Many times it happen: rain stop, very strong wind was coming down.

Q: every time we tried to go out of the city – even it was the close direction about no more than 50 kms – the weather turned awful in seconds?
Guruji: one thing I will say: you’re a yogi – nature are protecting you and supporting you: maybe they are stopping you for certain reason. so we must listen to the nature. Until unless that is emergency and you have to go: then you just take my name, result will come im 5-7 minutes. many people experienced that. even though it’s a surprise for me, I don’t know, how it works.

Q: we heard about snakes, ants and even bats
Guruji: now the heavy rains. And one idiot tried to experiment of some other holy man’s name – and it increased more( laughing)

Q: You remember our talk about weather conditions when we tried to move out? Maybe it’s the suggestion that yogi must remain and practicing in one place – so after some time the place may hold the yogi?
Guruji: no: it is only that nature maybe trying to protect you. Maybe some accident was waiting or something. This is not always an obstacle – it maybe the your support also. My first disciple – he is no more now; he died years before. He was coming from somewhere; something happen and the bus conductor made him go out of the bus: there was some hot argument with the driver. So he was pushed out of the bus, took another one; and after half and hour, when they reached he saw that bus had big accident just there. He survived.


Q: but what made You to leave Your farm?
Guruji: I think, mother Earth decides.

Q: but after You left that place – some imprint of Your practice remained?
Guruji: it is still there and that will remain for a long time. I’ve heard that whoever go into that cellar – within 5-10 minutes they go to sleep. That effect is there.

Q does the proportions in Kriya practice connected with spanda – the vibration from which everything was growing?
Guruji: it will directly affect your DNA – it is directly connected with so many things. exact proportions is very important.

Q: more we refine this – more we will be in tune with the planet?
Guruji: and yourself also. and less oxygen will be needed.

Q: as I understand, kevala kumbhaka couldn’t happen “just like that”?
Guruji: no, it’s a step by step gradual process: first your breath rate will go down – 5-6, even less; then maybe one breath in one minute; then maybe one breath in 1,5 minute. And a gap of breathless condition will increase: that will be beginning of kevala kumbhaka.

Q: it will be even during life, the awake state?
Guruji: yes, it will be much less.

Q: is it connected with the feeling of kumbhakas in Nabhi Kriya?
Guruji: yes, they will become more soft and also it indicates towards nabhi activation. and from bodybuilding point of view: if your roib box will remain permanently expanded – that will be also criteria of kevala kumbhaka starting.

Q: during practice?
Guruji: all the time! it will not come down – it will remain always open, so more air inside.

Q: do You recommend such practices as nauli and agnisara?
Guruji: I strongly recommend agnisara and nauli every day, 100 repetitions each – no more, no less.


Q: what do You think on new fashion of standing on nails?
Guruji: it has acupressure effect.

Q: so it’s more ayurvedic thing than spiritual technic?
Guruji: no, it’s a chinese method. so the fashion of practice yoga postures is going down?

Q: because it is difficult.
Guruji: it is good to filter out curious people. serious yogi will always remain. I remember when I was at school or college some wrestlers champions came, and they were wrestling in the streets so the whole city was there to watch them. there was a famous indian wrestler, now he is no more – Dara Singh – he was world champion those times , so that was the big thing. and after that suddenly, in all the gymnasiums and gyms the crowd started to come. After 3-4 months – all disappeared and only regular sportsmen remained. that’s how it happens.

So: if he is haemorrhoids- he will keep trying for recognition but doctors only will be able to recognise him! ( laughing) world will never see it! i don’t know why I give such examples.

Q: but they are really to the point, exactly
Guruji: and standing on nails – it’s only chinese acupressure thing. if you will stand on it – so many pressure points be activated and you will feel relieved and relaxed: it is directly that. it’s a medicine thing. some fakirs here in India – they used to lie down on the bed of nails – but they were more spaced.

Q: what was the purpose?
Guruji: only for show so some money will come their way. they were not actual yogis – but they were declaring themselves as yogis. lying on a bed of nails is far more easier than sitting in lotus for three hours.

I think yoga will remain always very mysterious. People are afraid to touch real yoga: postures they can understand – but even postures are not easy.

