Q: how we can compare Ishwar and devatas?

Guruji: there is no comparison.

Q: and what is the conception of the word Ishwar? Not to translate but to explain?

Guruji: Ishwar – who is the lord of all, and if you bring it at Isha and war- Isha means the most prosperous woman which maybe Mother Earth, so who is the male principle of Earth.

It is my thinking. You’ll not find anything like this, written in dictionaries. Usually this word is used directly to Shiva. In any purana whatever you read when Shiva is speaking, it is written – Ishwar vach.” And Ishwar said”. And wherever Shri Krishna or Vishnu are talking  – they say Shri Bhagavan vach. “Bhagavan said”. That is the main difference here. And most of the devatas from heaven – they are called by their name: Indra vach, Agneya vach, Vayu vach- “ Indra said”, “ fire god said “ – it is like that.

Q: and what is meaning of Bhagavan?

Guruji: who is actually most prosperous, and the all types of prosperities and powers are with him – that is Bhagavan.

Q: but Ishwar is higher than Bhagavan?

Guruji: actually high and low are very impossible here, but it is on record – you must read: in Mahabharat and many puranas are written that Vishnu was doing the very great tapas to please Shiva. Shri Krishna also did great tapas to please Shiva and took many boons from him. Narayana himself was doing tapas for 66000 years to please Shiva. I’ve never ever come across anywhere that Shiva was doing great tapas  to please Vishnu or Krishna. We can consider Ishwar as the embodiment of Time.

Q: he is Kalabhairav?

Guruji: with the appearance of Kalabhairav the calculation of Time begins.

Q: before Kalabhairav it was no Time?

Guruji: no calculation of Time. Impossible to imagine.

Q: can we say that beyond the carbon is beyond the karma?

Guruji: yes, Alakh Niranjan.

Q: what is happen with karma of the yogi reaching Samadhi?

Guruji: he is able to create his own future, he is able to create his own place in the creation, he is free.

Q: does Shri Krishna had disciples in Kriya yoga?

Guruji:  he is one of the Gurus, the revivor of Kriya yoga in Mahabharata time – that’s why Gita his name book. I think too much confusion has been spread by vaishnavs and by ISCON people. Shaivism is this, vaishnavism is this; –  for a normal hindu everything is ok. They are all our gods. We have no problem to celebrate Krishna’s birthday, I’m living in the place of Krishna, worshipping Shiva – it’s all same to me.

Q: does it mean that disciple practicing Kriya yoga doesn’t feel influence of his own karma?

Guruji:  in the beginning he will feel. Only after reaching Samadhi it will disappear.

Q: what is guna? Quality or state?

Guruji: properties. Everybody is inside the main three properties.


See what now happen with Kriya yoga: only after 150  – so many commercialization and so many different people – liars, disclaimers, so many things. We can just imagine what would have happen with religion – with christianity, with islam, with Hinduism in thousands of years. If Kriya yoga can change so much in so short time. Humanity are so good in commercializing everything.



The temple of Dhumavati is rarest of rare temples. There is one small temple near my home town. There was great swami, who was the great knower of tantra – we used to call him Swami Ji. He was a master in tantra. In his later years he has established a small temple of Dhumavati and died within six months. He build small temple of Bagalamukhi – he was a sort of sadhak of Bagalamukhi but he also was doing Dhumavati practices. He installed these two temples in the very ancient side of Shiva temple – the legend was that Ashwatthaman and Dattatreya were doing tapas there. The day he installed Dhumavati temple – after six months he died.

Q: why it happened? She did not like the temple?

Guruji: I think you should know everything because these powers are so great like let’s say atomic power or electricity. If you don’t know how to use it – it will destroy you. It is like that. This thought that all spirits are so good and they are just waiting to help me  – it’s utopian thought. I will caught pirate Davy Jones from “Pirates of Caribbean” : Life is cruel. So why should after life be otherwise? You need to always remember that.

Q: Dhumavati is connected with marana power?

Guruji: all Mahavidyas are connected with this power. Dhumavati you can consider as death herself. She rides on a crow, looks like a very ancient woman – a widow – maybe she is death.

Q: and what about uchhattana and vashikarana powers? They are connected with another Mahavidyas?

