When my mother was taking me to the market for shopping- I would walk 20 steps away from her. I don’t know – why this attitude was there. And it changed after that incident which happened near Puri – when I was lying and they were giving me food. Then everything changed, my point of view changed,- and I began to talk with them. Before that I was not even talking with them.


Q: Guruji, what do You feel – what changed when Shakti appeared?

Guruji: In fact – the feeling of the house is very different; the whole area felt different;- I’m feeling different. More peaceful, more powerful – under current are more powerful now, much less disturbances. Govardhan is now much more peaceful. No cars on parikrama, no speakers – that was beyond wildest imagination.

Ashes to ashes; but where outside can you find ashes? That means – there were ashes outside before. Now only dust to dust. 


We are living on the goddess – that is Mother Earth. 


Q: Today You said that divinity came to humans and before humans there was nothing; because rakshasas, asuras and giants were there. But I think that even a small particle is very powerful; and if we can start a reaction inside this particle – we start to have a power?

Guruji: Of course, yes.


Q: So size is not important in this case?

Guruji: (laughing) In this case.


Q: I mean Ravana was saying that he isn’t afraid of humans – because they’re too small.

Guruji: They were small; but Parabrahman Parameshwar himself had to come as a human – to fight with Ravana: that shows us the standard of Ravana.


Q: But if we take female goddesses, divinity is not coming to humans: Shakti is Shakti – like she was thousands years before like she is now?

Guruji: It is written in Mahabharat, that every female represents Shakti; and their special qualities are mentioned in Gita. Simply by ignoring them and running away from them – nobody can get self-realization or wisdom or whatever. And as we believe in India: the mother is the first Guru. So if the woman is the first Guru – how can you run away from your Gurus? 




Q: Dasha Mahavidyas: are they representing the directions?
Guruji: Yes, ten directions.

Q: In which direction do we start in Kriya?
Guruji: It is Kali and she represents the North. Head is considered as north.

Q: And how are we going then?
Guruji: Clockwise.

Q: Which direction will be the final one?
Guruji: Tara is supposed to be on top: that is the goddess of wisdom, Saraswati: so knowledge remains on the top always. Covering up every direction – then only going up remains. Remember, Shiva is called Ardhanarishwar: Shakti is not called Ardhapurusheshwari. So – the female Shakti is very important.  

Q: Guruji, with what direction Dhumavati is connected – south?
Guruji: No, south-east corner.

Q: And who of Mahavidya is in the south – opposite to the north?
Guruji: I think Bagalamukhi is exactly in the south. And then Kamala entry is on the south-west corner.

Q: What do You think: Kamala has a different power than Vishnu’s wife – Lakshmi?
Guruji: They never married: he just took her from the ocean. There is no record of marrying- and no children from her.

Q: I’ve read somewhere that now Lakshmi lives with king Bali?
Guruji: Maybe – he is now ruling heaven: the prosperity of ruling is also called Lakshmi, it’s a very wide meaning.

Q: Which type of knowledge can give this Mahavidya to the sadhak?
Guruji: Every type of specific knowledge, which would save him in any type of need.

Q: Can we connect Mahavidyas with basic emotions – like anger, fear etc?
Guruji: No. They are Vidyas: the great knowledge and great wisdom: and in the time of need only your wisdom saves you – your experience and wisdom.


The women can keep the secrets: the biggest of the secrets – they can keep. Many families I have seen – some special knowledge and rituals goes from mother to daughter and so on. Many families we have seen: mеn are not even aware of that. 

Q: You remember the story from Tripura Rahasya – about queen Hemalekha and king Hemachuda? This tradition – when queens were also into secret knowledge – was it lost for some time?

Guruji: This tradition was always there. Because they don’t show off – so we think it’s not there; but it is always there.

Q: This is the most popular argument from people who are reading the translations only: that all the yoga postures and techniques are only for men? Guruji: No, same for women. The influence of religion is too much on the mind of a normal human being: when you’re thinking of starting a spiritual life – you start thinking of becoming a monk. But that is not the true idea: Babaji gave yoga to normal people. And we need to think about that reason. From another point of view, which I discussed already: that was the safest and surest way to give this yoga to ladies also. As we can agree – that for a girl it’s a pretty dangerous thing to explore the jungle, to go to the cave of the sadhus… but in this program they can learn it with her husband or children- sons, brothers, whatever: they can learn it safely. Maybe it was the only certain way to reach out to the ladies. We need to consider this very seriously. What I see – girls are doing very-very good. And by nature they are more spiritual – spiritually aware.

Q: Guruji, do You know the examples in history when ladies were reaching samadhi?

