My last part of sade-sati already begins. Some permanent things may happen – for the world and for the persons. Last time Saturn was here – I wrote my 5 books and landed up here. Let’s see what will happen this time. And second experience of Samadhi was also in Capricorn.

Q: You had the 5 years gap between first and second experience; it was hard?

Guruji: emotional and nervous system: I mean you’re always apprehensive- what will happened, what happened? And nobody will understand what you’re gone through, what are you talking – it was hard period. But the confidence came after Babaji came and blessed, yes; otherwise I don’t know, what would I do. I’m sure the second experience never will come.

Q: some key was missed?

Guruji: mental status; everything is different.

Q: first case was occasional, but second you did deliberately, with the technics?

Guruji: technics, and blessings, and I became more mature in 5 years. Confidence came with Babaji’s meeting.

Q: and he said to You, when it come next time?

Guruji: no, nothing. He didn’t even mention this. He gave me so much virtues.

Q: You asked him, when it will happen?

Guruji: no, I was so nervous to ask anything. And surprised also.

Q: but before second experience came – you know that it will happen today?

Guruji: not exactly. But I was confident. You see the situation: I leave home, live alone; after meeting with Babaji begin to build a cottage- out of the blue some money came; it went to that direction. It was needed that way: away from the crowd, away from the city – everything was arranged naturally by Babaji’s blessings.

Q: so by all these features You understand that it’s near?

Guruji: it took two more years after my meeting with Babaji. Mentally it takes a long time to settle down, mind is not the machine which you can just switch on and switch off.

Q: if You was not prepare in the beginning…

Guruji: I was always preparing myself for that

Q: but You start to train hard after first experience?

Guruji: it simply stop my ageing. Until unless some elder, who knows this things will discuss things – you’ll never understand. If you just talk with other people – they will take you as a mad person. Nobody will understand what you’re talking – that is another problem.

Q: Your second experience – how long it last?

Guruji: only 15 minutes – I was very careful so I put a clock in my mind for 15 minutes.

Q: but how – if You don’t know that it’ll happen today?

Guruji: that’s how it happens.

Q: You have tried before – but it didn’t come?

Guruji: no; only when I hope for the second experience – then I began to try.

Q: and it happened in the day one?

Guruji: no, it took some time. 2-3 months.

Q: and what after that 15 minutes?

Guruji: then confidence increasing every day.

Q: I remember how You describe the feelings after first experience – the tingling feeling in the whole body?

Guruji: after 15 minutes it was less. Then you develop a certain strength and tolerance to it. It should increase slowly. I think if first experience was not there – I don’t think Babaji would have ever come. he was aware of this.

Q: the mental activity second time was the same?

Guruji: no, much better; within 2 years I wrote a commentary on Gita, that took me 21 days. Mind is different after that. And I continue to workout as well.

Q: within 5 years the brain has changed its structure?

Guruji: everything is different, yes.

Q: how long it took to You to go to samadhi every day?

Guruji: after second experience – every day.

Q: You put the inner clock for 15 minutes, what then?

Guruji: then I became more bоlder. We need to learn to make a balance: physical tolerance and that thing. That is the main game.

It is one thing to take 2 packs of vodka every day and another thing to become an alcoholic. Maintain the balance!

He plans all the things in such a way that when you’re going through it you’re not aware what’s happening with you. Only after some years you look back – then you find it has a pattern and somebody was actually guiding you to it.

Q: I understand that without guidance it’s like Your example with kite: it flies only someone holds the rope?

Guruji: I’m absolutely agree on that. How you can progress if you don’t know, where you going? We need a dream to follow and proper guidance.

Q: nowadays – especially white people – think they are smart enough to reach everything by themselves without Guru?

Guruji: it is their failing upbringing: why they were go to school? They should learn everything on their own, no teacher is required.

Q: few days back we discussed vajroli-amaroli-sahajoli and You said that khechari is like a safety measure?

Guruji: yes, of course.

Q: how it can be achieved without khechari? Or the person can deliberately remove the tongue?

Guruji: without khechari no one is going to reach that. But we need to clearly understand, what is what. If you will stand barefoot on the wet floor – chances of you getting the electrocute is much higher. Same way. If you wear rubber things, everything is deescalated – then chances to getting the electric shock is most minimum.

Q: so if such thing happened – the person hadn’t the methodical education?

Guruji: no: when they teach – they caution you at the same time. Everyone is a human being.

Q: it was the cases when someone did it without khechari and burn?

Guruji: never heard of it. I’ve also never heard khechari has been discussed so much or so many people achieve it – it’s a rare achievement. And to know how to use it is even more rare. No group of Kriya yogi is talking about it such way. We’re lucky.

Q: how long it took to You to achieve the permanent state of samadhi?

Guruji: it started here, after Shiva Ji appeared and the puja begin. Maybe in 2001-2002.

Q: it was Rudra granthi practice?

Guruji: yes, I was practicing inside.

