Darshans 2016#02

The miracle of water in the kund turning in to the milk.


…the shape of Govardhan hill is look like spaceship. And in every Krishna purana you can read, that area was coming right from Goloka, including Govardhan hill. That’s why I don’t want to go anywhere – I’m afraid the hill will take off while I’m going somewhere and I will be left.

People say – this is Govardhan maharaj miracle. Someone is saying – it’s Radha and Krishna miracle. There is no logical explanation why water is turning white. And if you drink it, it tastes like milk. You can try. And we don’t tell about it local people – otherwise it will crowd come to see and chaos will start. This is the longest period we are witnessing – never for so long. We have seen the different colors of our water for 25 years now. We were trying to clean it, but when we reached about 40 steps down we were had to stop.

Q: so you didn’t reach the bottom?

Guruji: no, so much accidents started. Young girl dyed and about 300 workers had sickness in one day. Some of them were hearing voices, so they run away. Their chief suddenly had heart attack and was taking to the hospital; and when he was lying on a bed, the fan drop fell on him. But he survived without troubles. Then we stop to clean it.

Q: what do you think about the theory of magnetic poles changing?

Guruji: well, they are already change their place. While 2007 to 2012 it shifted nearly 30 degrees. In this room, when we coming here, was no sunshine during whole day. Now sunshine is coming exactly to that door when the sun is rising.

Q: geographical poles are changing magnetic poles. When I was at school, it was about 9 degrees difference between them.

Guruji: now magnetic pole must be upside down. Many scientists are saying – it is already shifted.

Q: what do you think – it is possible that magnetic pole will be totally upside down to 180 degrees?

Guruji: I think the north magnetic pole must be towards Russia now. Somebody told me about that.


… he called me avadhut; and he told me that I will find the natural Shivalingam and install him on the cremation area of the king – and then the whole world be changed. He told that in 1998. But look back at 17 years: world is very different now. Even the weather is different – winters are not so harsh now. And when he laid down on the ground – it became whitish and remain like it about one year. So his energy must be very different. He was looking like a genie. His muscles looked very separated, not even one gram of fat was visible in his body – all his muscles was like ropes strained and he was shining like bronze. The skin color was similar to bronze. No hairs. He was carrying 2 billions rupees in cash. It can not be said – or he was shaved or it was natural for him. The whole body was hairless. Actually more details come to memory when you looking back, but you don’t mention all them in that moment. And he was calling me Barinath – “the senior nath”. Bari means the elder one.

Q: and we know you as Atmanath.

Guruji: this is another mystery we discovered. Before we were not aware about Bharthari lineage. He create him from the ashes of his dhuni.

Q: what list of nine immortal nathas is correct?

Guruji: different lists belongs to different time frame. There is also mentioned that when the new expression of the creation will be start – the different list will come. Now Ravana will come as Revarnath.

Q: but he will come in physical body?

Guruji: yes, you know that the spirit is immortal? He must take birth and start the mission.

Q: and he will become immortal?

Guruji: that is not known, but he will be the first nath. Then the other nathas will be born. It will be the new expression of creation.

Q: will he take birth or take already grown body?

Guruji: he will come the regular way. He die and his spirit was so high. Just imagine only one thing: I will give you one example. If a soldier will die in battle with a weapon in hands – it is written in every shastras that he will ascend to heaven. Now take the life of Ravana. He has already conquered all heavenly gods, they were serving him. Time was standing still, he was 311 billions years old, and he died by the battle with Rama. So where he would ascended? He got such a place, that is impossible to imagine – so much he was high. If such a great person will come down – he will start the new great  knowledge and wisdom time on this planet. He was already nearly immortal and he was live the most lavish way of life, he was direct disciple of Shiva Ji, all the gods were serving him. His city was made from gold. If such a person will come down as a nath yogi and will give you knowledge – just imagine the standard of this knowledge.

Q: is it possible that he will be Kalki avatar?

Guruji: no. they will remain separate. Revarnath will come only to give wisdom.

Q: in what text this information is write that Ravana will be the next of the first nathas?

Guruji: one book on Jainism. Jovisa Purana or something else.

Q: and his name will be the same?

Guruji: Revarnath, not Ravanath. The name will be slightly changed. He will be the first in the next expression of the creation, then 8 more nathas will come.

Q: and what will happen with the other nathas – the previous nine ones?

Guruji: they will go and live with Shiva. Enjoy the reality.

