I’ve been asked by several people that how they can help newcomer to prepare for learning Kriya Yoga. My answer for them is: first prepare yourself.

There is no preparation for Kriya Yoga.

First thing, which everybody must have: they must be very honest with themselves, they should have very honest approach towards spirituality, and they should be courageous enough to face themselves. If somebody is asking a lot of money or something – it means he’s not giving you spiritual information, he’s simply petering the name of spirituality; I mean they don’t go together- this is what my lineage has taught me.

So first thing for the Kriya yogi: he should – or she should be very honest with herself or himself and the people around them.

Then they should be enough courage to face themselves; I think that is the most difficult thing – to face yourself. We are not ready to see ourselves: that’s why we keep going out, try to be busy – so we won’t be able to be alone in our own company.

Third thing is: the person should be very ambitious and his purpose should be very clear that how far he want to go. How ambitious he or she is to achieve the last results of practicing Kriya; of course that is Samadhi – but then again I will say: Samadhi is just the beginning of another chapter. The journey continues even after achieving Samadhi.

And of course – he must be a simple person. Nowadays in this mundane world to find a simple person is a real miracle. You have my best wishes: if you’re aspiring to learn Kriya yoga – look yourself in introspection and find out if you’re honest enough and if you’re brave enough and if you have enough ambition and you have dare to dream – yes, I must achieve self-realization one day – dream big and go on!

And also it is my rule: as my Guru was living the same – I’m also staying in one place. Any aspiration in the whole world – they can find me because I never travelling. I don’t think I’ve ever give permission to anyone to prepare people so they can come to me and learn Kriya yoga. Anybody is absolutely free to come to me – if they are honest enough, if they are simple enough, with the open heart and with the very big dream to achieve the spirituality and brave enough to face themselves.

Thank you!


Q: it exists some common mistakes of practitioners – not technical, but maybe they are doing something wrong and it created the obstacles in their practice?

Guruji: I think any person with enough common sense will find it out.

Only thing we’re interested – keeping 5 promises and practice regularly. Then the life will begin to take the very positive turn, because the mind will work in a different way, their point of view will be different; so most of the time  – I think and I hope – the decisions will be more or less positive and wright.

Q: about 5 promises: they are equal – or some are more important then other?

Guruji: no, every single promise is important. Very important. And one thing I discovered – about reading one chapter of Gita: Gita is the book on yoga, it is written in the end of every chapter; and most of the feelings and experiences and technics are described there. When you will practicing regularly and reading Gita – you will find there what we’re practicing is described there.

This is one point. Second point, which I’ve been noticing for more than 35 years now – that Arjun was the first person to hear Gita directly from Krishna. Within 18 days all his enemies were dead. They won the lost kingdom. I’ve noticed that if you will read Gita every day – most of the negative things will go from your life and the positive things will begin more and more and you will become more prosperous. I think everybody will love to have this things. It balances your mind also. It is part of the tapas, the discipline. Keep reading!

All 5 promises are part of the tapas.



I did khechari and when my Guru told me to teach me more – 1984 april I went there. After he taught me i was declared as successor and all this things happen; foolishly I asked: when you achieve khechari? He thought for a moment and said: maybe 62 years or 60 years before. Then silence begin. You cannot even begin understand the depth of a person who  was having khechari for the last 62-63 years. I think it was the last question I’ve asked him – how he did that.



Q: I want to ask You about brahmacharya?

Guruji: well, it’s a very deep question – and maybe this thing has been discussed too much. But I will start from the very light note: can you tell me, why indian population is increasing so much? Because brahmacharya is discussed too much here(laughing)

The word “brahmacharya”: brahma means the mind or the brain- and your body is just an instrument of the mind, no more than that.

And the basis of sexual instinct is the self-preservation. Fear of death: that’s why people run for sex – so they will be able to continue their genetic record forward. That’s why: the more you will fear death – the more you will run after sex.

