Yoga Kundalini

Guruji discuss about Yoga Kundalini upanishad.

Q: could you say something about obstacles in the way of yoga?

Guruji: if somebody is saying  – I became sick in the way of practicing yoga- this is the first obstacle. Second obstacle is to doubt – whether this yoga will work or it will not work- always remain in suspense- that is the second obstacle. Third obstacle is overconfidence: too much confidence and always trying to compare it with physical form. Forth one is laziness. Fifth one is sleeping too much. And sixth is not loving what you practice. If you will not love your practice- you will not go far from. And the seventh obstacle is confusing: listening to many yoga instructors will bring confusion. Eight is too much action in pleasures- involving in sexual things. And the ninth one is the best: not becoming famous. If you are practice yoga, you are bound to become famous. If you are yogi, you will be famous. If you are not becoming famous- that is ninth obstacle; that means something is going wrong. This is a test. Even if you will not try to be famous – and a yogi never tries to be famous – but you never escape. Tenth: is not getting the essence of yoga.

Q: and how we can get the essence? Through the practice?

Guruji: practice, and listening to the Guru, and discussing with him- which you are doing quite some time – I think in 2 years you learn lot of essence of yoga. I hope.

First time we are reading this – and I am looking back in my mind for many years- whoever has practiced yoga even a little- became known in his community, locally – they not remain unknown. This is the very subtle thing they are pointing out.

Q: and how it works, how it happens?

Guruji: you see, when your mind start developing – you will like a big magnet, a big power, and people will be attracted by your personality. And whenever you will sit there- somebody will come and start talking about their problems, or life or something else – you will become famous. Even a person, who is in  very bad mood – if you are there, he will start looking at you and in a five minutes his mood start becoming better. And sick person will start feeling better. This is effect of yoga – if you are practicing rightly than it is come to happen – you will be famous.

And I will say – you take any part of yoga: say physically, only postures. Even if you will become good in postures – you will be famous. And if you become complete – you will be very famous. I mean the fame will follow you. And the yoga is such a subject which is very romantic, adventurous and highly mystical. Everybody wants some part of it.

Q: could you one more time explain what is granthi?

Guruji: granthi means the big obstacle. Big knot that should be open.

Q: it is physical limitation?

Guruji: it is both, physical and spiritual. What is limiting your mind? What is your brain working on?

Electromagnetic flashes. And there is one device when you must to know: that is 2 electrodes  – it is used to check the terrain flows. You put electrode one point then the pointer goes like this( show the motion from right to left). If you simply put one electron on the tip of your tongue and one on the forehead – pointer do the same motion. When your tongue is plugged in – your mind opens. So Brahma granthi there opening the mind and the consciousness will be start from the different level up together. And you will breathe the gap inside your vishuddha chakra and agnya chakra so energy will start coming down up to here( center of the chest). You will begin to feel this. Then you brake it open – someone else take place. Apana goes to heart, prana goes to muladhar. You go down more and more – open your navel then finally muladhara and you are free. Eternal life awakes.

Q: but when we open Brahma granthi – khechari – it is the physical aspect?

Guruji: all yoga is a physical aspect.

Q: but Hridaya granthi?

Guruji: it is also physical. Because you are not feeling your heart – only when it is stopping or is having attack– then. So you trying to take your mind inside the heart. It is physical. All practice are physic. Because your atma is also inside your body, it is also physical now.

Q: all three granthi has physical aspect?

Guruji: what I will say again by my own experience that Rudra granthi will take place only in smashan. Every single yogi – samshan is waiting for them; when they reach that level – samshan will pull them. In one samshan only one man can achieve that. Keep trying( smiling).

It will direct connect with Mother Earth. Muladhara is representing the earth element. And the real power energy is in Earth. So when that connection is open  – you are directly connected with the planet and you will have all the knowledge. Refer to Isha Upanishada.

Q: what happened when the mind goes into the heart?

Guruji: you will see God face to face. And you will experience absolute darkness. Total darkness. Because heart is a vessel which is actually the seal container of absolute darkness. Without understanding darkness you will never realize what is light. And God loves darkness – that’s why he is inside your heart.

Q: and in this moment heart must be without motion?

Guruji: it may. Or it will slow down so much.

Darkness is the creator, not only carrier.

Shlokas 12 and 13, second chapter:

In all the three worlds without knowledge of the shastras you can not become accomplished. So whoever gives you the true knowledge of the book and who teaches you Yoga – that Guru is like God himself.

So take whoever is making you practice as Shiva.

Shloka 15:

Keeping all the secret wherever the Guru is found with this divine knowledge  – go to him and receive the art of khechari and practice according to his directions.

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