Q: when it happened – judes consider themselves as a higher race and forget their indian roots?

Guruji: it was very natural to think, because when Krishna’s clan was been killed – some of them ran towards Egypt, Hastinapur was in Egypt and they were made slaves there. A few centuries of slavery is enough to erase all the memories, but some stories remain. About holy land, holy mountain and all these things.

Q: can we say that Krishna was ancestor of the judes?

Guruji: not directly, but from his clan: they belong to some Yadavs of his clan.

Q: nowadays they think they are superior nation, chosen by god himself

Guruji: maybe this think develop, but they are supposed to be teachers for a common men – to create certain kind of civilization and rules in the society also to teach some spirituality. But if a teacher will continuously take himself as a superior person to the student – then I don’t think proper communication can be established and the problems will follow.

Q: maybe the same story like Buddhism – the system is not like in the beginning?

Guruji: Buddha was a prince – and if the prince start preaching then many people stay around him just to listen what prince are saying. That was a different situation. If the religion, organization of a religion is lasting more than 2000 years and still continue – some big powers or some immortal beings are trying to guide the society or human race to a certain end. Yogi can say that in the beginning of Christianity most of the old gods worshipping was stopped. Here I will say another point: from Christianity or from Krishna’s time – before that only immortals like Olympian gods will be worshipped; from jesus Christ in the west first time the human being appear as the son of god. In India Krishna appeared 3000 years before Christ. Rama was also a human incarnation of somebody. The divinity is now more and more in humanity. This evolution was never before. I think it’s a very welcome thing.

Q: but what do you think if some person consider himself superior only by birth – without any achievement and tapas?

Guruji: I will say it’s false ego.

Most of the religions came from that area – India and Middle East also. The whole area was India once upon a time, from the peaks of Himalaya to the shores of the ocean. It covers all India, Europe and Africa, Middle East and Asia. Great civilization has ended and now another is developing. Now we’re waiting for globalization.

Q: what will happen with these religions in future?

Guruji: now the humanity will rule. And I hope humans will become more tolerant about each other and they will also respect each other’s privacy and divinity. That is what is needed. Kings were always superior, public was nothing; and jesus was also talking about democracy in bible.

Blessed are meek, for they shall inherit the kingdom of Earth. He was not saying, that warriors and kings shall inherit the kingdom of Earth. Meek people – the normal common people, those, who are not warriors – now they are ruling the kingdom of Earth – they have enough power to choose their leaders.

Let the ten generations pass and you will see the real thing. Shadow of the kings are in our minds – recently they were there. Let some more time pass, then maybe something will happen.

Q: but with globalization the purity of blood will be lose?

Guruji: I think four races will intermix and the fifth race will come finally. Already so much intermixing is taking place.

Q: what do you think about curse of Durvasa rishi to Krishna’s clan?

Guruji: I think this curse still following them. Because of this curse judes suffering for a very long time. First they became slaves – and you can imagine how to be a slave in pharao’s time. Then Moses takes them away – they were suffer continuously, then they were attacking so many times; then Christianity came and they suffer till the second world war – nobody knows when it was going to end. Maybe they started the process of globalization. Christianity is also worshipping a jude – jesus Christ was a jude; and Christianity also spread all over the world. We should link so many different instances, which have happen in history- then a very different picture will appear.

Q: but in comments in Bhagavad Gita you’re talking about four varnas?

Guruji: you see, without races coming together they can be no mix up. Nowadays we see the races are coming together – much more then they used to be before.

Q: but in Gita it is said that varnas should not be mixed?

Guruji: that is a technical term there; varna means colur and varnasankar means – who is not biological son of his legal father, illegal child. It’s a different thing. I’m the first person who have analyzed this in the point of view of anthropology.

Q: and what will be after all races were mixed?

Guruji: one race, one language, one planet, no political borders – the Earth will be ours. Blessed are meek for they shall inherit the kingdom of Earth – he was talking about whole Earth, not a particular nation.

Q: how it is possible to choose shudra for the Brahmin?

Guruji: I think it’s already happen in many cases even in India. Now even among orthodoxical judes the new generation is coming.

Q: what is the difference between adami and manushya?

