Q: About our fears; from “Autobiography of the yogi”: when Yogananda was young – his mother frightened him that if you will not do something – there is a monster in your room…

Guruji: I think every child has gone through it…but there are greater fears that are waiting for you in real life; and you can overcome them by facing them boldly. Face your fear – and it will stop bothering you.

Q: Ok, but if there is only one attempt: to experience it and die?

Guruji: Then you must be intelligent enough to survive and tell the story of it. It is better to tell your own story instead of someone else recording it: there was a brave man, he began to fight a great monster and then became the breakfast of the monster.

Q: In some cases it is possible to experience and then not be afraid of it – but in some cases…

Guruji: I will tell you one more thing: everybody is afraid. Fear will make you extremely careful. Only an idiot is fearless: because he doesn’t know what can happen. So: make fear your strength – and you will overcome it. That is a moment, when you overcome your fear, – you become truly brave. And it will make you more careful: fear is a very necessary thing.

Q: The fear will make you stronger, the panic will kill you?

Guruji: Agreed, yes.

Q: Could we somehow attract the situation if we’re afraid of it?

Guruji: Definitely: your chemical reactions are taking place inside you, you’re creating different types of vibrations, which will attract predators.

Q: So if you constantly concentrate on your fear – it will come?

Guruji: When you’re more experienced in fear – you will learn to keep it inside: that is also a very great achievement. As I read in one American novel: fear is the key, which opens every wallet, safe and pocket. Fear is the key! You can open anything with that.

Q: It doesn’t mean that we must tease ourselves every time with the situations which affect us with fear?

Guruji: Understand your fear, develop it, transform it.

Q: I think – I’m not comparing myself to others; I’m trying to evolve and to transform myself.

Guruji: When you’re alone and very secure – there is no feeling of fear. When you’re moving out of your security zone to face others – then fear starts. First day of the school – very frightful. Real tensions start from this day.

Q: You’re talking about transformation of different types of energy; so fear, sexual energy, anger – what does it mean to transform and to digest them?

Guruji: First you need to understand them. And also you need to develop your mind to the level that you will be able to transform them to do what you want them to transform into. First thing is to develop your mind – then understanding will come; then transformation may take place.

Q: So you must imagine the aim – not a process?

Guruji: No, you must have a very clear idea: you need to understand them first. Only by understanding their true nature, from where they are coming – you may be able to do something.

Q: Is it all through practice?

Guruji: Practice is given to you – so your mind will develop (smiling) with a developed mind – understanding will come, more awareness will come and you will begin to understand so many things. We’re trying to give you a basic tool.

Q: In normal social life – fear and anger are the obstacles?

Guruji: They are not obstacles – they are just stepping stones for understanding yourself better. Anger must be a reaction to some situation. What you want – and somebody is hungering you – then you will become angry. And if a bad person is more powerful than you – socially and money wise: you will have fear also. Fear has so many different types. Or if you want to ask a girl – then different fears will be there: will she, won’t she? That is also an expression of fear. So many fears! Even if you start researching fear – countless types of fear! Love your fears – they are yours. Your respect in the society, your face, your life, your money.

Q: Could they come from previous lives?

Guruji: This life has enough fears, enough situations to make you afraid.

Q: Atma doesn’t carry different fears from previous lives?

Guruji: Maybe she is coming inside your body to experience different types of fear.

Q: The new ones?

Guruji: Every person will give some additional taste to a fear. We are masters in that (smiling).

Q: When you overcome these fears – will vairagya come?

Guruji: No; with me – only when I’m paying the electricity bills – fear comes. When I see some money – I overcome that (smiling).

Q: Could we say with 100 percent understanding the emotion will go away forever?

Guruji: No, they will transform into very sublime things. They will not go anywhere. When you were a child: where did this child go? Transformed into you.

Q: Fears are also passing with DNA: monkeys are afraid of the smell of a lion since they were born?

Guruji: Of course – but that is not fear: this is the instinct of surviving. You’re confusing fear with the instinct of surviving.

Q: What is the difference?

Guruji: Think on it. That is a basic education.

Q: In Your book – “At the right hand of God” – there was a question: how should I not let the emotions take me from anything? You said: You should have one goal and stick to it, always think about it. I’m trying to make it a good example for my own life.

Guruji: I support that.