Q: but nowadays nath’s organization are differ from the old ones…

Guruji: every time created organization is not the genuine thing. It was no organization before, only discipline between Guru and disciple.

Q: but nowadays there are a lot of nathas

Guruji: no more than 3-4 thousands. Normal sadhus are not so many.

Q: so you think nowadays nath tradition exists only among sadhus?

Guruji: nobody knows that. How many immortals are secretly living among us. Such beings are not teach us, they just set the parameter of something.

…Kalki avatar will coming in this century. And  now we talk about Revarnath in Jainism also – so let us see who will come. In books it is written it will be in Shambal area. And the river Chambala I think is the exact place. And the exact  time in century is not known – for immortals the century is not a big time.


…the main thing from “Dracula.Untold”: he did everything to save his people and they betrayed him. Normal behavior for the human being. Since my school time I’m fascinated the Dracula story. That time I’ve first read Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I remember every detail – I’ve forgotten most of my textbooks, but Dracula I remember. Actually in that movie they show the normal vampire’s powers. If you see the “twilight” the vampires are much more diffderent. The original vampire has the strength of hundred men, he can shift into bat and other animals, also he can control many ghosts, animals, human and even the weather. He has the real magic powers. Dracula was the great man and great lover. And if he will come to see me I’ll have no problem to speak with him. And another point – that it is not by chance that Dracula novels became so famous. The king from the small European country became the world-famous. Maybe this story is true? You may have enough intelligence to carry such strength to survive through the time.


Q: what about the other parts of our life, except practice?

Guruji: listen to your heart, it will always tell you the truth. All of you are listening to the reason and listening to the heart may be dangerous. Remember, your stomach doesn’t feeling the taste, this is your tongue feels. Your stomach just needs food but tongue for the taste feeling needs it more and more. So much recipes is the tragedy of progressing civilization. Only human beings are cooking their food, no one else do. If you go back in history, in India even 4-5 millions years back people have so much different recipes. People were making different types of food. Maybe some immortal demonstrated them how to do so many profound things. Do you think the cave men were smart enough to understand, how to mine iron and made the weapons, dishes and everything from it? It looks like somebody demonstrated them the method and then they started to copy.

I’ve discussed this topic with one man from archeological department. He give me the stone tool maybe more than 200 thousand old. And the main topic of our discussion was: it was so hard  – some people are saying that it was made by rub one stone on another one, but it is hard nearly like a diamond. And also it fits for the hand to write or draw something. So it looks like the razor cut. Do you think the cave men had the possibilities to do this? I hold it in my own hands and can’t imagine, how they could make it. It seems impossible to me to create such things by rubbing.

Q: what do you think about roman’s civilization? They create the really great cities with very profound infrastructure

Guruji: you must remember one thing; every civilization, evolved to a certain level, suddenly disappeared.  Only tribes and villagers survived. Don’t you know why? What is progress- commercialization, development and exploitation thе resources which are available on this planet. So I see a pattern there. Every civilization which were developing very fast were mining so much for the gold, silver, iron, and other different metals. And every civilization which were mining very heavily – it disappeared. And no tribal or villagers are mining. They live with the nature. Maybe they want to survive. But then the question coming – who want really to survive and for how long? Everyone has the time frame. Who cares, how long the civilization will survive?

Q: but everybody wants to survive

Guruji: but for how long? 50 years, ok, even 100 years. Then – do svidaniya, rest in peace.

Q: and even country has heavy mining now

Guruji: it is very danger signal. Roman civilization was based on warriors. And for every warrior you need the weapon, armor and many things made of metal. So you need to dig iron. Even now iron is the most mined metal.

Q: and what about oil?

Guruji: is the second cause. The iron is the basic for everything. Even if you have electric car, it is made of iron, even without using oil.

…you need to work hard. Put enough effort and ambition to become powerful enough and achieve anything. If something exist in your imagination it existing somewhere. Anything is possible. All that you have – your food, your clothes, your house – some time before it was a part of imagination and took a great power to make it real. Everything starts from the imagination of the mind. I think it’s an idea of creator or society to make your mind busy every time. Otherwise the empty mind could create the absolute dangerous situation.

Remember that experiment with the rats? When they have totally heavenly conditions of life, all the possible problems happen with them after some time.

I remember the story I have read many years before. One man died and go somewhere, when all the luxuries were given to him but he couldn’t leave this room. After some time he asked to free him, because he didn’t know how to pass his time. So please send me to hell, I want to see how to live there. But he was answered – sir, you are in hell.

