Q: You said before Egypt it was Hastinapur there?

Guruji: yes, this is my theory

Q: why such great civilization disappeared?

Guruji: it was because of Mahabharat – most of the Kshatriyas were dead; then Janamejaya came and did this sarpa yagya – to kill all Nagas. To kill Naga is considered a very big sin – so all civilization ended with that. When we discussed the last way of Pandavas – geographically it goes from Egypt to India and then to the North up to Siberia. Journey started from Egypt and then they were going west – they came across Red Sea: Red Sea is to the west of India, not to the east. Geographical description is very precise.

Q: why Egyptians begin to worship Nagas?

Guruji: we don’t know to whom people of Hastinapur were worshipping; it was vedic gods – like sun god and Egyptians were also worshipping the sun god. What we see in pharaohs is just a shadow of great civilization of Hastinapur. All of them has divine powers, celestial weapons and was of very high height; but what we see in mummies – all of them are of normal height, even short. Maybe Pandavas cross Himalayas through Kalarus – tunnel from Kashmir across Himalayas. Some people done research and found a temples inside a tunnel. Five tunnels are there.

Q:  maybe Pandavas built them?

Guruji: Bhima had the power of 10000 elephants together – but even he run away from Ashwatthaman to save his life. Hanuman’s tail have the power of 600 000 elephants power. But the era of super beings is over I think.

Q: sun like planet had more effect on Earth when it was worshipped?

Guruji: yes, it was no account of the snow when sun was worshipped. Most of the sun worshippers were going bare bodied and we never come across any record they were suffering of cold weather. Maybe Earth was slightly nearer to Sun then. When I was thinking – from where this snow came – then I found one Egyptian story of Isis and Osiris. They were brother and sister and to maintain the purity of blood they were to be married. Then someone said – you cannot married in the 360 days of the year. Osiris say – ok, we will make extra 5 days. And he slightly removed the Earth away from Sun, and now the orbit consists of 365 days – in that 5 days he married Isis. Maybe this moving the Earth from Sun a little bit – that was the only way to create extra 5 days. That’s how snow and ice came. Because the planet were moved a little bit more – more tall people, more great people because the gravitational effect of sun was more and Earth gravity was affecting people less; now people become shorter and less strong. You need to read all mythologies with the very open mind. Connect them – and the very different picture will come.

Q: Osiris was powerful being

Guruji: of course

Q: but nevertheless he’s gone and islam came to that territory

Guruji: first – judes, islam came much later. What we see today is nothing of that great civilization; only some relics and tourists went to see them, nothing more remain.

Q: but even in bible it is said that judes and Egyptians were able to do equal miracles?

Guruji: they were slaves and with slaves you’re not fight – they can only work for you. And Samson is the only character in bible who actually display the power of god, not a magical trick. Moses could be the illegal child of one of pharaohs – otherwise why he was brought up in the palace? There are many shades in history which you will never know.

Larry Carney made very good research  – he discovered that beard was added to Jesus Christ face in 2nd century. What image is being portrait and the original image – they are millions of light years apart.

…maybe origin of roman empire is coming from werewolves – their behavior is looking like that. They taking everything from others, having orgies, eat everything – just enjoying, behaving like a werewolves. Then some greater magic came and they disappeared. Maybe Egyptian culture was just to create the vampires? Otherwise why they mummify the body? It’s just a theory – but who knows?

Q: where we can find the true information about Ashwatthaman?

Guruji: only by reading Mahabharata very carefully. Even physical description you will find there. fourth volume. Before Shalya Parva Duryodhana is going to consult Ashwatthaman – he sitting in Himalayas; and there it is described how Dronacharya got him as a son; and physically he is described. His body is like made of gold, he has black curly hairs; his voice, his shoulders, his eyes are like the bull of Shiva, very powerful; he is the great knower of vedas, including the bow and arrow veda – Dhanurveda – this is given there.

Q: and after Mahabharata what he was doing – is it mentioned somewhere?

Guruji: you will find some references in Skanda purana. Krishna cursed him that you have roamed for 3000 years with the wound on your forehead away from civilizations. Then he went to Vyasa and Vyasa cured him in one month only. The wound disappeared, he became one of the brahmarishi, then he married 17 times – the whole Bharadwaj gotra begin with that, 17 different lines. He will be the next Vyasa and one of the saptarishis; they are all waiting for Kalki to appear. Parashurama is going to be a Guru of Kalki and Ashwatthaman and his uncle Kripacharya will assist him in his work.

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