… have no interest, I was just lying in my room for a very long time and my hairs were coming grey – on beard, on head was many grey, the chest was grey. In fact one day somehow I  – I was taking bath every day – and I came bare body into my room and I look myself in the mirror and thought: “what is this?” then I begin to think and that direct came to me, that Samadhi is like experience of death – so the signs of old age are coming fast. And then I remember, reading in Tibetan yoga, that because of speed of aging you have to do something with it. And the only thing I do was training the exercises – I force myself to do exercises. I become very regular in it and I began to recover. Then all these mercury things. It was in 1985: I was 26 or 27. Recovering takes three years. It was fantastic. But again I’ll tell you – it was by the grace of Gurus that I was able to recover. If your body is not prepared and some such experience follow  – you will lose interest in everything. It is different mind state.That’s why you have to be very-very careful in mentally progress.

Q: but your body was ready for Samadhi?

Guruji: if it will be there, all this grey hairs and other things will never happen.

Q: is it the same condition you reached after end practice?

Guruji: yes. But it become different after some time. You see, if you drink vodka first time – you feel different. But if you keep drinking it every day – you feel different. It is like that. You become use to it. I keep stressing, that Samadhi is not the last point – you need to practice Samadhi also. And your mind will become different. That is the beauty.

Q: so second time you reached Samadhi technically?

Guruji: it took a long time. It begin again after meeting Babaji. In 1988.

Q: you describe your first experience?

Guruji: oh, I describe in detail. It was horrible experience: I was doing Yoni mudra and I don’t know what happen – I continue to hold my breath and the circle appeared very-very bright, came near and I sort of fell to it. And then it begin. I could see the almost everybody’s mind working – half of the people were having sex, some were ploting this, doing this , sleeping, – it’s not a very pleasant feeling to observe humanity. It is always shocking first time. Feelings, thoughts, emotions – so many things you feel. Sadly it was very small number of people who was really good, appear good in that. Very-very few. And I forgot to mentioning – now I remember – and I made the point to see three-four of them after I getting normal. One was guard of samshan just behind my house – in that experience he was a really nice person. And there was one or two more. Very insignificant because you can not call them successful from any point of view, but they were really good – from spiritual point of view they were good. And even  woman who was coming as a maid from this house – she was also good. I think it was the very great experience because my point of view became different after. I begin to observe humanity from the absolutely different point of view.

Q: is it possible to hold your breath too long to fell into kutastha?

Guruji: maybe. But then after that even you don’t have to hold your breath, you even don’t have to do Yoni mudra and you can go there. It was the first accident.

Q: you tell that body is projection of the mind…

Guruji: yes.

Q: but you say that people you experience in Samadhi were not so good…

Guruji: they were not so good because their thoughts were not so good, their intentions were not so good. Only your mind will make you different, not your body. What is the difference between Adolf Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi – only mind and consciousness. Otherwise they are simply human beings.

Q: so that good people you have seen – they have good possibilities?

Guruji: no. They were not yogis at all. But somehow their spirituality was as much greater skill than normal people,- what we call normal. They were very pure in their hearts and they have genuine inside.

Q: how it is possible: spiritually he is good, but in the world – bad?

Guruji: because of the social norms. You see – somebody guardening samshan – nobody call him to marriage or another type of party – he always remain as outcast. Many “normal” people even not considered that they are people.

Q: but their bodies were in good condition?

Guruji: the guard of samshan was very lean and thin. But his mind and spirituality was over super.

I think if the person is doing yoga, he is much better in any other.

Q: and when we are practicing Kriya and you can see us, been in Samadhi, what is the difference from normal people?

Guruji: very big difference. You are miles away from normal person. Your feelings, your reactions, your emotions, consciousness level is much superior than normal men or even those people who just practice physically. I will say that none of my disciple you can call ordinary. They are all good.


