…sometimes you can speed up something. Suppose someone has a severe cold: you go to his house, light a lamp with ghee, burn some incense and start reading Gita: he will die because of thinking that his time has come: you are there doing all these things – so he is dying. He will have no more chances for surviving. So – never ever do that!(laughing) or You can say that a lawyer is waiting outside (laughing) to give them a good time! Whenever the rich man sneezes – his relatives, instead of calling the doctor will call a lawyer.




When people try to explain something in too much detail – more confusion comes. Look at Hatha Yoga Pradipika, ancient Nath text: they described how to awaken Kundalini, making mudras: that’s what I’m talking about. They were not going into details. When it wakes up – you will know the details.


Q: So it cannot be the difference in that – by qualities or something?
Guruji: Nothing. But the second awakening was described for the first time: you never read anywhere about it.
When you’re going beyond your conscious mind – that is the Unmani and Manonmani state.
The more you ask, the more answers I have to give – the clearer the path will be. Over the years the discussions became more refined and more sophisticated. We all are different now- than that time.


 Slowly with time the things that fill up your life become very different: you throw away many idiotic things and try to fill it with real knowledge
Guruji: And you’re able to recognize, what is an idiotic thing. That is the beginning of becoming a wise person. In fact, only when you go out – only then you can realize where you were floating.


Q: About pleasures, which are the obstacles for attaining samadhi: what is the difference between attraction and addiction?

Guruji: Addiction to anything is when you become habitual and you cannot break the habit; and attraction is awakening out of curiosity; then it becomes deeper and you’re more closer with that person or anything.

Q: Attraction concerns people and addiction concerns habits?

Guruji: Some person can become the addiction.

Q: What if you’re feeling devotion or bhakti to the teacher or Guru – is it also like an obstacle?

Guruji: That is more like thanksgiving: that is feeling of thanks to the person, who made you wiser and better. It’s not an obstacle. If you’re totally engaged in your materialistic and worldly life – in that path the devotion to Guru is the real obstacle.

Q: What do You think – the immortals can have an attraction to some persons?

Guruji: Could be. Eternal attraction.

Q: With full awareness they make this choice?

Guruji: They can like everyone whatever they want: they are beyond every rule. After they reached a certain level.

First he will realize that he is limited in physicality; then after a lot of development has taken place – then he can go beyond physicality. Also he will realize that the body is the instrument for the mind – to experience certain things.

Q: Such a kind of person has his indriyas like a friend just to entertain himself?

Guruji: Maybe: that is his or her choice.

Q: I usually used to think that we use our indriyas to entertain ourselves?

Guruji: No, we need more development of the consciousness: then it will become real entertainment. Now we’re just becoming aware of the great potential which is inside us. Slight awareness is beginning. You must read my commentaries on Shiva Sutras – very short and very precise.


Q: What is vayu mandala?

Guruji: Vayu mandala is an atmosphere surrounding us. We’re living inside vayu mandala and most of the vayu shariras are living inside that. We’re alive because of the vayu.

Q: What is the vayu mandala of the person?

Guruji: You’re breathing – that is your vayu mandala. Inhalation and exhalation keep circling again and again. Vayu is also moving all over your body in different ways. It is there: you just need to be aware of it. Then again – you’re inside the vayu. Everything on this Earth is breathing. Even when we see something inorganic – it is like breathing because of the oxygen affecting it. Look around nature: everything is breathing. In general – we’re inside the major vayu mandala but we carry our own. When you become one with the vayu mandala which is circling Earth – you will live as long as Earth herself. It’s very hard but it can be done.


Q: What is the difference between “jiv” and “jiva”?

Guruji: “jiv” is the real pronunciation but when they write in English it becomes “jiva”. Like Ram became Rama, Krishn became Krishna, “pran” became “prana” – like this.

Q: Breathe is jiv?

Guruji: It can be called that also.

I will give you one example: when you take a drop from the ocean – it’s just a drop of water. But in the ocean – it is ocean.

You need to go to the root of the word “soul”: it is from german origin and it means “which is bound in death” – that brings us to an interesting observation, that your physical body is bound in death; and a spirit is beyond that.

Q: In the shlok where it is said that “pavan is the jiv of the mind “ it means that pavan is the body of the mind?

Guruji: Jiva- the soul: the spirit of the mind. It must be not the soul but the spirit. When you give up your soul – what is given?

Q: When you give up your body?

Guruji: No. When you join any certain religion – you’re giving up your soul to a certain god or devil, whatever. That means you’ve agreed to allow things to be done with your body after your death. That is a different ability: that is giving up your soul.

