I’m saying that we listening for this for many years since we were children; that one should have simple living and high thinking. Okay, this is also good thing, but now I realized that it’s absolutely different thing: high living, but simple thinking. That means when a person has achieve some very high things, living standards – after that sometimes those very high living standard becomes very simple to him and then a very simple way of thinking starts. Because he already achieve – then only simple thinking will remain. We need to remember that.

We say in India that saint and rich man are almost same: because if you serve the saint – he will become happy and will bless you; and if you serve the rich man and he will become happy – he will give you money. Money is also big blessing from god. So they are same.


He asked me a question and the answer I give is: when you eat food – it doesn’t digest instantly, but the process of digestion begin. Similarly, when you go through some great spiritual experience – you will not understand it immediately, but the process of understanding will begin with the experience. So we must have patience.


I never said: stop smoking or stop drinking, nothing. Listen yourself and go on. That’s how progress happens. Absolutely natural – that’s the point.

Q: so don’t try to force?

Guruji: no-no, just keep practicing regularly – everything will happen. When you will start respecting life – you will become vegetarian.

Q: when I’m just sitting quietly – my mind is very quiet, but when I’m starting practice – every possible thoughts are coming to me, why?

Guruji: it is like cleaning the room after the very long time: dust will fight, then it will settle down.


The question was: what is Kutastha? In Sanskrit dictionary kutastha literally means “immortal soul inside”. If we break the word “kutastha” into two – it will be “kut”; kut means the body and which is inside the body. Here is the very interesting thing to know that “kut” also means the great riddle. Now with all modern science we can summarize that the body is the greatest of the riddles, it is carrying so many secrets and things inside. And which lives inside all the riddles is your immortal spirit, which in Sanskrit is called “kutastha”.


Q: how the practice affects the health – because it is said so many words about self-realization?

Guruji: no, it’s about the consciousness.

The general effect on the health is: you will remain younger looking longer time and you will become more strong and powerful. Your immunity will be much higher than average person. Physical strength also will be more then average. Your health will be good.

Q: it’s effect of absence of oxygen?

Guruji: it’s effect of using the whole nervous system and developing the brain. Everything begins from the brain, remember that. Body is just providing things for the brain. This is the only thing I’ve come across which actually develops the brain. The more develop your brain will be – the more better physically you will going to be.

Q: when we’re asked, for what we’re practicing Kriya – we should say about self-realization?

Guruji: it’s not a good idea to discuss self-realization with everybody.

But that is one of the final goals – but on the way you will have very good health, good looks, very shapely body. Strong nervous system, very strong nerves. And you will remain always younger looking then your contemporaries. That is guaranteed. You see: what is our teenage? It starts from the brain, the hormones comes down and we begin to feel different. Everything is triggered by the brain.

Q: but we can talk about all these boons only if the person do hard practice?

Guruji: if hard practice is there – he will remain young-looking for a very long time. But even if he is practicing some of it – he will be better than his contemporaries, that is guaranteed.

Q: what are the signs of progress in practice?

Guruji: your life will start to improve, your surroundings begin to improve, nature will begin to support you and you will become more prosperous, more happy, more confident, and your ability of make decisions became very fast and very strong. And you will be able to decide or diagnose anything in any practical situation  – you will be immediately in the core point. Instead of going around you will know the core thing immediately. These are the first signs of progress. Don’t you think you feel better after initiation a little bit in your life? Life is different.

Q: sensitivity increases

Guruji: more and more and more

Q: it exists some beings which are interested in our progress, except our spirit?

Guruji: spirit also wants to have a perfect body so they can remain together. That is the driving force behind everything.

What is life and what is death? The joining of the spirit with the physical body is life, the separation is called death.

Q: consciousness comes from the body or from the spirit?

Guruji: that’s why they say – body is like the field: if you cultivate it – you can grow so many things on it. It will depend on your very regular practice – you grow on it, then you will have some sort of command or control over it. It is the effect of practice. Now you’re have two practices: you’re practicing love and Kriya also( laughing)

Q: how to overcome the fear of death?

Guruji: by introducing to him almost every day. We fear unknown. When we know – we seize to fear it. The understanding develops over the years but introducing to the spirit starts from the day one. But if we start to talk about death from the beginning – it will be dangerous. But experience of the death starts from the day one.

Q: you said after death the practitioners of Kriya will have the choice?

Guruji: yes, they can take the other birth or remain in air body.


Almost every man has testosterone hormones, but not every man is a champion or doing good things. Because testosterone not make you man enough. According to scientists it’s very important part; but then not only testosterone – every hormone which is available in body is extremely important.

Q: did You notice any effect on the level of testosterone as a result of yoga practice?

Guruji: I don’t know – never go through test or something. Do I look like a man? That means it is working. You see: I’ve never taking any supplement. If I look like a man – that means every level is good.

Yoga works and some exercise also works. In fact – it’s all about conditioning of the body, conditioning of the mind and condition of your spirit inside you. If all three will come together – some extraordinary supernatural will begin.

Genetics play the very important role – I mean your bone structure, physical condition and all these things you inherit; but you can always improve what you’re inherit, making it even more better.

There should be the sense of achievement. If you’re trying to achieve something big – that will prove, that you’re man enough; but if you’re only inheriting something – then I don’t think you will be even be able to retain or maintain that. Work hard!

And I say: only the person, who is work hard and has physically tired can actually enjoy the rest and sleep. If you’re not working, doing nothing – you will need to take pills just to go to sleep. Only a hungry man can actually admire the taste of food; if you’re overfat – you won’t have interest in that. So to enjoy my rest – I work hard. And to enjoy the taste of my rotis – I go hungry. Simple approach!


I keep hearing that: I desire for this, I desire for that…and many people are also complaining that most of their desires remain unfulfilled. Because I’m Yoga Guru, fifth Guru in Kriya Yoga so I keep hearing that: I desire to experience Samadhi, I desire to be in Samadhi – but most of them failed.

My observation is: that’s ok to have desire to experience Samadhi, but until unless that desire will become your ambition – you will never go far to fulfill that. We must have very clear vision for ambition what we want to achieve; merely desiring something is nothing. You must cultivate enough force and enterprise inside you – so you can achieve that and it will be done only when your desire will become your ambition. Then only you will work hard, concentrating effort will bring you concentrated results.

I think most of this people, living in this world, taking birth in this world – it takes something to actually decide, what they want from life. We’re just in the effect of the society, effect of the family and effect of the different situation: it shaping our desires of what we should do and what we should not do. Not many people have any specific clear vision of their purpose of life, what they want to achieve.

Q: how they can see the light – living in all stereotypes of the family and others?

Guruji: I think only by great fortune or some association with some great person – only then mind will begin to think openly – otherwise it’s just a rush.

We’re just part of the flow. Even that is not bad, it’s good enough: at least it helps pass the time in life somehow. I think average person are happy in that way. At least they’re living a life – instead of trying to understand, what is life. Living is enough, why not?

Q: ignorance is bliss

Guruji: but ignorance is not innocence, mind it. That is the very great point. Innocence has something divine in it – ignorance is not divine. For there is more bliss in ignorance, then in innocence.

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