…also in Yoga Sutras they are using the word “Samadhi” for different reason – they even give practice of Samadhi. Dharana, dhyana and Samadhi – three together are for samyama. That means, that state of Samadhi the way they are describing in Yoga Sutra and the Samadhi they are describing in Hatha Yoga Pradipika – in Hatha Yoga Pradipika they are describing the ultimate Samadhi, not the stages of Samadhi. That difference will remain. Because in Yoga Sutras you read many different uses of that samyama – that you concentrate on something, when you breathe dhyana in that particular subject – and here the begin by: to leave subjects behind is very difficult. Go beyond it. They are describing here the final Samadhi. And this is the most beautiful thing, that when your conscious mind is unconscious and your subconscious mind is conscious – just imagine that! In single line they are describing everything. Which only yogi by the grace of Adinath, Matsyendranath and Gorakshanath is able to write. This line is rare. I never read this line before. And even in psychology this is the ultimate mental state. On yoga we can come to this conclusion today by discussing this: all yoga is aiming to make your conscious mind unconscious and to make your subconscious mind conscious. Then the vast greatest knowledge will open. Everything is there.

Q: what is correct translation of “samyama”?

Guruji: samyama is dharana, dhyana, Samadhi. All three together are called samyama. Then they are described in third chapter different uses of this samyama. Generally if you will go into language problem – then you will be much away. Samyama is simple control also. But they give the definition of the word samyama as you should take as a yogi from Yoga Sutras. Dharana, dhyana and Samadhi all three together are called samyama. Accept it. But to accept it first you will have to make your conscious mind unconscious, that will be difficult.

You see, too much Sanskrit tonization of things may be very confusing. Many people use term “gyana”. Many people call it “jyana”. There was one sadhu – he was Pragyananda. But he was the Sanskrit scholar himself, so he call himself Prajnyananda. And in English it will be written like Pregnananada. And it is reproduction. The whole thing is different.


…the I inside is the only way which will take you beyond everything. Refer to this line compare it – when your conscious mind will be unconscious and your subconscious mind will be conscious and it will be centered here. And remember this feeling “I” which actually coming from there. So Jesus, when he said “I am the way”  – he may mean  “I is the way”, he was referring to the centering. Generally the translation into English is “I am the way” – Jesus said it. It is very simple: in normal translation, normal grammatical way they will connect “I” with “am”, “I am the way”. But when he tell as a separate thing that “I is the way” – you know your “I” and you will find the way. Very simple to me to understand.

Q: but Jesus didn’t give any technics to reach this state of consciousness…

Guruji: “I” is inside you. Do you think, all the fisherman club was ready to practice some very technical and mystical things?

Q: but why he said this to them?

Guruji: it was needed at that time. Otherwise they will continue to be fish dealers. Finally their imagination created the religion around it. Somebody after 2000 years will come to understand, at least they recorded it.

Q: but how his disciples could do so much miracles even after his death, if they were not know any technics and without any development? Only by his blessing?

Guruji: yes, if you are connected with some supernatural power many miracles are possible. You don’t have to be very educated to perform miracles.

Q: what do you think – could Jesus have the real disciple, who was able to understand?

Guruji: you must remember the businessman, who came forward to claim the body of Jesus. This was the duty of the real disciple or a real friend or a fellow disciple. No fisherman came forward to claim his body. They never even came forward to give him water, like good Samaritan did, when he was carrying his crux. We must find out the real identity of this businessman came forward to claim his body. In bible nothing mentioned about it. Only that he came and claim.

Q: maybe you have an idea why Maria show everybody the egg like the approvement of his existence?

Guruji: maybe it was her own egg, and after some time it became a symbol. Because only her egg was able to create Jesus. We are all created by egg. Egg also look like Shivalingam – maybe she try to show them Shivalingam and they were took it as an egg.


