Actually Shakti is called Shiva – he is Shiv.

There is one danger in fairy-tales: when you believe in fairy tale and begin to propogate it – it will become a new religion. All religions were started like fairy-tales.

One foreigner visited India in Holi time and have the conclusion that the whole India is crazy. Another one visited India on Diwali day – said no, you’re wrong, they are highly civilized and intelligent people, everyone well dressed, everything is clean, lamps are burning everywhere.

Only yogic parampara can help spirits in a certain way. Simply catching ghost is not a big problem – there are many exorcists who are doing it. Here we’re after catching a spirit or let’s say removing him from the possessed body guide the spirit – and that is the most important part of it. I’m learning a lot, every day something new comes up.

Q: all the spirits knew You?

Guruji: if Hanumanji himself will introduce You to the other side – every spirit will become aware of your existence. It depends on the introduction: who is introducing whom.


Q: You said that if we will train very strong – it will improve our practice?

Guruji: not very strong – just strong enough. Then practice will create different strength in you.

Q: what type of physical exercises you recommend?

Guruji: any activity – weight training, mudgars, push-ups

Q: do we need some certain quality of the body for the practice?

Guruji: if you can do 100 push-ups – you are in a very good condition. And a girl with dubina is look very dangerous – but you can try them.

Q: Prithivi Namaskar?

Guruji: very good.


Q: we’re taking Your energy here?

Guruji: no, nobody taking my energy.

Q: we’re coming, asking different questions?

Guruji: you’re welcome, no problem.

Q: if someone stops to practice?

Guruji: remember, all my disciples are not my customers. I feel a little bit sad – that’s it. When a customer is going away – it’s a tragedy for a businessman. My teachings are for free. And how you take care of your Guru – it’s your problem, not mine.

Q: can You see if the person is not practicing?

Guruji: very easily.

I will tell you the real story: a man come to me, he was living on some Caribbean island. One woman, older than him on 20 years, was after him: you should marry me because Guru has said that I must married you. He was so much frighten – marry babushka – and found out the way: he just came to the policeman, punched him – he take him immediately to prison for three months. She has to leave the island – so police save him.

People said: if you do bad things – bad karma, bad results will come; good karma – good results will come. I’ve found the third way out: if you will do romantic karma –romantic results will come. so do romantic karma, go beyond good and bad!

Einstein was suffering so much from his relatives – that he develop some complex or some phobia: wherever he will go around the world – he find some relative criticizing him. then he begin to see relatives everywhere. So the theory of relativity was born. Other scientists took it in different way and he became famous. It was misunderstanding. And- Einstein and Frankenstein sounds very close.

Q: it’s new philosophical theory

Guruji: relatives are everywhere.


Q: You were talking that immortals are not coming into the cities?

Guruji: the smell of humanity is not tolerable. Most of the cities are built on sewage lines – maybe they cannot tolerate the smell; they become very sensitive.

Q: when animals are suffering from something – it’s the result of their karma?

Guruji: most of the animals are suffering because of the human karma.

Q: they are reborn?

Guruji: sometimes, not all the time. Human beings were kicked out from Eden garden, animals are still living there – they are not aware of their nakedness.

Q: is it true that since yoga practice person starts to lose the weight?

Guruji: no, for extreme fluctuations the reason must be something else. Some weight will go away. But if it’s extreme – might be something wrong.

From scientific point of view it is nearly impossible to understand what is time. Maybe very advanced yogi will have some idea of what time is.

Q: but modern science is saying that timeline could be changed?

Guruji: timeline is not changing. The perception of the time of this particular object maybe becoming different. These are hypothetical questions.

Q: when You were in Samadhi – time perception was another?

Guruji: yes, because my body was lying like a dead one. That gives us the great understanding: when you’re moving with the speed of light – your body will going into condition of perfect rest – no pulse, no heartbeat, like a dead. That brings us to another interesting conclusion: when you’re in suspended animation, like a dead person – your body is in condition of perfect rest: that means your consciousness is moving faster than the light itself.

Q: how You becoming perceive the future with the practice of Samadhi?

Guruji: this is the very different perception here: when you establishes in the moment of present – and in Samadhi you’re experiencing the moment of present. Every intelligent person understand, that the moment of present is in the past also and in the future also. If you just hang in that moment of present – you can be everywhere. You don’t need to travel in time. Mind is the very powerful thing. I written in my commentary on Gita: this moment you’re asking the question was your future yesterday and tomorrow it will be your past. The moment of present is rarely experienced. Either we’re in the past or we’re in the future. That’s why the perception of the present moment is supposed to be the very great achievement. Your mind is always perceiving past, that’s why we keep worshipping the past. We never recognize the present or the contemporary.


King cobras were found even in Egypt. If you will bury at least 1,25 kg of gold in the ground – you will also become a cobra. In Egypt they were all buried with treasures. After being king cobra for 1000 years they will be very next to Shiva. Remember, upward triangle – exactly pyramid shape – is the symbol of Shiva.

Q: how cobras can do some penance or tapas?

Guruji: actually they don’t eat insects or rats, just lick a few dew drops and survive by drinking vayu. We have seen such snakes here; when they become 250 years old – moustaches come out. We found two there and I was able to cut one hair of his moustaches. When they reach 500 years of age – they get the ability to fly. Usually they fly here in the rainy season. Every villager in this area know that if you will sleep in the open in rainy time –you may get paralytic. Because if a cobra will fly over you and the shadow fall on you – that particular part get paralyzed. It is curable, but it exists. Then cobras become 1000 years old – the jewel inside the head forms, which gives him magical powers – the ability to change their shape and to do anything; then they become very close to Shiva. Jewel forms inside the head of the cobra; some people say – they can bring it out from his mouth, move around and then take it again inside. As long as it stay inside the cobra – nobody could kill him. they go on living indefinitely. I’ve noticed as they change their skin every year, one time remove it – they length become shorter; finally the stage come when no skin will come out. Finally they have not a big size – but they get the ability to shape-shift.

