Samadhi; Babaji; Telang Swami; Lahiri Mahasaya; Autobiography of the Yogi


Q: you can not go to the long-termed Samadhi without helpers?

Guruji: you always need someone to take care of you, who guard you.

Q: what is the maximum time period you can go to Samadhi without someone?

Guruji: one or two hours is normal. For this you don’t need very special preparation; but if you want to do it for months and years – then very careful preparation is needed.

In “Autobiography of the yogi” we read, that when Babaji called Lahiri Mahasaya to initiate him – he showed him the feet on which he was stolid sit to practice and one command him. But those, who are very much deep in Kriya yoga – they know, that Lahiri Mahasaya did not die at this period of time to take birth as Shyamacharan Lahiri in his parents. He went into Samadhi, left that body, took birth in a regular way, did his mission what Babaji decided for him then died here – and woke up from Samadhi there. Babaji himself was taking care of that body, because he had to take care of it for 67 years.

And only Guru can be very specifically and meticulous in taking care of that. You can not simply have faith in everybody – who will become careless and something will happen. He is, I think, one of the immortals group of Babaji; he was just asked to go into Samadhi, take birth there, live the regular way of life. You see, what happen when you’re doing something for the society – to guide them in a certain way – if you already appear in front of them as an extraordinary person – they will start worship you as an avatar or some miracle man.

Babaji are very particular about this – that you should take birth as absolutely normal human being, you must work very humbly – and Lahiri Mahasaya was a clerk; and that is the beauty of Babaji’s message – that even king is came to touch the feet of the simple clerk, that was a power of knowledge and yoga. When he finished his task here, when he was 67 years old – he died here in a regular way and woke up there from Samadhi. And then Babaji left that place. Nowadays many Kriya yoga devotees go to there as pilgrims to offer their respect. That’s the real story behind the story.

Q: who was this being, who took birth as Lahiri Mahasaya?

Guruji: his name is given: his name was Gangadhar.

Q: from there this name came?

Guruji: read “Autobiography of the yogi” carefully – it is mentioned there. In his diaries I’ve also seen it. Gangadhar or Ganganath maybe one and the same. Only such powerful being could gain such enough power to go beyond physical death and then come back again – it’s incredible.

Q: Ganganath is the very ancient person?

Guruji: his Guru was a disciple of Gorakhnath – this is what we found in the history of nath yogins. Gorakhnath had a disciple Chandranath, Chandranath had two disciples – Ganganath and Darshaninath, they are very mighty yogins, very long-lived ones. The references are in many books.

Q: they are in the group of Babaji?

Guruji: probably; it looks like it.

Q: where is the place, where Ganganath was in Samadhi for 67 years?

Guruji: in Himalayas, near Ranipith – on Drona giri mountain. The cave of Babaji is there. And it’s full of ashes – so no insect will crawling. Very meticulous care is taken, when such attempt is done.

Q: such Samadhi includes sahajoli technics?

Guruji: it is much left behind. It was not just he was sitting there in Samadhi, he need to leave that body, take birth as a regular person, die there and come back again. Only very high accomplished yogi are in a situation to attempt it. That’s why Babaji himself was taking care, because you can not leave things just for chance.

I even can’t imagine, how Lahiri Mahasaya felt when the great Guru, whom he didn’t recognize – because when you’re taking birth always some cut come, which you can’t remember properly, then you’re called and remind it; I can well imagine how he must be feeling when he saw himself sitting in Samadhi. I think it was the great revelation of some sort.

Q: Ganganath was sitting or lying in shavasana?

Guruji: always in sitting position. It’s a practice method.

Q: he had a very difficult mission…

Guruji: I will tell you – to give the very simple guidance to the society is the very difficult task.

Q: what can You tell about Telang Swami?

Guruji: I’m sure he was the part of Babaji’s group; he came to Benares before Lahiri Mahasaya was born. He was like the godfather to him – always observing, always supporting and showing openly very miraculous things; he telling that – you go to Shyamacharan Lahiri – that’s why king went to him. It was like the teamwork. That is also on record, that Telang Swami took food only from father-in-law in Lahiri Mahasaya’s house, nowhere else. He also give the mantra to future wife of Lahiri Mahasaya. It was the very mysterious teamwork.

Q: it possible that Telang Swami also took birth – but real was a nath yogi?

Guruji: nobody knows; he was living always naked, showed miraculous powers openly and he was more than 300 years old. He actually didn’t die: he simply said – I’m going into Samadhi, put me in the wooden box and let me flow with Ganges. We don’t know – he came out from Samadhi and went somewhere else. We never found out that. It was very easy for him – he was just dive inside the Ganges and surfaced after 8 or 10 hours – it was not a problem for him. He will go without food for months and drink big quantities of milk and curd maybe 20 or 30 liters. Maybe he was the last siddha, who appeared and displayed his powers openly; after Telang Swami I don’t see anybody of that level.

