Q: With the power of Shakti and her influence – even this place became more peaceful?

Guruji: She’s always peaceful. That is other people – who are provoking her to do something.


Q: It doesn’t exist in the temple of 7 Matrikas? And isn’t it very rare to see the temple of dasha Mahavidyas?

Guruji: No, they are VIDYAS – if you just put them in the temple and start worshiping them – it could be anything. Matrikas also have very mysterious powers: you cannot install them – they’re too powerful to install. Remember the story of the tantric – who builds the temple of Dhumavati and died the most horrible death. It is just like that: you cannot install your school teacher’s statue somewhere, worship it – and then you will learn everything. It’s education: they will teach – and you will learn, not by worshipping them. Even the story of Dronacharya and Ekalavya ended badly.


Q: Even the temples of Parvati don’t exist?

Guruji: There are temples – all of Shiva’s family is there, Parvati also; but not separately. Kali is also Parvati.




Only aghoris do this certain puja of Hanuman Ji; and the first thing is – you have to create a very heavy roti, which is called ‘rot’, sweet rot; then 4 rots are prepared and given to Hanuman Ji as hope. The thing is – you have to take bhiksha. Flour, not from a man or woman: only a eunuch is asked for flour and they give it freely. Then another thing is: go to a person, who has always stood by his dharma of his caste; only sweeper class. They’re still holding their caste dharma – and they are asked to give the flour; and they give it. The third bhiksha is: go to a woman, who does not think of any other man – this thing is always taken from hardcore prostitute. There is no other man in her life!

 and what is puja for him?

Guruji: For having some special favors from Hanuman Ji – some wisdom or some power. It’s a very hard, long process: very few people are successful in that. These three bhikshas – only from these people; otherwise – it will never be possible to do that.



 And the sweepers are chosen because they follow their dharma?

Guruji: They follow their dharma, yes. My Guru told me never to insult these three and yogis and sadhus also: you never know who they are. Always be respectful to any prostitute, any eunuch or any sweeper: they have a very different type of power inside. If you’re somehow able to receive a heart-filled blessing from a prostitute – your life will become divine. Which is rare to receive! Eunuchs also: if they bless you – you will become prosperous. Sweepers also: he will never eat sitting on your veranda or something. They will take the food and take it away. But If he agrees somehow and has good feelings for you – yes, prosperity will come. But the hardest thing is to have a blessing from a prostitute.

If you want an example – I can give an example: Swami Vivekananda. He was living as a guest of the king of Khetri somewhere in Rajasthan. He was young and he died very young… One day he went to the court and there was a prostitute dancing. Swami Ji stopped and started to go back; and the prostitute noticed it and began to sing a bhajan: that I am what God has made me, there is no fault of mine that I’m a prostitute. Tears came into Swami Ji’s eyes, he kneeled down in front of her, touched her feet and called her: Ma, please, give me blessings! And she blessed him. See – he became internationally known after that. His life just took so many different turns and he’s remembered – he is a legendary figure. The blessing from the prostitute!

 Very different from blessing from a politician?

Guruji: Of course. Prostitutes are more honored.

I think I’ve already told you the story of Trailang Swami? There was a very big flood in Benares; it was feared that Benares may be swept away by the fury of the Ganges flood. As they say – I heard it in Benares – the king of Benares went to Trailang Swami, he was very famous, known as the living Shiva of Benares. And Swami said – ok, go to a woman, who has never thought of another man in her life; if she will say that “I’ve never thought of another man – o, please, Ganges, control your anger!” So the king announced that – but no woman came forward even if she may not have thought of another man. If nothing happens – then she will have an effect on the whole of her life. The king again went to Trailang Swami; he said – ok, I’ll come. There was a very old prostitute, living in Chawk bazar, where there was a colony of prostitutes. He went and told her that; she began to weep – that I’m randee, I’m a prostitute! He said: please, mother, come! She was brought into a palanquin and she just said these words that Trailang Swami told her – and the water began to recede immediately. And she died on the spot. She was already 90+.


Q: Was it very hazardous to ask for such a thing?

Guruji: Who thinks of a prostitute? There is no existence of other men in her case. They have a very special type of power. If she curses a man or anybody – no one can remove it. If she blesses – the blessing will last forever.

I was after my mother to allow me to have some dogs -finally she agreed and I went to a friend of my uncle – please, give me puppies. They were about to come and he said, “only on one condition, you will feed them meat and cook them rice every day – otherwise I will not give you them”. I searched for meat shops and all these things. In Gwalior, there is a place called Chawri Bazar – it was a hardcore prostitute place and there some butchers were selling meat. I was in school then; and I was trying to bring home leftover meat from the butchers; and then some sweepers would come and cook it – nobody would touch it. After coming from school I would go to that place and bring about a half kg. of leftovers every day. One relative saw me, coming and going. After she observed me for a few days she complained to my father: You know? You must look at him, he’s not behaving well nowadays. Father asked: what happened? I’ve seen him going to the prostitute area and coming from there every day! Father said – ok, he’s going, but what were You doing there? (laughing) I was in ninth standard then.



