Even my situation is impossible. Without Govardhan Maharaj’s grace – it’s impossible. Не is called the Black God – Kala Devata. And I’m happy to be here.

Q: if the snake bite a person – his body also will not destroy?

Guruji: they are never cremated; they are supposed to be a sort of coma – they are always buried or put in the river. It is recorded, that some time they come back.

Q: why they are not cremated?

Guruji: because they are considered not dead – being in a very deep coma and there is a chance they might be revived. Some we have heard and seen – revived. Usually they are put into the river: snake charmers are pulling body from the river and sometimes they are able to revive them.

Q: what happens with their consciousness after such experience?

Guruji: they remember everything and there is a complication here; recently in the village nearby two teenagers were bitten by cobra. They were put into the river. After ten years they came back with the snake charmers. They stay outside of the village in a temple: then they went to their home – their father, mother and others recognize them. When they came to see the snake charmers – snake charmers said: now they are our sons. We have given them new life. It is a rule: once we have revive someone – we have to put them home one time to see everybody and to say good-bye. Their families were happy because they’re still alive. But they never stay with the family after that – they become snake charmers. This story was even on the news channels. I have seen three such cases. If there is no river – then they are buried. And they are not living like sadhus: they married in their tribe – they are accepted as a members of the tribe. They are called sons of the snake charmers, who brought them back.

Q: can You describe the scent of that big cobra?

Guruji: no, because I’ve never smell something like that. Even that snake which appeared in Shiva temple – very different but very peculiar intoxicating smell, very sweet. But it cannot be compared. Very subtle and intoxicating. I’ve never seen a cobra moving so slow. After 7-8 days I felt the smell again – but I’ve never saw him more. My sister even went and touch him in the temple – he didn’t move.


I was living on my farm cottage in Gwalior, my home town – maybe it was in 1991. I was sleeping and I saw like a dream: the woman came flying. She was wear white red-bordered saree, like Bengali woman. She just landed on my overhead and jumped down – I came out of my room. She said: “my name is Nirmala Devi and I have something very important with you. So please come to me to Mithani” In the vision I saw a lane and one very old-fashioned house – that’s it. These names – Nirmala devi and Mithani – stuck in my mind. Then I went to Vrindavan, so many circumstances were in my life and I was wondering where is such a place – Mithani? After some time we were sitting here; some disciple from Gwalior visiting me. We were sitting and talking and somehow subject came up. One disciple said – I know Mithani, it is near Asansol. I’ve asked him to inquire about Nirmala Devi. And he discovered that she was the wife of the most ferocious landowner here, mafia boss. When they hear the name – they become to worry, but my disciple explained them, that Guru had a vision – and then fantastic story were coming up. The man told that he saw her – same saree, same place I have described – she stand on a distance. She looks exactly the same I saw her. The story was: she was married when she was 13-14 years old. It was custom in India in those days. He was about thirty.  When they met first time in the night, he asked: who do you love and respect more than me? She was innocent and said: my Guru. He said – ok, now do whatever your Guru has told you, I will not touch you; and I will give you a house there and we will never be like husband and wife, man and woman. I will marry another woman and you just practice what your Guru have told you. See the situation? And she spend the whole life time practicing the mantra of Chinnamasta, which her Guru gave her. All her life she remain force celibate because he put guards over her. Nobody could see her, she could not go out anywhere. She lived there near 60 years. I think she got some blessings from the goddess because she was able to contact me. When I visited Asansol – she was already dead. Then some more years passed; one husband and wife became my disciples. They were childless. I don’t know how it happen – but one day they visited me I said: you must adopt the girl. Go to the orphanage – and the first girl, who will reach to you – adopt her. They came back, went to orphanage and saw the girl only 2-3 months old, who smiled to them and tried to hug them. Of course their hearts beaten and they adopted her. And she is the same Nirmala Devi, that had something important for me. Now she is grown up, started to study cinematography and photography in Calcutta Academy – they brought up her very well. She is very very good girl. They usually visited me once or twice a year.

Q: she remembers something from her past life experience?

Guruji: I’m sure she’s not ordinary. She’s already initiated and practicing very regularly; and she’s very creative – because talent and spiritual powers can be expressed in different ways.

Q: who was the Guru of Nirmala Devi?

Guruji: that we don’t know, but he was sannyasi. The effect of karma is very complicated, mysterious and amazing.

