As it has been said, a man’s progress depends on the woman – near him or supporting him or blessing him. 

Many people – they think they are spiritual by ignoring and demeaning women, but I defer here. Babaji knew that: that the nearness and the good will and support of a woman is extremely important for spiritual growth. That’s why he shared Kriya yoga with householders. Because a woman is always near: it may be your wife, your mother, your daughter, your sister, your auntie, your grandmother… one cannot call himself very highly developed spiritually if he continues to ignore half of the world population without getting their good will and blessings. Think deep on this point! 

And no matter how great a man becomes – he will always be the son of his mother, you must remember that.


Astrological: logic from the astral.

Q: I saw the persons with great possibilities in their charts – but they don’t realize it?

Guruji: Maybe real good mahadasha they are missing; you see luck plays a big role. Either they have a very small child or young: very important mahadasha passes – he will receive no benefits; or when he is about to go to the final rest in peace: when some good mahadasha comes – he will have no benefit of it. That is luck.

Q: Manuals on jyotish talk about 2 houses of luck: 9th and 5th?

Guruji: And 4th also I will say. If the 4th house is not strong – you will keep on suffering.

Q: I thought it’s more about satisfaction from life?

Guruji: See, if it’s not strong – no satisfaction! No luck.

Q: But for the spiritual realization 9th is more important than 5th?

Guruji: It’s about tapas and showing you the way. But the 4th house will denote spiritual satisfaction both with worldly satisfaction. Satisfaction is a very wide thing: so spiritual satisfaction also it will cover. 

Q: And 5th is more for material luck?

Guruji: For intellect and for learning, development of the mind and for children also.

Q: If someone dies in Rahu mahadasha – will he be born in the same mahadasha?

Guruji: Usually. Not a fixed rule – but usually it happens: life is a continuation of previous life.

Q: But a person isn’t born immediately after death?

Guruji: Even then – his record will carry with him. It’s a very complicated program – but it works.

Q: He has Mercury in his 8th – and always makes mistakes no matter in what language he writes?

Guruji: I also have Mercury in the 8th house – I have no suggestions for this (laughing). Handwriting is not good; my handwriting is also not good. In English it is much easier for me to talk and to read – but difficult to write. I’ve never done any practice in writing English – I’m reading and reading and talking a lot. I also don’t have much grammar in English. But without grammar it is ok.

Q: So we must live very long to overcome all the planetary influence?

Guruji: Astrological chart is creating only 120 years of mahadashas. If you go beyond that – you’re beyond planetary effect. You will be a free person without the influence of any planet. Maybe you will be able to make your own decisions after that. And I think if you cross 120 years you will be wise enough to do that.

Q: Even in appearance it will be seen?

Guruji: I think so. Here one of the Bengali sadhus died exactly at the age of 120 years Manohar Das baba: so he went away a free man.

Q: What I observe during the last years: even transits influence my mind and the decisions I take…

Guruji: Yes, that’s how they affect. Stop bothering, relax! Flow with life, let it be. You see, when I was a young man, unemployed man – nobody who ever could see my horoscope said : you will be a yogi and a Guru. Now every astrologer says : of course, it is there!

In 1985, near Gwalior there where a big Shani temple is – Shanishcharaya. They say that Hanuman Ji rescued Shanidev from Ceylon and sent him near Gwalior: so there is a temple, a very mystical place. And before that, on a very high hill top, there is very small fort-like construction and Baba Lochan das used to do tapas there. He was a soldier in the senior army – Gwalior king’s army and he was a great devotee of Lord Hanuman. 

One day he was so immersed in whatever he was doing for Hanuman Ji: he forgot to go to guard duty, and the king was to come there for inspection. When he came to senses and ran there – he found that the signatures were on the register and everybody said – yes, you were there and the king was very pleased with your duty. But he said: I was not here, I was there. This story became very widespread and the king was very impressed; so they created a big thing for him to do tapas there. 