Q: when You cut the moustache – it was the real hair?

Guruji: yes, green and grey in color. And they grow upwards.

Q: that particular shape of the cobra means something?

Guruji: they show it only if they confronted or if they are happy. Otherwise they remain normal. They take such shape before attacking or communicating.

Q: have You seen that cobra from puja again?

Guruji: no, he was very special. He was moving very slowly, stay in the temple more than 10 hours and the very intoxicating fragrance were coming from him, very heavy. He was already in the temple and when I started damaru – he take that shape. One thing we noticed – there was no mark on him which is normal for any cobra. He was absolutely black, like polished and shining. His eyes were sparkling like diamonds. He was spotless.


Another thing: the day when we was installing Shiva there – in south-west corner the priest did some invocation for Nagas; we four – with two priests – were there. The moment he invoking – absolute gold, 2 inches size cobra appeared. I’ve never seen more beautiful cobra in my entire life: he was like melted gold – shining, red eyes, red mouth and he was all gold. One priest tried to run away – I caught him. pandit were very afraid, shaking –but he was more afraid of me, so he continued. And when we move to another corner – he just disappeared. Never saw him again. After him the idea of bracelet came.

Q: have You read or know something about such cobra?

Guruji: snake charmers said that the king of Nagas looks like it. Extremely rarely he’s seen. He rides on a big black cobra – whenever he goes anywhere. He was in the temple for 40 or 50 minutes. When the cobra disappeared – big frog appeared in that place and he begin to hop with us. He was shouting so loudly – but we don’t know, what he wanted to say. He continuously shouted for 15-20 minutes. Then again he also went somewhere. Maybe you noticed – most of the frogs appears on the girl’s side, never on that side. Even that shouting frog was on that side. Frogs are also mystical: remember, the princess kissed the frog – and he become a prince. And a jewel also forms inside the frog’s head.

Q: that jewel from the frog’s head also gives them immortality?

Guruji: their qualities are different. Usually that frogs are very big and very yellow in color, like turmeric. They can catch a small birds. They live near big lakes, usually around mountain lakes. Such jewels are also considered as a very rare thing. But what is the most rare thing, besides the jewels? To find the real intelligent man or a girl – that is the real rare phenomena.

Q: maybe such beings are astral?

Guruji: that were physical. India is a mystical place; but maybe such creatures are live in other countries also. I’ve never seen cobra with the red beard – but without moustaches. I’ve asked snake charmers about him – but they don’t know, simply saying he must be a devata. He could communicate telepathically.


It was 27th of January 1995. That evening we found the statue of Shakti. Before that – whole year 1994 the hissing sound were hearing from the kunda. And many birds who crossed it – many pigeons, owls and crows – they simply dropped in it. And as the sun will set – very strong hissing sound begin. We could hear it even in the house and it was frightening. When the sun come up – in the moment hissing stop. The whole year we heard: it become too good pass time – let’s listen to it. Most people were afraid of it. Then I thought it must be the great mystery – otherwise why it continues every day? I tried to contact it mentally. We put some incense and mentally asked who are you, please tell what do you want. Then the evening we found the statue came. Immediately after I had the mental call: come and I will talk. Come alone. It was absolutely dark and very cold. I went alone. Now the water level is high; that time it was much lower and I came to the small bridge across the door-like thing. I went on the bridge, I was standing on the outside corner when the head comes from the door. It was the very frightening sight: absolutely shining black, red eyes, red beard. He was not spreading the hood – but his head was like a python’s, almost meter in size. He didn’t come out fully. His voice begin to sound inside my head. He told me so many things; that I have brought you here, I’m here for last 450 years. Because of my blessings the kings became the kings of Bharatpur. As long as my blessings will remain upon them – their family line will continue without break. He also told me so many things about myself and this place, why he brought me here. He also said me to maintain a distance – because my breathe is very poisonous. The heavy dizziness was beginning already in my head. I caught his smell – very peculiar, which coming from him. when the meeting was over I came back and slept like dead for 14-15 hours. After that the hissing stopped. But whenever I detect that smell – I know he is here; sometimes he came at the night time and moves around. One time one havan was going on – few years back – and one of my disciples saw him, coming down from the steps into the water. it was the most frighten experience for him. the whole water was in waves – he is huge. One time after that one of my workers – it was Janmashtami day and I was talking with one of my disciples sitting on that veranda – and I feel that smell and said: he must be out. He said that he saw the very big snake – at least 6 meters long; I calmed him down and said – let him be and go into the water again. One time he came up to here: all my dogs and whoever was here was off, slept. Hundreds of pigeons were dropping then. He was hissing to attract our attention. My attention was attracted – but everybody was running away. 18 or 19 crows were simply dropped dead. And 8 very big owls – we just fished them from the water. then somebody told me that if they had died with the snake poison – the body will not rotten. We put all owls in one place – and it was also looking very dangerous. For 4-5 months no bad smell were come out of them – they died of his poison. He might be the protector of this area – and me as well. We believe that in every very ancient pond some very powerful spirit live. And the legend says that the very big gold statue of Varaha is on the bottom of the pond. It could be that. It looks like we’re living in the fairy tale.

Q: but who was him?

Guruji: absolutely no idea. But very old dedushkas from this area are saying that Goverdhan Maharaj himself could appear as a big black ferocious cobra. It could be that – because the dynasty of Bhartapur kings were worshipping Goverdhan. We could connect it.

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