Q: after 60 years of practice she must have the very great powers?

Guruji: I’m sure about it. That is the grace of the goddess: she created the situation.

Dreams are not just dreams. Many of them are real astral experience.

Q: very interesting to know the connection between astral world and physical world?

Guruji: astral and physical world are just like this( holds the hands with fingers linked). Without astral – no physical existence is possible.

Q: it looks like some great power give you the student very well prepared from past life?

Guruji: yes, some of my students are like that. But sometimes I’ve got duraks also.


Q: what is wisdom?

Guruji: wisdom is something you learn out of your experience.

Q: what is experience? That was just happened with you?

Guruji: first you reading the information. Then the information which is “in formation” forms completely inside your consciousness and also it extends to experience – then you can call it wisdom. See the word in-formation – which is in the process of forming. Till then it is just information. When it is formed completely inside your mind because you spend enough time on pondering and thinking, assimilating inside you; then if you’re able to experience it somehow also – then it will be called wisdom.

Q: can it happen in opposite way?

Guruji: yes, of course. Basis of this thing is experience. Then it may take some time to understand of what you have experienced. Sometimes it took years just to understand one experience. Then only, when understanding will come – then it will be wisdom. It is your awareness and your exposure to certain things; and awareness and exposure are inside your own consciousness. It goes deep down inside your consciousness and came up with something. Awareness also – you become aware of essence of something. It always happens like this: nobody are conscious enough to understand the experience they have – it always takes time. To digest it, to assimilate it, to understand it. I will give you an example: it is a word in hindi for a man – a man is called “vyakti”. After many years of practicing yoga I’ve realized, that vyakti means expression, who has been expressed. That is amazing meaning of a man. We called him vyakti – who has been expressed. But millions of Indians are using with word without aware, just think it’s a man. In no other language I’ve come across this.

Q: and adami and manushya?

Guruji: adami is from Middle East, the descendant of Adam. We are descendants of Many – so we are called Manushya.


Physical world is just a reflection of astral. Something happen there – the shadow will follow us.

Q: if we fight with someone in astral – in physical it will be normal persons or some astral beings?

Guruji: they maybe looking like normal persons – but they may hide in them some astral beings. Just provocation from them. They putting ideas in the mind directly.

Q: why our spirit is coming to us only once in 24 hours in practice?

Guruji: the body will not tolerate the presence.

From the second level the sort of the effect of viparita karani begins. You’re changing the places of prana and apana; with more practice it will come to pass. All technics are connected together.

Q: I’ve noticed who are practicing proportion 1:4:2 are not looking good(inhale/retain/exhale)

Guruji: I’m sure they are not feeling good also

Q: but after achieving Samadhi spirit is coming more than 1 time a day?

Guruji: you’re becoming friends

Q: and you will be able to tolerate?

Guruji: when you’re on that level – tolerance will be very near. Like a beginner- bodybuilder cannot work with big weights – he needs time for tolerate this and train hard. Same thing.


Q: Rama was the embodiment of Vishnu,

Guruji: every king was considered as the embodiment of Vishnu and Rama was a king also. But in Valmiki Ramayana it is written like Parabrahman Parameshwar. When we did enough research in the history – there was the time when brahman and Shiva was considered as the same word. And Shankarji – he is the first incarnation of Shiva. I think nobody else could kill Ravana, who was direct disciple of Shankar.

Shakti always creates the situations which cannot be understand in the beginning. Daksha Yagya was after all events in Ramayana. It was between Rama and Krishna incarnations. Most of the heavenly gods were defeated by those, who are living in smashan.

Q: and some rishis were also beaten?

Guruji: most of the rishis – they were the sons of Brahma. They were creators of many heavenly gods, Kashyap rishi was the creator of different specific beings. But he was not beaten.

Q: Bhrigu rishi?

Guruji: he was beat enough.

Q: Atri rishi?

Guruji: he was nowhere mentioned. I think he is one of the greatest – father of Datta Guru. His wife Anasuya is amazing, most powerful being.

Q: why this separation Rama from Sita happened?

Guruji: separation always brings out the best emotions in anyone. The true love is discovered only through the pain of separation.

Q: it was the real existence of so much mystical beings?

Guruji: it was the fairy-tale time.

Q: do You think it is possible for them to come again?

Guruji: I think it begins already. In last 20 years many different incidents have been recorded all over the world.

