The story of Govardhan hill, Govardhan Giriraj is this: Pulastya rishi, one of the sons of Brahma, very powerful rishi was visiting the father of Giriraj. He saw Giriraj playing in the lap of his mother – wife of Drona Giri, mountain. Pulastya understand, that if he took Giriraj Ji to Benares and will continuously living on him and worship Shiva – some miraculous extraordinary outstanding thing will happen. He simply asked for his father – may I take him? I would like to live on him and do tapas. He said ok. But Giriraj said: he will taking me directly to wherever he taking me. If on the way he will put me somewhere – I will not go from that place. Pulastya rishi was taking him – but something happen, he became extremely heavy here – and he had to put him here. After that he couldn’t lift him and had to leave it here. And he gave him a curse: that everyday you will grow underground by one sesame seed. Till then Govardhan hill was slowly going underground.

When things happen – I came here, I was living in this royal cremation area, we were working very hard to make it live able; and in 1998 we found a natural Shivalingam. Then I call the king of Bharatpur – because it was his ancestor’s cremation spot; I told him what I’m planning to do – what do you think? Next morning he was here himself and said: yes, You install Shivalingam there – nothing can be best for my ancestors. So we went ahead, some money came my way, and we installed the natural Govardhan stone Shivalingam exactly where the king of Bharatpur was cremated in 1893. It was something: everybody was feeling very strange; the moment we putting the Shivalingam one of my dogs simply died – very weird atmosphere. And the man, who was observing Govardhan hill some time after that noticed, that he isn’t coming underground any more. It stopped then and there. We have measuring it and we’re still measuring it – but it remains still. Then after some years the story came to me: it was decreed by some rishi, that the curse of Pulastya rishi will be lifted when the king will die, will be cremated in Govardhan area in moksha bhumi, where 16000 Krishna’s wives were cremated – and he will come in the next incarnation as a yogi and will find somehow the natural Shivalingam in Govardhan Sheela and he will install the Shivalingam exactly on the spot where he was cremated last birth – the Govardhan will stop going underground. And it happened exactly this way. We’re still thinking on that – it was amazing discovery.

Another point is that Pulastya rishi was taking Giriraj Ji to Benares – so he will be able to worship Shiva, living on Gоvardhan; and I won the lottery: I’m living on Govardhan and I’m worshipping Shiva continuously in the cremation area – most ancient cremation area and most powerful one. I found the natural Shivalingam, which Giriraj providing me; so we still can’t even faith – what results will come or what will happen. Now I’m addicted to that kind of life and I feel good.


Q: what is mandala?

Guruji: round shape. It can be anything. Even Earth is called Bhu Mandala – the circle of land.

Q: what happened after piercing the granthis?

Guruji: the spirit begins to like the physical body.

Q: how this liking coming?

Guruji: see, the prisoner is living in prison. But the person, who is able to effort a big parochial mansion is also living inside it  – but a big difference in living. Same way.

Q: you can perceive chakras only after Samadhi experience?

Guruji: only after they are develop and created – only then Samadhi may form. It’s certification that chakras are developed now.

Q: but you become to perceive them very clearly after Samadhi?

Guruji: around the same time.

Q: they developed step by step very slowly – or just in one moment?

Guruji: it depends on the intensity of the person and the intensity enhances in practice and clarity of motive.

Q: could it be the situation that for example manipura is developed and anahata is not developed?

Guruji: impossible. They will develop simultaneously at the same time. I might be the only person in the whole world who is saying this.

Q: why this confusion come – when people are talking about open and closed chakras?

Guruji: for making dollars it’s better to talk. Doesn’t matter if your chakras not developing: if your bank account is developed – it’s the best thing. The most powerful and strong chakra is your bank account and dollars are petals; the more they are – better power is there.


Q: many yogis were trying to install Shivalingam here but failed?

Guruji: that was told by Ganganath

Q: they were even become rishis?

Guruji: I mean tapas will always have the effect – even though Avadhut didn’t appear – the tapas will be there and they became rishis. I was not even trying to invoke Avadhut – He appeared or maybe that’s why He appeared; maybe the script was written this way. I’m happy it happened this way; we have so many stories to tell now.

Q: why Avadhut?

Guruji: this is supposed to be Rudra face of Dattatreya. They say that Dattatreya has three heads – Brahma,Vishnu and Shiva; when his Brahma’s face is awaken – two others are in Samadhi and the whole world worships Brahma. Then he goes into Samadhi and Vishnu face wakes up – then the whole world worships Vishnu. Now he goes into Samadhi and Rudra’s face is awaken – so the whole world will worship Shiva. And that was the final thing. Because this reference only came from Ganganath, nowhere it is written – it maybe part of the story of Nath yogis or immortals: that’s why he came to confirm. Even after installation I was not taking it very seriously; then after few months everything changed. Commonly Dattatreya is called Avadhut.

Q: and Matsyendranath and Gorakhnath?

Guruji: they reached that stage – but the title is still with Dattatreya. Avadhut is the highest state of yogi.

Q: what that yogi was trying to do – invoke the power of Avadhut?

