Q: So can we say that greed is the main obstacle in yoga practice?

Guruji: Greed and jealousy. If someone can get over greed and jealousy – he’s a very saintly person. I will say that if your aim is very clear in front of you, you’re so concentrated on achieving that – you will forget about greed and jealousy – if you compare yourself. You will have a very single-minded purpose. The main thing is to find your purpose: then your whole life will be concentrated to achieve that. All other things will leave you without any problem.

Q: What is more dangerous – greed and jealousy or kama and krodha?

Guruji: When concentration is coming from the main purpose – then it’s the most dangerous anger: if he concentrates on it then he will be withdrawn from the purpose. He’s then too busy in that to achieve it. 

Q: Can we say that kama and krodha are more tricky than greed and jealousy?

Guruji: See, that’s the point: if you don’t have a goal, you will be focusing on the things you desire more and you will keep revolving around them. Because you’re trying to remove them – they will grow out of proportion – and you will be always focusing on them. But if you have a Goal – you will bypass them instead of giving them too much attention. So finding a purpose is more important. 

Q: What about bad company – it is also often mentioned in different texts?

Guruji: That’s again the same: if you do bad things – you will have bad company.

Q: You think on a certain level the bad people will not be attracted to the yogi?

Guruji: They will be attracted and they will feel confronted – because they will feel immediately that the yogi’s much different. So: stay away. After some time they will also stay away. 

Q: So there is no perfect situation even for the accomplished yogi – that bad people are avoiding him, no bad company around?

Guruji: Even Kapil muni was suffering with the bad company: he had to incinerate them all.

Q: When your company totally changes – is it a sign of progress?

Guruji: Yes, no doubt. When you’re trying to enter the ocean – you’re receiving so many waves and so much resistance; but when you cross over the initial waves- then it’s completely another thing. Then the cyclone comes (smiling).


….when a yogi’s consciousness has developed to a level and he is ready to unite with the consciousness of the planet; if you will unite with the consciousness of Earth- whatever has gone through on Earth, in her memory – you will have access to it. What is education? Or the subjects which you’re reading, studying – just the study of the nature of Earth from different angles. Everything is the study of the nature of this planet from different angles. When you’re becoming in tune with the planet’s consciousness – you will learn most of the things. Very simple approach.

Q: I will also be in tune with the reason why I appeared the first time on this planet?

Guruji: You will already realize that; then only you will be ready to be one with the Earth consciousness. After self-realization this thing will come.

You need to be self-realized first; then your consciousness will cross that limit; then you will become conscious that the planet is also living with consciousness; then, with yoga practice you will be able to tune your consciousness with the consciousness of the planet; and then, after you’re in tuned with it – you will know everything the planet has gone through, what she’s experiencing, how she feels and where she’s taking you.

Planet looks like a giant spaceship to me, carrying all of the records whatever has happened on it; it is providing us everything, every type of entertainment. Politics, war – it’s just entertainment for humanity. But where we’re going – only Mother Earth can show you. So after self-realization this thing remains to be regarded; then maybe you will start to see something else. Then, as we call it, Mother Earth, – maybe when you will become one with it, – she will introduce you to the Father. Because it’s always the mother who is introducing the child to a father. Keep doing, think big, have big ambitions! If you’re creating castles in the air – create them as big as you can imagine, you should not put limits to that creation. Create them big!

Q: It sounds very inspiring…

Guruji: We are all living in our own world: create a bigger one!


Q: It exists…the people, who are half-awakened?

Guruji: Not half-awakened – but the condition is almost becoming better and better, I’ve seen some people, even some of my disciples – people are making great progress. But I won’t tell who they are: I don’t want them to stop their practice.

Q: So the process already begins?

Guruji: Undoubtedly. How much we are discussing – I’ve never heard anywhere; we’re in a very good situation.

Q: Will people know information hidden in some texts?

Guruji: If you don’t know anything – you will say that it’s secret knowledge. If it is secret knowledge – why are you shouting from the roof that “I know something secret”? People will be attracted and keep serving you – so one day you may tell them…? Because you don’t know – you will never tell. Then you will say: nobody’s working enough to learn. We have devotion in our nature. Because my Guru told me to teach – so I’ve openly demonstrated certain things – to inspire; and I’ve not stepped back from answering on that. We need to discuss – then how would the mind develop?