Q: Shri Krishna is also saying in Bhagavad Gita that fear is the obstacle for the yogis, who want to achieve the highest level?

Guruji: Yes.

Q: What was meant like fear: like instinct fear or…

Guruji: That means if you will not understand the fear – your mind will never develop to its full potential. It is also one very strong emotion; as we’re studying all our emotions so you need to know the basic nature of fear also.

Q: Is it a target for all of the yogi’s?

Guruji: For every person, who is able to think deeply on something.

Q: Ok, I’ll take my case: I should understand all fears of mine to achieve something?

Guruji: Yes, fear is expressed in many different ways: you should understand them all.

Q: Them all – or only the root of them all?

Guruji: By only studying the fear you may reach the root somewhere.

Q: Include the instincts in DNA?

Guruji: Of course. That will be part of your self-realization.


Q: I had a very strange dream: that my grandfather didn’t die but he just made everyone believe in his death being alive?

Guruji: Ritual really works.

Q: And my grandmother came to my parents with big bags and said that she’s tired of being in this sanatorium any more?

Guruji: That means cemetery: she’s out of it now. When my disciple did it for his mother – he clearly heard his mother saying: bye, my son is coming to take me. That was something.

Q: What do You think – will they take birth now?

Guruji: They’re in a line, yes.

Q: Could I meet them in this life?

Guruji: Possibly – because you’re the main key point of this. Marry a good girl: maybe they will come into your family.

Q: Mmmm yes, I love my grandma…

Guruji: … but not that much (laughing) I love them so much – but not to the level to change their nappies. (laughing)

Q: But did I do a good deed for them?

Guruji: Definitely.

Q: Because the culture is different…

Guruji: You see, culture is a temporary thing; it rules for a few centuries rather than changing. What is culture? It keeps on changing. And you’ll find cultures in the laboratory when they breed the viruses cultures. That is us: somebody is creating cultures.


I don’t know why I remember it now; a woman was talking about her lover – then he, who became another man, was chief of the tribe. How he became chief of the tribe: by cutting the head of someone else, who killed his father; you must read the story! That is the real example of a woman’s power. Then one day, when all the men were away hunting, a group of soldiers came: she was the lady of the house and the chief’s wife – so she received them upon their arrival. And they put her husband’s head on the table. She showed no reaction at all, which surprised them. Then she created such a situation where she created a desire for her in every soldier; and they began to fight with each other till it was sunrise then all the hunters came back and killed them. That is the greatest example of the woman’s power, which Neil Gaiman wrote in that comic. That is power, display of power. You must read it! It’s in the Sandman series: the Desire is telling the story; fantastic concept.

An idea of Sandman’s crow – it looks like Bhusundi there. I think the person, who doesn’t know any story or spy thrillers – never realizes himself. Never will he understand vedas and puranas and spiritual processes. Reading comics is a must for every yogi.

Some alien’s ship came to one planet and took over it; then after many-many years they realized that very big monoliths, giant statues – they were thinking those giants – they are alive. Then the chief of the alien troop thought, “What is the use of willing something if we’re not able to convey a message to the habitants of that planet? So they tried every type of weapon on them: and nothing happened. Then they died of time and old age- that’s it. This is one point of view. Another point of view: two men are sitting by the sea on a border, talking; then one man suddenly says – you noticed something that happened here and disappeared? The other man, looking at the stars, said: don’t bother – life is too short! I remember this amazing story. Why were weapons not working on them? Even weapons need time to have some effect on someone! Their time frame was different – and the aliens’ time frame was different. I remember because we were also thinking so much about that.

Q: Could it be the first way of passing information: before it appeared – they drew some pictures?

Guruji: Yes, even cavemen were doing it.


The question was that sometimes the practice is good and sometimes it’s not so good; so I was saying that: you need to analyze the food which you have eaten in the last 36 hours. It will have a direct effect on your mood and your physical condition and affect the practice. Then they said that information is the food for thoughts; so I said: you need to be very careful in assimilating the information in your mind. Because if you get the food that bothers your mind because of the information – that is a much more serious problem than physical food eaten. Be careful about that! That is the only antibiotic you will have. 

Q: Just not react to the information?

