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Surya Namaskar

Q: From where this technic appears? Who started this and what for? Is it real or not?

Guruji: about Surya namaskar- it is a mystery, because its reference is not found in any ancient text of yoga. Every book on yoga- I mean from Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita, Gorakh Samhita, Yoga Martanda, Amrodh Prabodh –  all those original texts of yoga does not describe surya namaskar. And we don’t know who created that. But over the years I’ve been observing many people who are doing surya namaskar and a strange phenomena came to my notice- that everybody who is doing surya namaskar  very regularly- somehow they begin to age much more faster than a normal person. And it should not be. Than I thought that being is because of god of death- Yamaradj is the son of sun god, and we are offering  our pranam to sun god, so maybe the son also  is looking at us. Or some other thing – it needs to be done more research, what is this in surya namaskar, which somehow speed up our ageing.


Prithhvi namaskar(full sequence)

But in the kriya yoga lineage we willing- our body is earthly, it belongs to Earth, it is surviving on Earth. Our food, our shelter, – whatever we have is coming directly from the Earth. So Prithivi Namaskar was given to us.  I’ve been noticing it for many years on myself, on my friends and my disciples that whoever I doing Prithivi Namaskar very regularly – his body is becoming very strong, his mind is becoming very stable and focused and his consciousness begins to expand. And also somehow after sometime he also begins to look much younger than his contemporaries. Maybe because Mother Earth is happy with us – I don’t see many people actually offering their respect to the Mother. Everybody just paying respect to some unknown god, who suppose to be living in heaven, but it is the Earth, which is supporting us, providing us with everything we have. And maybe she is on an unknown journey and taking us somewhere. So as a kriya yogi I believe that Prithivi Namaskar is much more important and gives far more better results comparative to surya namaskar. This is what I think.

Q: but there are two mantras…

Guruji: there are two mantras, connected to Prithivi Namaskar. The first one is “ OM PRITHIVYAEE NAMAHA” and second one is “ OM BHOODEVIYAEE NAMAHA” – both are directed to  the Mother Earth. And in every position of Prithivi Namaskar you will have to say these mantras loudly. And saying these mantras loudly starts reaction in the certain way in your breathing, which has a direct effect on your pranic force and your mentally stability and your mind begins to open up. And I think whoever is doing it within one Prithvi Namaskar his mentally state will become very calm and quiet and very different. And physically he will become very strong.

Q: how much repetitions you recommend to do?

Guruji: minimum 3 and to 36 anywhere.

Q: morning or evening?

Guruji: whichever time, you just be regular and you need to find out time suits you and then stick to it. Some people- they feel better in the morning, some people feel better in the afternoon, some people feel better doing it in the evening even in the night. So you need to find out. And I think – I’ve also observe it – it somehow depends on your time of the birth. With your first appearance on this planet, when you are expose to the planet – that is the most suitable time, if you can manage it.

Q: it is good for practice for kriya yogi?

Guruji: it is part of the preparation for higher practices of Kriya yoga. It will prepare your mind – so you will have a source of energy which will created by the very good practice of Kriya yoga; and it will prepare you- body and mind – for achieving Samadhi. So it is must teaching for Kriya yogi.

Q: and better do it before practicing kriya?

Guruji: always good to do it before practice. It will prepare your body and mind, and your practice will be extraordinary.

Q: we can use Prithivi Namaskar for physical training?

Guruji: most of the hindu religion says- only through the body you can practice your dharma. Whether you are after material beings – you need to have very strong and fine body to achieve that. If you are trying to do good for others, you need to be strong enough and fit enough to do thing for others and if you set very high goals for yourself spiritually, then also you will need a body as a stepping stone. So very good body, good looking, shapely is always desired. I’ve never come across any person who doesn’t want to look good or doesn’t want to have very shapely body or doesn’t want to be strong. It is universal desire for everybody- so why not try to achieve it?

Q: we can combine Prithivi Namaskar with mudgars, physical training, stretching?

Guruji: of course! You can do all these trainings beside that. You can do weight training, you can do push-ups, you can use mudgars – they are all going to make you very shapely and strong. And remember: strong mind – for that you need to have strong body to support strong mind. Because mind is feeding on the pure oxygen and the purest of the blood heart is supplying  to the brain. So if your physical body is strong – then only you will be able to support very strong mind. There has to be a proper combination for both: if you will go only after making your mind strong and body will remain weak then I’m sorry to say that you may not reach very high levels of that mentally strength. So use it.

Prihtvi Namaskar(Online Training)

Q: how about running and the practice?

Guruji: running I will not recommend because in yoga running is not recommended. But specially exercise you can do whatever you want. Anything. Because of running it will be difficult for you to sit in lotus or in siddhasana. We have to be careful, not to destroy our ligaments and joints. We have to be careful in training. So always be intelligent and do enough research before you start any program.

Q: and swimming?

Guruji: swimming is good. Not important, but it is very good exercise. I’ve been a swimmer for many years.

Another point for Prithivi Namaskar: anywhere if the person is practice it regularly – the surroundings will improve and the nature will begin to be more happy and it will improve and it will start to support you every time. Mother is happy – then everything is happy. I highly recommend practicing Prithivi Namaskar before you do your Kriya yoga practice – it will give you fantastic results.

Q: time to time the question appears- about headstanding and handstanding?

Guruji: I will recommend that instead of shirshasana you should do handstanding. It is much better because shirshasana again is a very mysterious practice. I’ ve never come across someone…

In some books kapalasana – standing on your skull – but if something goes wrong, it may do some serious damage to your cervical region. And if you do handstanding – then your neck is free, head is free and your arms and shoulders become stronger. And I’ve seen then if your shoulders and arms are strong- somehow it directly supports your heart. And if you just observe the people suffering with high blood pressure and some heart disease – they shoulders and arms are always weak. And they rarely look up- they usually look down. So to avoid that condition strong shoulders and arms are very important. Handstand is very good for that.

Q: again very important question about shavasana? You described it in Hatha Yoga Pradipika…

Guruji: shavasana – I will say – this is not a relaxation technic, it is a posture for going into suspended animation; when the body will become like a dead body, like dead – and you are in suspended animation;- for this shavasana is recommended.  Not for relaxation.

Q: so impossible to give shavasana in yoga class?

Guruji: no, you must introduce it, but you must also caution it that it is only asana for going into suspended animation. And also I have seen that if you just do shavasana for relaxation as is been told in so many classes- again, the death-like sympthoms will start appearing, that is old age. They grow old much more faster.

Q: but what we could use for relaxation? Lieing on the belly?

Guruji: lieing on the belly is much more recommended.

Q:if the person just lieing like the dead body- it’s not shavasana?

Guruji: no. but in this pose when we will teach you to going into suspended animation- this is the safest posture for that. No chance of falling down, no chance of any damage, but you need to be careful about insects and ants. That also we will teach you how to avoid them.

Q: so shavasana can be called shavasana only if the person, lieing like a dead body, is going to suspended animation- heart beat stops…

Guruji: yes, heart beat stops, breath stops, even your brain waves go flat- that means your conscious mind is unconscious and you have the access into your subconscious mind. It is as good as Samadhi. This is shavasana. But to introduce it- it’s fine. I’ve seen many people – when they are doing postures, they are very much in a hurry to go into shavasana. Somehow they think that they are doing great postures, but they are in a hurry to lie down in shavasana. To avoid this – it is better to caution them before. If  they want to relax – they should relax in sitting crossleg or in lotus or in siddhasana. You should learn to relax in them, because these postures are going to play very important role in future practice.

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