It is written in ayurveda books that Datura can be of four types – but only now all four came.

Q: again Shiva Purana: cosmic egg consists of 24 principles?

Guruji: Kapil muni describes them in Sankhya Darshan – whole creation consists of 24 elements. He says that you examine one by one and after 24 what will remain – will be the Creator. They say that everything come out of water. “Virat” means like a bubble on the ocean. In ocean of the creation one bubble is one Universe. From inside that world seems very big, and from outside – it’s just a bubble. In Shiva Samhita it is said, that siddhas like Kapil muni, became a siddhas by practicing mahamudras. So we have hope.

Q: which kalpa is it now?

Guruji: Shweta Varaha kalpa. Only in hindu books such calculations are given. There is the beauty of hindus: every priest when he’s doing sankalpa – he starts the time calculation from the beginning of the creation to that particular moment. every puja, every ritual.

Q: Gorakhbodh dialogue – between senior and junior immortals; very unusual to use such epithets for immortals?

Guruji: in Naths books they saying that gap between Matsyendranath and Gorakhnath is 100000 years. So Matsyendranath is 100000 years senior than him – we have to call him senior. Too big difference – from our point of view.

Q: immortality doesn’t make every immortal equal?

Guruji: immortality may be the same, but the senior man will always have more experience. I was asked the question – why immortality is so important? Answer is very simple: only after becoming immortal you can sit down finally, relax, and think something. Without that you can never relax and you can never think peaceful.

Q: Krishna was born or become immortal?

Guruji: Krishna was not immortal.

Q: but can immortal be born?

Guruji: yes, they were born like human beings. Matsyendranath is one of the greatest Guru in yoga in my opinion – he was born as a regular human being, from a woman – and then he attained immortality. His example gives us big hope.

Q: he is not considered to be Shiva incarnation?

Guruji: Gorakhnath – yes, but Matsyendranath is Guru of Gorakhnath, he is even more respectable: he is Guru of Shiva himself. Guru will remain Guru. I think the meeting with him was the most important moment in my life.

Q: you go there physically?

Guruji: of course! When senior person calls you – you go there, it’s mark of respect. In a yogic lineage seniority respected.

Q: You didn’t ask him about ladies with him?

Guruji: when you’re facing such a senior person – you don’t asking silly questions.


Q: when Hanuman Chalisa is on – so many people became to behave like an animals or do something like asanas?

Guruji: yes, it happens when the spirit is coming to possessed. But that is the discipline of that place – no one can touch you. One more important thing: even if the ghost needs justice – it is given to him also. We’re not just separating ghosts from the physical bodies; we’re helping the spirits also. Have you seen the glaring fact: not a single ghost are talking about god of death or Yamaraj or yamduts or saint Peter – nothing.

Q: there was one genie – and he agreed to go to Mahakali?

Guruji: genies are much more ancient than islam. They are powerful spirits from Middle east. When islam people coming to India – many powerful spirits entered India, but not necessarily they are musalmans. Genies are beyond Islamic religion.

Now I think you understand, why I separate that program from this place. Otherwise we cannot be relaxed and discuss philosophy and devotion.

Q: Mahakal is Shiva himself?

Guruji: he is one of the chief ganas of Shiva. Eight main ganas are there – they called the chiefs of ganas; Mahakal is one of them. He came down to talk with me in 1997. Hanuman Ji contacted with me at December 1995. Then a very different chapter begin. This is one thing – to remain devotee of Hanuman god or to discuss philosophy – the latter is the easiest thing in the world to do – but the direct knowledge of the other side of life is extremely important.

I will thank Balaji for this – he opened my eyes for so many different things which devotee or normal man will never be aware of. Everybody is going to enter other side of life one day – so it is better to have good friends on the other side. Hanuman Ji expanded my consciousness about other side so much. I’ve never heard that other god or person allow someone to put his photograph in such place beside him on the equal footage. I’m grateful so much. It was his idea – that my photograph should be put there. I was feeling very strange at the beginning. They methods are so complicated – nothing happens automatically.

