Take God like a mathematical theorem: assume there is a god – then find a formula, work it out and reach the conclusion. And keep practicing Kriya yoga: regularity is the name of the game. When your spirit will become your friend – then spirit will directly introduce you to god.

Answering question of whether it is ok to address me mentally – it’s ok to talk with your Guru– you can relax, you’re not disturbing me or bothering me at all. So: remain fit, remain very regular in your practice: you’re doing good. Blessings!


“Nirvikalpa”: the literal translation of the word is “no more options”, without options. So when you have started a big movement and you have created something big and you have been leading it – you have no other option but to go on. In that sense – he(Yogananda) was in nirvikalpa state.

Q: This is quite an uncompromising comment…undoubtedly, if you’re leading some kind of religious school, if you are leading a philosophical group, if you are leading society – your day is packed?

Guruji: your day is packed, you’re not free to leave.

your obligations which you created on your own!

Q: And if you were given these instructions – to go and start something: in this case, in case of Yogananda?

Guruji: There are still a lot of controversy. But he was successful: that is that.

Q: What do you think about such leaders as Dalay-lama and the Pope – those are people of God, but those people are busy with administrative functions first of all?

Guruji: they are political leaders.

Q: They are; but are they still religious leaders?

Guruji: their identity is based on religion: they cannot be separated from it. Their whole identity is based on religion.

Q: and the quality of their prayers and meditation is something we leave to them to tell us…. As a suspicion goes – well, there are good people, great people, who inspired many; but as for their real sadhana: do they really have time to do?

Guruji: I don’t think so. They are not even interested in that.


Govardhan – real Kamakhya; Raj of the Braj

Q: we spoke once about the dust of the Braj…

Guruji: yes, which is called Raj. And Raj – if you directly translate from Sanskrit or pure hindi – it means menstrual blood. And as we have discovered, the Govardhan is actually Kamakhya in Yogini tantra: then the blood has flown and this Raj was created.

Q: some legends are saying that the dust of Govardhan is Lakshmi? More mild version?

Guruji: Lakshmi simply means prosperity.

Q: so it doesn’t mean that the goddess herself is turned into the dust – and we are lucky to walk upon it?

Guruji: no. if you just look at it from another point of view- the soil, the land is real prosperity. If there is no soil – you will have nothing. So the real prosperity lies in soil. But Raj is slightly different; even though people are farming, cultivating – Raj will remain Raj.

Q: any other things people connect with this word?

Guruji: they simply said: if this Raj is on you – you will attain liberation. I’ve started to believe it. Initially I was giving them very solid arguments; now I realized that it is some great mysterious substance.

Q: when this girl, who has leprosy, was rubbing herself with it?

Guruji: yes: I’ve seen it with my own eyes way back in 1993, in july-august. She had a Leprosy – and it disappeared within 1 year. We can take it as a display of real faith ; but I will say it was faith alone with the raj. A daughter of rich Gujarati businessman, she was putting dust of Govardhan Parikrama on her body every day. She was doing third dandvati parikrama – she said “I will recover” – and Giriraj Maharaj heard it.

Q: I know this silly question to ask- Indian mind will never produce such a question – but in this case, what was is different type of substance which healed her?

Raj, not dust?.

Guruji: but only with the blessing of the deity such idea will stick in her mind and she would execute it. That is blessing! Otherwise you’ll just discard such an idea.

Since then I’ve seen several very extraordinary things – and I’m a believer now.

Q: Yogini tantra names Govardhan as Kamakhya?

Guruji: yes. I’m reading Sanskrit version. The book calls this place also Kamarupa, Kamakhya.

Q: the form of kama?

Guruji: yes. Simply by looking at Govardhan – all the sins of the person will be gone. This is on 163-4 page of this book: Braj and Govardhan are described as Kamarupa, Kamakhya.

There is another thing: as long as the cows are grazing on Govardhan hill– the more the sins of Brahma, the Creator, will disappear. Now the giver build the fence around the hill- so Brahma will remain without cleansing. It is in 15th chapter.

Somewhere I noticed that Hindi translation of YT is not up to the mark. But still the book is describing yoni mandala and even yoni mudra.

Q: the light of kutastha – in which chapter it is?

Guruji: in 15th. That’s why it is called yoni mudra.


You’re never see laughing and smiling saint – they’re always sad and suffering. But every ghost, every horror, every monster, every vampire is coming laughing and smiling. Why saints are so sad? Because they were not commit any sin!( smiling) – that’s why. The very simple observation: if you’re happy in doing something – from religious point of view you’re definitely commit a sin! And if you’re dying of boredom and very sad – then it’s the greatest of the great virtue. You’re doing god’s work. You will see more smiling faces in the hell than in heaven – or in the mental asylum also( laughing).


When I gave my commentaries to Gita – go back to 1992; when we reach to the third chapter and I begin to dictate fluently – a golden shadow, very dense golden shadow will appear on my left hand.

And everybody who were present on dictation, could see that. in fact they told me – that somebody standing on your left. It was very shapely, bare-bodied, long hairs – but we couldn’t see the face: it was pure gold, dense. Whenever the flow of speech will be there, fluent – it will appear. It started from the end of the third chapter and lasted till 18th chapter. We will all become so high and so different – it was amazing time. I was talking very fast – so different people were taking dictation, 7-8 people every day – because I was talking very fast. 5-6 people were write it down.

Q: now when You’re reading Gita loudly – he is coming on the 1st and 2nd chapters also?