…maybe the combination of 5 elements in your physical body is soul: because the root, meaning of the word “soul” – “which is bound in death”. Physical body is bound in death, the spirit is beyond that. Also you can call the main purpose of your life as your soul. You can go on elaborating on this – it’s a very deep word. But we should always start from the basic root.


Q: Guruji, what is the difference between mind and consciousness?

Guruji: Consciousness is an expression of the mind. One and the same.

Q: But there are no other expressions: we can see consciousness but cannot touch or perceive it?

Guruji: To see the consciousness you need to perceive it with your own consciousness: it is a very mysterious complicated program.

Q: Mind is vaster than consciousness?

Guruji: There are so many immense possibilities of dormant consciousness which we can go on realizing.

Q: Here we take consciousness as a conscious mind?

Guruji: No, we’re using this word like consciousness in totality.

Q: Can the mind have other expressions than consciousness?

Guruji: Anything – that is the mystery of the mind.

Q: What can be an expression other than consciousness?

Guruji: The root will always be consciousness. Mind is the root of the tree; and the tree is growing. You can just put it there for your green purpose, take it sprouts or cut down and make furniture from the wood of it: so that maybe the different expressions are of the same thing. 


Q: How long does the recovery of the first samadhi usually last?

Guruji: 21 days. They may not recover from it. But if they recover – the body still may go in 21 days if it’s not prepared well. That’s why I keep stressing: work hard, very regularly, the best of the best. But such accidents rarely happen. So you’re safe (smiling). In 21 days they become older and older very fast and they lose any will to survive or something. It’s a big shock. The shock will be like that: the person will be thinking he knows about everything and he’s worshipping some idol like the center of the universe and everything; then you somehow make him look at the Hubble telescope to all the galaxies; how will he react to it? That’s how it happens.

Q: To get immortality – we need to induce the spirit to stay in our body?

Guruji: Yes, that’s why you must keep your body in a very good condition. You cannot impress a monarch wearing dirty clothes; and just say to the spirit – “be with me always”. You cannot create the sand castle- you need to create good conditions for that. Simply your wishing and desire is not enough: you have to consider what your spirit is also thinking. Instead of thinking “me, me, me” you start to think “you, you, you”: then some understanding will come.

Q: Some time back we talked about how the spirit may try to communicate with us by changing colors of kutastha?

Guruji: It is their language and that’s why we need to develop more consciousness and become more sensitive to the Paravani – when we don’t need words or language to communicate.

Q: If now he’s trying to say something…

Guruji: No, he’s not trying to say anything now – you just see some of his expressions. It’s not communication; maybe later you will begin to understand that. They’re not in a hurry (smiling).

Q: We don’t hurt him – if he’s trying to say something and we have no response because we don’t understand him?

Guruji: He’s not trying to say anything: we’re trying to understand what he may say. Just one thing: somebody may be looking at him; – how will he communicate, how will he communicate? And he just lifts his hand to scratch his head: and the whole religion will start thinking – he scratched his head: what he was trying to say? What it was – we don’t know that?

Q: What is he waiting for to start communication?

Guruji: If you’re practicing complete Kriya yoga- that is the best of the best qualification. When you will keep yourself physically fit – you will be able to practice Kriya yoga better. They are complimentary.

Q: What signs does the well-prepared body have?

Guruji: They’re described in Hatha Yoga Pradipika: the body smell will change; you will feel very good, light, more confident; no physical pain, nothing – so many things. But the first thing is the smell of the body: that means the chemical composition of your body is changing. Why is it changing? – Every thought, every emotion which comes to your mind, creates a certain chemical reaction in your body. That means your mind has reached a certain level that no bad chemical reaction has taken place, body smell is getting better and better and better. That is the sign of preparation.

Q: Do chemical reactions depend on electromagnetic charges?

Guruji: Yes, they are thoughts

Q: So more chemical reactions – the better smell will follow?

Guruji: When they are active in a positive way. Charging themselves is the display of consciousness.

Q: I’m confused: on one hand it is said that chitta – that charges – must stop; on the other I think they must be even more with awakened consciousness?

Guruji: I will confuse you even more: in Sanskrit dictionary the word “chitta” means the body. Also means the spirit. Very simple – I will refrain my commentary here: yogas chitta vritti nirodhah- that means controlling the different movements of your body is called yoga. Including voluntary actions and involuntary activities. Then what will happen? – Tada drashtuh swarupe avasthanam: then the seer will establish in its own form. Who is the seer? Mind is the seer.

Q: Absolutely new…

Guruji: I’m giving you the different angles – which is true. Vratti means the different actions of the body. And the ultimate thing is suspended animation: when every movement is stuck but the subconscious is awakened. When the seer is established in its own form: conscious mind establishes in a subconsciousness.