Q: What are the special powers of Shodashi? She’s not the first Mahavidya…

Guruji: She’s one of the spirits of Shakti herself: she separated herself in different dimensions, not by powers.


Q: But how did she become the main one in the system – not Dhumavati, not Tara?

Guruji: Most people are running after prosperity in life: so worshipping Shri is becoming very natural. It’s the biggest motive for a human being. Wherever money is involved – this thing will become famous. Where can you find many men? Wherever there is something very expensive – you will find men there.


Q: As I understand – Parashuram, Matsyendranath and other great yogis were the knowers of Shri Vidya?

Guruji: Main prosperity in their opinion is very different.


Q: You think people really can attain prosperity only by worshipping her?

Guruji: See, to understand the mystery: without learning nothing will come.


Q: But the “work” of Mahavidyas are different?

Guruji: No, they are the steps of the same power.


Q: The opinion exists that Dhumavati is controversial to Shodashi – like Alakshmi?

Guruji: They were just trying to explain these things: you’re a woman – you can be happy and you can be angry at times: it’s your nature! They were just describing different angles of the nature of Shakti. From the words illusion always follows.




I did khechari and my Guru told me to receive the second level – so I went there. After, he told me in the temple that I’m going to read chapters of the Gita – which he was doing every day. So, the case now: to do some service for my grandfather; – I’ve never done any service for anyone. He said: – oh, just do a massage. I put my fingers to his shoulder and arm – and very great feelings of fear came suddenly. I felt that it is not a stone or marble, I’m touching the living person. It was scary. He noticed it and said: ok, wait outside. I went outside, thinking what happened. Then after maybe 5-10 minutes he came running from the temple: I stood on my foot thinking I’ve made a mistake – now he’s coming to scold me. He said: yes, now You’re Guru. Everybody agreed – now You’re Guru. And I couldn’t understand the significance of it, it took quite some time. But the day was – 28th of April, morning time, around 8:30.


Q: Then You felt the power?

Guruji: Something happened here; but exactly that day I couldn’t understand what happened. There was another young man, who was there when this thing happened – and he sent me with him to Lahiri Mahasaya’s house to pay our respect.

From that day I began to be more stronger physically and my Guru became weak – he became weaker and weaker day by day. This ability for instant answers started from that. When I look back I can connect it.


Q: Did You ask Your Guru – he felt this presence of that great power?

Guruji: No, he didn’t like to speak philosophically. It took some time for me to understand, what happened. Suddenly, you don’t understand that…


Q: because Your moon was in Sagittarius and then it moved to pisces – so it’s the progression of the swadhisthana. You have the creativity to do whatever You want to do; and what You do is totally secure and there is no other variation to do that.

Guruji: I will quote Newton here: I’m standing on the shoulders of the giants. I didn’t want to change. The major change was: not a member of Lahiri Mahasaya’s family became a Guru.

We were not discussing much with the Guru.


Q: He explained by himself something to You?

Guruji: I’ve never had any theories – only Kriya yoga. And he allowed me to read Lahiri Mahasaya’s personal diary – that was a big permit. You can read the memories of saints or holy men; but what experiences Lahiri Mahasaya had written – they are matchless. Nobody has even thought about it. That gives bigger hope to Kriya yogis: they are like guidelines to us.


Q: In the printed version are they cut?

Guruji: What is published – concerning everything about yogic experiences, most of them are there. Few things about private life – they are not there.


Q: What about kaya kalpa, which he was taught?

Guruji: Maybe taught or maybe just given some information: he never tried it.


Q: If someone is really immortal – he just has this kaya kalpa like an educational program?

Guruji: The kaya kalpa, if you’re doing it successfully, makes you live longer. That particular type of kaya kalpa should be done for 100 years: this is a big catch here.


Q: Before you attain the vajra body?

Guruji: No, any body – so in the same body you can attain everything which is there to be attained.


Q: Do you think it’s impossible to attain vajra kaya before 100 years?

Guruji: No, that’s a very different type of achievement.


Q: So even vajra body will need this kaya kalpa?

Guruji: No.

…many times we were going the same route Lahiri Mahasaya was doing – it’s a good feeling!




The meeting with Matsyendranath was on 16th June 2000 at about 11:30 to 12 o’clock, noon time.

When I met my Guru I was going through the Jupiter sub-period in Sun.

They’re saying: only when the seed is planted in the soil – then it starts to transform and grow into something big. Jupiter always supports me.


Q: You asked the immortals something?

