When the body goes to a suspended animation – meaning heart stopped, brain has stopped and your prana has released at the top of your head: only this area will remain warm and you will have access to your subconscious mind: that is the beginning of samadhi. 

Q: It comes after the twilight state?

Guruji: Yes.

Q: What is wrong if after practice I feel sick to myself?

Guruji: That means some sickness has already started and you’re becoming sensitive enough to the changes which are happening inside.

Q: Can we put good smells on us and heal ourselves by that?

Guruji: No, if the bad smell has already started – that means a certain level of reactions has already taken place. Better have a medicine. And prevention is better than disease – so put this smell before.

Q: If I am surrounded by good smells – will it help heal?

Guruji: It will not help to heal but it will prevent you from getting sick often. The frequency will be much less.

Q: Sometimes bad smells are not from inside – but they are coming to us?

Guruji: Usually if you’re getting sick – it is from inside; or maybe some infection is coming your way, which you’re able to smell – from someone else outside. It may happen.

Q: But if I put some good smells – will it help anyway?

Guruji: Definitely. And your mood will remain good.

Q: Which smells are powerful for that?

Guruji: Whatever which you like. Something that helps you feel enjoyment. That is most important: to feel happy. The most important thing in this creation is to be happy.

Q: Maybe we should make a request to the Universe – and She will answer with what we really need?

Guruji: Have you ever been able to answer the request of bacteria who are living inside your intestines?

Q: But we can thank the Universe anyway…

Guruji: But then the Universe’s time frame and your time frame has the vastest distance in between; the time it will take to react – you will be waiting for millions of years.

Q: So: if people ask the Universe for something and it really happens – what is it then?

Guruji: Very simple analysis: when you’re hoping for something – unconsciously your karmas have also directed you towards achieving that. You will be doing karma according to that, unknowingly or knowingly. And that thing will come to pass. 

Q: Who will win in this game: people with stronger karma?

Guruji: With enough creative imagination and the hardest karmas, which support them. And with luck of course. We should also chant the mantra: Om Luckaye Namaha – maybe luck will come to us. 

Q: What is the hindi name for luck?

Guruji: Maybe “saubhagya” is close – means “the good fortune”. Or maybe “kripa” from Sanskrit – great blessing without any reason.

Q: In ancient times luck was a very rare phenomena so they hadn’t even created a special word for it?

Guruji: They were not so lucky. Just try to imagine – how they survive for millions of years without mobile, without net, without social media? (smiling) We’re more lucky. You go to any ancient place- for example to any castle all over the world: you will never see a toilet there. There is no toilet in Egyptian pyramids or in South American ancient buildings, in caves or anywhere; even in Rome – no toilet. How did they survive without toilets? Yes, baths were there.

Q: What is the reason?

Guruji: We should do some research on that (laughing) again – take any castles, pyramids or forts: there’s no ancient hospital, nowhere. How were they surviving?

When the doctor does something and the patient survives – then the patient says that “god saved me”. When the doctor gives him a bill – then he says “oh god, save us from doctors”.


Q: Guruji, does it exist, certain results of the Dhyana state?

Guruji: 12 dhyanas will make one samadhi according to Kriya yoga. One samadhi is equal to 12 dhyanas, one Dhyana is equal to 12 dharanas, 1 dharana is equal to 12 pratyaharas, 1 pratyahara is equal to 12 perfect shvasahita pranayamas. 



Q: Is it true that all people who communicate or meet in this life – they have rnanu bandha from past lives?

Guruji: I think they stressed things about rnanu bandha too much. Useless talk. First and second parts of “Aghora” are better, the third is useless. Only a very commercial mind will keep on thinking rnanu bandha: that everyone has come here to pay some debt or to take something from someone. Some people come down to Earth just for having fun – maybe some wisdom also. Ultimately all wisdom is just entertainment, for fun.

Q: If some person stole something from you…

Guruji: It is a very commercial observation.

Q: Are there some real signs that exist if you have met someone in your previous life?

Guruji: You will take on a very quick light within that person.

Q: Better to break such a habit if you meet someone like that?

Guruji: What is the need? Carry on; just keep doing your own thing.