Q: The main step towards the Kundalini rising is samadhi?

Guruji: Yes, that’s why we keep stressing on that. In Hatha Yoga Pradipika they described ten mudras for awakening Kundalini – which we’re teaching and you’re learning. The possibilities are very high.

Q: But from the first samadhi to awakening it must be at least 24 years? Or 12?

Guruji: I’m extremely lucky that Babaji blessed me with the second samadhi after only 5 years. Second experience is the most difficult thing to reach. I will say – I’m very lucky.

Q: But even from the second experience – there must be thousands of samadhi’s to awaken Kundalini or not?

Guruji: Yes. And it still continues. But the second experience – that is the name of the game.

Q: Do You know someone who had the first experience – but never experienced the second one?

Guruji: There are some names like that – because after samadhi many of them couldn’t survive.

Q: Their bodies were not prepared?

Guruji: Not prepared enough – and I tell you: I was getting older, all my hairs went grey – extremely fast.

Q: Maybe some famous examples – or their names are not commonly known?

Guruji: There are some stories. Maybe later I’ll tell you. Mostly they were saintly people, who went through this experience; because nobody will guide them – so they didn’t survive. And they never went through hard exercises – that’s the real problem.

Q: Mudgars are required?

Guruji: I was very lucky to have them.

Q: But if they experienced samadhi – they must be practicing yoga: so someone taught them?

Guruji: There is another point here: suppose someone is extraordinarily emotional and finally some very high concentration developed in something – then such experience follows; in devotion or so.

Q: So samadhi is not always the result of yoga practice?

Guruji: It is the yogic experience. What they were experiencing – was not fully suspended animation, but even that high concentration they were unable to tolerate.

Q: Like the highest Dhyana?

Guruji: Something, for that they were not prepared.

Q: How did they understand it was samadhi?

Guruji: They didn’t analyze that: they didn’t realize anything. Because we’re comparing, I remembered some stories – so we’re analyzing, not them.

Q: How did they take this experience?

Guruji: They say – it’s a sort of extraordinary favor of bhakti, something like that.

Q: Why did no one of the higher beings, who saw what they were doing, guide them?

Guruji: They were already waiting on the other side of life. Actually they don’t care.

Q: How to judge that Shakti Chalini mudra is done perfectly?
Guruji: By the results. Shambhavi state will come much later. But that mudra will prepare for the Shambhavi state, guaranteed.
Q: How can You understand that someone completely has done that?
Guruji: When you will reach that level – you can understand.
Luck is very important here. People may argue that it’s the grace of god or blessings of the Guru – but I feel that luck plays a very important role. You cannot discard the element of luck.
Q: Who is responsible for this element?
Guruji: Just good fortune without any reason (smiling).
Q: Past life experiences matter here?
Guruji: No – it is luck, it is not connected with anything (laughing) just by chance! Luck is luck – no one can predict it.
Q: You cannot see in the chart – if the person is lucky or not?
Guruji: Whatever I will try to translate – I’ve heard it from some very experienced persons: luck is not hitting the target on both sides every time. Luck is: wherever you shoot – the target will appear there. That is luck!
Q: Sounds like a destiny and destination
Guruji: Luck is destiny.
Q: Is it possible to attract luck to the person?
Guruji: I think so
Q: How???
Guruji: By absolutely not thinking about it. Then luck will take the attention: why is he not even thinking of me?
Now Earth isn’t noticing you because you’re living on her surface; maybe when Earth starts to look at you and support you – that is luck. Nature supports luck.
Q: Does luck have some embodiment, like a deity?
Guruji: That is the Earth, who will take you as her child. That’s how it happens.
Q: So it’s a trick – because all jyotishi are talking about luck?
Guruji: They’re not considering the effect of planet Earth. They’re only considering different times the planet affects a person, who is on the planet Earth. Earth provides the element of earth – this is what I’m thinking now.
Q: Only hard work can help achieve that state with Mother Earth?
Guruji: Not only hard work: hard work with a very loving and creative way to it; then – something will happen.
Q: Maybe some kind of worship?
Guruji: There are no principles, connecting with that.
My mother often complained: wherever she came – I was lying like this. She scolded me so much and reminded me so much – but the habit continued. I think, if she could see me now – I’m still doing exactly the same (laughing) maybe now she will appreciate that.
Q: If someone were to wear the stone of the lord of the 9th house – it doesn’t attract luck?
Guruji: It will definitely help, yes. Wherever you arrow – god came down and drew the target around it – that is real luck (laughing).
Q: Again that exists the persons who – around them everything goes wrong?
Guruji: Yes, I have a disciple like that. He was complaining: whatever I do – I’m always failing; I told him: you should think positive! He said: what should I think positively? I’m feeling unhappy. I told him: you should be very positive in thinking that you’re extremely successful getting different types of failures – how many people are like you? I’m a perfect man – because I’m perfectly imperfect. But he’s very successful in getting different types of failures. And he still is.