Guruji: Many. Also you need to consider a very big fact: ladies are giving birth to men, who are achieving samadhi. You cannot say that they are nobodies. And they themselves achieve samadhi – even immortality. What about Babaji’s sister? What about Queen Menavati? Gargi – there are many names. Two ladies with Matsyendranath. If you’re running from ladies in the name of spirituality – you’re running away from yourself. You cannot go bloodless. And you need to awaken the woman power, who is sleeping in your navel. Even Kundalini is a female.

Q: Guruji, what do You think about feminism? Who is struggling for female rights?

Guruji: Why are they struggling for female rights? They are always right. So what’s the problem? (laughing)

Q: Now their activities are almost like hate for the men.

Guruji: Maybe personally they have suffered a lot from men – it is just a reaction to that.

Q: Castaneda has a quote: that women can be a magician – but don’t want; and men want to be – but cannot?

Guruji: But then the magic of women is already working in this world – whether they are magicians or not. When the man is a child – he is just holding the skirt of the mother and following her; then another female takes over. 



Q: Why in the Gita it is said: that even women, even shudras will reach?
Guruji: Because they are talking about vedic times: that was a changeover period. Remember – Krishna was the greatest lover and respecting ladies. No match with him! And we’re living in His area. Just take a look: he was teasing them to the limit; when they were taking a bath in the river – he even took away their clothes and didn’t give them back till they came out naked; he made them pose also – then only; but not a single girl complained about him. That’s the power of Him: he was one of the greatest personalities.

Q: But he was an avatar as a small kid.
Guruji: He did very great things even as a kid. And his sense of humor is incomparable: a humped woman was going in Mathura with some ornaments and paste of the sandalwood to the Kansa and he would say: oh, your beauty is enough to influence all the three worlds – where are you going, o beauty? And she became so happy – and gave everything to him. Of course – by his power he made her most beautiful also. Which avatar can have such a sense of humor? He was amazing. I’m happy – I’m living in his area. Not a single complaint, and nobody criticized him for that. Radha Ji was married to another man; – and she worshiped him equally. Where else will you find such displays of love? Nowhere in the world. Everybody is running away from women.


Q: Even Draupadi envied Rukmini – how can she becоme his wife?
Guruji: But there is no record that his wives were jealous amongst each other. And he gave us Gita as well.

Q: But as I understand – his sons, like Samba and others: they tried to copy his behavior – but there is no comparison?
Guruji: That tells us the great thing: we should never copy. We should be our own selves – that’s the main point.

Q: Why did Krishna have such a great number of wives and Rama – just one?
Guruji: And so many controversies are with Rama – but never with Krishna (smiling). One time one American came; and he started a discussion on Krishna: “You consider Krishna as god?” I said – yes, he is our god. “How can you consider him as a god – he is a womanizer, he married 16000 times, how???” I said: the very fact he married 16000 times proves – he is a god! Only a god can do that (smiling) – that silenced him. And he had 10 sons and 1 daughter from each – only a god can do that! Absolute zero controversy with Shri Krishna!

Q: But Krishna and Rama – they represent the same power?
Guruji: No, Rama’s point was just for Ravana. Krishna’s work was much more different.

Q: Does there exist some other personality in history like Shri Krishna – who was not criticized by others?
Guruji: Only Shri Krishna. Everybody is criticized. Even till today – nobody is criticizing him. But on Rama everybody is analyzing intellectually – why he did this and that, he shouldn’t have done it; but with Shri Krishna – nothing controversial. Rama removed aliens from the Earth: so that humanity will become stronger. His work was much more difficult.

Q: Rama’s country didn’t suffer from the war: he was using the power of monkeys?
Guruji: But then – maybe his country was not powerful enough to fight with rakshasas. They were human beings.

Q: But his people didn’t even appreciate – how much he did for them!
Guruji: That is human nature – to criticize everybody. But with Shri Krishna – no.

Q: Because he killed them?
Guruji: (smiling) Even after – much later no one criticizes. Most romantic avatar.

Q: What about his childhood – when the neighbor came to him and criticized him and his mother?
Guruji: Only to the mother: because he was criticized – why didn’t he come to our house? That is another point: they were jealous that he came to her house – he never came to their house. That’s a very different competition! Why did we provide 50,000 trees to monkeys? Any krishnait should know! When Krishna was stealing the butter – either he was sharing with cowherds-boys or with monkeys. Even if he was giving butter to monkeys; I’m just providing 50,000 trees to them. Maybe that’s why Babaji told us that Gita – is your book: read 1 chapter every day! And we’re doing that.