Guruji: they are separate also and not connected directly to Mahavidyas. Almost every tantra describes them – they are also called shatkarmas. Mahavidyas are connected with the great wisdom – that’s why they are called Great Knowledge. And if you are somehow blessed with the knowledge – that’s great. But now only Shiva considered to be knower of ten vidyas because it was his first wife Sati who transform herself into ten.

Q: there is no connection with Shri Vidya lineage?

Guruji: Shri Vidya is only one Mahavidya – Shodashi; that is Shri Yantra, Shri Chakra is that. It is just one part of it. And maybe it will take 1000 years at least just to understand the subject.


I’m very happy to be a yogi. I’ve seen some very bad cases of tantra. Like this Swami Ji from Dhumavati temple. He died by horrible death because of installing Dhumavati. Even in India it is extremely rare to find the real master who can teach you this. And to please that master that he will agree to teach you will take at least 20 years to please him. You can not to learn driving simply by reading a book. What happened to British Empire? They took so many deities from India and Egypt – and the empire vanished.


Q: do you want to take some moments or periods of your life back?

Guruji: no. gone is gone. Now I can’t believe in my life starts the period of business. We are planning to make the packing material from cowdung. Now plastic is banned in this area – so it will be the good project.

Ten Mahavidyas are only female energies, pure. There is no male principle involve in it. Many people have tried to interpret the different ways. They are 10 different expressions of Shakti, covering all 10 directions. And people are saying – they are also to protect the male principle. But there are so many different interpretations without understanding them. Tantric tradition is saying something else, another tradition is saying something else, some people said – these are maps to build different types of temples. Especially in south tradition they are talking about four doors. They having some differenyt energies or let’s say vibrations or the mystical effect. I believe that. But to actually understand them – that is very different thing. You must complete all levels of Kriya yoga just to understand a little bit. I talked with many great so-called famous tantrics who are worshipping one aspect  – like Bagalamukhi or Dhumavati – they are repeating only that is written in books. There was no personal understanding of subject. As you will do some mantras – result will definitely go. But the deeper aspect is absolutely missing.

Q: you have yantras of ten Mahavidyas?

Guruji: more than ten years. First appeared at 1995 – more than 21 years back. Now things are very different. Feeling of the place is absolutely different now.

Q: if we take three first Mahavidyas – Kali, Tara and Chinnamasta: all of them are cutting the heads. Is it mean the destroy of ignorance of the person, worshipping them?


Guruji: there are 2 ways of destroying the ignorance. Kill the ignorant person – ignorance is gone, that is the simplest method. The other thing is very difficult to do: to enlighten that person by giving him upadesh and making him go through so many tapas  – this is the very difficult way. Shaktis are very good in cutting heads.


Refer to Katha Upanishada: when Nachiketas goes to the doors of Lord of death for three days. He asked three questions and the final was: some people say – the soul continues after death, some say – that is not like this. You’re the Lord of death – you tell me. And Lord of the death – Yama- gave him so many different ideas, that you will be the king of the world, you will have thousand wives, and this and that – but don’t ask this. This is the great mystery.

Finally he gave him upadesh, but nobody understand that. It is the greatest of mystery – what actually happens with the spirit or atma when the physical body is no more. There are so many hypothesis, but nobody knows – why soul needs of the body? Why it was needed, why it was created? That’s why I’m keep saying: until unless you will make your spirit your friend  – you will never know this. Only friends can share secrets.

Every religion, which appeared on this planet – since Egyptian times, before that – vedic times, Christianity, islam, greek – every religion today – they all have one thing in common: they all believe in life after death. Most of the wise man, who realize something and have some powers – they also said that is life after death. So when every religion is agreed on that, every wise person is telling that – it means it must be true. And the basic clash among religions is that my heaven is better than yours or only I can show you the way to heaven. That’s the main thing, but they all believe in life after death. If there is no life after death then who is going to heaven? Who is going to hell? There is some big mystery here, which we’re trying to discover.

Q: the spirit himself or herself knows his or her real source?

Guruji: of course.

Q: but the sources are different?

Guruji: yes, I’ve come to this observation that different spirits have different origins. Different dimensions and different worlds also; different origins.

