Q: “sarva managalam” – what does it mean?

Guruji: everybody should be happy and good. Mangalam is wide meaning: everybody should be prosperous, healthy, – everybody should remain good.

On logic someone can give the stronger logic and shatter your logic. Nothing can be proved out of it. You must learn to prove something illogically. Then they will understand.

Q: which type of mind or brain is connected with logic?

Guruji: whose brain is less than 1,5% conscious.

Q: when you have a force – you can prove anything without any logic?

Guruji: when you holding a gun near someone’s head you also not need any logic.

Man- mandir, Chetan – dev: mind is the temple and the consciousness is the god which is there.

It has been discussed by all over the world; some people are even called muni because Moon influences them. Sometimes the crimes and rapes increases in full moon time; all minds are affected by the moon.

Q: from the yogic point of view: it is often mentioned that 16th part of the Moon, which is above the bindu

Guruji: Raka,yes

Q: and it somehow remains unseen and unknown?

Guruji: only yogis experiencing it

Q: what is the main effect of it: it is connected with amrita?

Guruji: directly – that’s why it remains unseen. There is no 16 days in the moon cycle – only 15 days, maybe less. The moon also is your mind and the moon is a symbol of amrita also; it is the giver of the healing power to every herb also. It is connected with amrita directly.

Q: can we say that it doesn’t exist in the person who is not practicing yoga?

Guruji: possibilities are always there.


Q: what does it mean when sadhak begins to see the ether?

Guruji: why not? It is material element. All five elements are considered material.

Q: but before it he must see the vayu – or no?

Guruji: when your seen is not depending on the reflection of the light: then that vision will develop. It’s a rare phenomena.

Q: it’s considered to be connected with Bhuvaneshwari- because she’s the ruler of the space and ether?

Guruji: we can connect it

Q: have You seen someone with this ability?

Guruji: not yet. Or maybe those immortals- they maybe having it, but we never talk about it; this question never cross my mind.

Q: but it must appear after certain level in Kriya?

Guruji: not exactly level – just development in your practice.

Q: will it be like certification of development – or such ability is not obligatory?

Guruji: that is just one milestone in your journey. When we are moving to reach some destination even we cross one milestone – we don’t stop to worship the milestone, we just cross it. Most of the things should be taken like that.

Q: when your sight will be not depending on the light – you can see the Void also?

Guruji: you will become conscious of the Void.

Q: so it concerns not only gross elements – maybe some subtle also?

Guruji: Void is everywhere.

Q: is it possible to see prana?

Guruji: seeing with your mind is much more easier than seeing with your physical vision. If you will be able to see some things; when you go out of your body and your vision is not depending on the physical instruments – then a different type of vision you will have. In that state you will be able to see some of the elements in their true state and even beyond that. As long as you are limited in your physical case and physical instruments- the limitation will remain. Out of the body experiences are important for that; and also to expand your consciousness beyond your physical limits – as I keep stressing in most of my works – is very important. Dependence of the physicality will be no more- and you will began to see.

Q: what do You think, when the yogi reaches the level of the development when he is near to awake his Kundalini: in that state he already can see prana and apana and how they go?

Guruji: no, it will come much later. When he will be near that level he will be already beyond care about these things. He will be attached to the essence of the words, not the word. Prana – is just a word to us; but such advanced personality will be understanding the essence of this word. That is absolutely different thing, different phenomena.

First we must understand ourselves, understanding of Void will come later.

Q: Void is the same Void which is discussed in Buddhism?

Guruji: it is discussed in Yoga also. Buddha also discuss it. He said “shunya” – and shunya is a synonym of the word “void” in English. After 2000 years when Buddha said “shunya” Shailendra Sharma came along and said: ok, there is Void; but remember – it is also conscious. You must become aware of it’s consciousness. Don’t stop there: beyond Void is Time: it has its own consciousness. So we have said more than Buddha said.

Q: before you become conscious about existing the consciousness of the Void – first you will feel…

Guruji: first you will feel the presence of the Void; much later some understanding of the consciousness will come. It’s a very profound deep experience.

Q: when You describe Your first experience of Samadhi – it was like catching or touching the consciousness of other people?