Yoga will always remain for intelligent people. if you’re for a yoga just for health reason – that’s nothing.

Q: there are more than 90 percent women in yoga classes: why men are not so for it?
Guruji: I keep telling: girls are more spiritually made up, somehow they sense the mystery of yoga more. They will always remain very sensitive to supernatural things and esoteric mysteries of even religion or spirituality: they are made this way, they are always more sensitive. And for the yoga practice – intelligence must be there. I’ve already completed 42 years of involvement in yoga and 39 years of practicing Kriya yoga: if somebody asked me – I think I’ve just started. now understanding is coming slowly-slowly. Even though I’ve written so many commentaries also  – it is very mysterious thing.
Better always wait for people to make the first step towards yoga practice. i think now Babaji maybe withdrawing kriya yoga from the society. Recently one man came to me: he was a disciple of Ashok Chattopadhya; he is a professor in a very high technological university. He came; when he learned first step- there was many mistakes he was taught; now he came after doing khechari so we taught him more. He said: You’re the only one left in India.

Q: in the whole world
Guruji: that makes it whole world, yes. That means: Babaji is withdrawing Kriya yoga from the society. I’m ok with that: I was never into propagating or something: I’m just sitting quietly in one place.

Q: What for is all that project – for changing humanity?
Guruji: people will call me arrogant or egoistic maniac if I will say that Babaji initiated Lahiri Mahasaya so the Kriya yoga will reach one day to Shailendra Sharma.

Q: as I see – this project started many centuries or even millions years back – and now it’s like a climax or not?
Guruji: it could be: now the world knows that there is one immortal being, immortality is being discussed so much now, before that – nobody would dare even.

Q: maybe for some time it was needed – to practice Kriya all over the world?
Guruji: there was a theory that every new century is assured by something. in 1861, when Babaji started this program,  – see the changes in the world? democracy was introduced in India first time, where nearly 500 kings were ruling before. and see the jump in science and technology. end of monarchy we see after that: it’s a new world after that!


Q: Nostradamus was saying that the english queen will die in 2023 and it will be the final end of monarchy?
Guruji: probably: she is the last one living – who ruled british empire. She is very important person – no matter what anybody can say, but she is Her Majesty. she cannot be ordinary.

Q: what is so special in so small island that they could dominate the biggest part of the world?
Guruji: 78 countries they were victorious and they ruled and gave a system to almost every country. whatever system we have in India – it is because of them. Some big one up there moving them forward  – because they are very meticulous planners, long-termed planners; and they created the army – which is now Indian army: that pattern almost whole world is following. they are knowing something.

Q: these rules will exist forever?
Guruji: that was just the beginning of globalisation, they were part of it. see the change of world after Second World War: monarchy suddenly disappeared, everywhere democracy came: it’s a new world order!

Q: could it be that during the second world war some object or deity was destroyed and that’s why monarchy disappeared?
Guruji: I think it was bound to happen: always big war before new chapter

Q: will democracy also change to another system?
Guruji: you see, monarchy was there for thousands of years: let’s hope democracy will remain as long. it needs refinement: with every passing generation it will be more and more refined. no matter anybody what they say – the lifestyle of normal person is much better. it is getting better and better. this is a window to the world.

Q: now we can say that vaishyas era is ruling?
Guruji: businessman class. And as I said – the service sector will become powerful, so it is becoming powerful. after everything has been purchased and sold – only servicing will remain.

Q: what will be in this service sector era with the brahmins?
Guruji: they will always be knowledgeable people because you will always need them. Then, after this era is done, then the golden period on Earth will became. much less population, everybody highly educated, highly competent – not only education, competent. There will be the real golden time. no passport, no visa will be required, no caste, no creed – everybody will be equal.

Q: now it sounds unbelievable
Guruji: it will come to that

Q: interesting what will be with the cities, with the races?
Guruji: all the big cities will disintegrate and merge with Earth: it’s just a matter of time.

