Q: What is the time of prana and time of apana?

Guruji: Breathing normally – prana and apana.

Q: Could we somehow detect the feelings from the different elements in our practice?

Guruji: When your consciousness develops more, that awareness will follow.

Q: But are there some points of concentration for that now?

Guruji: No, it’s just about awareness.

Q: Can that understanding come by reading some text on the subject?

Guruji: Only by developing your consciousness will your awareness grow. Till then it’s nothing.

Q: Will it come like a feelingness or just as a mental understanding?

Guruji: Are you not feeling your physical body with your mind? What is mind and what is physical? Ultimately it is the mind’s ability. 

Q: True – when we are unconscious there are no feelings.

Guruji: So be conscious, don’t be unconscious

Q: Sometimes, when you’re practicing – you feel very inspired and feel that you’re really progressing; but sometimes you just mechanically do all the techniques by just repeating the sequence?

Guruji: You’re doing everything mechanically. And it depends on the mood: some days you feel good and some days you don’t. but – continue to repeat it even though you feel you’re doing it mechanically: it will have a direct effect on your brain. If you follow your feelings – you will reach nowhere. Use your intelligent mind – if it is there (laughing).

Q: But do we work with the physical body?

Guruji: Without mind – how can you work with the physical body? Please, touch his hand. (disciple touched the hand of asking) Now you tell me: did your body feel it or did you feel it in your mind? There is a very complicated process – that some nerves take the signal, ascend it to the brain, then you recognize that he touched your hand or leg. Who is feeling here? Think on this! You think our body is discussing things or our mind is working?

Q: What to do with the feelings during practice?

Guruji: You need to get over them and understand deeper things.

Q: So in any case we’re working with the mind?

Guruji: Ultimately – body is just an expression of your conscious mind. What else is your body?

Q: Will we reach the same results if we practice mentally? I read about basketball teams – that when they train mentally they have the same results as they played physically?

Guruji: I will say – it is possible if you’re in very great physical condition: then you’ll be able to maintain it. Imagine that you practiced a sport every time and you don’t take enough time to think it over; then very less refinement will follow. But if you’re in great physical condition and you know the game through; when you think about it mentally – you will see so many delicate things, which were missed physically; – so it is possible. Only if you’re a professional on the peak of your physical condition – then the game will be extremely refined. 

Q: Before You mentioned progressive resistance training: what is it?

Guruji: Weight training is called PRT – working out with weights. That is called progressive resistance training.



Very interesting to note: your moment of birth, the planetary situation, especially mahadasha will be the same as at the time of death in your previous life. This I have noticed in a few cases. 

Q: There is no gap in between?

Guruji: It is a continuation: when you take a shower and change your clothes – it doesn’t mean that your clothes are dying. 

Q: But You said once that atma could reincarnate only in the past?

Guruji: The moment you take birth – you’re representing the past. When you’re out of your body – you’re in the moment of the present. Body represents the past millions of years old sense in us.

Q: Is it true that atma gets the incarnation, maximally not similar to each other – to get a different experience?

Guruji: The basic habits will remain the same. It is very difficult to break the vicious circle of your habits. You can go on and on. 

Q: So should I try to break the habits?

Guruji: First you need to understand that you have this habit.

Q: And then try to change it?

Guruji: Then – maybe. That is the real struggle. And we don’t like to struggle (smiling) that’s why progressive resistance training is much needed. 

Q: Do you remember the story of the woman, who was too much into cleanliness and was a prostitute in previous life? Does it mean that what we are attached to in this life – we were completely not attached or even hated in the previous life?

Guruji: The basic impression will be the same. She was about cleanliness because she suffered from some bad diseases, just to be careful this time. But we don’t know about her private life. 

Q: But the story about Shrivastav? He was very careful in this life and stay away from any weapon

Guruji: And he also had the very strong intuition that he died in an accident from the beginning. He was very careful in driving – but he died in an accident. That was fixed for him. I’ve really seen some extraordinary cases.

When you will talk about your atma, your jivatma – then the talk on immortality will come. but every religion is saying that the spirit is immortal.

Q: Is it experience for the spirit?

Guruji: After you will experience what will happen after – you will know. Everybody is discussing immortality: jivatma is immortal, spirit is immortal, soul is eternal – who is not talking about immortality? I think – when you’ll make billions, you’ll stop discussing money. After you become immortal – you will not maybe even discuss immortality. Then you’ll become interested in studying immortals.



What we feel inside – is love. But everybody outside might be having the same feeling. We keep on talking about love – but the majority of people don’t understand the feeling of love. It’s a very precious and very genuine feeling. It should be protected by all means. 