…you see, most people who are taking birth in this planet, limitating five elements, moved most of their memories, their perception and their consciousness –  limited in five elements. I believe that most script of they life have already been written. Most of them are taking birth as a result of their karma. And result of their karma is fixed. They will take birth and will follow exactly the script which have been written by some greater spirits – those, who are teachers or whatever you want to call them. That’s why, no matter how wise things you continue to tell them, they will never listen. Because their script is fixed and they will act according to their script always; they are not able to act free. Only a person, whose karmas are in balance, will be able to think a little bit freely. He will begin to think and maybe he will begin to act freely also and maybe one day he will be in a position to wright his own script.


…we were just discussing that the whole creation – I mean on Earth at least – is created with help of five different elements. But do we see five elements or they are just in theory? Because what I have noticed – and I’ve been noticing by the few things – that we see only light reflecting on. And light reflecting on only three elements – earth, water and fire. Light is going through the air element, it is not touching the akash element, so these two elements always remain invisible to us. And when I’m look at you or you look at me – we’re not even see three elements: 71% water and more or less 29% of earth element, which are visible to us. Fire element is inside – which is catalyst to bring these two elements together; a very little portion of air element, which animate us. So first against to actually experience all five elements together and somehow to create proportion in your body – equal proportion – then actually your body will be complete. Then your consciousness will follow you.


Q: but when you fall into kutastha, you have low breathe?

Guruji: no.

Q: for how long?

Guruji: even after seven minutes – I remember my watch – for one and a half hour I have no breath.

Q: so you stop the breath for one and a half hour?

Guruji: maybe I was in suspended animation or something. That was fantastic experience. First thought you have will be of death. So I thought I’m dead. But after some time it run away; then I begin to feel happy.

Q: and now such kind of happy you have during your practice?

Guruji: now it is ordinary thing, yes. But after the first experience second one takes a long time. Because you never in the same mentally state. You always expecting it to happen. When you not even fear – if it will come or not – then it will begin. Then after several such experiences you will get control over it. It takes time. But it is working.

Q: you must recover from the first experience?

Guruji: yes.

Q: what is Kundalini experience?

Guruji: I will tell you – in Yoni mudra kutastha is appearing – that is the sign of temporary awakening of Kundalini. It is a sure sign of awaken Kundalini. Without awaken of Kundalini the right will never entered(????)

Q: what is the difference between awakening of Kundalini and rising Kundalini?

Guruji: piercing of all six chakras and awaken the Kundalini – Yoni mudra is doing it. That’s why in Hatha Yoga Pradipika it describes only in fourth chapter.

Q: but you told us it is only 12 people who awaken the Kundalini?

Guruji: with permanent awaken – only. Maybe less then. After permanent awaking the Kundalini kutastha will always remain in front of you. That is only sign. And what you are see means Kundalini’s play.

Q: why Kundalini have 3,5 coils?

Guruji: this is mystical number; om is considered to be 3,5. It is considered a normal height of a man -3,5( hand from elbow with fingers straight) – it is directly connected with that.

Q: if someone is not wearing kundals – he is not able to awaken Kundalini?

Guruji: first of all, we are sticking to the most ancient discipline of yoga. And yogi without kundals is not a yogi, or maybe he could practicing some postures or some another things, but actually he is not a yogi.

Q: but from the birth we have no kundals; so we are not able…

Guruji: that is the problem. Earth is producing everything; but on its own Earth can not produce alcohol, artificial flavors, etc. Cow is producing milk – but on her own she couldn’t make it to butter, yoghurt and ghee. For this some extra effort is needed. All cotton is given by Earth – but Earth cannot make threads and clothes from it.

Q: only kundals is needed like external part?

Guruji: it is simple thing to remind you that you are follow the particular discipline and it will activate two nadis and the air streams will change. First you wear kundals – they will help you to make practice the optimum and excellent refine. Kundals are extremely important. When I was not wearing them I was already a Guru. But I can analyze myself before and after. Major change is came. And I’ve already written so many great books like Gita and Yoga Sutra – maybe theta waves become higher after kundals. Combination of everything is extremely important. That is called  yoga – union of different pieces together.

Q: for me kundals – is some part, which were not grow with us natural – we put it from outside…

Guruji: but always remember: discipline was not also given by nature.