Guruji: yes, locally. Consciousness is always consciousness – gross or subtle: matter consciousness or Void consciousness – we begin to understand the potence of consciousness because it is everywhere. From matter to Time consciousness is a common thing( smiling) – Matter, Void and Time. When your awareness will increase – you will become aware of that things. He will not worry about what is necessary and what is unnesseccary: awareness is awareness.

From micro to macro – matter is everywhere. Even though we experience matter in our day-to-day life – but it’s impossible to imagine about matter: because it also has a form and still remain formless. From a smallest of the small particle to a biggest of the biggest galaxies – Matter is everywhere. First you become conscious of it and then you become conscious of the Matter itself, then its consciousness; then when you recover a little bit of your amazement and surprize – then you begin to see, which power is holding Matter in itself. Then you become aware of the Void: empty space is holding Matter; and then you are so surprised by this extraordinary thing which remains unseen – but still so powerful that it is holding every Matter in its lap – from minutest particle to the biggest of the galaxies: then you become aware of its consciousness. So: consciousness from Matter to Void: you’re becoming aware of the consciousness because it is everywhere. Then when you have recovered a little bit from first initial shock of the vastness of it – then you begin demely to be aware of the consciousness of the Time, then it’s own consciousness. Common thing which I notices: consciousness is from smallest of the particle level to the Time: consciousness remains. Then you will begin to be more attentive to the consciousness itself. After you have gone through everything- biggest of the biggest thing and minutest of the minute thing: then you’re shocked – to see that consciousness is everywhere. Maybe consciousness is the real Creator- whatever name you want to protocate. Here to there, everywhere – it is there. In every single being, in every particle of Matter, in holder of the Matter, the Time – consciousness is everywhere. We need to be more respective to our own consciousness. Very simple observation( laughing)

We start by developing our own consciousness, then our awareness about omnipotent presence of the consciousness will start. That’s why I keep stressing: develop your mind, develop your brain, try to make your subconscious conscious: this is the only tool you have. Develop it!


We cannot say that Jesus was a saint: he was a son of god- that makes him a very high person. Saints are those who suffer to please god; sometimes they received some grace from the god: those persons are called saints; and some miracles happened. Jesus was the directly son of god – so you cannot compare him.

Q: but he was saint as well – because he was suffering

Guruji: no. god sent his own son to help humanity – and see how human beings treated his son. Be ashamed of it!

Q: Guruji, yogis and the saints – they have different destinations or the same destination?

Guruji: no saint is talking about knowing your own soul. They are all ready to surrender their souls to the god. Yogis are talking to know it first: that is a very big difference. And I think this difference will remain. As I have said recently: most of the religions were born in the time of monarchy. Now we’re into democratic time. We need to think : whether these things are still valid or not. We need to discuss on this: maybe democracy will bring something absolutely different; maybe some powerful person will come or some avatar will come.

Who continue to worship the past, always looking back, loses their perspective on the present state. When present is gone – their future is also lost. We must learn from the past, improve our present and move towards the future. That is intelligent thing to do.

After knowing everything the question rises: who is knowing? After worshipping different gods the question should come: who is worshipping? And why? And the very different journey will begin with that.

One Russian asked me why Hindus don’t worship the creator Brahma? I told him that we cannot worship the creator who made so many mistakes in creation. That is the difference between Hinduism and other religions: all are worshipping creator as god. Hindus are worshipping different avatars and different aspect – but not creator, no more.


Q: what about worshipping the Earth?

Guruji: it was already there, from the beginning. You cannot create it temple – you’re living on Earth. You can touch it; your very life depends on Earth. You don’t have to create a special temple for Earth and go worshipping. Beautify the land around you – that is the real worshipping to Earth!

Q: now scientists also saying that Earth is a living being…

Guruji: you were not believing me – but now you’re saying “scientists also reached the same conclusion”( smiling)

Q: they are also saying that it can be some mechanism between the core and the surface of the Earth: with that mechanism she could communicate with the other planets?

Guruji: I’m sure about it, yes.

Q: what is for her when human gets the natural oil and gas from her?