If you’re making your own money, it left to your confidence and it will create better conditions for your practice. You must practice very regularly. Do I look like an ascetic person?

… at first money was the silver and gold, then it was changed into paper and now you have the plastic card with the number on it. Someday someone could push the button and all your money will disappear. But whatever you will be having on your person will remain with you( shows all his rings). This is grass root level wisdom – always have something gold or silver on your person and in a case of emergency you could deal with it. And also it has ornamental value. And in a case of fight you can use your rings like brass knuckles.

All the gems are directly from Earth. And they affect directly our mind, our decisions, so you must decide very carefully which thing you will carry on yourself.

… this is hardly practical thing. Quality of your tapas and ambition.

Q: is it very important to touch your knee by forehead in mahamudra?

Guruji: very much important.

Q: but if I have a big belly and couldn’t do it?

Guruji: keep practice and it will disappear. You could change it during very regular practice. You could not have big belly and big buttocks if you are good in practice. It must disappear.

When I’m seeing the priest in airport or train station every time the question is coming to my mind: madam, is it proper to travel in such condition?

Q: how the pregnant woman must practice?

Guruji: as long as she can do it. Her practice will have the direct effect on her child. All the benefits of the practice he will receive. This is very spiritual time.

Q: I’ve read that yogis must have children only if they very want – is it true?

Guruji: I will say – if you want it so why not.

Q: maybe some highly developed soul come to my future child.

Guruji: probably. I’ve seen many children of my disciples and friends – majority of them are intelligent and very sensitive and artistic as well. Not ordinary children are coming.

Q: is it good to be highly  sensitive?

Guruji: why not?

Q: because you will feel the pain of other people

Guruji: that is good to have feelings. When you will progress, you will learn how to manage with it. Maintain the distance.

Q: this part of Gita is very confusing when it is saying you should be away from lust, from anger?

Guruji: that time will also come. When you are expose to society some of these things as reactions always be there. The more you will advanced in your development – the more refine these things will be come. It is a part of you. And more advance you become – more refine it will be and more possibilities of use it you will have. Use it in positive way. Anger is a very potent energy. If you nurse it carefully – you can use it power for great things. How to use it it’s up to you. You can use it for the benefit of many people. First you learn to nurse the anger which is already there. You become more powerful. Then use that force to do something creating.

Q: first you must recognize the anger

Guruji: oh, everybody could recognize anger. It’s easy thing to do.

Q: in shastras it is so much saying about control of the mind?

Guruji: you know, my point is always different. You should make your mind your friend. And you should be friendly with your breathe.

Q: so this is the control? To be friendly? Not suppress?

Guruji: nobody could suppress enough.

Q: and what about your desires? You should be friend of your desires?

Guruji: actually you need to understand them first. Without understanding what you should do with them?


… that literally means “who came into being on his own”( about Earth). Brahma – the creator – is in muladhara and the earth element is there; then in swadhisthana somebody is saying it is Vishnu, another – there are Radha and Krishna and the water element is there. Then in manipura chakra – Rudra is there; then anahata – there is IshwaRudra, even more powerful than Rudra. In vishuddha chakra is Sadashiva and in agnya – Shiva.

Q: and in Sahasrara?

Guruji: Shiva, or let’s say Paramashiva. Hundred years of Brahma is one day of Vishnu or Krishna; and hundred years of Vishnu is one day of Rudra, one hundred years of Rudra is one day of IshwaRudra, 100 years Ishwarudra – 1 day of Sadashiva and 100 years of Sadashiva is just a million’s part of million part of one second of Shiva, whose time no one can calculate.

Q: how it is connected with our body?

Guruji: it is directly connected with all the chakras. Somebody is saying that all chakras could be awaken by the certain program – never believe them. If your chakras will be activated, you will have the direct connectivity with all that great powers.

Q: so you must be immortal for this?

Guruji: you will be immortal. Or let’s say you will live for billions of years. That is as good as be immortal. Whatever is in the body is also in the Creation, the Universe. Everything is directly connected; we need to establish the access, than the connectivity will give the certain powers. Then you will be one with the Universe and you will live as long as the Universe will live. And I think – practicing yoga is the first step taking towards this achievement.

Q: and what is the second step?

Guruji: second step – the achievement( smiling). And third step is the enjoying the achievement. And the half-step – three and a half – when you become bored with the enjoyment of the achievement. Then you will be still in equanimity.