Guruji: By understanding that you should reject it and it should not be part of our system. See, remaining aware of some information is ok; but if you take it too seriously – it will become part of your daily behavior and life: then it’s a serious problem. You need to learn to differentiate in that. It is “in-formation”, which is not formed yet, but it is forming; so don’t give it a particular form in your mind, that’s the point. 

Q: Could we reject it on the physical level – back to the person, who is trying to apply it?

Guruji: You cannot reject information when you see something and listen to something. The point is how you digest it.

Q: Ok, if someone is constantly coming to you and complaining about everything: could I say – please, don’t come to me any more?

Guruji: No, you should learn to insulate yourself: so he will be more influenced than you by him. We cannot avoid everything in this world. I have very high respect for them (about Krishnaits); but the moment they try to say that our heaven is better than yours. Then it’s a problem. They are all good people.

Q: I want to ask about their food – how will it affect them?

Guruji: It’s very pure, yes.

Q: But I remember one cook that made some sweets – and I cannot eat because he chanted mantras while he was doing it?

Guruji: Maybe his own sweat was on that – that is the main problem, not the mantra. We have so many sweets and every sweet has a different flavor: because the sweat of every sweet maker has a different flavor. They’re giving this sweat while cooking. Pure hand made!

Q: I remember that once when I had a very bad state of mood I was given krishnaits prasad – and suddenly my mood changed and became very peaceful and good?

Guruji: Maybe some very good person did that. Whatever they are doing – they are providing pure vegetarian food and we should be thankful for this.

…all those problems came from the inferiority complex. To prove that they are much superior than others, they try to prove that a god, which they are worshiping is the superior, the most powerful; and I’m also very superior – because I’m worshiping him. It’s just to come down to their inferiority complex: that’s how the arguments, then the battles, then the wars begin.

That is humanity: god sent his son – and what we did with him? This is humanity. And when you discuss religion – you’re sure to offend someone. Somebody will feel offended for no reason at all; so never discuss religion, if you want to survive.

Q: Why did Brahma make Daksha the primary one?
Guruji: He was the main son

Q: But I think – others were not so arrogant?
Guruji: Whoever will receive some form of power… as we say: if a rat finds a piece of turmeric – he thinks he owns the whole mall.

Q: If we remember sons of Daksha – Sanat Kumaras: they were I think, very highly evolved beings, not like their father?
Guruji: Because of Narada’s influence, yes.

Q: He did a very good deed for them – they began to do tapas, became immortal…
Guruji: Yes, nobody criticizes Narada. That’s how we learn from history; what comes after studying history? Hysteria follows. (smiling)

Q: I have a question: why did god let the people crucify his son?
Guruji: Maybe god doesn’t know the people. Otherwise – why did he send his son to get tortured?

Q: Bhagavan Krishna says: I see all the past, present…
Guruji: Bhagavan Krishna is talking as Time. And we don’t know – which god sent his son.

Q: and Sati – when she went to her father’s yagya and burnt herself – she knew that before?
Guruji: You know why she burnt herself?

Q: Because her father said bad words about her husband?
Guruji: and she said: my body is because of you – so I’m leaving that. This is a fantastic emotion. They didn’t react, Shiva lived in peace also. That tells us another interesting thing: everybody has heard this word and everybody is in love with love itself; but very rarely does somebody experience it.

When people see: Oh, this bastard is experiencing love- and we couldn’t: then they start to torture that person, who is experiencing love. That is jealousy. So every lover, who is in love, needs to be insulated – so they don’t let society know about it.

Shiva was the only one, who married: there is no record of any god marrying like that. They may be jealous of it also (smiling) that was a big surprise to them: wow, they are husband and wife – and they love each other so much, how can it be?! That’s how the problem begins.

Q: Maybe it was the first step to humanity: when Shiva Ji married Sati?

Guruji: No, she was divine already.

Q: I mean the whole ritual and the very fact of marriage?

Guruji: Maybe it was the waken of that ritual.

Tell me one example of him being the greatest!

Q: You said previously that only He is named like Ishwar?

Guruji: That’s philosophy, but from the idle note: he was the first bridegroom looking at him and his mother-in-law fainted. Usually the son-in-law fainted looking at his mother-in-law. This very fact proves: he’s the greatest! (laughing)

Q: I’ve read somewhere that Vishnu became brother-in-law for Parvati: why is it so?

Guruji: Symbolically. It’s a part of the ritual.

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