Q: could the spirit be absolutely neutral for the person?

Guruji: I’ve never see the person who is absolutely neutral – so spirits are also not neutral.


Q: were Krishna and Gautama Buddha the incarnations of Vishnu?

Guruji: about Krishna – it’s very debatable point, but Buddha definitely was the incarnation of Vishnu.

Q: could we say if the person remembers his previous births – he is the incarnation of some god?

Guruji: no. let’s say – he is realized person. Such incarnations happens only for the special purpose, to do something very big, – which ordinary person cannot do. The incarnations of Shiva remains immortal.

Q: does it mean that all immortals are the incarnations of Shiva?

Guruji: no.

Q: it exists some examples of immortality besides India?

Guruji: many Taoists masters were lived for centuries. They also were practicing some form of yoga. Lao Tzu was talking about the way – and I’m talking about the wayfarer. But you should read his thoughts about tao in original – English translation is not so good. You can spend all your life describing the way – but you need to go for it, you need to walk on the way. Then what you will face – that’s what we’re talking about.

Q: why Krishna insisted for the battle? Kauravas and Pandavas were one family…

Guruji: but biological father of Pandavas were not their actual father. Their fathers were different gods and the legal father was someone else. Whose father is not their biological father – such problems will always follow. Now I think you will begin to understand one of the promises you have to make in receiving Kriya yoga: “I will respect a married woman – married to another man –  like a mother”; so no such complications will arise because of you.

Q: but what was the reason for killing so much people?

Guruji: property, land, money, power. Greed. Why this happens? You’re the human being – we all are human beings – and the basic instinct for every human being is: only I must survive, everybody else should die.

That instinct begins from the time when you were just a sperm and running in the dark for forming the union with the ova with million of others sperms and thinking that – only I must survive and everybody should die. That instinct subconsciously continues. This is the basic of every problem on this planet.

Kriya yoga lineage is the most mysterious in the entire world. Our first Guru is immortal, who introduced this to. And I think – He decides, who will carry on. Without His decision nothing is possible. Even some Russians asked me – who will come after? Babaji will decide, this is not my responsibility. This is not my lineage, I’m just represented it. The lineage belongs to Babaji and he will decide. We’re relaxing – but working very hard, maintain the standard.

Sitting on the chair you’ll never see a cyclone or a storm. You’ll never see a tide in a cup of coffee.

Many years before – I don’t know why such things happens with me only – women liberation activist from Delhi came to visit me; she was 60 plus. And she was full of anger against man. First thing she started that all men are fools – and she gave about an hour lecture on this topic. When she took a break I ask her – Madam, can you tell me, why all men are fools? She said – you tell me. And I answered that all men are fools because women produce them so it’s manufacturing defect. She never came back.

Illegal child and illegal possession on the other’s land never brings peace.


Q: what is dharma?

Guruji: dharma is your career. Literally if you translate the word dharma means “which carries you through”. And if you think on it – you career carries you through life. Whatever is your career – your career is your dharma.

We have four achievements – dharma, artha, kama and moksha. When your career is good – it means you have good care of your dharma. Next thing comes: artha means “money”. Good dharma – good money. Then kama – means all your desires will be fulfilled: if you have enough money – most of your desires will be fulfilled. Then moksha – retirement; or when all your desires are fulfilled – only liberation remains. It’s sequence. Career carries you and brings enough money also. To be comfortable you need enough money.

Q: why in Gita it is said that dharma can go down? In fourth chapter?

Guruji: people are not behaving according their agreement for the career. Then you’re making a career – even if you’re a mafia man – even they have certain conditions. If you broke them – you will be shot then. If you’re working in some private company or some government department – you will have to agree on certain conditions. And you have to follow them. If you will move aside them – you will be punished or fired. Arjuna was a warrior: he was trained all his life to be a warrior. In the last moment you cannot back out. He collected millions of people for the war and in the last moment he cannot back out.

Q: you have to follow brahmin’s or kshatriya’s dharma?