Guruji: those, who were born from Adam are called adami and those who were born from Manu called Manushya. Only Christians and middle east people are called adami – this word is from middle east.

Q: but if the person were not baptized – he is manushya?

Guruji: all the judes are adami. The real adami are judes. Manushya is the different thing, they never leave the Eden garden. The story of Manu begins from Swayambhu Manu; before him it was big creation, which died in the flood – only he survived. Even in English language the word “man” is very similar to Manu; so maybe they are from Manu. Man and manushya are very similar. Only judes are adami.

Q: now India has a very big population – You think it is good?

Guruji: remember, this is the time of democracy – we will increase our population to be in power. We have found the very different way to achieve power. Most of the population in white race is going down – maybe they are taking birth in India.

Q: to be born here you must have good karma in past life?

Guruji: we don’t know, maybe bad also. It’s combination of so many things. The national aura is different and the power of the land is different.

Q: if you’re in fear of dyeing?

Guruji: everybody fears death. You think jesus Christ was not afraid? Then why he was crying – father, why you forsaken me? How you will explain?

Q: it could be the expression of pain but not the fear?

Guruji: fear is because of pain. As a Christian you must not believe that who tells you that he went to heaven because without judgements’ day no good Christian will reach heaven or hell. Believe in bible. Going to heaven is very doubtful.

I will quote captain Davie Jones here: life is cruel. While the afterlife should be otherwise?

Q: is it important for You in what God people believe?

Guruji: it means nothing to me if they believe in god or they don’t believe in god – what matters to me is that whether they believe in themselves.

Q: if the people suffering in this life and made suicide because of that?

Guruji: they suffer even more afterlife. They think they’re getting the release of their problem, but more bigger problems are waiting for them on the other side. It is not a good idea.

Q: they become slaves of some spirits?

Guruji: they are tortured. They become like sex slaves. It is very awful situation, the worse thing in life that can be imagine.

If you die by saving someone’s life – this is death of a hero.

Q: if you die in the name of some god – it will be sacrifice?

Guruji: no, it will be suicide.

Q: but human sacrifices existed to please the god? And it was people who wanted to be sacrificed?

Guruji: it is very interesting situation here: every civilization, who were sacrificing human beings, ended. Every civilization, who offered human as sacrifice, are no more. All that civilizations ended. And all civilizations who were worshipping the sun, also gone.

Q: You said that civilizations, who were mining so much are also gone – but nowadays we’re extract everything from the Earth?

Guruji: if we will continue that way – we’ll gone. It will come to pass. It’s just a matter of time. Global warming is a subject for talk nowadays. You can compare it: if you have some sickness – to fight with that sickness your temperature rises. And Earth is also getting warmer because of us. We’re bacterial infection for this planet.

Q: if we imagine that human beings will disappear from the Earth like dinosaurs?

Guruji: dinosaurs reproduced themselves by laying eggs and first human beings learned how to make an omelet – they eat all the eggs of dinosaurs and that was the end of them. Humans are not laying eggs – so chance is not that.

Q: maybe we will evolving to some another form – we have the very little difference in genome with monkeys, rats and even potatoes; so maybe we will look like walking potatoes?

Guruji: some people look like that even today.

It is just an observation: to become immortal, to have the life eternal – you need to understand the life first. Without understanding life it will not support you. Only when you become immortal you can sit finally and think something. Maybe only then.

Q: I’m still thinking that You said that afterlife is cruel…

Guruji: the moment we take birth we begin to run to meet death. Whole life we’re running and finally we meet her.

Q: I think if I become immortal it will be extremely bored?

Guruji: it’s just a hypothesis, you’ll never know. Our mind started to work very different after becoming immortal. In today’s state of mind it maybe bored but with current mind you will not become immortal also. You drink the blood of the son of god – and the god will drunk your eternal life after your death. Simple formula.

Q: in the physical world we can say that if the person has a lot of money – the more he has more he can control; what is the energy for power and control in spiritual world?

Guruji: in the spiritual world the power of the mind matters. How much your mind is powerful. In spiritual world – money, physical aspects are no more. Your inner power that depends on the power of your mind. That is real power. Even here – if your mind is powerful you will be able to earn enough money for yourself. Weak mind cannot hold anything which is given to him. It will always remain the most powerful thing – the power of your mind.

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