Me and 3-4 of my disciples in Gwalior decided to go there. That is a fantastic place. We climbed the hill, and there was that structure – maybe 4 times bigger than this house. There was a small temple of Shakti and there was one sadhu there in white clothes: his name was Ragha Baba and he was 95 at the time. He gave us lunch; and there was a breath-taking view: there was a big square stone of 5-6 feet there that Baba Lochan das used to sit and look: you will just see 20-30 kilometres it was such a view! Then we came back. 

Recently one of my disciples, Sohan Singh Yadav – he is in this place: he gave me a visit last year. I asked – where are you hosted? – he said: near Shanishcharaya. Then that Baba came to my mind; I said: I went there in 1985 – Ragha Baba was there, he gave us lunch; how is he, what happened to him? He said: he’s still alive, 130 plus – and looking absolutely the same. Now they are calling him Parvatvali Baba. 

It was too extraordinary: the man was 95 years old, we saw him wayback in 1985 – and he was still alive. He died this year. He was 130 plus. And I think: there was a well in front of that building on a hilltop and the water was a sort of oily water. Only that well was there; we also drank it and he may also have drank it all his life. Maybe the water was carrying. And I also noticed that mostly Hanuman Ji worshippers – they live long. There was another ashram with such a devotee: he died at 110. But Ragha Baba died at 130 plus. 

Our mythology is full of it. But western mythology, bible, koran – they don’t give such long life spans or so big tapas. There is no synonym also for this word – tapas.

…very thin, 45 kilos – not even 50 kilos; and he was sitting quietly, lost in himself; not talking much. But he talked sweetly. And Mahatma Gandhi likes specs. Even then for 95 he was good. His mental state was different.

 Have You heard that someone lived for 200 or 300 years?
Guruji: One king, yes. I have a disciple who recently retired from Union Bank of India; he told me this story. There was some application for a big loan from the Union Bank, so the bank demanded some papers. The man, who was asking for the loan provided – was because they needed it for his great grandfather. Bank looked at it and then set up an inquiry: according to the papers the person was at least 180 years old. They inquired – and he was genuine: it was his great grand son. He was a small kingdom’s king of Rajasthan who set up in Bangalore. And he was living very privately and he told the bank: please, don’t reveal my identity. Your conditions are fulfilled – so grant the loan to my grand grand son. 180 years when the bank made the inquiry; so that is official – he provided all the records. It was in 2003 or 4 and he died in 2011, nearly 200. It does not happen simply by chance: he must be having some secret – some rasayana, some yoga practice. Without this it is not possible.

There was another story of Tapaswiji maharaj- I think we already discussed that. He was a former prince of Patiala: he also lived up to 180 years. He did kaya kalpa three times. They were living about 40 kms of Govardhan.

Q: Is that kaya kalpa like kuti praveshek?
Guruji: Yes, that one. So only 2 people I know; and about the king my disciple informed me – because he was the part of the inquiry.


Q: The life span was not so long before Shiva Ji came to Earth?

Guruji: For human beings.

Q: So humans could learn yoga and live longer?

Guruji: Something happened; and all this knowledge of mercury and all these things came. Before that – 100 years maximum.

Q: Maybe it was in the “At the right hand of god” that rishis invoked Shiva Ji from another dimension?

Guruji: It could be: His origin is unknown. Or maybe, for the sake of discussion, hypothetically: He may be the first human being who discovered the secret of immortality and became immortal: that’s why all gods were so much against Him. It could be that also.

Q: But then rishi became angry on Shiva Ji?

Guruji: They were angry because they were jealous of His beauty. Their wives began to follow Him.

Q: Is it true story then Bhringin refused to do pranam to devi Parvati – then she cursed him and he remained only with his bones and nerves?

Guruji: Yes, I’ve heard this story – but only in tv series. In real purana I’ve never come across this. Nandi and Bhringin are main ganas, yes. I don’t know where they took that from.