Q: What else except regular practice is needed for achieving samadhi?

Guruji: Very regular practice, very regular life, and concentration on achieving your goal. That is enough. 

Q: Will it be like the Cerebro of professor Xavier?

Guruji: I will say that the majority of us – we have similar thoughts and wishes, more or less. Only thing intolerable was a smell of humanity: that was intolerable. Everything else was ok. 

Q: Anger has a peculiar smell? And jealous?

Guruji: Every emotion: different chemical reactions will change your smell immediately.

We have been hearing these stories since we remember – about lamas. What does the word “lama” mean? Like a swami in India. So we have the same stories here.

Q: Is it real?

Guruji: I’ve never seen a lama doing it. They were too busy running away to Tibet to save their lives. Maybe – because they were lamas – and they know the future, and they knew that the coronavirus would come – so better to move Dalay Lama from Tibet now. It was to save themselves from coronavirus. They are very spiritual (smiling).

Q: When the newborn baby comes – the central part on the head is very soft; because of the still opened bramarandhra?

Guruji: It is inside the brain, it’s not on the top.

Q: Could the perception of smells become stronger before samadhi?

Guruji: You will become sensitive enough to appreciate that. Why do you think yogis go away from society? I know for a fact that most of the long-lived persons or immortals – they never ever enter the cities. I’ve seen them asking for food either from a farmer in villages or extremely poor persons. I thought for many years: why do they never ever enter the cities? And it finally came to me: all the cities are built over sewers. Because we live there – we don’t think, what is there; but they are extremely sensitive people, they don’t enter the cities. They always live outside. And only a poor man or farmer will share his food with good feelings; that is also affected.

We were trying to decipher it and I’m becoming aware: the Earth coming into being is the greatest mystery. I feel that She has gone through many-many Suns: when She has taken all energy from a particular Sun- She’s going into hibernation for some time, finds another Sun and the dance of life begins again. She’s moving on to a certain direction, She’s taking us somewhere. Only She can tell that. I keep stressing the point that you must unite your consciousness with the planet: otherwise you will never know. It’s a very mysterious journey. She loves us so much: She’s keeping every memory of every being, which appeared on this planet – from dinosaurs to any small microbe; you cannot leave! Some great mystery is there (smiling) maybe one day She will tell us that. Ancient people were telling – but scientists said that is not – it was a symbolic thing: that Earth is the center of the Universe. It is! But people were thinking: if it’s the center of the Universe – whole worlds are moving around; no, the variety of life, which is found on Earth – is nowhere else. This particular combination of 5 elements on this planet – nowhere is seen. This is a very special and most beautiful thing- as we can see on photos, taken from outer space. I’m ok here (smiling). 

Q: Maybe it can exist – some other Earth somewhere?

Guruji: Hypothetically every scientist is discussing – in other galaxies and universes, this and that; but no one sees any similar Earth anywhere. I accept this fact.


Your brain becomes more active and your consciousness is more; it is said that when you’re doing exactly 144 shvasahita pranayamas – you will experience the state of dharana. It will feel different. 

Q: Is it possible to enter the dharana state on a certain level after less quantity – 36 or 24 pranayamas?

Guruji: I’ve been explaining it from the beginning – that the next Kriya is 12 times stronger. So we must try to do as much shvasahita pranayamas and mahamudras as we can – perfectly and artistically. 

Q: If we do 1000 shvasahitas – what will be the effect after this?

Guruji: It will be the half-way to the Dhyana state. 1728 in one go – you will experience a state of Dhyana. 

Q: How much must be done of the second level?

Guruji: 144. Perfectly. It is 12 times stronger than the first

Q: Guruji, what do You think: if we do 1728 pranayamas of second level – it will be samadhi?

Guruji: If you can tolerate that – you will experience something serious. It will take you to the check-list. It will take more than 24 hours and it must be done in 1 sitting. I started all these calculations when I achieved khechari (smiling). Practice regularly: that is the name of the game. 

Q: What time frame is needed for achieving that?

Guruji: …we don’t know. We need enough time for developing our mind: only in time changes or the results will come. Because we think about life and death – it is our habit to consider everything with the beginning and the end. Nobody knows the beginning of time and how it will end; because we are limited by life and death. But there are forces, which are beginningless and endless – you need to think about that also. 

Q: If we can do only 500 shvasahitas?

Guruji: It will make you stronger.

Q: Will it be a different state than Dhyana?

Guruji: It will make you stronger. And again – your tolerance should be very high: you should be able to tolerate that also. You must learn to survive the adventure to tell the story of it. For this state you asked – no name.

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