Q: why it is allowed to eat onion for the yogis? There is rajas in that…

Guruji: rajas? No, that is idiotic thing. You don’t know the story? I’m not a krishnait, but we follow what Krishna said in Gita.

Rahu was daitya; when after churning of ocean the amrita came, the giver of immortality, Rahu changed himself – he began to look like a god, sat with the gods and drink. Then the Sun and Moon point it out to Vishnu and Vishnu cut his head. But because he has already drunk amrita, he didn’t die. The blood drops, falling from his head, – garlic grew. And from his body the blood flew – the onions came.

Because they were born out of the blood of Rahu – so krishnaits and very pure people – they don’t eat it. But they have very great ayurvedic properties because some portion of amrita they are still carrying.

According to Gita: the food, which doesn’t go bad after a long time of retaining without refrigeration, can be eaten. And you can eat onion and garlic for months without refrigeration. But it doesn’t mean it used to be kilograms of garlic and onion every day – just a little touch is enough.

Q: what do You think about these terms – sattvic food, rajasic or tamasic food?

Guruji: I will say – any vegetarian food is sattvic. Whichever suits you and no bad smell comes out you – then it’s a good food.

Garlic is considered to have so many things to the body, enhances the immune system; same with onion also. To avoid the heat stroke: you just keep an onion in your pocket – and the stroke will not hit you. Also the sulfur is processed with onion: without onion it will be never complete. In the summer time many people eat onions to cool the system and avoid the heat stroke. Heat stroke is a serious matter. Keep it in your pocket and you will avoid the heat stroke even in Sahara.

You take one onion, put it in your armpit: in 10 or 15 minutes you will have high fever. Put it away – it will cool down.

Q: some people are saying that if your level of development is really very high – you may not remain disciplined and do whatever you want?

Guruji: but if the person is really high spiritually it means he is already gone beyond every desire of all that small things – so why he will start doing that? If he’s doing again that thing – that means he has not reach so-called high spiritual state.

And I will quote the uncle of Peter Parker – the Spiderman: with great power comes great responsibility. So the higher you go spiritually – more stronger your mind will become; to maintain the balance of yourself – you need to follow very strict discipline: because other will follow your example.

And if you just start to let it go – people will not understand your mental state and they begin to copy you and everything whatever you have done, which will set a very bad example. So it’s very important – maintain the discipline, much more for the higher being.

Q: very often they’re saying that they are so high that nothing can harm them: for example they can drink alcohol – and they’ll be not intoxicated?

Guruji: but again – if he’s really so high spiritually, the desire of drinking alcohol will not be there.

Q: again it’s common belief that Shiva Ji is smoking chillum and using drugs?

Guruji: we have never across any account that He is smoking chillum: read Shiva Purana and every book – nowhere. He drink halahala also: so drink halahala! Take one portion of deadly poison every day – then we will see, are you fit enough for smoking chillum. Never compare these people with Shiva himself. They are not that thing.

Vasana is usually translated as a word like desire, especially sexual. But vasana – in Gita it also means “clothes”; what I have said – that when you’re established in pure thought, no word, no sound, no seen is attached – that is a state of pure thought. When you put any word over it – that is a beginning of vasana: putting a clothes to the purest of the pure thought. That is a beginning of desire.

People like to feel good about themselves and feels they are going very high – but they just doing it for the sake of something. You’re sitting here and you already know – how does it feel to feel high without alcohol and any drug or any chillum; that is a real high. That high is because of high consciousness – which is the effect of the practices.

Q: can we say that if such person wants some intoxication – something is wrong with his highness?

Guruji: looks like it, yes. But then if we’re discussing in the name of spirituality, I will say; otherwise they are free to do anything – who can stop them? Everything is available – use it!

Q: I asked this question because usually they are saying: you must holding the discipline because your level is not so high: when you will achieve – you will understand?

Guruji: then I will say: if someone is really achieve something – he will never drink less than one liter of vodka every day. Never eat less than 400 grams cannabis every day. He will not smoke less than at least 24 chillums of marijuana and all these things put together– all of that together every day; then we will believe – he is really great man. Then we will take garlands, go to pay our respect and do arati. They should mix hashish, ganja, marijuana, mescaline, ayahuasca, everything – fill up the big chillum and then smoke 24 chillums a day. Then it is very high thing. Also they should make a paste of the bhang 400 grams, mix it with one bottle of vodka and drink it every day: then they are high spiritually. If they cannot tolerate it – then I will have my doubts. I’m very happy I’m not that high yet. Only water is good enough for me, maybe some chai. That is a good formula: mix the 400 grams of bhang with one bottle of vodka and drink. Also add 100 grams of the datura seeds – you will be in nine cloud then. and also mix mescaline and every drug – I don’t know the name – mix all them together, create a small tablets and take at least 50 tablets a day. Then you’re very high spiritually. If you’re very high spiritually – it will not affect you.

Q: if someone practice Kriya yoga and drink the wine from time to time?

Guruji: it’s nothing. Ultimately it’s not good – because the desire to drink wine with the practice will not remain.

Q: is it bad for the practice?

Guruji: anything which affects your mind will have bad effect on your practice. So any kind of intoxication – if you’re trying to develop your mind and the brain – than it’s not a good idea. If you take very less – it’s nothing. On the higher levels mixing of such things is not possible, I’ve never seen any example.

1 bottle of vodka, 400 grams of bhang, 100 grams of the datura seed and 50 grams of shilajit: mix them and drink. They will start to do everything without being affected.

A husband knows that he’s 100% right – and he’s saying to his wife: my dear, you’re right and I’m wrong.

Q: what is the right translation of the word “paksha”?

Guruji: “paksha” means a wing, because in hindi  and also in Sanskrit bird is called “pakshi”- because it has two wings. Same way in a month we also have two wings, two paksh: Shukla paksha and Krishna paksha, different states of the moon. And with those wings Time flies.

Q: we have our own factory in our mind – so we can create any type of emotion, even like using the drugs?

Guruji: why you’re so attached to the drug emotions? Go beyond that. Whatever drug you will experience – you will experience with only 2% of your brain capacity. And you don’t know, what desire will remain after you have 100% awakening.

Q: can we say that drugs put some dirt into the consciousness – but Kriya make it clean?

Guruji: if your 2% are not clean – how your 98% become conscious? With the practice your desire to become very pure will sublime. And you will begin to understand your emotions also and the origin of your emotions also: the emotion might not be yours – it maybe the reaction to something you have been exposed to. You will begin to understand the true nature of your emotions: that is the beginning of real understanding. Let us say – most of us are following our emotions. After you will begin to understand them and their origin – they will begin to follow you. Great change!

Your brain and your mind – in that way; but different reactions, different situations begin: they create different type of emotions. That depends. Your genuine emotions will come from your heart; otherwise most of them are created things.

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