Guruji: genetics is there. Brahmins were also warriors and they have great knowledge and wisdom also. They could kill and guide you afterlife also. Kshatriya were warriors and they were trying to rule and enjoy everything on this planet. Even now the nature is same.


Q: why Pandavas not protect Draupadi when Duhshasana tortured her in front of them?

Guruji: their working conditions don’t allowed them to do that.

Q: but why Bhishma or Drona didn’t protect her?

Guruji: You need to understand one thing very clearly: when president in the meeting sit quietly – no other secretary or minister has any right to say anything in between. Dhritarashtra was emperor, almighty ruler, and they all were serving him. if he is agree with something – they cannot go against him. it’s simple political rule. Try to understand the power of politics and politicians; and we cannot imagine the power of the genuine emperor, who rules over life and death. It was a court of the emperor. You cannot fight alone against almighty army. They were ruling from the peaks of Himalaya to the shores of the ocean. Their army were almighty – and Pandavas were working very hard to create the army for themselves. Alone they were good warriors – but no warrior can fight alone against the army. Only one man has been known to fight alone: it was Parashurama. He always fight alone, never creating any army. Only one assistant were serving him – that’s it. We need to visualize the whole situation of that particular time.

Q: he was not participating in Mahabharata?

Guruji: his disciples were participating – indirectly he was involved. He created five lakes of kshatriya’s blood. He was knower of all celestial weapons, but axe was given to him by Mahadev himself; then he became Parashurama – “parashu” is name of battle axe in Sanskrit. He received it from Shiva; his real name is Rama – then he became Parashurama. You can see big parashu behind Babaji’s murti.

Q: it was his mission?

Guruji: it became his mission. There was one great king and warrior; he visited Parashurama’s father ashram. He had a cow, which has the power to fulfill any kind of wishes – the divine cow. With the help of that cow he was able to provide any kind of luxury for the king and his army. He was simple Brahmin. The king became greedy of that cow and he tried to take her away – but couldn’t. then one day his son came and killed the father of Parashurama while he was sitting in Samadhi. When Parashurama came back from jungle his mother was weeping – and she beat her breast 21 times while crying. Then Parashurama resolved that: I will finish all warriors 21 times from this planet – which he did. He fill five lakes with the blood of Kshatriyas, offer it to his ancestor; then ancestor appeared and say: now stop, enough punishment has been given.

Q: but he killed everyone?

Guruji: only that would able to fight – not children and not old people. Dangerous times. His father was such a powerful rishi that simply by his blessing he became immortal. The history of indian mythology is very long.

Q: how it happen that Shiva Ош himself gave Parashurama this axe?

Guruji: he was doing the very difficult tapas – and then Shiva appeared and gave him this axe.

Q: so he knew before what will happen after?

Guruji: brahmins in those days were great warriors – they knew everything. Now they are begging and doing rituals – but that time they were knowers of all weapons.

Q: what was the difference between brahmins and Kshatriyas those times?

Guruji: brahmins were not ruling; they observe very difficult things doing tapas in jungle; they doing no business but perfecting different arts. Kshatriyas were ruling and trying to enjoy everything. Brahmins were living very close to nature. Most of the Kshatriyas were exploiting nature. Too many Kshatriyas – too many weapons; you have to mine too much iron and other metals from the earth.

Q: they seems like protecting life from Kshatriyas?

Guruji: it has been written in our history that several times this thing happened. The battle between Vashishtha and king Sudasa; еhen with Vishwamitra, then Parashurama and Kartavirya Arjuna. And the seed of Mahabharata: Drupada has insulted Dronacharya. Again king insulted a Brahmin, who was knower of almighty weapons. Provocation always came from Kshatriya kings.

Q: what about Rama and Ravana?

Guruji: Rama provoked. Just tell me one thing: if the beautiful girl will propose you – if you don’t like her, you can always say “no”. but you will not go to the length of cutting her nose and ears.

Q: but why he did this?

Guruji: when Ravana defeat everyone – he defeat Rama’s ancestor in a dwell and before dyeing he cursed him that my descendant will kill you in the battle. It was family vendetta. Without provocation nothing happens.

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