Q: Likes and dislikes from previous lives are coming fast?

Guruji: Immediately, instant. From the first sight you will understand.

Q: Is it possible if you disliked someone in a past life – you will like him immediately this time?

Guruji: No, if you had disliked that person very much– it will continue. You cannot become a paramahamsa just like that.

Q: But why do such people meet again in this life? They must do some karma?

Guruji: When you really hate someone – the problem is: you will continuously think about this particular person: that creates a bondage. You should remove that person from your imagination: only then you can be free of hate. It is not an easy thing to do. 



The root of war is in commerciality; even in the world market the war is on. All the armies were created for this: what is mine will remain mine and yours will also become mine. That is the root of commerce, which is ruling us now. 

Q: Why is it said that “even vaishyas” will be liberated by yoga?

Guruji: Because vaishyas are doing commerce; and kshatriyas are more powerful than them – they are just taking money in the name of power.

Q: The person must go through millions and billions of births until he will start to practice yoga?

Guruji: It is a big possibility, yes.

Q: But are these stages of development obligatory – for example shudra must first live like Vaishya, then like kshatriya?

Guruji: It depends on the evolution; but yoga is open for everybody. Self-knowledge, self-realization is for everybody – whoever is able tо think about them and ready to go for them. Yogis don’t differentiate between people or countries, or caste: only a sincere approach is needed. 

Q: But the progress will be different?

Guruji: It depends on your mental status, from which point you started to work – that will make the difference. 



…he was a self-centered person; and he became so angry that he said: if I slap You on the face – how will You feel? I said: I will feel like an idiot is slapping me; how will I feel? It will become part of my realization. And the answer I will give you – will become part of your realization. We see so many people.

Q: What will be the result if we try to say only the truth, the true things?

Guruji: What’s our idea of what truth is and what is the lie? See: the lie is also true – as a lie. Your perspective will be very different.

Q: It will not stop the development – if we answer someone’s half-lie, not the truth?

Guruji: In some movie I heard this dialogue, which I like: any fool knows the difference between the truth and the lie; but only the wise can compare them and know how different they are. 

Q: What realized yogis will say – it will become truth anyway?

Guruji: Yes, this danger is there. That’s why they keep quiet about predictions.

Q: If he will say it even as a joke?

Guruji: I’ve seen it happening, yes.



It’s a very sweet thing – when everybody is saying: you have a choice, you can choose… but my observation is: we have very limited choice or no choice at all. Choice is nothing: just a reaction to the situation- and as a reaction you’re forced to make some decision. This we start to think is our choice. 

Q: You think there is no choice in the path of life?

Guruji: When you’re moving on the path of life – you will face so many situations and you will have to make some decisions- that’s it. Good or bad. But we’re not really in control of our life. But to keep this illusion is a good thing: it gives us hope: oh, I’m important, I have some choices. We have nothing. Even to change the channel on the tv is a very limited choice: you can choose only as many channels as you have subscribed to.

Q: When we come to this life – do we have some kind of goal?

Guruji: Maybe our goal is to find a goal somehow.

Q: For this goal the situations in our life are created?

Guruji: Some of them – yes.

Q: If all the time, during our whole life, we’re trying our best in practicing yoga…

Guruji: No, not everybody is trying to do their best. Very few good people – they try to accelerate themselves. Otherwise generally people are happy in their feeling of security.

Q: So very few people reach their goal?

Guruji: Of course; by discovering it first.

To have no choice is not a bad situation; suppose your choice will go wrong – then you will spend the rest of your life blaming yourself. Now you could blame god or somebody there – it is a little bit of a comfortable feeling knowing somebody else did all of this to be blamed (smiling).



After the meeting, when Babaji said something to me; he was standing there, I was behind him; and the man, who was with him, opened the door. My sister came down with a dog; she saw them and she was surprised – who are they? I just told her: Pranam karana, Babaji Maharaj! Then she did it; he said -ok; after all the talking he walked there simply, climbed the stairs, waved his hand and simply disappeared. We were planning to create a long road there but then I decided – it should remain like this. Fairy-tale-like things had just happened; only when we look back – we see that; otherwise during that time we were so shocked. 