Q: why Brahma, the divine being, has behavior like a human without control?

Guruji: that’s why hindus stopped to worship him.


I think he was here in November, 2015: he brought the machine from NASA – you put your thumb and it will show all colors of your aura. My aura was absolutely white with the slight touch of green. And if I remove the emeralds – it will be no green color there.

Q: so the stones could affect the aura?

Guruji: yes.

Q: it could be any color in aura?

Guruji: any colors in different combinations. Because here mostly yoga seekers are coming so they have more in common in their aura than other people.

Q: which color is the main?

Guruji: let’s keep it a secret.

Q: hope it’s not black?

Guruji: no, no black here.

Q: if it is black – it means the person will die soon?

Guruji: pure black I’ve never seen. Some kinds of shadows can be seen.

Q: and what does it mean?

Guruji: dark thoughts, dark intentions. There was a time when bandits was caught  and brought to government – they were killers, killing thousands. I saw them – and it was the very dark colors. Nowhere else. Life was nothing for them. The main man was Mohan Singh – and the rumor says that he killed from 1500 to 2000 people. I saw his aura – it was unpleasant.

Q: is it possible to purify it?

Guruji: no, let him suffer.

Q: and if the person is seeing the death every day – for example, doctor in reanimation – he has such colors?

Guruji: good doctor must have touch of green. If he’s just a businessman – very dirt and bad colors will be seen. Sometimes I’ve seen the aura of doctor is more cruel than aura of serial killer.

Q: Your disciples has common in their auras?

Guruji: those, who come for yoga – their auras are much more similar. The power maybe different, intensity maybe different, but there are some common colors in it.

Q: the practice changes the aura?

Guruji: it becomes more refine, more powerful, more bright.

Q: can the possibility of chakras be seen in aura – or no?

Guruji: it’s a direct connection. It depends on a mental status when the person started to practice and their ability to put the most excellent performance in practice. So many things are considered – even genetics. Body is the most important tool.

Q: what is the sign of good genetics?

Guruji: well( smiling); he should be good or she should be good. Not afraid of hard work. Mind should be clear enough, good concentration and the purpose should be very clear. Motiv!

Q: physical constitution?

Guruji: vata – pitta – kapha doesn’t matter.

Q: is it possible to see that some chakras has more possibilities than others?

Guruji: no, they all have equal possibilities. It’s the grace of Babaji that he gave it to everyone, who is sincere in seeking. If they will work hard – they will develop. I might be the only one who is saying: there is no chakras – there is the possibility of developing them. They develop in cerebral spine fluid with the very intense practice.

Q: so many people are claiming they are open and close chakras?

Guruji: they are making money; at least they are keeping the topic under discussion.


Q: what is ojas and what is tejas?

Guruji: if you asked – we will talk openly about it. Male semen is called “tejas” in Sanskrit; beсause it has enough Shakti to create another life. When the semen is digested inside the body – then it is convert or transformed into ojas. In a lifetime only 8 drops of ojas can be formed and they are stored in the heart. That’s why in some books the heart chakra is called eight-petaled lotus. Developing  ojas is very important: it gives extraordinary development of the consciousness. Tejas, retas, veer – they are all synonyms. Veer means glory also; literally it means semen and tejas also. In Gita it is said: veeravan – full of valor, full of glory: tejasvi means the same.

Q: ojas is like atomic reactor?

Guruji: you see, semen is carrying millions of sperms, which can create another life. They are alive – and all this life is assimilating inside your physical body. All these lives together forms ojas. It will create extraordinary life force inside the person who will  be able to do it. That’s why celibacy stressed so much. Someone shew me the photo of the sperm, ready for uniting with the ova – from some channel – and it is look like white cobra. And ova was looking like the Earth.

Q: women has tejas?

Guruji: of course: only they can convert and transform the tejas of the man. They are Shakti themselves.

Q: and how ojas is forming in women’s body?

Guruji: by saving the eggs. It’s more difficult than men’s process. Without yoga practice nothing is possible.

Q: ordinary man has no ojas?

Guruji: who is trying to assimilate their own semen inside their own body system? How they will develop ojas?

Properties of the women are described in Gita: if they are able to develop these properties in their mind – then they are full of ojas. If the woman has these properties – she is nearly goddess. Here I will mention another very interesting point: not a single religion makes it clear – what happens with the girl after she dies.  

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