Q: and what else we need to accept from outside to do yoga practice?

Guruji: first thing: be ready to follow the discipline. And your motive should be just right. And then you should be ambitious also. And then you should be ready to follow Guru’s discipline exactly. Then you continue to practice and you are going free. Very simple. If somebody begins the practice by knowing that “I know everything” , I’m just doing it the Guru favor to following this so-called instructions – I don’t think he’s going anywhere. I can say, some different principle works, which is exactly not possible to define or detect, – it’s not possible, but something happens. And it is there.

Q: and what can you say about rudraksha and vibhuti?

Guruji: all these are important things. I’ve noticed that rudraksha and vibhuti from dhuni directly affects your consciousness. And when we are trying to analyze and develop and go deeper in our consciousness – all accessories will actually right. Otherwise we should leave a child when he is born – we should never send him to school, never to the doctor, because every teaching and medicine come from outside, it is not nature given.

Q: what else is as necessary as kundals for yogis? Except practice, of course…

Guruji: the vegetarian diet, the very strict sexual life, living in one place continuously for years and years.

Q: why living in one place is so important?

Guruji: because travelling will disturb your discipline. Now you are in a hotel; I will give you the very simple example. You are using the toilet there: in that toilet hundreds of people have already used it, remove their clothes there, shit there, so that sort of energy is still as a memory there inside. When you will remain in one place, you have all things in your own, – it will be your energy that will become more and more pure and refine more and more. After some time it will be simply impossible to use the used toilet. Even then; the food – you never know the man who is preparing food – in which mood he was preparing or what he was done, may be he was scratching some unmentionable place before he cook. Think on that! Discipline, schedule and sensitive purity. And when you are going in the streets many people could touch you, something what you can avoid. Their sweat could touch your sweat, their memories mixed with yours and directly affects your mind. It is always possible. Better to remain comfort financially and remain in one place – create your own heaven there. If somebody wants to learn – let him come to learn. And when you are sleeping in the hotel bed – you don’t know, what people have done there.


… he was the most powerful and the most beautiful. But he always smiling – only the person with high theta-waves always smiling. Very difficult to say, what he is thinking. He is the greatest of angels, most beautiful and most powerful. And he is not presented in the right way. You always know one side of story. And supposed if he can stop his furnace then ice age will follow. His furnace is keeping us alive; Earth going. It is supposed to be the center of Earth. You are here, he’s looking after you – so in your home is now minus 35.


…Kundalini which is sleeping on the brain, which can be described like a coils of a snake or like a very thin wrapped clothes. Whatever yogi trying to describe it in Hatha Yoga Pradipika, they are describing it literally, exactly. But because of this much knowledge was not available for common people – anathomy, physiology and this and that – so they took the example literally and began to imagine by encasement. It is the consciousness; and Kundalini has 3,5 circles. Conscious, twilight state,subconscious and superconscious.


…I will say: less sugar and better practice. But I will say some honey will help. Avoid artificial white sugar – that is not healthy.


… many people are discussing about magic: black magic, white magic, this magic, that magic… but what I observe: that all religion were started by some sort of magic. Because in every religion the founder or who is been worshipped was displaying miracles. Maybe those miracles we are blaming that it was god’s grace but maybe they was because of to magic. Because true magician can also create miracles. I say that all religions are based on magic. And if you will think with the very open mind and with different objective point of view you will also agree with me.

Science of murti

I can just give you some point, which are enough to prove, that idol worshipping is the most scientific way of worshipping. In modern physics we see that particles change their behavior by observation; when you begin to observe particles – it will change its behavior, it is established thing. When we are creating idol and it is being worshipped in a certain way and then many-many millions of people have going there just to look at it and observe – after some time particles of that deity begins to change its behavior. Particles are here, it’s a physical thing; and when particles will change their behavior, they will start behave in a certain way, which will have direct reciprocal effect on our behavior. So, it can be understood, that idol worshipping is highly scientifical.