Q: What is the meaning of long hairs from the yogic point of view?

Guruji: I let them grow; I’ve not shaved my head or have had a haircut since after December 1989. Then the idea came to my mind – that I should have a haircut, but the public opinion was against me. So I let them grow. But they’ve stopped growing – the length is the same.

Q: If anyone achieves the high level in Kriya yoga – does it mean that his morality will be also on a high level?

Guruji: Definitely, yes.

…memories and experiences you should learn out of that; find them somewhere in your memory – but don’t remember them all the time.

Long hairs are always good.

Q: I’ve heard it was some special fire haircut in the Roman empire?

Guruji: If you want you can do that. Suppose some fire will burn your hair – then it will be a big tragedy: you need to stop the fire in time. I’ve seen some robbers, fire the moustaches of their victims – it’s a very bad looking thing.

My hair sometimes grows less, sometimes more – but there is more or less on the same level.

Q: Does it depend on the karmic level or balancing the karmas?

Guruji: Probably. They’re still there – that is the best (smiling).

I knew one person to whom sadhu gave one herb, which can allow him to live for more than 360 years.
Q: Is it a very complicated process? Or are there very rare ingredients?
Guruji: …because of the herb: they are not here now – we have to go to Central India and wait there for many months.
Q: It requires very strict conditions, when you pick it?
Guruji: Everything is in the strict case. Maybe someone will bring it himself.
Q: Why do sadhus sometimes share their knowledge?
Guruji: He was not exactly sharing: the sadhu was experimenting himself. Alone you cannot do it – you need an obedient assistant. That’s how we can do it. He was experimenting on him – because he started to take it himself. That was his destiny.
Q: From where did this sadhu take this formula?
Guruji: We have no idea, because this type of formula ….. Some hints are there in the ayurvedic books, but not exactly the same formula.
Q: Could he do it after that without an assistant?
Guruji: He’s already taken.
Q: He did it by himself without helpers?
Guruji: No: the sadhu was collecting all these things and making him take it – to observe if something would go wrong or not: that was his destiny and luck.
Q: He was taking this herb continuously?
Guruji: Only for maybe 40 days.
Q: Does it require some conditions like kuti praveshek?
Guruji: No, nothing – just take the herb, that’s it. Only strict diet: no salt and cooked rice only.
Q: For 300 years it’s been normal conditions (laughing). That man received the practice from You?
Guruji: I gave him Kriya yoga; then he did khechari. When we moved to Vrindavan – he went to Vrindavan after maybe 6-7 years. Then he came here in 1999. He did khechari and I gave him the second level. When he came here – he was looking more or less the same.
Q: Have You heard about such types of herbs before?
Guruji: Yes, I’m reading Ayurveda. But the combination was unique. Not every knowledge is recorded.
Q: It’s like that in Mantra Mahodadhi not a single mantra is a working one?
Guruji: Something is always missing.
Q: Amazing story. Why exactly 360 years of extra life – why exactly this number?
Guruji: It was according to the sadhu instructions- he would not meet some accident.
Q: Your disciples didn’t try to find this herb and to pick it?
Guruji: No: he gave me the formula.
Q: You have many disciples from Central India: maybe they can find and bring You this herb?
Guruji: No, it’s a very different thing: you have to be there. It is not like you can order someone and he can bring – no. You have to be there. If someone else will do it – it would definitely change the qualities of the herb. We will wait: if it’s in our destiny – it will come.

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