Q: How should I communicate with people who can hurt that feeling?

Guruji: You can curse them any time.

Q: Will I get some karma after that?

Guruji: No. It is the reaction to their karma.

Q: Is it possible to reach a level when people with anger will not come across me?

Guruji: If they will begin to feel the power of love – they will try even more to hurt it. You will have to remain insulated. But I will agree – this is the most protected and powerful feeling. We are all in love with the love itself. You can love any object, you can love anything; love is a very wide thing. 

The real curse comes from the heart. Heart is the place of the god and Ishwar; and if your heart is hurt and the curse is coming from the heart – nobody can stop it. No ritual, no spell.


Q: Is it allowed or prohibited for the yogi to take some medicines which improves the work of the brain?

Guruji: Try.

Q: Maybe You can recommend something for this purpose?

Guruji: Only brahmi. 

Q: With ghee or honey?

Guruji: Just take it and drink milk over it. Night time is the best, before sleeping. In Ayurveda it is described as the most potent brain tonic. Your memory will be more and your mind will work better with that. Just before sleeping is the best time to take it. 

Q: About shamanic traditions – for example, South American Indians, who are using different substances – then they can communicate with the dead ones or spirits?

Guruji: That is especially for the communication with the world of spirits.

Q: What do You think – are they hallucinating or really communicating with the world of spirits?

Guruji: Some of them authentically can communicate. And I’m sure: they will never ever share their secrets with you – even though you look like an American Indian.

Q: Are these substances suitable for the yogi?

Guruji: No. You will appear in the other world by your own power – not by the power of some herb.

Q: One of the guys I’m working with – he tried ayahuasca and became a different person after that: he decided that his mind is his enemy and considers the herb itself as his mother.

Guruji: See what happens. I’ve already told you that no American Indian shaman could teach white person the real thing. Be careful. They could not forgive – and they should not forgive.

Q: You don’t believe in white shamans who have learned from them?

Guruji: Most of them are idiots.

Q: What is Your opinion – if Columbus did not reach America and came to India as he was planning – the Indians would suffer from the invaders?

Guruji: But they came to India – Vasco da Gama came; but we already suffered from Islamic invaders. Finally we were able to survive.

Q: Could You mention some other book – except “Autobiography of the yogi” – which changed Your mind and perception?

Guruji: Yes; I will just tell you a few – read “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”, it is still my favorite. And “Ugly duckling” from H.C. Andersen – fantastic story, I remember it. There was another story which I read about 25 years back: “But for this” – find it; I don’t remember the author, only the name. There are thousands of stories which I like. 

Q: do You still read novels?

Guruji: Whenever I have time, yes. I have a very big collection. Maybe that book, which I had gotten near 1980 – Jonathan seagull – is still with me. Whoever doesn’t believe in fairy-tales and never read comics – cannot become a good Guru.

Q: Like in ”Alice in Wonderland” : you need to believe in 12 unbelievable things before the breakfast?

Guruji: Yes, amazing story. They are really inspiring people!



What is preparation? The process before you pair up with someone; when you want to be at your best – that is preparation. You prepared – so you may pair up. 

Q: What is amazing – every time I come to Govardhan, I see You in the best shape: so You’re always prepared?

Guruji: I’m prepared every time – and with no chemicals, no protein, no supplement – nothing. I’m doing bench presses up to 300 pounds- that’s it. My experience is that: whenever you’re just doing clean and press – body weight increases. Only 4-5 sets – that’s it; no curling, nothing. Now I feel myself very comfortable with my body weight. Workout is like body meditation for me. Till 2016 I was doing 1000 squats every day – it took me 52 minutes; then after that – workout. The technique of Indian squats is completely different and it opens the hips very well. Also it makes the shape of legs more proportional. I’ve noticed – when you go through 500 or 1000, some wrestlers do it up to 5000 – their legs remain slim.

Yesterday I was shown my photographs from 1994: I was standing outside bare bodied – we had been working since morning till evening. I was 92 kilos then. I think – now my shape is better.

Q: Back to the question – don’t You want to be young again?

Guruji: Not young in the sense of being young: if physically I continue to look younger – it will be the best.



Body is called “adhibhut”; bhut means “to be”. So when you’re in your physical body – “you are”. That is said “adhibhut aksharo dharm” – it means adhibhut is the thing, which going towards death: that is your body. Whatever material you see is adhibhut.


Q: In that case what is “adhyatma” here : is it nature?

Guruji: Adhyatma: that is real spirituality – to know yourself spiritually. But the word is a self-explanatory thing: “adhyatma” – to know yourself specially is adhyatma.