Guruji: natural Shivalingam was to appear in the cremation area and was to install on the cremation spot. So it came my way.

Q: so they try to search but failed?

Guruji: you cannot search for it. You will just have to do tapas and it will appear. This is what happen here. Only He can decide where to go or where not to go.


Q: could destiny be changed by yoga practice?

Guruji: yes; in the right direction.

Q: how spirits can remove someone from area?

Guruji: they will control the mind and the person will run away.

Q: could the spirits create the obstacles in practice?

Guruji: if the lineage is good – no problem. Only one very powerful spirit can disturb you: laziness.

Q: if someone is not practicing – spirits confusing their mind?

Guruji: their own spirit is confusing; because maybe spirit doesn’t want to be their friend – so it will create confusion.

Q: when the body is in bad condition – person is eating meat, drinking, – spirit is suffering?

Guruji: not exactly suffering but doesn’t like that person much. Like cockroaches in your home.

Q: different spirits has different character and personality, like human?

Guruji: yes; your character is just reflection of your spirit.

Q: how mixed body and spirit?

Guruji: your body is carrying information of so many births, lives; whatever it will choose – will come to surfaces.

Q: is the body like prison for the spirit?

Guruji: is your body in prison of your clothes? If your clothes are dirty, tight or unsuitable – you will simply change them. You will never remain in prison. And you’re always free to go naked.

Q: sometimes You’re saying – it was muslim spirit or some other spirit; You can see it on their appearance?

Guruji: yes – the religion leaves the very big impact on the spirit. When we are talk about ghost and spirits – we’re talk about their air bodies. Two elements are there – but for the sake of giving them a name they are generally called spirits or ghosts.


Q: how it was – the first Mahashivartari after installing Shivalingam?

Guruji: it was in year 1992 when we went through over home town, bare bodied wearing only with yellow clothes in the middle – that was a sort of declaration. In 1992 we went officially to the temple; before that in 1986 I was in Benares in my Guru’s house and it was Shivaratri day.

I’m a lazy person, trying to stay away from crowds – so I was just lying in my room in my Guru’s house. He told me: this is Shivaratri and you’re in Benares: you must go to Vishwanath temple and offer your pranam. Have darshan! It was a special day – thousands and thousands and hundreds of thousands of people will go. I was in the line for many hours – when my number will come. but Guru was insisted on that – so I went. I have some Datura flowers and I was in line. I stood up in line about 10:30 or so and my number come after 4 o’clock in the afternoon – continuously I was standing there. When I entered the temple – from one side the men line was there, from another side the women line was there – and you can bent down and touch Vishwanath Ji. It is inside some sort of square in the ground. I was allowed to touch – and I offered my things and bent down – one old lady pushed me in my back and I fell on top of Vishwanath Ji Shivalingam. I  was shirking that square thing and I couldn’t rise. The priest lifted me up and I was so angry; when I look at the lady – she was very old and already feeling sorry, and the priest of course scourged her – what are you doing?! I just went furious.

Then I told this story to my Guru and he laughed – I saw him laughing so much first time in my life. He laughed and laughed then said: now Shiva is accepting you as an offering to Him. then it came to me that I’ve never ever heard that somebody fell on top of Shiva. I will say – after that the life begin to change: everything becomes different slowly-slowly. And the push was from Shakti. I still remember that woman – Gujarati very old babushka.

Now I look back and I say – nothing happen by chance. Behind every coincidence there is will of God. In that moment I was thinking – it’s my bad luck, I was standing in a line for hours, now I fell on top of the Shiva Ji; – then I realized, when the Guru was laughing, – this is something special. Now Avadhut is come to me – maybe it was a part of process. Natural Shivalingam on the cremation area to be installed on the cremation spot of the king. And this is not ordinary cremation area: 16000 queens of Krishna were cremated here.

Here even monkey supports me: they brake the dry branches of the trees and throw them down. They are taking care.


Q: tattwa is the seed and vairagya is the water – and they together form kalpa vraksha?

Guruji: I agreed.

Q: why vairagya is the water?

Guruji: if you’re attached only to hatha yoga, not to the worldly things – then it will act as the irrigation to the seed which has been planted to the bhumi of hatha. It’s a sort of ornamental language.

Q: when in practice vairagya appears?

Guruji: I think it’s already there. That simply tells me – about vairagya – specially for the yogi: you’re so ambitious in the beginning and you’re seeking to find some answers, and you become so attached to yoga that all other attachments becomes secondary and almost non-existence – that is the state of vairagya. Concentrated effort. For a yogi this is vairagya.

People are trying to cultivate vairagya – that’s way of they go down. If the person becomes alcoholic – he is so much attached to drinking alcohol, he is not attached for anything else in the world. Even for drinking people can experience some sort of vairagya. If we are so much concentrated in yoga – for us it should come naturally. That’s my point.

Q: if someone practice without tradition and breaking the rules of the practice – his raise of consciousness destroys him; how it is possible?