Many people are talking about god and philosophy  – the whole India is full of them, maybe the whole world is full of them – but to be able to do these extraordinary supernatural things – after Telang Swami I don’t think anyone is even near him.

Q: could be Telang Swami Babaji himself?

Guruji: physically he looked very different. But such great beings have enough power to change their appearance anytime. We can not be sure about it.

Q: is it possible to use two or more bodies simultaneously?

Guruji: anything is possible. For such beings no natural laws applies, they are already beyond – so we can not be sure of anything.



Society; Suffering; Realization


Some people are saying – ‘’I’m very happy that I’m normal man’’ – I know that they say it, because they can not achieve something. Show me one person, who doesn’t want to fly like Superman or to shoot wires like a Spiderman. Show me one person, who have no fantasy about it.

I would love to fly like Superman and I’m not problem saying that. It is just lack of spiritual adventure in many people’s mind that make them say – ‘’ I’m happy to be normal”. Or – I don’t want to be famous. Fame is not something, which come running after you. It’s fine with them, if they live like it.


Q: sometimes we made mistakes and chose the wrong decisions – how to feel it?

Guruji: if you will go deep inside your heart – deep down you will discover it. As long as you will continue react to the society different pattern – you will never discover what you really want. Only when you stop reacting to people and society. You see – most of our social behavior is reaction to something. When you will stop reacting, be still, and go deep down inside you – then you will discover, why you are here.

Q: it’s coming with practice?

Guruji: of course!

Only with practice you will stop reacting, start thinking and go deep inside your consciousness, your mind – you will discover so many things about you.

Self-realization is very important. It’s another simplification: ‘’ I’m not the body, I’m the spirit’’. But we need body experience.

Q: why we learn lessons only through suffer?

Guruji: because suffer makes us serious; before everybody is taking everything like a joke or a play. One slap on the cheek makes you sober and you start to think very seriously. Every suffering is a slap from someone.

Q: so no need to give another cheek?

Guruji: yes;

according to the religion you should put another cheek and if you receive a slap even there and no free cheeks left – you’re free to beat that person.

There was discussion: one man said – not many people understand me. I said to him: I’m very sorry, but do you understand yourself?


That’s the point. Everybody learn to understand you the day you start understanding yourself. First – understand yourself, then hope for others.


Q: I think it’s impossible situation – that person has developed mind and ugly appearance at the same time?

Guruji: physically he maybe deformed, but the beauty will express herself anyway.

Q: but his mind must affect his body and the face also?

Guruji: of course? The expression and the emotions will be divine – it is true.

Q: is it possible situation, that some animal will die some terrible death – and will granted a beautiful human body in the next birth as a gift?

Guruji: no. animals are more advanced than us.

Q: I’ve read somewhere, that if the animal died like a food for a human – he can attain a human body in next birth?

Guruji: to take revenge. And that human will take birth as an animal- and that circle will continue.


Every time humanity has a chance to change – but every time failed and Apocalypse come.


Q: they do the same mistakes?

Guruji: always.

Q: what for another chance – if they are not changing?

Guruji: my observation is different here. I’m observing and discussing that thing for a long time. I think that every society or every culture which are very much progressing and on the peak of their evolution- their progress depends on how much things they were extracting from Earth, mining. All societies were mining for iron and so many things; the more you mine – more you make Earth suffer and finally they were removed.

On the other hand, if you look at tribes and aborigines and some villagers – they never mine and they are always survive. We need to learn from this point. Progress is very good, but in the name of progress if you continue to dig things from the Mother Earth’s body – that actually brings Apocalypse. Аll the stories of Apocalypse are saying – the water rising and all of things drowns; but no fish can drown in a water. Only surface dwellers are actually wiped out every time – because they do all these things. I’ve never seen fish doing mining.

Maybe all these great people who were saying – take the middle path – were saying that live somewhere in the middle. Learn everything you can, but stop hurting the planet. Live like that. Take instant in the time of Mahabharat: there was a very big massive of human beings and most of them were warriors. And warriors need weapons. For weapons they need iron and other metals as well. Also they need defence – shields and armors. All these metals they dig out of Earth. They mining more and more; and rich warriors were need gold also, jewels also, silver also – everything which Earth can provide, is ‘’his’’. So they are no more.

See the nature – if you put iron – after some time it will again become part of Earth.

Q: maybe the Earth needs humanity – for entertainment or some other reason?

Guruji: do you need bacteria on your body? You’re not even aware of them. When they are overdose – you just take a shower.

Q: but some bacteria needed for a good health?

Guruji: yes, but when they are overdose – you take a treatment and kill them. Aborigines still today continue to survive. We need to learn with the nature.