Q: you said that when you finish your education in yoga, then begins the education in tantra.

Guruji: tantra means different aspects of the nature. Different spirits, different power, different energies. So when you are qualified to study them – the study of them will start.

Q: the qualification is some certain quantity of Samadhi experience?

Guruji: no-no, your subconscious should become conscious – that is the only qualification. And you will learn so many things on the way also; it’s not like that the other education will begin only when you become 100 percent conscious. In the process of becoming conscious you will aware of so many things. It’s fairy tale thing! And yoga start works with the body, ends with awakening of the mind. To be strong you need the strong body. Body incidental is the strongest of the medium, so we need to take care of it. Everything goes from nauli and agnisara to other postures to gain certain kind of control over yourself. Many people could talk for hours philosophically, that god is having tea with them every day  – but how many can do nauli? How many could do baddhapadmasana? Now I can’t do it, when my chest became much bigger.

Q: I think you will do it in few months, if you have the desire to do it.

Guruji: now I have no desire( laughing). I was doing it before, but suddenly my chest begin to grow in size – it increase nearly 8 inches, which was beyond my highest expectations. I didn’t know, that weight training -bench presses and pullovers can increase it so much. But when Babaji gave me the certain things on 2nd of April 1998 – suddenly my chest increase. I mean in 1,5 years it increase nearly 8 inches more. My weight also grow.

Q: you change something in your diet or training?

Guruji: nothing; I think it was direct effect of Kriya yoga practice and all these pranayamas. And after my chest grow nearly 8 inches it became hard to do baddhapadmasana and after some time I stop to do it. I thought I should reduce it, but then I thought – that must be some change come into my body because of this practice, so I decide to let it go. I’m sure – when something will click, your chest also became much bigger than now. And maybe it’s already bigger than before. When lung expansion is there – somehow it increased. Even head size will be bigger.

Q: the notion of chakras and lotuses are one and the same?

Guruji: the basic description is the same.

Q: why nath system is using different system of chakras – they have some additional chakras between muladhara and swadhisthana, between swadhisthana and manipura…

Guruji: that is just for chitra and vajra nadi. It’s not exactly chakras – it’s situation of chitra and vajra nadi, which are inside sushumna, they should also be activated with vajroli mudra and other things. So the Kundalini or prana will pass through. But yogic description is more or less same everywhere.

Q: and what is chitra nadi?

Guruji: let’s say chitra nadi is supporter of vajra nadi – they are almost together. There is a type of woman described – chitrini. The woman, whose chitra nadi is activated, will become chitrini.

Q: padmini is higher?

Guruji: yes, but wherever padmini is appeared – there is going the great war because of them. Somehow they trigger that. And the last padmini was local queen, and one musalman just saw her – he was so impressed by her beauty – then he attacked. And all his people began the jihad – when their king is going to war, they must be or win or be killed. All the queens actually jump into fire.  That was the end of padmini. Wherever you here about some great war – be sure that some padmini is there. In Mahabharata time it was more than one padmini – and see what was happened.

Q: can we say that realized yogini is chitrini?

Guruji: kakini and chitrini are the best. They actually support yoga. They have certain powers – inherent natural powers. They even can not realized it, but when they live near yogi – somehow the yoga practice go very high. Simple their presence is enough.

Q: so woman is very important for the yogi?

Guruji: woman is important because your body was created through a woman. So if the right type of divine woman will be near you – your yoga practice will be very high. It is the biggest support system what yogi can have.

Q: Shakti?

Guruji: yes, it is Shakti.

Q: every time I hear that the woman are not so high as a man

Guruji: this is religious, not a yogic point of view, remember that. All religions were there to downplay the woman, because all of them were afraid of the woman’s power.

Q: do you ever seen chitrini?

Guruji: I’ve seen, yes. Only one criteria: in her presence your yoga practice will improve. That’s the point. So you look around and see, whose yoga practice is good – definitely chitrini is around him. When your mind is open up, you have fantastic ideas, great perceptions, very deep understanding of so many things simply in her presence. And if your practice is going down, your mind become very narrow – be careful, something is wrong. Someone presence is not good. Your woman definitely is not chitrini. But it’s for yogi; for the worldly man it’s fine. When chitrini is there – the yoga practice will go very high, for the man and for them also.

Q: where we can read more about chitrini?

Guruji: not so much information about kakini and chitrini. It remains the yogic secret.

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