Q: he came to Your Guru to pay his respect?

Guruji: he told me that story

Q: what about that story when he was giving that skill by some sadhu?

Guruji: as my Guru told me- that happen in late 1930-s, maybe in 1936 after his father’s death. This sadhu came to Benares and he got permission from the british collector there- and he was given permission. He prepared himself, the government guard had put up, his body was shaved -complete body was shaved; and he drank some ghee and went into samadhi. as my Guru told me- that happen in late 1930-s, maybe in 1936 after his father’s death. This sadhu came to Benares and he got permission from the british collector there- and he was given permission. He prepared himself, the government guard had put up, his body was shaved -complete body was shaved; and he drank some ghee and went into samadhi.

After six months – he told the time and the assistant was there or maybe disciple; when he was dug up again – his body was looking yellowish and he was appearing as he just been shaved. It took about one week for him to revive, whatever the assistant were doing. He became very famous there, lot of money was showered on him.

He was knowing Lahiri Mahasaya by reputation. So my Guru went to see him when he went out of it; he acquainted him for a lunch, which he accepted graciously and came. Then my Guru asked him: how he achieved and how he feel when he were in that condition? He honestly said: I feel nothing, it is as fine as a coma; but every ageing and body function stops absolutely, even hair grows or nail grows was not there.

He told that when he was young – maybe in his 30 or so – physically he was shaped; there was some big tragedy or something in Chitrakut hill, which is called Hanuman Dhara. There is temple of Hanuman: you have to climb hundreds of steps – very high. So because of that emotional trauma he was thinking to commit suicide, he climbed on Hanuman Dhara mountain – very high, I’ve been there. And he was standing, planning to jump from that mountain, to commit suicide. Another sadhu somehow stopped him: from where he appeared – he don’t know. He told him: don’t die, come with me: we will teach you, how to die. And he became his disciple. That sadhu gave him this art.

Amazing thing: when I visited Chitrakut in 1990-s, I inquired about some very old people there, old sadhus. They say – yes, we have heard about him; but he disappeared or died – we don’t know. Not much known about him in Chitrakut.

Q: so he was practicing as a yogi or he was a sadhu?

Guruji: he was a sadhu- not exactly yogi. He was seen time to time and made thousands of rupees – his devotees were showered him with money, and he became known as a great person. Of course, he was a great person. How many people are able to show it?

Even more ancient time: there was one documentary evidence of one yogi, which british government documented. He went into samadhi and wheat crop was sowed over that; and when it was harvested – he was dug up and came out of that. That is a documentary thing. Not many cases.

Q: including the story, when somebody was trying to open the mouth…

Guruji: yes, with the crowbar, in Benares

Q: when it was happen?

Guruji: my Guru was alive and I was there – maybe in 1985. He simply jumped into the Ganges and was not seen anymore. Otherwise samadhi is talked about so much. We agree, that samadhi which Lahiri Mahasaya learn is different: you experience something, but when I’m in it – it’s like a very deep sleeping.

Q: he had the conversation with Your Guru?

Guruji: yes; and he simply said that: You achieve samadhi in a different way, it maybe the real samadhi because You’ve experienced so many things. When I entered the ground – it was as fine as a very deep sleep or I’m unconscious like coma. That was his statement.

Q: because he wanted to commit suicide and know the death as it is – so he was taught the death of the physical…? And death of the mind as well?

Guruji: yes. He was not educated also – but he knew that. And the main part, which is very important: he was unable to do khechari.

Q: samadhi without khechari?

Guruji: something different – some different technic maybe involved or something. Now I remember: there was another woman Singh near Gwalior: her name is Ram Sihasankar. She has visited me 2 times here, she knows me well; and she has an ashram near I used to live, near my farm. She was in samadhi for 1 year – as the people claim. She said: my Guru, Shankh Baba – his spirit is always with me. She actually entered the very small room near Hanuman temple: there was a village, called Tarot – there is happen. And she was in that underground room for 1 year, continuously; and the whole villagers were doing kirtan 24 hours -it is as good as guarding her also; then no wound, nothing. She said: when I came out – I will be naked; and great storm will come and great wind come. and after 1 year she appeared naked there in front of thousands; and big rain follow. She’s very famous in that area.

Q: she came to visit You here?

Guruji: yes, two times here. She knows me; and she touches my feet – like touch the father’s.

Q: how old is she now?

Guruji: near 50.

Q: she practicing khechari?