Guruji: well, if he is not follow any tradition or the advise of the Guru – this mind is also the most  horrible demon. It will begin to misdirect you and will lead to your destruction finally. Without tradition you will never know the secret mysterious practices also. The secret will allude you – but you will think that “I’m doing the right thing” – and your mind will starting play games with you and ultimately destruction will follow. Guru’s help is very much required. The child can’t learn even alphabet on his own. How to claim the most mysterious thing about spirit and other world? You have to have someone guided you.

Q: but everyone think – they are grown up?

Guruji: that is most childish statement I’ve ever heard. Salute them – those, who are so brave and so intelligent – they don’t need any teacher to teach them, they can learn anything on their own. I would ask them the simple question: whether they decided, which school they will go? They were depending absolutely on their parents. If they are depends on their parents – to pay rents on everything – how they can claim they are grown ups? Now they are children of the society and they are depending absolutely on the society and the charity of the society people to get some money and survive – and then make big talk claim “we’re independent, we’re not children anymore”. Nobody is that big. That’s why I keep saying: remain grounded.

First realization is – we begin to see that we ‘re not that smart that we can learn anything on our own. Everybody needs help. Just be humble to accept this simple thing.


Q: what is Jyeshtha in description of Shri chakra?

Guruji: Dhumavati is called Jyeshtha. If something will go wrong – it will ruin you. Her name means “ the elder one”. If saying technically – if everything goes well, Vama will support you, if something will go wrong – Dhumavati will destroy you. They are two different aspects of the same Shakti. And usually goes wrong( smiling).

Q: ten Mahavidyas are connected with ten vayus?

Guruji: you can connect them with ten vayus, you can connect them with ten steps in Kriya yoga as well.

Q: in that case – which vayu is Dhumavati?

Guruji: Dhumavati will be like apana vayu, who will release prana, consume prana and the person dies. You may connect them with ten mudras. First is Kali – tongue is out. Then Smashan Tara and Chinnamasta – and Chinnamasta means without head. You know how it happens.

Q: who of them is connected with the level when Hridaya is opening?

Guruji: level starts from second level to… very long. This is the longest sadhana. There is mystery, not only piercing. You will pierce a mystery.

Q: could we say that Tripura Sundari and Tripura Bhairavi are connected with Rudra granthi levels?

Guruji: especially Tripura Bhairavi.

Q: when they are talking about creating yantra – it means physically?

Guruji: it’s broad way: creating something physically also and creating the impression of that particular yantra in your aura.

Q: how – by imagination?

Guruji: the technical word of creating yantras in your aura is nyasa. You are putting everything on yourself. First in aura – astral world will follow.

Q: where is aura when we talk about spirits or vayu sharira?

Guruji: aura will remain with whoever is alive. If you have vayu sharir – you have aura.

Q: what is aura?

Guruji: let’s say – your lights. Expression of electromagnetic activity in your brain and your whole body. Almost everything alive has aura.

Q: when only spirit remains, without vayu sharir – there is no aura?

Guruji: aura will be there like expression of mental power. How much development was reached.

Q: what does it mean: to have the nature of zodiac signs or constellations?

Guruji: whatever are in the body are also in the Universe. You’re the miniature replica of the Universe itself.

Tara is considered as the form of Saraswati. Her seed mantra is the same. Mahavidyas are great knowledge; vidya means great education or art. They are all giving you lot of knowledge, wisdom. Saraswati is directly connected with Tara; one of Tara’s names is Nila Saraswati.

Q: could we subdivide Mahavidyas on two types: one can give you blessings and another can punish you?

Guruji: even giving punishment is supposed to be an art and power. Bagalamukhi, Dhumavati – all are connected with that. Everything can be used in a positive way and every positive thing can be used in a negative way – depends on the use. Knowledge is knowledge. What is positive for you – can be negative for someone else. It’s just a point of view.

Q: like sade sati for the yogis?

Guruji: mostly it’s a positive thing. Rahu period is more dangerous.

I’ve never come across the greater Guru than Matsyendranath. He gives us motivation working more and more hard.

Q: who is Chandi?

Guruji: Chandi maybe the most mysterious Shakti. Not much described about her; she is the 7th matrika. Chandi and Chamunda are same. Sometimes even Kali called Chandi. Another mysterious reference I found in Shiva Purana: when the procession of marriage of Shiva is on – Chandi acting as his sister – was carrying an auspicious pot on her head. That means Chandi and Parvati are separate, different powers. Even Shiva has a sister. I think most of mysterious yogis were somehow connected with Chandi. Some many devotees and devotion are recorded – but I’ve never come across direct devotee to Chandi or Chamunda. She lives on the crossroad – very horrible looking but full of compassion. Ten arms, riding on dead body. Looking like Kali – but very emaciated, like skeleton, covered with skin; black, three eyes – but full of compassion.

Q: so during any ritual first you must please her – because she’s the mistress of crossroad?

Guruji: secretly these things may be taught – but in books you’ll never find the reference. Among seven matrikas she’s most powerful and mysterious.

Q: when seven matrikas appeared?

Guruji: they are timeless. Maybe their names – Indri, Vishnavi and others – was there because these gods were able to invoke them. So the name was stick with special powers – but not in the case of Chamunda.

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