We were discussing technical aspects of yoga, Kriya yoga and most ancient texts on yoga – that’s what somebody said on this and why this technique is like this; this year we finally started to communicate – how they develop consciousness – as a result of yoga practice when it comes. So I think we are progressing. When questions are coming – only with the developed mind and consciousness some deeper questions come and quests start. With ph.d. degree you will not ask the things I’ve already explained – you will already know about what exactly I’m talking about.

Q: Samadhi will be like a ph.d. degree in yoga?

Guruji: Of course. I think we have discussed samadhi too much (smiling) and mudgars also.

Q: For the first samadhi – You forced your practice a lot?

Guruji: I was doing the maximum level because my Guru said: take this art; when I’ll die – it will be no more. This was a very great force.

Q: It happened because You accelerate Yourself.

Guruji: Yes. And there was fear also: when he will die – who will teach me? That fear made me work very hard. I’ve seen many fakes, so I was sure that nobody knows. And it happened.

Q: So You are the exception of the rule: we discussed that a disciple could reach samadhi only when the Guru decides that he is ready?

Guruji: Maybe Guru has already decided that. I think – it definitely changed my metabolism. When you’re practicing for 20-21 hours then sleeping for 14 hours – the whole night and day system became different. And it continued for a few months. It really brought some very good changes inside.

After meeting with Babaji it became absolutely different.

Q: The first samadhi was like a stepping stone?

Guruji: I think it was like a preparation for me – physically and for the nervous system. And the confidence is absolutely different – after you have gone through this. Discussing things – that people, who are working so much – is one thing; but once you do it yourself: then your confidence becomes something else. It was a good time. But my family was worried about me.

When you’re doing any tapas – everybody says that you should get up at 4 and sleep much less; and after this much practice I was out for 13-14 hours. You can’t sleep less, your body will not recover. Very grounded observation: initially, for maybe 2-3 weeks – I had to break up to go to the bathroom in between. But after 2-3 weeks – nothing: metabolism or whatever changed. Body needs time to tolerate. 

Q: If I’m right – when the body is really steady, it doesn’t need anything?

Guruji: But to make it really steady also takes time.


Helen became the catalytic agent for the great war. Draupadi also – catalyst for the great war. Just look at the whole history – there are many examples. Ladies always inspire something.

Q: Why are women catalysts?

Guruji: They are representing Adi Shakti – that’s why.

Q: Do there exist examples when the knowledge of the yoga path was flowing through women?

Guruji: Even in Yoga Vashishtha you will find such examples. And the decline of vedic time came also because of Shakti.


Q: That whistle – which is supposed to produce Nada sound and Naths carried – is it a recent thing?

Guruji: No, it is very ancient: sangi – they blow it in the time of puja. It’s singing itself. Now the horns were changed to whistles.

This mantra is practiced to get the exact vibration of this particular sound: that will connect you with the particular power of the particular god.


Q: What will be with the devotees with that mantra inside: where will they go?



Guruji: Directly to Rama.

Q: Will they be like his ganas?

Guruji: This – nobody knows; but no doubt – he will care about them. That is the proof that all hindu beliefs are not just out of the blue.


Q: Did You hear about “Gahvara tantra”?

Guruji: “Gahvara” means very secret, mysterious.

Q: The first four forces are based on inner sound, on bindu, on creative power and on energy; and the last one – on snake piercing and on higher piercing?

Guruji: It is connected with khechari because the space inside is also called “gahvara”. Kundalini is also called snake also.

Q: Could these two piercings be meant to be the first and second awakening?

Guruji: No, they are indicating in the direction towards something different.


Q: Many people are coming to You with their problems; do You feel they take something from You – like energy or something?

Guruji: No, nothing. Maybe some ideas (smiling).

Q: So You just create a field around You – and the presence here is very positive?

Guruji: If the feeling is good – that is good (smiling). Nobody likes the person who creates a bad mood – or is always complaining and creating negativity. One time one man from my hometown came; he was suffering from a very severe headache. After 10 minutes he said: my headache is gone! I told him: it’s coming to me (laughing) – but it happens rarely. 


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