Guruji: no.

Q: but it’s a state of…?

Guruji: something; the spirit of the Guru remains with her.

Q: and what is her mental state, what You can say?

Guruji: like a child, very innocent. Extremely innocent.

Q: she’s in the state of bliss permanently – or she’s went there?

Guruji: she’s aware of so many things; so many politicians go for her blessings before election – something like that. When she came there – she asked me to do parikrama; and she was wearing the woolen socks and I say: they would be torn; she said – oh, I will walk so lightly so they wouldn’t be torn – and she did that. She was good: like a child, very innocent. In India there is a tradition: when a very young daughter-in- law eating something, she will not show how chewing; she act exactly like that in front of me.

Q: can You compare the feeling – I know they are different people, but – with Anandamayi Ma?

Guruji: Anandamayi Ma was different.

Q: but also quite innocent?

Guruji: absolutely!

Q: so innocence is the key to enlightenment?

Guruji: yes, she was talking with me like with her father or grandfather. Anandamayi Ma was said only one thing: karoge to hoge – that was more than enough for me.

Q: they are from the different category, the different time…

Guruji: yes.

Q: but this young woman from Gwalior – how did she know about You?

Guruji: there was one man Surya Prakash; he was in contact with her – and he were knowing me, he show her my photograph; then she came there. She said: take me to him. She came 2 times. And she still remain there in Gwalior. Very different mentally.

Q: amazing stories!

Guruji: so You can do this thing – suspended animation. Some physical training must be involved. One detail I’ll tell you, which my Guru told me: they will take the pressure to the certain point – and the bloоd will drain out of the head; and they will be in that condition. And you can go underground for 6 months. Some point in the head – or maybe in the neck or something – there you will put a certain pressure in a certain way; maybe some mantra is involved – he never told me that, maybe the sadhu tell him. and the main thing: blood will come down from the head – and that state will be released. This is something different.

Q: the brain will be deprived from any circulation of oxygen and blood?

Guruji: yes. But the main technic must be to revive it again. You need the assistant to revive.

Q: I think You described that: he need to be massaged…

Guruji: he was massaged, and gradually he was brought into sunlight – not suddenly. It took 7-8 days, gradually. First day he was in the dark, then they open something – so some light came; then it took 7-8 days – so he could tolerate sunlight.

Q: and his inners also must be prepared for the food and water?

Guruji: I think yes, he drank ghee – so the intestines will remain lubricated. And he went through prakshalana in every possible way -no food or shit particle will remain inside; otherwise it will become toxic. Then the ghee – so the intestine will remain lubricated. This details he said. And he was physically strong. See: my Guru was physically very strong – so every strong person notices, how strong is the other person. It’s natural psychological thing.

Nowadays we’re not hearing of such yogis or sadhus.


Q: are all creatures in the Siddha loka have knowledge of atma gnyana and yoga or only magical siddhis possess this knowledge?

Guruji: most of the magical siddhis possessed and most senior of the siddhas possessed the knowledge of the self – atma gnyana.

Q: is it possible that lineage of Babaji is coming specifically from Siddha loka?

Guruji: the lineage of yoga starts from Shiva – and he lives on Earth.

Q: but siddhis he possesses?

Guruji: they are itself-developed yogic powers.

Q: vidyadharas are creatures, which are still related to different tantras and Shri Vidya or not?

Guruji: they are related to vidya – and they are demi-gods. They are preside of any kind of art and every type of wisdom, including tantras – everything.

Q: what do You mean – demi-gods?

Guruji: they are not worshipped like gods, but they are belonging to the particular class of the astral beings, who preside over all the vidyas – they are important.

When you have the absolute knowledge of yourself and your brain is absolute conscious – it will change you physically also, you can live up to 10000 years, because 2% may allow you to live 200 years – so 100% conscious brain take you to 10000 plus years – if we go by the calculations. And that developed consciousness- if you apply – you will understand the deep mysteries of 5 elements: everything what we see – is just a different combination and play of 5 elements. Even illusions: vayu and akash creates different illusions – and we think what it is? If Babaji has awaken his consciousness – and I’m absolutely sure he has done it millenniums before – he have got enough time to experiment with all the 5 elements and nature of the Creation; and so – he is absolutely in control and absolutely at ease: he can create and uncreate whatever he wants to do, maybe for fun and entertainment. Ultimately – what remains is entertainment. As we have said: gyan is the real entertainment of a gyani.