This is the basic instinct for self-preservation. When the person overcomes fear of death by understanding it – again, you cannot overcome any fear until unless you begin to understand, why it is there. First recognize the cause, understand it – then you go beyond that. Then you will realize – that is only your mind or your brain, which experiencing through the body. Whatever senses we have – they are just instruments for the brain. When if everything is in brain and there will be no fear of death and no instinct for self-preservation – then only you will be established in the state of brahmacharya. Then you will begin to explore your mind more and more – that is real brahmacharya. Dive deep into the ocean of consciousness and keep on, move on. Simply controlling the body and particular some organ is not brahmacharya. Remember: understanding the mind and the cause of this instinct – why. And the cause of increasing population in India – we discussing brahmacharya too much.

Q: so you cannot control?

Guruji: you understand it first: you cannot control, what you don’t understand. Understanding and knowing is the most important thing here.

On a very serious note: I will say – husband and wife may have sex, but only lovers make love. This institution of marriage is only for the purpose of breeding, no more than that.


Q: 5-faced rudraksha is representation of Pashupatinath? What are the qualities and properties of it?

Guruji: it is also described in a chapter of Shiva purana. One-faced rudraksha is the rarest of rare, the original one: it represents Shiva directly. If you have it – you will be like an emperor or king and most of the problems surrounding your area will disappear.

Q: what is connected with 5-faced rudraksha?

Guruji: it will put you more in tune with the Time. It’s like Kalagni – the fire of the Time. Sadashiva also have five faces – so you will be more tuned with that. It will help you a lot in your spiritual practices and even in worldly things.

Q: Guruji, you started to tell the very interesting thing: could you tell us more about different faces of rudraksha?


  • 2-faced is about Shiva and Shakti together. If you have 2-faced it means some energy and blessings from Shiva and Shakti together will flow.
  • 3-faced rudraksha represents Dattatreya; vidya, buddhi and viveka – this it represents.
  • 4-faced means 4 furshads, four achevements in dharma, artha, kama and moksha.
  • 5-faced represents also Sadashiva.
  • 6-faced: they say, if you wear it on your right hand – it will clean you from all your sins, which you may committed. I think this is also very important.
  • 7-faced will give you more prosperity – 7 is lucky number everywhere.
  • 8-faced rudraksha will give you protection from accidental death and different damages which may come your way accidentally.
  • 9-faced is the representation of Shakti; so I highly recommend 9-faced rudraksha for all ladies to wear on the left hand – make them like beautiful bracelet or something.
  • Eleven-faced is like eleven Rudras specially. Rudras’energy will be much more inside you. It should be wear in the neck.
  • 12-faced rudraksha connected with Vishnu, because there are 12 Adityas and Vishnu is one of the Adityas.
  • 14th is the last – and it will give you everything, specially the very great balance of the mind.

All these rudrakshas are directly affect your thinking process, they have some impact on the mind. And if your mind is going in a positive way, most of your decisions are going to be very positive: and positive decisions will make the very bright future. What is your future? Decision, taken today, will be your future – the result of it.

Q: if someone has 9 and 11 faced – could they be wear together?

Guruji: why not, wear them together. You can combine and wear them all.

In this I have from 2 to 14 faced. One-faced I’m still waiting – I mean the original one.

Q: what is the best way to wear 5-faced rudraksha?

Guruji: put it on your neck – on thread, mount it in gold or on the gold chain.

Q: gold is better?

Guruji: gold or silver – anything. Time to time clean it with toothbrush and put some good sandal oil – or some essential oil. That is enough care for it.

Q: what is demand on person, who wants to wear rudraksha? Some discipline, vegetarian or what else?

Guruji: rudraksha will make you vegetarian if you’re not. It creates more purity in you. Confidence also.

Q: if someone wears rudraksha with the cross? Cross is the symbol of death?

Guruji: cross is not symbol of death, cross is crossroad; and in the center of the crossroad 7 matrikas lives. This is the magical thing.

Q: it must have equal ends?

Guruji: whatever – crossroad is crossroad, no matter of proportion. There might be great magic behind this thing.

Q: if someone wears rudraksha with tulsi?

Guruji: it will create the mental problems, they clash together. It is not proper to do that.