This money thing I don’t understand. Government is printing money. Then it gives hundred dollars to you. Then takes back thirty dollars as tax. But if you’re creating money – for what you need this? It’s a game to pass the time: I give you this, you give me back. For me it looks like a game. You’re always busy, how to cut corners and how to survive. But they are printing money. Even if they don’t it take back – they can create more money. We’re always keep moving in the circle. Who created money – also set a great dialogue: let the game begin.


Miracles; Ghosts; Astral World; Samadhi; Yogi; Saint; Guru


With good practice some mysterious things are always happen. It tells us – we’re on the right way. I’ve noticed – some of the senior people have told me: if you start to practice yoga – you will have mysterious experiences and also you will become a little bit more famous than before. More people will start knowing you somehow. Even if you’re doing anything for it. You will remain younger looking then your contemporaries, which is the very welcome thing. Everybody will feel it.


Q: is it possible that with the practice border between physical and astral world becomes more thin?

Guruji: it is less and less. You will also discover – there is no border. Border is the limitations of our vision or understanding – that is the border. Otherwise they are so much into each other – you can not draw a line. When the astral beings are very powerful – even common people feeling their presence or power.


It was evening time at the Rameshwaram, Setubandha bridge. Me and my sister both were there. The waves were breaking and we were just sitting. Then we were noticing that big black butterflies were flying just out of the breaking waves, from the water. They are flying above my right shoulder. And they were there more than one hour – the wave will brake and butterflies will come. They were very big, black with the golden borders on the wings. I don’t know, who they were. If normal butterfly be in water – it simply can not fly. We all saw them. It’s open to imagination – who they were.


Q: could the ghosts take revenge to each other in astral world?

Guruji: yes. The fights goes on. The powerful one is the winner.

Q: but what can they take – there is no money?

Guruji: submission. Make them slaves.

Q: is it possible with some other technics – like sufizm or Christianity or Buddhism or something else to achieve Samadhi?

Guruji: Buddha started as a yogi at the beginning – then he drowns up; sufizm was born when musalmans came in contact with Nath yogis in India and they also practiced pranayamas and certain technics of yoga – so in sufizm it is possible. They called Samadhi with a different name – they call it “hal”. Whatever, if there is some yoga connected –it may be a possibility.


Remember, Samadhi is a yogic achievement, so yoga is the basis to achieving Samadhi. Trans is a different thing.


Q: can we consider the state of the saints like Samadhi state?

Guruji: it is absolutely different condition: saints are worshipping god, they are devoted to a god and they are trying to receive grace and blessing of that particular god. Only then you’re a saint; but yogis are trying to make their own spirit their friend – they’re trying to realize their own spirit, not god. The object is absolutely different.

Q: the yogis and the saints are using the different powers?

Guruji: no, the flavor of devotion to the god  – that will give them different condition, supernatural condition definitely comes – but we can not compare it with Samadhi.

You’re depending on someone else – Samadhi make you independent. That is the difference. If you take some power from some deity you have to give your soul in return. Nothing comes for free. Take your power from your own spirit.


Q: so generally it is possible to achieve Samadhi, if that tradition – like Buddhism or sufizm took the technics from yoga?

Guruji: they are talking about it – but in reality only the glimpses of Samadhi will come. One person can start believing, that he was in deep meditation – and it was Samadhi.

But the real Samadhi I will say – whatever I’ve seen and experienced – only with very heavy regular yoga practice it will come. That yoga doesn’t mean that you always spending your life in postures: only with the very deep practice of Kriya yoga will take you to the level of Samadhi. You need a Guru and Parampara. Anyone can declare himself as a Guru – but in yoga Parampara is in respect. You’re playing with your life force – there are many dangers there.

Q: only Guru can save you from them?

Guruji: by guiding you properly – that is the real saving. That’s why I talk very openly on most of the things. I don’t mystify or say – this is secret. I your level is good enough to hear the answer – I try to give answer.

Q: if the body is not totally destroyed after death – when it becomes to look like a mummy: is it the true sign of Samadhi?

Guruji: no, it is nothing about Samadhi.

Q: what is the sign of Samadhi? How the common people can recognize it?

Guruji: for common men – the signs of death will appear in the body, but the body will not decay – it will continue to remain the same and the top of the head will remain warm. If it is cold – then it is not Samadhi. No matter if he’s dead for a hundreds or thousands of years – if the body is remaining in tact but the top of the head is absolutely cold – then there will be doubt whether it is Samadhi or death.

That’s why when you need to remove someone from Samadhi – you have to put the warm water on the top of his head, because all the prana from the body are there and that area will remain warm. Check it out and open the mouth – the tongue should be in khechari.

Samadhi without khechari is not possible.

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