Q: people like to wear different type of malas or beads – like rudraksha or maybe mala from the bones

Guruji: they all are carrying different vibrations, they all have their own vibrations.

Q: but Matrikas also can be combine in a mala?

Guruji: Earth is a biggest Matrika. Different malas are taking place on Earth: so you’re taking a special grace from a real Mother – so the step-mothers will take over and support you.

Q: it is written by Nityanath, that Shiva’s ganas are connected with alchemical processes

Guruji: yes

Q: what ganas are actually can do – they can teach you, how to do it correctly or what?

Guruji: they are very powerful spirits and ghosts. If the powerful person supports you – the success will be there. But then again: that’s extremely careful thing; until unless you are very sure – without guidance and assistance never try.

Q: but how they are exactly connected with the alchemical processes?

Guruji: they are powerful ghosts – and all ghosts are attracted by that.

Q: it exists the criteria of the human to use his bones for mala – man or woman or some special feature?

Guruji: they just say “man” – no woman is described anywhere.

Q: but could they give you suggestions, how to do the process correctly?

Guruji: no suggestions – they are not teaching you. They are invoked only for the certain purpose, bound by the certain mantra, for the specific aim – that’s it. No more, no less.

Q: how they can support the alchemical process?

Guruji: like a demon – the hardest worker. Do the work – that’s it.

Q: so they will do some process – maybe dangerous for alchemist?

Guruji: they will not do any process, they will just grant you what is needed. Not like teaching you and guide you step by step – they don’t have so much patience.

Q: so it can be attained by yourself – but exists more easy way by invoking someone?

Guruji: no, it’s the most difficult thing.

Q: why it is described – because you cannot achieve it by yourself?

Guruji: by yourself you can achieve nothing. It is just a reference book for the person who has gone very advanced and also received the direct grace – only they can try.

Q: it is beyond that 7 processes which You did successfully?

Guruji: it is very different. Like a support system.

Q: it’s not for the mercury – for something else?

Guruji: ultimately it is for kaya kalpa and other things.

Q: for vata tapika and kuti praveshek?

Guruji: it is different; not kuti praveshek – you don’t need a support of ghost in that(smiling).

Q: what will be the prize after?

Guruji: if you’re successful – you will get everything you want; live for centuries – that is the prize. They are not asking for your soul( laughing)

Q: but you must pay for their help – or no?

Guruji: you’ve already paid enough.

Q: have You seen someone who tried to do it and failed? Or who did it successfully?

Guruji: I’ve seen some people doing japa on human bone’s mala and going mad. This I’ve seen. One man, who was recently here: one of his relatives was doing japa on human bone’s mala – wanted to invoke some tantric powers or something. He started to do that and within 2-3 months he trapped into very miser accident- his skull was caved, he was in coma for 2-3 months. Then he recovered – he brought this mala here and forgot about it. When I was just going there – I saw the man, standing above it bowing – then he disappeared. Then one time my lawyer came to take some ghee – and he saw that he was standing here. He was afraid, frozen in fear. He just took the ghee and told me only after. Then it came to me – this ghost attached to mala. I told somebody to throw it to Manasi Ganga – since then we haven’t seen him.

Q: he became free after that?

Guruji: no, he will remain attached with the mala. We became free( laughing). He was directly attached with that mala.

Q: so any kind of mala is attached with someone?

Guruji: the human, whose bones were used – he remain attached.

Q: what did You said to that person, who used such mala?

Guruji: I suggest him to keep away and never do it. Rely on your own spirit instead of someone’s else ghost.

Q: he left it here by Your suggestion?

Guruji: he just left it. It’s nothing – but some story came out of it.

Q: who was that ghost?

Guruji: he was wearing the red color – he must be a tantric of some sort. But he was doing nothing, he was standing very obedient.

Q: what a destiny for a tantric – to practice all your life and after death became a mala?

Guruji: he went to the holy place – Manasi Ganga; otherwise no one will forgive.

Q: I mean it’s not very good thing if someone is practicing on your bones?

Guruji: yes. Out of greed they are ready on everything.

Q: but why Nityanath gave such a dangerous suggestion?

Guruji: but only for accomplished people: it’s not the book for beginners or idiots.

Q: it exists something which can be attain only with this discipline and impossible without?

Guruji: with discipline and proper guide there are nothing impossible. Nearly impossible to achieve if no one is guiding properly. Like that thing – diving into caldron.

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