Q: how much you know?

Guruji: oh, many-many.

Q: can we subdivide them on different levels – like one are lower, another higher?

Guruji: yes, you can say like this.

Q: it exist some connection between physical constitution of the body and source of the soul?

Guruji: I’m sure – otherwise why the spirits coming to particular genetics and DNA memories. It looks like big game of chess which is being playing on planet Earth. 8,4 billion bodies are here – spirit can come to any.

Q: the spirits have different qualities? Or it is the body who give the qualities to personality?

Guruji: spirits  almost have different qualities and characters – I’m sure about it.

Q: the body affects the spirit or the spirit affects the body? For example – like killer or priest?

Guruji: sometimes priests are the worst killers. It comes from the spirit. Dead body can do nothing. It’s so mixed together: if you remove all thieves, all criminals – then there will be no use of policemans or priests. Everything has purpose.

Q: so spirit is the first; but you said – body is like the book?

Guruji: and as a book doesn’t know, who is reading it or what is written in it – only the reader knows, so you don’t know what is inside you – only your spirit knows.

Q: and possible to spirit – write this book?

Guruji: some great spirits – yes. No book is writing itself – somebody’s writing it.


Love & Sex


Yogi is recommend vegetarian diet. No meat eating, no eggs, nothing. Because if you start eating meat so much DNA memories of that particular animal will mix up in your system and that will directly affect your mind. So to remain pure you need to be vegetarian – nothing will come enter your system and spot it. That is one thing.

And about sex – I think creator create the sexual world. Many religions are said that sex is sin but the yogi’s opinion here is: if you’re having sex with a partner whose heart you have not won over – then that sex may called sin. If there is genuine love and a heart has been win over  – then it’s divine thing. It is for you to analyze, that the sex which you’re having is mutual genuine love or just a physical contact. And you will understand it.  If it is sex in deep love – you will feel great after it. And if is just a physical thing – deep depression will follow it. That is the criteria. This is what I think. 

Love is very important here. And humanity need to discover it. And if you look back in the history – humanity made most of the genuine lovers suffer. Maybe they are jealous to their love because they can not feel it themselves. But there is always hope for everybody to discover love in their life. I wish them luck.

I knew one couple – I think they are no more now and I was young.  They discovered love after 20 years of their marriage – you never know when it will click. They had children, but suddenly one day they discovered love. Happiness begin after 20 years of their marriage. This is the biggest miracle – to fall in love each other after so much years together.

Q: people discover the love as a feeling but is it possible to find the answer in words?

Guruji:  of course, why not. Words are very important thing – we should take them seriously and find their true meaning.


Incredible stories. 


So 10-20 people went to one man to give him beaten. They knocked – he opens his door and the ferocious looking man came inside. And there was my photograph hanging – and that man said: oh my God – how he is here? He answered – that I’m his Guru. I was also his Guru and I save his father’s life – so everything was fine and he was saved.


It happened maybe in 1997. One man’s father begin to appear in his dreams – the father was already dead. After 4-5 years he began to appear regularly somehow – he was always asking for help that I’m been had captured by some evil people – so please, help me. This case came to our attention. And then I’ve made inquiries  – very  fantastic situation came up. There was a musalman barber in the old area of Gwalior who was also in some ghost programs and tantra – whenever you call it. He died, became a powerful ghost, because he was already dealing with the spirits and he established the headquarter and ruling  all ancient buildings. He was catching recently died people’s spirits and making them their slaves. So the father was also caught by him and he was just like a slave for him. And barber was living like a very prosperous man and all the slaves were working for him there in the ghostly form. Then we broke up the nexus of that musalman barber and freed every ghost; he was sent to Hanuman temple – Mehendipur Balaji – and received punishment. That was new information for me.

Q: and what kind of punishment he received?

Guruji: oh, there are many different types of punishment.

Q: something like Garuda Purana?

Guruji: maybe even worse than that.

Q: he was tortured?

Guruji: no, it was some process to clean his mind.

Q: it was with some pain?

Guruji: without pain no cleansing is possible. If you’re not afraid of pain – you will not care for police, for the army, for nothing. Pain is the great teacher.

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