I think it’s time now to write a book about my monkey and
call it The Adventures of Chunmun Bandaria. In Hindi,
bandaria is a she-monkey and Chunmun is her actual name.
Her story is the reverse case of Tarzan’s story. Tarzan’s parents
died and he was brought up by monkeys. In Chunmun’s case,
her mother died and she was brought up by humans. I have
never heard of such an incident where a female monkey dies
during delivery and the newborn baby falls down from the roof.

Chunmun was born by the fountain in the garden and fell on the
ground when she was just two-three minutes old. My big dog
caught her and my sister took her from the dog’s mouth
thinking her to be a mouse.

She was brought to the house and nobody knew how to
take care of her, what kind of milk to give her. Cow’s milk did
not work and she survived on goat’s milk (luckily, we had a
goat at that time). And slowly she grew up… It’s interesting to
analyze this story and its timing. There are no coincidences;
every coincidence is a will of God.

She might be a messenger from Hanuman who has come toprotect me or something like that. You never know. She is very
intelligent and sometimes answers to us, reacts to what we say.
We believe that she has many mystical powers, siddhis. I feel
certain powers in her.

She arrived when I had started to come down with the
sickness. One night I had a severe backache. I couldn’t sleep
and was shifting in my bed, moaning. Chunmun was awake as
well. My sister was present and she said to the monkey, “Why
don’t you cure him?” And the monkey stretched her arms
outside of the bars of her cage where she sleeps and moved her
hands three times towards me and miraculously the pain
disappeared within seconds. It has been many months since
then and I don’t have to take the painkillers any more. The pain
has simply disappeared. Her arrival was right on time. She is
now seven years old.

She always sleeps on the bed sheets, covering herself with
a part of a towel or a blanket, and always with her feet facing
east, never facing any other direction.

From time to time you can hear gunshots in the garden.
They are fired to scare away the armies of monkeys who come
to free the most beautiful princess, bandaria, kidnapped by the
humans. At least we believe this to be the reason behind their
constant attacks…

We have planted 11,000 blackberry (jamun)trees on her behalf,for the monkeys…….


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