Q: But his shape is different?

Guruji: Maybe he has three legs, because many Shiva ganas are like that.

Sulfur is connected with raja Bali: maybe he was there. In Ayurveda sulfur is called “fat of the Bali”, balivasa: so it is connected with him and also with devi Shakti.

Raja Bali attained immortality by the use of sulfur: it is written in some ayurvedic ancient books, so one of the names of sulfur is “fat of Bali”. And he is a very righteous person: now he is ruling heaven.


Q: In “At the right hand of god” You mentioned that in the last 10 years of Lahiri Mahasaya nobody saw that he’s sleeping?

Guruji: Yes

Q: How can that be possible?

Guruji: Simply he was not sleeping, but he was eating and he will continue to sit in lotus all night. Maybe in the morning he was sleeping for a few hours.

Q: But with the practice of yoga you will sleep less and less?

Guruji: I don’t believe this. Gita says: you need proper sleep. So the whole night – many people were coming to see me; we’re night birds – I stayed awake all night; it doesn’t mean I’m not sleeping: I’m sleeping in the morning. He may have been sleeping in the morning.

Q: But now in my practice I feel I can sleep less?

Guruji: It is possible. Conditioning is getting better; but even then you will need sleep.

Q: How much must it be? 6,7,8,9 hours?

Guruji: I need at least 6-7 hours. If I stop working out – then I sleep only 4-5 hours. But then I’m not feeling good. Not feeling the body is an absolutely different feel; I don’t like to talk. So workouts are very important. It is now more like body meditation: feel your body at least.

Q: Yesterday when we finished practice – we couldn’t  go to sleep: it was increasing the energy?

Guruji: It will continue to be like that – then you will become normal. You will begin to be normal and sleep normally. It is just the beginning (smiling).

Q: 12 years – and now just a little more tolerable.

Guruji: 39 years and still tolerating (smiling).

Q: But I don’t understand how Lahiri Mahasaya could tolerate samadhi for the first time?

Guruji: He was in front of Babaji.

Q: So he gave him power?

Guruji: Yes. Deepak made some research on samadhi: in the known history only 6-7 people are claiming to be in samadhi, no more. Even though it has been talked about by some people – not by everybody. Very few come forward to say that; and even in those – he was trying to compare my account of samadhi: our account is absolutely not matching with previous ones- they are very romantic accounts. Romance is missing in our narrations.

Q: Many people supposed as saints described it like bliss or euphoria?

Guruji: It was not a yogic samadhi. You have to be a yogi to experience samadhi.

Q: You’re the first one who said – it’s a yogic achievement and you must do the techniques?

Guruji: To prepare yourself. Otherwise no one can tolerate that. If suddenly it happens – you will not survive.

Buddha reported sitting in lotus- our lotus: if he was not a yogi – then he was not known for inventing padmasan. But he sits in padmasan, left leg first.

Q: Is it conscious or unconscious samadhi?

Guruji: It will be conscious: the thing is – if the body is not prepared enough it will be like dead and your subconscious will awaken; so the body will not be harmed – literally in the dead condition. Over the period of many-many years the conditioning will increase and then some tolerance will develop. It takes time.

Q: Does it somehow look like fainting at the first time?

Guruji: No, samadhi is not fainting. Maybe the energy became so high that you lost your consciousness or you fainted; samadhi – you will remember everything, intensely aware.


It is a sad fact – or just a fact of life — that even if you’re doing very good things, if you’re living in society- we have to live in society – many different emotions people will feel. Some will be intimidated by what you’re doing good, or some people will feel jealous: so many reactions society gives. So we have to be careful. Then if you lose your temper, then they will say: o, you’re practicing yoga, you shouldn’t become angry – it will create bigger anger. And they are provoking (smiling). We learn these lessons slowly: over the years you become more wise, more mature. Every day is a new learning from different angles. And it adds to your self-realization.

