. The connection remains. He will be discussing with beings like himself.

Q: we discussed the appearance of the Creation and disappearance of it; stagnation is the also part of it?

Guruji: stagnation is also stage; it has been observed and it is there time to time.

Q: so it’s the part of the cycle?

Guruji: or maybe what we’re calling stagnation – it maybe absolutely different stage of the things, because we’re too much into movement in past and future, so we’re don’t understand what is stagnation. Stagnation is: he is still; in no movement, nothing. Maybe Creation itself is experiencing something, which we’re unable to understand. That’s why when you reach superconsciousness and you don’t have a physical body – then you’re absolutely an observer. Then so many awareness and so many things you will begin to understand. Think big always, never compromise with your imagination!

Q: if stagnation is the part of the cycle, the self-destruction – is it also part of the cycle?

Guruji: if it is done willingly, that means you will not destroy yourself – you will continue to exist.

Q: is it applicable for the Universe?

Guruji: could be.

Q: reaching the certain point where the matter disintegrates

Guruji: Hinduism is something different: they described – there are billions of different Creations and billions of different worlds. This is just one of the Universes. Maybe they are many-many more. They say – as there is sand on the beaches, there are more Universes out there, far more than that number. So no Creation is the last one or the first one – so many more. Fantastic thing if you’re able to move between Universes as well.


Q: many times we hear the expression “ very powerful spirit”: what are the criteria we called such spirits so powerful?

Guruji: the main scale is of the developed consciousness. With developed consciousness will come enough power for you to execute whatever you will or imagine. They are called powerful people.

Q: so the spirit is powerful if he is able to influence the physical matter?

Guruji: anything.

Q: only with the power of his consciousness?

Guruji: like a mafia boss: he has his power. He may not be almighty powerful physically – but his power is in his mind and ability to create an organization and to rule it; it’s a power. It will apply everywhere. I think from here to there – it’s all power game. Even on the physical plane he’s actually sensing everything with his mind – but his senses are limited by his physicality of things; so this thing is printed too deep in his mind and consciousness, so he carries it over to his dreamland. I keep stressing: you have to expand your consciousness beyond your physical limit: then these things will be obtained. That physical senses experience everything; physical senses are nothing but the tools for the mind. So it is printed too deep in his consciousness, he will have to get over it. It changes absolutely everything.

Q: what affects mundane dreams and higher dreams?

Guruji: same thing: his consciousness and mind are experiencing it. He need to expand his consciousness beyond his physical limitations, which will come; you suddenly cannot decide into that. it is the result of prolonged practice and it will develop slowly. Understanding always comes slowly. As I said recently in my hindi video: people asked me questions and I give them answers; they ask more so I was trying for them to understand those answers and I repeated them so much so I finally understood them. Still they are asking same thing again and again.

Q: it’s like the ancient system when you made the child to repeat and understand…

Guruji: you’re understanding in learning, yes.

Q: that’s what we do in Kriya: we repeat and repeat; during this process the air comes out?

Guruji: air comes out and there is no demand for oxygen; heart slows down and stops – but slight movement remains, but the blood will not pass through it; and your subconscious mind will start to wake up. And in the whole body – no blood circulation. Very different thing.

Q: khechari is the first experience?

Guruji: khechari is the one of the most important ingredient in this. Otherwise if you experience it – you will never come back, if there is no khechari. It’s big support system.


Q: when it was?

Guruji: in 1986; no, in 1984 – on the other side of the river Ganges; government was building something so they were digging and they found a body sitting in padmasan. He was a very tall dark man with beard and jatas – maybe 7 ft tall or something; very slim. Laborers were idiots, so one man actually put the crowbar in his mouth to open it, some blood came out – and he woke up from Samadhi.

He simply asked: who is ruling now? Who is the king? They say: no king, the people are ruling now – something like that. he said: oh, it has come down to that and got up and just dove up into the river Ganges.

He was never seen again. That man, who put the crowbar in his mouth – which was the most idiotic thing to do – he died within a month or maybe 2 weeks in an accident: something fell on him and he was crushed. But if it is a carefully prepared procedure- when you’re waking up person from Samadhi and you know how to do it – it’s most perfect.