Guruji: In the very moment you just can think – oh my god, what’s happening? Then you begin to look back and start to think: next time I see him – then we will discuss something. But after 7 years back and the second meeting took place – again I was speechless. I couldn’t say anything. Now I’m not planning to ask; if he comes at least; let us see how it will go.


Q: Can we prepare for this thing?

Guruji: What can we prepare?


Q: Some stupid questions

Guruji: He already knows that. Suppose Babaji will appear and ask me: who are these idiots? I will say: sir, they are my disciples (laughing).

The first meeting was very serious. During the second meeting he was in a very jovial mood, even using bad words, laughing: that scared me even more. When such a powerful person, who can fry you with the bolt of lightning in a second, begins to smile and crack jokes – you’re scared.


Q: The feeling from the immortals – of Babaji and Matsyendranath – were they the same to You?

Guruji: I was more scared of Babaji. You see, when you’re in a school – you’re more scared of the schoolteacher or the headmaster of the school. If you go outside and meet some professor from a university – you’re not that scared. You’re scared of the headmaster of your school. That feeling will be there.


Q: But if we talk about power? How can You analyze or describe it?

Guruji: Before Matsyendranath nobody talked to me with such sweetness. He was absolutely relaxed; very different, very peaceful. But even then you’re nervous to a very great level. Two ladies were waiting – but he never introduced me to them and I didn’t dare to ask.


Q: They were just listening in on your talk?

Guruji: They were just sitting behind him. Very regal, very beautiful looking and very tall, wearing brick-colored clothes.


Q: They were looking like the same age of Matsyendranath or younger?

Guruji: They were young looking ladies – almost same. I can’t say – let’s say thirties.


Q: Why is his story connected exactly with a fish?

Guruji: Fish are an example of the greatest of the great discipline. We must learn discipline from the fish. They never cross the border, never come to a land. We cross the border.


Q: Such a story exists in different mythologies – when the fish ate the person but remained alive?

Guruji: Even recently, before the second world war – those who were hunting whales killed a whale and when they opened it – found alive, a man inside. It’s an authentic story. They saved him – he was just in between dying stages, the process had begun – but he survived. If it still happens now – Matsyendranath’s story is truth.



Q: What do You think – Your own destiny has different ways?

Guruji: I think my destiny was set from day one when I took my first breath. And now I realize, that destiny is not my destination: it will take me to my destination. I think my destination has already been decided by Babaji – maybe Shiva Ji also.


Q: so You think all the experiences of Your life – they were needed? You cannot avoid anything?

Guruji: They were needed to give me some wisdom or knowledge – so you can hear some stories also.


Q: Could it be seen in the chart, that the destiny is not fixed?

Guruji: In the chart the future is always probable. And a very good astrologer with highly developed intuition can decipher that. But the future will always remain probable. First you need to know your future – then you can change it. It will happen the way exactly you will do it.


Q: It really works only one way?

Guruji: Always.


Q: how can you understand that about probability – that it must be, it must not to be?

Guruji: Because you cannot see your future, no glimpse – you’re just going by an astrologically planned situation. They gave so many choices. Probable future means – accurate future we can never decipher; only by going to it. It is the greatest of great mystery: to be able to judge what will be in the future. We all need to know that. But then, if you know the future – you live in fear of it. That is another problem.


Q: Some years back we discussed that nobody can predict the yogic path?

Guruji: It may be predicted to a degree – yes, he may take up this path. How far he will go – that will remain probable.


Q: Can we create the changes?

Guruji: Create you and your determination – and it all depends on different karmas. Like in the story about a traveler asking the time to get to the city and a wiseman beside the road.


Q: Buddha was talking about the void – but he didn’t go further?

Guruji: He was also limited by the standard of his audience. My time is better.


Q: Humanity will appreciate it in the future?

Guruji: When jesus was moving – he was beaten and crucified. Now we’re worshipping his crucified body: this is what humanity is doing. His audience was also fisherman’s club.


Q: When You see the disciple for the first time – can You see how he will progress?

Guruji: I have some ideas, yes. This is not for everybody.


Q: I know one place, where the people live in the sin

Guruji: Where?


Q: in the hell!

Guruji: Hell may be the most entertaining place. What is the idea of heaven for you?


Q: For me it’s joining some enormous shining thing…

Guruji: Go back, this is just a hypothesis: the exact description is given in the bible: you will live in the jungle naked – no toilet, no kitchen, nothing. That is heaven. It is written in the bible! And most of the religions are talking about men going to heaven; they never mention where girls are going. So I have no idea what is the greatest sin: this thing, you should consult a sinner.


Q: What is the sin?

Guruji: I have no idea. One womanizer died; and St.Peter met him and said you have committed a great sin! And he answered: but sir, please consider how romantic they were!

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