Q: we will live like a hobbits?
Guruji: no, not hobbits – we will live according to the nature. You will be highly competent and educated, knowing so many things; highest form of technology at your command- and you will live like Aborigen. Someone told me the cavemen were nothing: I said they may have reached the climax form of evolution – they were even making tools with the stone. Merge with the nature, living absolutely natural way. How You can prove it? I said – look at the cave paintings: you cannot make paint which will last 20000 years in nowadays situation – but it is still there. I don’t think simple cavemen or Aborigen could create such a paintings.
I think the world population will start to go down in a few years.

Q: first because of pandemic then the war?
Guruji: maybe less children will take birth.

Q: because of vaccination?
Guruji: no, many children already took birth after people recovered from it. Someone asked me about the name of the child – I said Ms Corona and Mr Covid( laughing)

Q: is it the first step to Apocalypse?
Guruji: no, not yet.

Q: interesting that during corona times every rituals were stopped and only Your puja continued?
Guruji: I think most of that places have lost their powers whatever it was. We have the same routine even in lockdown, no problem – because it’s absolutely personal program not for public. Now we complete 25 years of Shiva worshipping. And this is the best thing which happen. Finding the natural Shivalingam suppose to happen only one time: many different groups were trying that will come to them; I was not trying – so He came to me. Maybe it was some program from behind and I was not aware – so I was not nervous; I started to live in smashan already – and He has to appear there. Only then Nath yogis appeared here.

The author of “The common man” was asked: why not “ the common woman”? And he smiled and said: women can never be common. It is R.K. Laxman – a very great cartoonist, he created the series where the hero was the common man. But women was not common( smiling). It was a big movement – now he more or less settled in it.


Q: the brightness and pureness of aura: it has some connection with the development of the brain?
Guruji: it has a direct connection with the development of the brain: in fact, it is reflecting the pure development of the brain.

Q: how our brain is charging? If it is producing charges like a battery – how it recharges itself?
Guruji: very simple: exhalation and inhalation. They rub together inside and create a certain energy – just behind your nose, where you take your tongue in khechari. That sort of a dynamo keep working.

Q: it exist the connection between the brightness and pureness of aura and the purity of the nadi?
Guruji: it is directly connected: more pure nadi – that means the flow of the air is much better in your physical body and brain is receiving the pure oxygen. If somebody is trying to develop his consciousness – then his aura will be very bright and pure. I’ve seen some dacoit’s aura: they were very powerful – but they was not pure at all.

Physical body is supporting your brain and electric charges are working in every nadi and every pore of your body: so the whole body will reflect that.

Q: now we know how the brain is charging itself by inhaling and exhaling; but what about the brain of realised yogi: he is not inhaling, not exhaling?
Guruji: but that is working for conscious mind also: if you can travel to develop your subconscious mind, to make it conscious, – then you have gone beyond. You have reached the certain source like nuclear power.

Q: so subconscious mind is like inner accumulator inside?
Guruji: yes, even generator.

Q: on what depends the colour of aura?
Guruji: your purity of thought. Whatever colour – whatever your nature is: your aura will reflect it, and the purity of nature will reflect pure colours.

Q: could we, seeing the aura, could understand – the person is sick or not?
Guruji: easily

Q: it looks like some dirt in it or how?
Guruji: less power – you will know exactly.

Q: in “Upanishad of immortality” You said that while writing the commentaries on Gita Your aura became pure gold?
Guruji: in those days it was absolutely gold, very bright – everybody was seeing it.

Q: and after installing the Shivalingam Your aura became pure white: how You can comment on this?
Guruji: we did some research and talk with some experts: they say that white aura is extremely rare. It maybe one or two people on the planet at the same time. In Jainism white aura is described – that it is a mark of Avadhut – and it started to turn white only after we started Shiva puja. Before that it remained gold.

Q: so it’s the direct connection with puja discipline?
Guruji: puja on a cremation spot!

Q: could we say that aura reflects our consciousness?
Guruji: it is an expression of your consciousness.

Q: can someone make the photo of aura?
Guruji: sometimes it happens; and they say there are certain technologies- like Kirlian technology: they claim to take photograph of aura. One my disciple came: he had a software – from NASA or somewhere: you put thumb – and the aura circle will be there; and he was able to tell the accurate colour of my aura – so I think that software was working.

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