Q: What about svabhava?

Guruji: Same thing: sva-bhava: to know yourself. The emotion of being is svabhava. Adhyatma- to know yourself specially; so how can you say it’s two different things? After writing Gita commentaries, after 28 years I’m discussing Gita.


Q: In this chapter it is also said that when yogi dismisses the body it’s unfavorable during…

Guruji: Whenever your body is going away – it’s always the most unfavorable time. You need to remember that.


Q: It is said that one half of the year is more unfavorable…

Guruji: So what is your observation on that?

Q: It’s just said that he has a partial glimpse of….

Guruji: No, the principle is different here. They say that when the Sun goes to Capricorn in the middle of January – the northward motion, uttarayana, begins; the six month of it. The Sun will move into the six signs. During that time there are no rains, the sky is very clear, the sun rays are very clean and hot enough. So when a person dies, his air body – because the sky is clean, and there is no humidity – it will rise very high in the atmosphere, go beyond the clouds and may remain there for a longer time. And if you will die during a time where there are so many rains, because of the humidly air, the water, your air body will be unable to rise beyond the clouds and you will mix up with the rain and come to earth again, as rains, – and whatever vegetation or crops you will fall in, you will enter into that; and whoever will eat it – you will become a semen and be produced as a child. Either of a man or a monkey. That’s why these first six months are considered most favorable: because your air body goes very high. It’s the utmost thing about the vayu sharira. 



Uvula is very important; it is inside the mouth – maybe controlling all the teeth. 

Q: In “Amaraughashasana”: the mouth of Shankhini is the tenth gate and it’s in raja danta?

Guruji: Yes, it’s the same point. That’s why the khechari is so important. If you just look at the shape of it – it looks like OM also. Maybe this is the home of OM.

Q: Does it gives you access to the practice of Shankhini?

Guruji: Yes, and access to the sahasrara, from where you can access Shankhini practice.

Q: Amazing how in ancient texts they could recognize a triangular shape of a waternut – and You discovered it’s somewhere in the brain?

Guruji: I knew it – then one of my doctor disciples was here and he immediately showed me the picture on a phone, how it looks. But in this book the author is describing it downwhere.

Q: Yes, that is the confusion!

Guruji: I said – that’s a problem, it’s upthere, not down there.

Q: They are writing: when bindu blows – it expands and looks like the triangle fruit of waternut?

Guruji: Water fruit, yes: it must be on the back side of the head. That water fruit thing is there.

Q: What does it mean: “when bindu blows”?

Guruji: Maybe the Nada comes; you can go on and elaborate on this. You can connect it with the nuclear blast: the smallest of the small atoms blows up and starts a chain reaction; so you can say – when bindu blows it – the chain reaction comes and a blasting of the consciousness will follow. It will be like a nuclear blast. I already knew – it must be somewhere in the brain and the doctor provided me with the proof. 

Q: What is the function of this waternut formation in the brain?

Guruji: When it’s activated – the consciousness will not flow freely.

Q: From the yogic point of view – it is blocking the consciousness?

Guruji: Not exactly blocking; it controls your respiration also. Aerobic and anaerobic breathing also: you won’t need to breathe for a very long time. And who can even imagine that the brain is looking like hips? As we discovered – they describe it exactly.

Q: Guruji, which upaprana’s function is connected with swallowing?

Guruji: That is because of apana. All downward movements are for apana.

Q: In Yoga Darshan You are saying that before samadhi there is a natural breathless state: when will it come – during practice?

Guruji: As a result of the practice. Suddenly the demand of breathing from your body will stop. And the heart will slow down; because the heart is supplying the oxygen to every cell. Then something will click.

Q: Will it last a long time?

Guruji: Depends on the practice; initially it will be not so long- than the gap will come. Then your breath will slow down: normal breath will occur 4-5 times in a minute and it may go down even more as you continue to practice. It comes as a result of the practice.



It was during a heavy winter: there was a thunderstorm and heavy rain outside. My monkey was here, very cozy, heater was on; I was giving her some dry fruits and chocolate… then it came to me: she’s in confinement – but she’s so cozy and happy. And what about free and liberated monkeys, who are enjoying the freedom? Running here and there to survive, hungry, hoping from somewhere the food will come. That means: not every confinement is bad or like slavery. It is a very welcoming thing if someone is taking care of you.  Liberation may not always be a very good option. We need to think on that.


Q: Very often if someone takes care of you – they want something back from you, no?

Guruji: No, it’s about very careful confinement – not any confinement. But in any confinement – even if you go to prison – at least of cold you will be free. You don’t have to pay for electricity – it’s government work.

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