Guruji: from there when my commentary begins. But I don’t want to disturb – so…whom he was – we never know. Not yet.

Q: but in April You were reciting it loudly?

Guruji: disciples – they can do. When I do it – it’s my voice: then it replace something different here. That was fantastic time.


When you see the light reflecting from some objects – we cannot see vayu and akash because light is passing through them. That tells us – light is also gross, it is reflecting from 3 elements. when your mind will develop to such a level when your vision will not be depending on the reflected light – then you will see vayu and you will be able to see akash also.

Q: see and touch?

Guruji: yes- they are considered as gross elements. we have very limited senses, that is our limitation. This is 2% of your consciousness, rest is just sleeping. When rest of the consciousness will wake up – you cannot even imagine, how you will feel and what you will sense. When everything will be awaken 100% – we will not depend on senses.

Q: if we’ll can see without eyes – can we’ll feel without touch?

Guruji: your vision will be different – now it is sleeping.

As long as blood flows in your veins – you will continue to depend on water element.


Most of the white people from Europe eliminated the Indian aborigines in America; most of the bad things came from them. They will never forgive. Now it’s in fashion to go to the shamans and learn about this trip and that trip, going high… they cannot forgive. And they should not – why they should forgive? In Castaneda’s books – most of the half-truth are there; it’s not complete books. How he died, Carlos Castaneda?

Q: maybe from cancer

Guruji: he didn’t die peacefully. You have to be very careful.

Q: is it black magic?

Guruji: not black magic exactly, but it’s very easy for misdirection. Suppose you have killed someone’s five generations: then some of your descendants will go and learn from the descendants of people you killed. I don’t think they will welcome you with open arms- the memories are always in their hearts. You have to be very honest about it and very clear.

One Canadian girl asked me – she was a friend of my disciple, also from Canada; don’t You think the same thing will apply to white people and Indians? I said – British people never did such things to India. Islamic rule did so much problems here, but britishers came and remove Islamic rule from India, defeated them; introduced democracy for the first time in the history of this planet- to India first; they never ever demolished a single Indian temple- Islamic demolished hundreds and thousands of temples. They created archeological department to preserve the heritage of Indian people; and they give us a system which still is – India running on that. here the situation is different. But when they went to America – that was absolutely different.

Q: why britishers behaved like that, what do You think?

Guruji: we can compare that, if we have enough time; but going to America was a very different thing. Most of the criminals and prisoners have been send there – and they were taking the territory. And in India already 500-600 kings were ruling; islam was there – it was very disturbing time. They came, lay down sewere lines for us- they crated a lot of things.


Q: why our conscious mind is called Nalika?

Guruji: Our conscious mind is taking care of everything- rest is sleeping. When she wakes up – then she stands on a top, so your body is in suspended animation – we can explain it in this way.

Q: maybe we can explain the conscious mind as Nalika because of gyrus inside?

Guruji: Nalika means “which keeps the flow going”. The tap, pipe, tap is called “nal” in hindi. Nalika, nal – all are connected. Umbilical cord is called “naal”. It’s a very commonly used word in hindi.

Q: what do You think: people, who was born with some extraordinary abilities – their mind is awaken a little bit more than 2%?

Guruji: if you’re born with the extra limb – you have some extra capacities. Magical things will come. if the man in the name of god doing some miracles – he’s a saint. But if some woman show her abilities – she’s a witch. That difference is there.

Q: it also concerns persons with some extra vertebras?

Guruji: could be. In any case it is not a coincidence.

Q: why so big part of our brain is sleeping from the beginning?

Guruji: because it’s a sort of the practical riddle, which we need to solve. Initially body is not ready for supporting 100% of the brain. You need to develop it very carefully – so you can tolerate the power.

Q: so You think it’s impossible to be born with the more developed brain? 5 or 10% for example?

Guruji: it’s possible with the result of your past karmas: if you already had developed something – than yes.

Q: could it be something else except extra limbs – some qualities which can be seen; maybe some qualities of the body?

Guruji: it is very easy to see: much more intelligent, much more wise; extra limb are there – when it’s some magical touch.

Q: what will be different with the person with six fingers for example?

Guruji: he will be very sensitive and the mental abilities will be much more better and higher than a normal person. He will have extra force. We have observed it so many times.


Q: the rise of Kundalini is extremely rare – maybe once in the thousand years someone can achieve it?

Guruji: successfully; he will leave the mark on humanity- such a person.

Q: what kind of mark?

Guruji: he will be remembered in history.

Q: like or yogi – or like a saint?

Guruji: mostly like extraordinary person.

Q: the achieving of the first step of samadhi – with suspended animation – is easier?

Guruji: comparatively easier – but very difficult.

Q: but if we compare – how much persons achieved this state?

Guruji: (laughing) extremely rare. 10 or 12 in the whole history will be very optimistic number. Not even 1 in the 100 years. Even this first step is very difficult to achieve.

Q: but it exists big number of people, who achieved the first step and didn’t achieve the second awakening?

Guruji: no. that means you were already the first major step towards it. It’s all about Brahma granthi bhed – the suspended animation. Maybe the number will grow now.

Q: why so? Because the population grows?

Guruji: because the general swing of the development of the consciousness of humanity is going more; maybe that’s why Babaji introduced Kriya yoga. So whoever will go beyond the commercial greed – the real practice will come and they will begin to achieve. We’re hoping for that.

Q: why commercial greed is considered as main obstacle for development?

Guruji: in Gita it is said: a business-like intellect will never achieve samadhi. Because the motive is different. He will not work hard.

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