Q: Like in Gorakhbodh: when the yogi has experienced all the situations…

Guruji: Every situation is a test. It’s a very rare phenomena: only by good luck you come across some people, who are very open-minded, with a sense of humour and you feel good talking with them. Sense of humour is a gift of god. It always comes together with the open mind.

Q: When I see the people without sense of humour – I’m not talking with them

Guruji: They are very limited, narrow minded. Some people are born like this: if you’re laughing – they will be jealous: why is he laughing? Better to ignore them. They say: ignorance is bliss; but I say – ignoring them is bliss.

Q: Usually they are also jealous…

Guruji: Then you can have some solace that jealousy is always towards the person, who is better than you. If they are jealous – you’re definitely better than them. And first jealousy, which I have experienced, is from your physical strength and good looks. This is the first thing which creates a lot of jealousy. We used to go to one akhara in Gwalior; it was vyayam- shala, an old type of gymnasium. On one side – Indian style of wrestling, some barbells, some bars and double bars. There was one old wrestler; he would guide us from time to time – even though he was working somewhere, a one-eyed man. Kanwa Guru said: if the thighs are very muscular – and even if he goes in torn clothes, the world will stop and look at him. And I agree absolutely. So first jealousy is from a very well built body: everybody desires to have a body – but not everybody is ready to go all the way, do all the work to develop it.

Q: Of course – who is stopping them?

Guruji: Their own laziness: they will never do it. I heard it from Kanwa Guru more than 50 years back – but I remember it: they carry a very great wisdom. And they were not saying that “he’s developing his body” they used to say “sharir kamaraie” means “he is earning the body”, it was their way of saying. And I agree with that.


Q: Why is it considered so important – if you meet some astral being in your dream to ask his name?

Guruji: No, they will never tell you their name.

Q: Will it be a trick from their side?

Guruji: If they will give you some mantra – it’s a rare phenomena. But even then they will not reveal their identity or their name, which will come much later.

Q: So it’s not a good idea to try to ask their name?

Guruji: No, asking may irritate them.

Q: Because one very strange incident came: one person was under the surgery and when he was unconscious some being came to him and said him to come to the exact place, find the hatch and in the hatch will be the beads; you must take these beads and pass them to another person – otherwise you will come back to hospital very soon. He was afraid; when he came back to senses – he came to that place and there was the hatch in reality and inside was the real beads. He passed them to a certain person – but nobody could say, what it was and why it happened?

Guruji: It may be the spirit of his ancestor, who was protecting him; he was saved – otherwise he would be in a hospital again. It may be some old karma, connected with the certain place and beads, which was removed that day.

Q: So we cannot judge what we see – past, present or future?

Guruji: You will begin to see that.

Q: So if we see something extraordinary?

Guruji: It could be in another dimension or in the future.

Q: If it is in a different dimension – it will never touch us?

Guruji: It may touch.

Q: Does it happen accidentally – if we fall to another dimension?

Guruji: You remind me about one instance recently: about 2 months back some disciple of Pasha Rambabu came- he was about 80 years old and 4-5 people were with him. His son was sick. And in some Bengali book he found a description of yoni mudra: not exact, only the way. It was written that by practicing this mudra all diseases will disappear. Because he was a loving father – he told this thing to this sick boy – maybe he was his grandson: he tried that – and he died. My conclusion was: until or unless the backup of parampara is there – only that will protect. Because you’re invoking your spirit: if it is irritated – it may decide to leave. Do svidaniya. That’s why parampara and Guru are so important. I also gave him a dialogue: he was so much after me – so when my final moment will come what I will say to death? When death comes, you just tell her: now you have come – I’ve spent all my life waiting for you. He went away a little bit happy.

Q: Like in the “Gladiator” movie: when death comes – you should smile at her?

Guruji: What else? You can do nothing else – only smile (laughing) what will you do?

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