It was in 1997; me and one of my disciples just went there. We don’t know what to do – when we saw the line. It will take to stand about 17 to 20 hours – and you will have darshan of 2-3 seconds. So we just went there stooding the line and I begin to feel very queer. In thousands of people only I was having long hairs – everybody, ladies, gents – all were shaven heads. What’s happening – people were looking at me and start to shouting: Gopala, Gopala! They were looking at me: Govinda, Govinda! We look around – it was about 700 or maybe thousand of people where.

Then from somewhere two policeman came. They said something in tamil – “swami” I can recognize. When policeman asks you – please, step aside – there is always some problem. You have no choice, when policeman is calling you – so we step on one side. He open one lock – in we were in front of Balaji. I think – what happen? Line was just going and we were away from the line, just standing there. I told you – it’s the very powerful thing, when you’re staying there: he just standing and looking down at you.

I have my Gita with me; something came over me – I just went under the barricade, put my Gita to his feet and touched it – nobody stopped me! I came out and again we were standing. When I start moving, people were saying Swamigal – and show me Him, showing by gestures that  should remain here. We were here from 15 to 20 minutes – which is the very long time standing in front of Balaji. Finally we said ok, did pranam and go. In a cue you cannot be there long – even 2 seconds is too much. I think it was a direct grace from him.

Amazing darshan.


Q: if all Christians or Islamic spirits are not incarnated and waiting for the judgement’s day – from where new spirits are coming to incarnate?
Guruji: there is no fixed population of the spirits

Q: but where they all are living?
Guruji: in the void – waiting to be attracted; and more intelligent people are taking birth now. Don’t you think that some religions were introduced to this planet to stop reincarnation of certain souls? So new more intelligent spirits will have chance to come? if you think on larger perspective – this is also one of the thing we should consider.

Q: they were cruel – that souls?
Guruji: I don’t think that if they could reincarnate – monarchy will be destroyed or democracy can come. remember Egyptians and romans civilizations – they were very cruel.

Q: so that souls don’t incarnate?
Guruji: I don’t think so

Q: so inquisition gave a chance to rebirth for warlocks and witches, scientists also?
Guruji: and again more spiritual souls will come all over the world – this is good. And who is scientists? Centuries ago we were called them magicians. Science is same as magic. I still cannot understand- I switch on here and light comes there: it is magic! Or mobile: nothing connection, no wiring –but you’re all over the world, you can talk to anyone if he has mobile.

Q: if some souls comes directly from the void – it means some people will go directly to the void after death as well?
Guruji: those, who are highly developed there.

Q: the void is the sort of god?
Guruji: I’ve said it – it is the form of Shakti. I’ve said it and I’ve written it also: the void is the carrier of all movements of matter and of matter itself also. Without void – no movement or support of matter will be possible. Even our body is 99,9% empty space. The basic thing, the power, the Shakti is Void.

We need to become aware of it. And only through yoga one can become aware.

Gautama Buddha said: void, shunya – and went silent. After more then 2000 years Shailendra Sharma said: there is Void, but Void is also conscious. When you will become aware of the consciousness of the Void – you will also know there is Time beyond Void, and Time also has a consciousness.

If I’m allowed to boast – no one said it before. But it will take another 2000 years for humanity to actually become aware of this fact. By then we will be beyond carrying.

And who can criticize or go against this statement which I made in Gita: many people speculate, what was there before creation.

Yogi knows: what was before creation – it was the womb of Time. And when the time was wright – the creation took birth. When the creation will be over – only Time shall remain.

Biblike thing: in the beginning was Time and the Time was God. Out of the Time you have come and to the Time you shall return. This body is nothing – but the sentence of Time. Body was given to you – and you will feel the certain period of Time. In the Void it’s a different thing. But in the combination of 5 elements you can feel Time. As we just said: the purpose of life is to pass the time – or maybe to understand it also. You agree? Keep thinking.

Q: so some people cannot reincarnate, just go to the void? But go to the void is nothing?
Guruji: no, not nothing. Nothing is the essence of everything. Beyond material things is nothing. Alakh Niranjan – beyond the carbon: that is the real source of life.

If you have reached the source of life – you will go to it, and that remains beyond carbon, beyond 5 elements. But till it happens – let’s enjoy the different combinations of 5 elements.

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