… we were discussing of Shambhavi mudra, the state of Shambhavi mudra. Many yoga instructors are take it as a some sort of practice, when you put your eyes this way or that way, that they called shambhavi, but sophisticated yogis in Hatha Yoga Pradipika written: that when your conscious mind is unconscious and your subconscious mind is conscious, and actually your  concentration is centered on the feeling of being inside your subconscious mind; and you are looking outside, but your mind is concentrating in itself – that state of mind is called Shambhavi mudra. You will have no breathing then; if you will breathe, it will be at least one breathe in one minute, no more than that – that will happen. And your eyes will be unblinking, and your heart will be slow down maybe to 10-12 beats par minute. That is the state of Shambhavi.

Time and Kundalini

…everybody – most of the human beings continuously discussing past, present and future. We focus on only these three dimensions of time. Why? Because we take birth – it is our past, we live life – it is our present, and we will die one day – that is our future. Because we have the beginning, and sustaining of life and end one day, so we continuously think about everything in these three terms only. But time has many-many different dimensions. But we are aware of only three – past, present and future. Because we take birth, we live the life and we die – so limited in this. And from the consciousness point of view – your conscious mind is your past, because it is always centered in the past. That’s why you will find every human being actually thinking that all 2000 years –  that time was so better, that Jesus was there and Krishna was there –  they are always worshipping the past.  And this theta-state of mind, theta- waves is the present state. And maybe entering the subconscious mind is our future. And if you go beyond it somehow  – then you will experience the fourth state of consciousness, that maybe superconsciousness. Fourth state of time – just think on it. Most of the books are describing Kundalini  as a snake with 3,5 coils. And I’m continuously saying that your consciousness is your actual Kundalini. Your conscious mind is one coil, your theta- state of mind is second coil and your subconscious mind is the third coil. And beyond that- fourth, superconscious mind is the half-coil of the Kundalini – it’s three and a half. Just translate Kundalini as consciousness  –  and your whole perception of all these things will be different. And you will be able to think much more deeply and more sensitively and maybe wisely also. In Christianity angels often described like the five-year old children with wings; and Krishna’s goloka – everybody there described like the five-year old children. Maybe they were trying to describe the theta-state of mind. Also I read in bible, that until unless you be like a little child – you can not enter the gate of heaven. Again they are referring to theta- state of mind, this is what I think. Everybody is trying to say the same thing, but our understanding is not so pure enough, so we keep mistranslating that. All religions are pointing to the same thing.


… you will unite with the biggest ovo of this planet when you will be in Samadhi and you will be immobilized and (???) for meeting ovo, then the Mother take care. And you will be transformed and get the next level of development. And what happens when the child is born? All the sperms are already there. So all the union is like a dance of Shiva. Millions die for one single duty. When the transformation will take place and you will be transformed, and you will dance and joy, and millions and millions will die.

Who is Guru

… like a father to son. And Guru is a friend also. Because only friend share secrets. And Guru is Guru also. So these four relationships – they go together with Guru and disciple. When I was down, all my disciples came to help. And I’m also always ready for help. Not to receive –  to give also.( Guru is a father, Guru is a son, Guru is a friend and Guru is Guru).

Yoga instructors

… all these are different type of contracting; because sitting on the heel is very important part of mula bandha. Without that, only simple contraction will not give you the same results. And perineum is the one of the very strong pressure point. It’s somehow create the very different type of energy inside your body. Sitting on the heel and doing that also – some mystical things. I will rather go with the books written by masters then to follow modern schools of yoga or some yoga instructors. Look at the yoga instructor very carefully – how he is behaving, how he is looking, is he at peace with himself, is he happy or he just posing to be happy like a priest, always smiling , but most of the time his smiles are empty. When I was small, because I was sick – in 2007 I was very thin, many people come to me – maybe that time I was looking as yoga instructor. But only after my 54th birthday this effect begins – I have so much new grown hair. It gives you hope.

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