Q: when was this accident?

Guruji: maybe in 1985 it already happened: I heard it in Benares. It is already happened when I reached my Guru’s place. It was eventful year.

Q: was Your Guru ever describing the process to You – of his own experiences?

Guruji: yes

Q: what did he say about his first experience?

Guruji: he was not going into so many details: he just said some things and that’s it. Then you keep thinking on it and when you actually experienced something – then you will understand: ok, he said it then.

Q: when did he experienced his first Samadhi?

Guruji: after his father’s death.

Q: how old was he?

Guruji: his father died in 1936; he was young man then.

Q: he wasn’t very emotional about that?

Guruji: he was. But he was old enough to hide his emotions. He was very emotional.


Q: whether the comprehension of the objects of the sensations and impact of trigunas – is it happen only on the level of the physical body, when we have 5 elements or it also happens on the astral plane?

Guruji: wherever the consciousness displays – the effect will be there. physical or astral- doesn’t matter.

Q: but the effect of the gunas – is it felt?

Guruji: will be almost same. Whether you’re feeling them physically, mentally or spiritually.

Q: is there exact description of the word reincarnation or rebirth for the sadhak in the lineage of Kriya yoga; is there any definition, what’s happening? Is it the continuation of the physical body – when the body dies and only two elements remains? Coming here in the body of 5 elements: we call this appearance “the birth”- usually from the woman, but in the legends we read that rishis were stiring up the development of the infants from the magic vessels and so on; I’m trying to determine: what is exactly the birth? What is exactly the birth in the earthly body of 5 elements? It exists in our lineage any other explanation of the phenomena of the appearance in material body?

Guruji: there is not much discussion in our lineage about this taking birth and reincarnation. But the hindu religion has going into extreme detail, defining it. Birth in earthly realm – or in the physical body – is considered as very important; because only in this body- it’s a combination of 5 elements and a bundle of so much information is stored in this physical body. So taking birth in a physical body is not exactly a punishment or something: it’s a very great opportunity to study.

All the 5 elements, whatever essence they are carrying- they are also eternal elements; nobody exactly knows, who created them – they are supposed to be eternal and endless. If these endless elements are coming together – there has to be special purpose. Eternal existing 5 elements are coming together, formulating this so-called physical birth: but it’s not exactly physical birth – it’s a combination of the 5 and the spirit, which is absolutely formless and beyond these 5 elements.

It is coming to a habit, that a combination of the 5 elements – so it can study something. Maybe the eternal existence or the different type of combination- what education they can give or what wisdom may come by associating with these 5 elements in many different ways. Here I will mention that wisdom is the greatest entertainment. So the eternal beings like a spirit or 5 elements – it’s an entertainment for them: different combinations, different association, different play, different game, different states: and the eternal play is on, continuously. Endless game they are playing. And the greatest entertainment – wisdom, gyana, is for them.

Incarnation exactly is not described in Kriya yoga lineage. Most of the people, who practiced Kriya yoga – mostly Babaji decides or the Guru decides and very rarely I’ve seen them taking another birth. So you can relax. I’ve never ever come across in any religious book, who created the 5 elements. They were already there.

Q: at the same time the cycle is the same, no matter how many centuries or thousands of years passed; what kind of entertainment if it’s the same routine again and again?

Guruji: nature is not repeating. Thanks to the science we now know that not a single fingerprint has been repeated; there is always different element – for mundane or uneducated mind it’s same repetition, but it is not. Many different emotions, many different situations: everybody is living in his or her world, they are not the same.

Q: I’m talking about the cycle of disintegrating the elements…

Guruji: they go back to their source – then they again form another combination, maybe learning from the past combination something new is coming. It’s fantastic play: eternal forces playing eternal game and we’re part of it. False identity: when you just think “I am I” – but you’re just a combination of the 5eternal elements and spirit, who is already endless and beginningless. We need to understand the eternity they’re carrying inside.

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