Guruji: your 100 years – human 100 years – are 700 part of Earth 1 second. She will become aware – and you will be no more. Look at the pattern: all the civilizations who were progressing so much, in the name of progress they mine very heavily: they all disappeared.

Q: but what do You think: the extraction of oil from the Earth – is it positive?

Guruji: it’s same mining. Ultimately nothing good.

Q: what do You think on nuclear testing on her?

Guruji: I think – maybe it is needed: because after it started human minds became more intelligent. You just compare before and after.

Q: so the mining is like the instrument to destroy the humanity?

Guruji: you can call it; because aborigines – they never mine, never cultivate the land – but they continue to survive. Very progressive cultures come and disappear. We should start to live like Tarzan in the jungle.

Q: maybe after few generations we will understand?

Guruji: I think already discussions started and people have becoming more aware. It’s the very positive thing to see. Commerce people keep criticizing it; but it is only because of the commerce the globalization became possible. Races came together. Everything is there because of the commercial aspects.

Q: what is the general aim of globalization?

Guruji: that we will begin to see that Earth is our home. Not Russia, not India, not America – we are inhabitants of this planet Earth, we are earthlings. Globalization will bring this consciousness to us – which was needed I think. I’m waiting for the day when to travel from one place to another no passport or visa will be required because we will be citizens of this planet, citizens of the Earth, earthlings.

Q: don’t You think it is needed 10 times less population for that?

Guruji: it depends: it was very less – now it’s too much – again it will be less. This is the swing of life.

Q: but it was the example of Babylon in history? Was it the real globalization when they start to build the tower?

Guruji: no, they were building the tower so they can be near god, going to heaven. And they went to heaven.

Q: what do You think: nowadays Dubai is looking like Babylon?

Guruji: most of the metropolitan cities are looking like it.

Q: could their towers be like incarnation of Babylon tower?

Guruji: no. there are two cities, very prosperous: Dubai and Mumbai. Phonetically it sounds like two sisters names. Both cities are highly prosperous, both are by the sea; maybe there is some connection. There is a temple of Mumba Devi; on her name the city is called Mumbai. Maybe there is something in Dubai also. It cannot be a coincidence: Dubai and Mumbai sounds very much same and both are very prosperous cities.

In monarchy times the globalization was not possible because there were so many monarchs and kings; only in democratic times globalization became possible. I think it will become more and more and will become very refined; democracy needs to be more refined – it is a very recent addition to humanity. Slowly evolution; we remain too attached to the past.

Q: who was Mumba Devi?

Guruji: one aspect of Shakti – she may be a powerful deity.

Q: democratic system is the system against Vishnu?

Guruji: yes, we can say that. He’s gone now. He’s staying in Sutala, in the Netherworld. My parampara says: never accept land as donation. Vishnu get all three worlds from raja Bali – and that’s it, end of story.

Q: so he wanted to cheat raja Bali, but…

Guruji: yes, something has happened. Nobody digest the donation of the land.


Shiva Ji called him his son.(about Shukracharya)

Q: why around Shiva Ji is so many ugly creatures?

Guruji: that is His compassion that He sees beauty in everything, even in ugly creatures. Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.

Q: maybe our criteria of beauty is not absolute?

Guruji: it’s objective thing, yes.

Q: is it true that more hands the deity has – more furious it is?

Guruji: no, maybe they are aliens.

Q: is it true that 7 or 8 Matrikas are connected with some types of plants and trees?

Guruji: sometimes – yes.

Q: something known about connection with Chamunda Devi?

Guruji: she lives on the crossroad. She’s the most mysterious and most powerful.

Q: she’s the only Shakti who is not a consort of some god?

Guruji: alone. She’s described Shiva’s sister; that is something.

Q: how it happen that she became the Kula devata of Your family?

Guruji: maybe somebody worshipped her – no idea.

Q: so they are not always Kula devata with Shiva Ji simultaneously?

Guruji: no.

Q: everyone who has Kula devata has Kula Devi also?

Guruji: most of them have it – but not many know it.

Q: how different Mahavidyas affect the practice on different levels?

Guruji: they do effect, yes


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