Q: As You said: Parabrahman is superconsciousness; what is the meaning of Parameshwar?
Guruji: Nearly the same


One British scholar was sent to India to study Indian behavior; and he arrived just before Holi and left after Holi. He reported that all Indians are crazy – the craziest people on the planet. The queen refused to believe – and she sent another scholar; he arrived just before Diwali time and left after. He reported – Indians are the most civilized, best behaved people on this planet. This is India!

Q: These two holidays – Holi and Diwali – are they connected with each other?
Guruji: No, not at all. But our behavior is very different. Maybe because of the Holi celebrations Indians are able to keep their sanity: because at least for 1 or 2 days in a year if you let go and do whatever you want to do and use any kind of bad word and dance and everything – then take a bath and be normal again; you will remain normal the whole year. It’s a very good psychological game.

Q: Is this tradition of putting colors everywhere connected with the plays of Krishna?
Guruji: That’s all over India. That tradition existed even before. It started with Hiranyakashipu – after him. It’s very ancient. His sister – who was trying to burn Prahlada, Holika: this burning of fire represents her. Then it starts – next day celebration. Maybe only because of the Holi our life becomes so colorful all of the year. All people are fully covered with colors – they look like Shiva ganas to me, who went to finish Daksha. All clean, well-dressed people represent the vedic traditions; and burning of Holika is maybe Sati; after she is burned – then Shiva’s ganas come. And whoever is well-dressed or very clean – they soiled him. It may not be like it – but it looks like it! If you noticed: they always put gulab like tripundra. So it might be the connection with that. Also when they are taking someone’s from cremation grounds are also put like tripundra – here, in this area. We need to do more research on it.

Q: It looks like Russian tradition – when at the end of the winter Maslennitsa is burned and then for one whole week everyone eats pancakes.
Guruji: We don’t have pancakes here – so we have paan only instead of that.


 In “Amaraughashasana”: men take the path of bindu and the women take the path of rajas – what does it describe?
Guruji: It’s about urdhvaretas state.

Q: Is it the final cut after amrita will come?
Guruji: It’s the final cut before amrita will come. So instead of producing a life outside of the body you begin to produce life inside your body: that will reverse everything.


Q: What do You think: that producing a child is like another chance if you cannot achieve immortality?
Guruji: That is like carrying forward your genetic records. The world is created for breeding. Whoever did it – was very intelligent.

Q: Gorakhnath was created not like a normal human being; but in Gorakhbodh they were talking about immortality – so did he also have all these stages like a normal human when he practiced yoga?
Guruji: I don’t think so: he never went through what normal human beings are going through. But Matsyendranath gave him the wisdom about life.

Q: So he was not needed to overcome the physical limitations – from the beginning he was another?
Guruji: Yes; Matsyendranath is saying: you need to cross over the ocean of the samsara – even though you’re immortal. The wisdom beyond remains.

Q: Yes, I remember the story when Gorakhnath used mercury and attained a diamond body – and then Matsyendranath reminded him…
Guruji: Yes; not diamond – electrical body. Vajra kaya most people translate it as “diamond body”.

Q: Guruji, what do You think: the ability of taking any shape – it’s an ability of the electrical body?
Guruji: Magic. There are stories about 1000 years old cobras and some super beings – like Hanuman and others. Gorakhnath is also known for taking different shapes – whatever he wanted.

Q: When this ability is described in yogic texts – they are talking about the astral body?
Guruji: They are always talking about the physical one.


Q: Is successful socializing the criteria of successful yoga practice?
Guruji: I will say that as a result of yoga practice your mind is highly developed and your consciousness is much better – it is very easy for you to socialize. When your consciousness is wide – it’s very easy for you to live with society – with anyone. Only intelligent people develop in society.


Q: Some of Your disciples teach yoga postures; but some people earn money by working in the office; what do You recommend to people who are working for 2-3 days even during the night time and then have a day off?
Guruji: I will say: whenever you’re waking up – that is your morning. You don’t have to go by sunrise and sunset. Whenever you wake up – that is your morning. When you go to sleep – that is your night. Very simple.
…people were asking me: how are You managing Your practice? That time it was like this: I practiced for 20 hours, then had my food and then slept for 12-13 hours. Wake up, get ready, have some breakfast and then again practice for 20 hours: you cannot just put it in 24 plots of a day.


Q: As I understand some techniques must be performed only before sunrise?
Guruji: Don’t practice them: you’re intelligent, your mind is developing – so you’re intelligent enough to manage.

Q: But do some biological rhythms exist for us?
Guruji: Only by keeping us a part of the biological system will we begin to understand the biological rhythms.

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