Q: can we put the time frame – for the first time You did it for how long?

Guruji: no, there is no time limit.

Q: it started automatically?

Guruji: no, I was trying for it. It started after meeting with Matsyendranath; yes – that year we started dhuni.

Q: why You started it?

Guruji: it was the part of the teachings, but also when you reach Shambhavi – you begin to understand so many things.

Q: such state of samadhi doesn’t require the safety measures?

Guruji: it will never happen without a safety measure, which is a very great preparation: years of practice suspended animation behind. That was the reason: when Ilya did the GSR test on me it started from 4300, set at the 3000. It was never measured before – and only dead body is showing 2000. Without a proper preparation it is impossible to tolerate that. And the mind will be very different. Some physical symptoms are showing now on sophisticated machines. I’m awake – but the normal person will go into coma, but I feel normal.

Q: when You started to practice it – You practiced it every day?

Guruji: of course!

Q: when You achieved Shambhavi?

Guruji: in 2001, practicing the third step of Kriya yoga.

Q: it comes before or after Omkar Kriya?

Guruji: Omkar Kriya is the last thing. Even though it is extremely simple – but most dangerous.

Q: You were using some asana – or it doesn’t need?

Guruji: in lotus. Amazing: some people seeing me sitting like this cannot even imagine I can do lotus. And nobody believe I can do nauli.

Q: on higher levels of Kriya the practice will be in siddhasana?

Guruji: lotus will remain. Only some things are done in siddhasana. Without nauli – there is no other technic which can actually stimulate the navel and the bank naal, inner machine. It is extremely important practice.


Q: Hatha Yoga Pradipika: talking about viparita karani – it is said that maha bandha is taking place but with khechari and jalandhara; so it is like maha mudra?

Guruji: it is elaborated part of it. And also second level is involved in it. Straight legs are not described there. “shira” means veins; but mostly it is translated as “head”. Urdh: when you do padmasana – strong padmasana – you pull up the blood flow. When you practice higher Kriyas – your prana and apana will viparita karani, that’s the point.

Most of the people took this shloka like “put your legs up”, like sarvangasana – but it’s nothing. In lotus your feet are facing up. Your heels should give the strong pressure, it will be deep padmasana so the blood flow will be much less in your legs. Because calf muscles are reciprocal heart action: doing this they are in a sort of suspended animation, no blood flowing and the heart have extra power; when apana will replace prana in the heart – no harm will come. it’s a technical point. It’s like a lock for the lower body. Why? – because prana is flowing with blood. When you’re locking your lower flow of the blood that means you’re getting some control of the flow of prana. Prana and apana doesn’t mean only breathe. The whole circulation prana is flowing there.

Q: apanа is also flowing with the blood?

Guruji: because of apana prana remains inside. Then you change it: apana will hold the heart and prana will come down and they will go to sushumna.

Q: when apana is in the heart, heart is not beating?

Guruji: the blood is not passing through it, but the little contractions remains.

Q: it could be seen on the pulse level?

Guruji: pulse will stop. Especially in the hands; on the neck the very less pulse will be, because you don’t have to stop the blood flow in your brain: otherwise the whole concept will fail. You need to awaken the brain.

Q: does it require some special position of the hands to stop the pulse?

Guruji: no, it stops with pranayama. Only with legs the deep lotus is needed – you will stop the veins.

Q: better to do the deep lotus?

Guruji: yes, to stop the second heart.

Get the flow of the vayu viparita and open the door. Strike the heart and open the door. It’s the same thing – viparita karani.

Q: we cannot say that viparita karani is one special pose?

Guruji: no. it’s not sarvangasana( smiling)


Q: rising of Kundalini: is it immediate or prolonged process?

Guruji: it is the result of very prolonged process practiced.

Q: how it goes, how it happens?

Guruji: slowly-slowly – suddenly nothing will happen. It will take years.

Q: about bindu and rajas: bindu is in sahasrar and rajas is in muladhar – how they move towards each other?

Guruji: Shakti is doing tapas to meet Shiva. So the power of the earth element, which we call Kundalini, will rise up and they will met.

Q: so that power will take rajas with her?

Guruji: you can call it anyway: I mean how you can separate the woman from the Earth? They go together.

Q: so it’s a part of Kundalini Shakti?

Guruji: it is. Kundalini is also called a woman, so rajas is part of her – they will go together. The woman is going up – then the union with Shiva will take place or the union of rajas and bindu will also take place.

Q: the union takes place after the first or after the second awakening?

Guruji: after the second awakening.

Q: what happens with Shakti and bindu after the first awakening?

Guruji: they go to sleep. Bindu is already there and Shakti goes to sleep.

Q: to which direction it moves in the second awakening?

Guruji: into the subconscious brain. When conscious mind is no longer unconscious and it awakes up; at the same time subconscious is also waking up, – then. That is second awakening.

Q: where it exactly sleeping in the brain after the first awakening?

Guruji: in conscious mind.

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